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    Player(s) being reported: ID 90 Date of interaction reported: 19/02/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1550534457 Your characters name: Pete Wright Other player(s) involved: ID 102 (Brian Walky) Specific rule(s) broken: 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. 7.3.3 If there is a valid reason to attack someone, a vehicle may be used once (a failed attempt counts) to knock the other player on the ground. How did the player break the rule(s)? All without a valid IC reason, rammed into myself and Brian twice while using a vehicle. Evidence of rule breach:
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    As the days progress the Triads are making their presence known throughout the city. This is attracting new members to our cause, some of which prove themselves worthy. Due to the rapid increase of recruitment each member is fully tested and evaluated by the heads of the Triads. Only one of the people interested proved his worth and loyalty to the organisation. He was offered the chance to officially join us. However, there's conditions to being a member. Documents were provided detailing this.
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    A meeting was arranged with the members of the LBB MC to see how our two organisations would work together. After setting out some areas of concern and coming to a deal, we agreed to introduce them with our other connections. A meeting was arranged at the Marcello Family home, where many different organisations and gangs were present. After everyone had arrived at the Marcello estate it was time to enter and get down to business. The key members from each group took and seat and began raising their areas of interest and concern. A strong bond was formed on this day.
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    Meeting Here you can see some pictures from our recent meeting
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    Osiel Guillen, founder of Los Zetas, started a Mexican criminal syndicate which became one of the most dangerous and profitable organizations to ever exist. During the late 1990s and early 2000s especially, their influence began to spread into neighboring American regions eventually reaching Los Santos. Connections to Los Zetas appeared but none strong enough to make a real impact in the area. Rival gangs already owned the streets but a young man named Jay Gamble had the resolve to change that. Similarly to the foundation of the original gang, Gamble found himself in a gang with no true vision, struggling to keep organization and stability. Jay sought out Shotty Johnson, another man tired of the way things were going in Los Santos, and was eager to work for true power and respect. They had one main plan; to work as more of a democracy and family than a hierarchy. This attracted many criminals with and without a gang of their own. With the gang as a whole slowly crumbling, the Los Santos branch aims to bring new life and opportunity to criminals. As the numbers start the grow, so will the power and money. The overall plan for Los Zetas is to shape Los Santos into their ideal vision. They want to operate as a part of the city similar to the influence government issued jobs obtain. They want to restructure the criminal underbelly of the city that benefits every criminal organization/family with Los Zetas at the head. They want control, influence, and power parallel with the all of the leading organizations within the city, legal and illicit. Violence is not always the preferred choice but Los Zetas will not hesitate to use deadly force if provoked. Los Zetas is still growing and improving daily, you can see us in navy blue attire or riding around in navy blue cars. Currently, the gang is recruiting more soldiers to fill it’s ranks and putting the infrastructure in place to create the foundation for Los Zetas to become the biggest player in town. We are established in multiple revenue pipelines, ranging from the the local drug trade, securing supply routes, organized kidnapping, protection rackets, extortion, assassinations and minimal weapons trafficking. We ultimately hope to branch further into the weapons trade, and help import directly from our suppliers south of the border assuming we can secure a location to store the product. Organization is key in Los Zetas. Every group and role in the gang is connected, valued, and has a voice. The gang functions as a democracy with the two founders making up the board. They push out ideas to the group that can be voted on by the other high ranking leaders. Members tend to move in groups headed by one captain with several soldiers and a few prospects. Each group has its own tasks and those members specialize in what they do. Members have an opportunity to prove themselves while also relying on their team in a crutch. As mentioned before, the gang operates as a family. As numbers swelled, the two needed chosen underbosses, higher ranking gang members, as trusted advisors. Loyal, dependable and cunning, these underbosses handle almost as much work as the two founders. You will often find them surrounded by members of a lower rank completing various crimes around the city. These crimes can range from petty theft, to kidnapping and even assassinations. Outside of group work, underbosses also assist with recruitment, train new prospects, look for opportunities and do business with other gangs. Below that, the captains do the heavy lifting for their underbosses. They help manage the soldiers and prospects, and help advise each