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    Welcome to Los Santos! ((And the Eclipse Roleplay Community!)) By: Jasmine Gray Being a new citizen in Los Santos can be a bit disorienting, luckily there are plenty of people in the city willing to help! ((Great! You have gained your approval to log in and create your character, you have a bio in mind, you picked the coolest name this side of the sun, so now what?)) Anytime you feel lost or confused about what you should be doing, don’t be afraid to ask! You may not always get the best answer right away, but just keep making friends and eventually you will get the knowledge, connections and means to achieve your goals! Getting Started Upon arrival in Los Santos, you may be asking yourself what your priorities are. A job? A house? A car? The answer to this question is ultimately up to you! Gaining some sort of income will be a requirement to achieve certain goals, and that is a good place to start! From there, you may want to start getting to know some of the people in the city ((and developing your character’s story arch)). You may have a clear idea of what direction you want to go, or you may want to create a new story inside the borders of Los Santos. Either direction you go, you can then start setting some goals for yourself. Suggested first steps: 1) Use your phone 2) Find Transportation 3) Use your GPS 4) Get some food and water 5) Get a job 6) Stay safe 7) Get a car 8} Consider housing 9) Make connections 10) Profit! Using your phone: ((The phone is controlled with the mouse cursor. If you need to use your mouse cursor, press F2.)) ((Clicking on your phone will bring it up, and your character will animate holding the phone in their hand.)) The phone can be used for several functions, most notably the “dial”, “messages”, and “contacts”. Using these features is pretty easy to figure out, with one exception: When using the dialer, you can use text entry mode. This is also required when calling certain services such as EMTs or Taxi’s: ((To do this, use the dial feature, once the phone is ringing, click the phone to lower the UI (your character will still hold the phone). Then press “T” to bring up the text entry. Simply type and press “enter” as normal and the text will be sent to the recipient and show on their screen as you are talking to them on the phone.)) Finding Transportation: Now that you can use your phone, it’s time to move around the city. There are several methods of getting around the city to choose from: On foot: Takes quite a while, and can be unsafe, but also requires no money! Bus: Most bus routes are completely random, and even the driver doesn’t know them! Not recommended. Occasionally, DCC will run a bus route with a pre-determined route, run by a professional driver, look online for more information! City Bee: Rent a Faggio motor scooter at any of the City Bee rental sights on the map. One is located right at the bus depot where you arrive. Downtown Cab Company: If a cab driver is available, the City Bee will be shut down, and you will instead need to call a cabbie. Simply Dial 1111, and follow the prompts using the text entry method. - Cabs cost a fair, but the cab drivers are a wealth of information and generally enjoy helping new citizens! This is a great way to get around the city, while also asking any questions you may have. A car: You will not have a car right away, but once you purchase one, of course you can use it to traverse the city. Just remember to be safe and know where to park! (see “Get a Car” section below) Ask someone for a ride: Not always safe, especially if you ask strangers, but sometimes it is the only option you have! And who knows, maybe you’ll make your first friend this way! Use your GPS So now that you know how to get around the city, where should you go? Stop by a store and pick up a map or a GPS, this will activate your GPS ((ESC menu)) which has icons on it showing all the important locations you might need as a new citizen. If you are the driver of a vehicle, you can select a location and your GPS will mark a route for you. Here are a few of the notable icons that may be of interest to you: Bank or ATM Police Station Hospital Side Jobs Market Store DMV Get some food and water On your way to your destination in Los Santos, don’t forget to stop and grab something to eat or drink! As you explore Los Santos, you will become hungry and thirsty. Having something to eat or drink on you will save you from starving or dehydrating. Food and water can be expensive for a new player! No need to overdo it, there is usually plenty of time to get to a store if you happen to be thirsty and do not have water on you. If you do not eat and drink, you will become very weak, and the slightest injury could cause you to pass out and eventually die. If you end up getting injured, and you cannot move, simply call 911 on your phone, and use the text entry method to