group to work efficient, and effectively. These long standing members are the backbone of the gang and inspiration to newer members. They are the right hand men for their underbosses that act as group leaders if their underboss is out of town. They are respected and speak for the soldiers for decision making. Finally, there are the enforcers, soldiers and prospects. This is the lifeblood of the gang which is responsible for a lot of the violence and money. These are the loyal members pushing out drugs, robbing stores and protecting key gang locations. They have been known to be aggressive towards law enforcement and any rival gangs willing to challenge them. Soldiers are usually accompanied by prospects which are the newest recruits that prove themselves worthy to be soldiers. Prospects need to not only prove their loyalty but also their values. If what the prospect values and way they present themselves does not match with the gang, they are swiftly removed. Zetas have respect for other gangs and civilians as long as it is reciprocated, failure to show mutual respect is met with swift repercussion. Police are a direct conflict of interest to Zeta affairs and are often avoided unless no other option is given. Most members do not respect or like the law enforcement of Los Santos, but try to ensure that compliance is delivered to ensure day to day affairs are not interfered with. Zetas also have an intention to treat the gangs of Los Santos as not only possible business associates, but also an extended family if deemed worthy of each other. Order is favored above chaos, mutual interest is favored above isolation. Although with all of this being said, Zetas are not ones to be taken lightly and will proceed to stomp out any opposition threatening stability of the organization. They have one main battle strategy when fighting an opposing force; hit hard and constant. When war begins, they proceed to cut the tree by the roots, hitting every soldier or higher brass no matter the time or cost until forces diminish and become exhausted; a hunting party of sorts. Folding is not an option, retreat is not an option. Zetas will hit with full force and precision, a destructive force unlike any others. Be a loyal Member of the organization. Do not interfere with each other’s interest, do not be an informer. Be rational. Be a member of the team, Don’t engage in battles you can’t win. This directive extends to personal life. Be a person of honor. Respect the ones who came before you, Acknowledge your enemy before you crush him; Every life is important. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and your ears open, and your mouth shut. Don’t sell out. The stand-up guy shows courage and heart. He does not whine and complain in the face of adversity, including punishment. If you can’t pay; don’t play. Have class, all gangs are deserve at least some level of respect. There’s no need to be crude for no reason. We are above that. Be independant, know your way around the city, help other members who may not. Attend Gang Activity regularly; inactivity will result in removal. If you are going to be inactive for a few days, let the higher brass know, so we can keep track of things. Any internal conflicts must be handled internally through reasonable means I.e. Mediation or conversation. Respect the hierarchy of the ranks. If you feel as if you’re being treated unfairly by your underboss/captain, speak to the higher ups to resolve the issue. You MUST wear your gang colors at all times unless a situation demands otherwise. There is honor among thieves. Do not steal from or disrespect a fellow gang member. We are all family. Own your gang at ALL times. If someone asks you “What gang are you from?” Answer with pride. If you refuse to own up to what gang you’re from, you could potentially hurt the gang as a whole along with its potential and current allies. Must adhere to all server rules and regulations. We are a heavy RP gang. 6,500 EXPERIENCE MINIMUM FOR RECRUITMENT
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    Almighty Vice Lord Nation CLUB (more to come)
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    That makes zero sense, I never said I wasn't in game. As you can see I was clearly in the car but I didn't shoot first.
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    Hey, thank you for appealing. The ban is now over, the only solution to this problem is not linking yourself up with other players. If it occurs again, we will try to unlink you but moving forward, you will be held responsible! Osborn
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    ID 80 here, I was just sitting in the red contender with the guys. I was a little distracted by my phone as you can see in OOC I was searching for a song name at that time and when I looked back at my screen I saw a gun fight going on. So I started shooting as well. I understand if I get banned for that.
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    I am 100% sure I didn't shoot first, I was looking at my phone and typing in a song to play as seen in OOC chat. Not quite sure how one can shoot while searching for songs on YouTube. When I heard the shooting I later started to shoot as well. But I believe it was ID 79.
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    as you said, your attention it wasn't in the game, but now you saying i wasn't started shooting at first, i think you are a liar
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    Maria, please do not lie to BallinByNature and respect him
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