call a medic. If you are able to move, you may be able to make it to a hospital, and you can ask for help on a walk-in basis. Remember you will still need to eat and drink something or you will just remain weak and prone to injuries. Get a Job Undoubtedly, one of your first priorities in the city will be getting a job. When you first arrive in the city, many jobs won’t hire you until you have lived in the city for a while and earned some reputation in the city. Luckily, there are plenty of side jobs willing to hire on an hourly or contract basis. Additionally, to help new citizens, the city gives a welfare check to all residents based on your wealth. Your wealth is a value assigned to you based on the value of your cars, your houses, and your cash (in the bank, unpaid salaries, and on your person). This check starts at $1500, and will go up slightly as you become experienced in the city, and go down as you gain wealth. There’s also a tax assessed on any money you earn. This is also tied to your wealth, and goes up at $500,000 and $1,000,000 in assets as such: $0 - 499,999: 5% $500,000 – 999,999: 15% $1,000,000 and up: 35% The meager welfare check will barely be enough to cover your food and water, and if you want the nicer things in life, like a home, you will need a job. There is a listing of all available side jobs, info on government jobs, as well as an FAQ about the city at this link: Click Here Stay Safe a) ATMs and depositing cash ATMs and banks are marked on the map with a $. You can both deposit and withdraw cash at these locations. The ATMs have limited capacities for cash, so may not always have enough to draw out, or enough room to deposit. The bank will always have enough for both. Use some common sense when carrying cash, you never know what might happen in Los Santos! b) Carrying valuable The same goes for valuables, or anything with a cash value in Los Santos. The economic conditions in Los Santos can lead people to do crazy things! I’ve heard stories of people so desperate, they would steal a bottle of water, or a hot dog! Be smart with what you carry. c) Complying with demands Inevitably, living in Los Santos you will be robbed. A lot of new citizens find this unnerving, and make the classic mistake of trying to aggressively defend themselves, or worse try to seek revenge on their assailant. Take it from someone who knows, this is rarely, if ever, the best reaction. Your assailant most likely has more friends than you, who are much more dangerous than a solo citizen seeking revenge. The best way to protect yourself, is to comply completely with any demands, give up any cash or valuables you were silly enough to carry, and move on with your job as quickly as possible. You will lose more time and money seeking revenge than simply complying, and getting back to work. d) Safe Areas ((NCZs)) Los Santos is a dangerous place, and working long hours to achieve your goals and dreams can be stressful and exhausting! Luckily, there are a few places in the city that are relatively safe for regular civilians for various reasons. When you are overly stressed, and just want a break from the chaos of a hard job and a chaotic city, swing by one of these safe areas and talk to fellow citizens, and relax! e) General Warning As a new citizen of Los Santos, it can be a very difficult and dangerous. Sometimes as a new citizen, you will be targeted for attack, because new citizens tend to make mistakes! They may carry more cash or valuable, may give assailants a reason to shoot you and take your stuff, or carry a valuable pistol and not know how to use it! The best advice I can give a new citizen…be smart, and be safe! Rarely will you be able to outwit and/or outgun an experienced criminal. Do what they say, and get back to your life as quickly as possible. Get a Car Eventually, you may want your own car. Make sure you stop by the DMV to get a license first! If you are pulled over by the PD, and have no license, you will surely be fined. There are a few dealerships around town, and two used lots. You can alternatively search the classified ads ((forums)) or the Weazel news bleets for cars being sold. Or even write your own ad to buy a vehicle. As the city can be dangerous, and scams can happen, I recommend using one of the dealers or lots for your first purchase, as it is the simplest and safest method. ((To place a Weazel ad, use the command /newsagency)) Parking in Los Santos Parking your car is an important decision in Los Santos, and finding your car if it comes up missing can be confusing. This section will cover what you need to know to park safely, and find your car if it is towed or stolen. a) Where to park – Public parking explanation. There are a few options for parking your car, I will cover them from safest to least safe: - Your house – If you have a house with a garage, you can park it there. But you probably don’t! - The parking lot near the Hospital marked with a green garage icon. Although it can be dangerous getting your car in and out, once it is parked, your car can neither be stolen or towed. ((use the UI to /park, which will permanently store your car until you use the interface again to take it out)) - Parking lots in safe areas ((NCZs)) – Although cars parked here are technically protected from theft, theft still occurs here. Cars can also be towed, if there is a parking ticket meter for the lot. The positive to these lots is you can not be robbed in the lots, making parking and retrieving your car safe. These are great short-term solutions. - Other parking lots and street parking – This is a park-at-your-own-risk solution! Parking outside of safe zones and approved long term lots mean you are not protected from crime, vandalism, and if you are parked illegally, getting towed. This is not recommended unless you are staying in the area with your car. b) What happens if your car is missing? If you return to where you parked your car, first use your vehicles tracking device ((/vehiclestats)) This will give a list of your vehicles with their statuses: - House parking – Your car is in one of your house garages - Impound – Your car is at the police impound lot, you must go there and ask the police to remove it. (this means it was found parked illegally and was towed) - Mors Insurance – Your car was destroyed or chopped, and your insurance company has provided a replacement at Mors. There is a 4 hour wait from the time it was destroyed, so you may need to wait for your car to be available. - On the map – Your vehicle is somewhere on the map! Use your GPS to locate it ((/showvehicles)) o If no icon is shown, this means someone is in your vehicle, most likely stolen. o If an icon is showing, use caution! Running to retrieve it may mean you are running right into the bad guys hands! You may want to wait until the car is in one area for a while, or call the police to aide you. o If your car is on the map: You may travel to it and find it flipped, stuck, or damaged to a point it will not start. If this is the case, simply call for a mechanic who will come to your location and take care of it. ((use /mechanic and use the text entry method)) Consider Housing At this point you may be wondering where you should live? There are several options for housing: Rent from an owner: There are no government or privately funded housing options for the poor. Real estate is owned by private residents who then rent out rooms, apartments or entire houses. These can be found in the classified section, or by watching for Weazel news bleeps. You can also place you own “looking to rent” ad. ((Use /newsagency for in-game bleets)) Buy a house: Similarly, most houses are traded and sold by private citizens. Use the same method to find houses for sale that may be in your price range. Occasionally, the city will auction off houses at special auction events, or in the auctions section of the city website. Sometimes you can find houses for sale in the city that are not advertised, you must stumble upon them, or have a friend show you where they are. Live out of your car: Although this may seem like a strange option to have listed here, a surprising number of residents, especially new residents, do not rent or own homes. The housing market can be rather unstable in Los Santos, and for new residents the price of rent means it would be difficult to save for the house or car of your dreams. So many of us resort to sleeping in our cars, under the stars at the beach, or my personal favorite, the pool table at Tequi-La-La. Of course, this is not the recommended option, but may be the only option until you get your feet underneath you. Make Connections Now that you have the basic necessities to survive in the city, it is time to start thriving! There are many options in the city, get a better job, work for the government, become an entrepreneur, get rich playing poker or slots, or be a beach bumb! It is all up to you. Most of these lifestyles will require connections, and lots of them! With your growing bank account and new car, get out into the city and start meeting new people. Who knows what opportunities await! Remember to stay safe and stay away from crime! There will be people and organizations trying to recruit you to a life of “alternative income”. Be warned! We all came to this city to be honest, hardworking citizens, we didn’t come here to seek a life of gunfights and car chases. Stay clean Los Santos! Profit…. Remember the words of the great Bob Marley: "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively."
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    Name: Elena Blake Nationality: British Race: Caucasian Date of Birth: 12/DEC/1990, 28 years old Gender: Female Hair color: Naturally brunette Eye color: Brown Language(s): English Relationship: In a relationship Occupation: Deputy Chief of Police with the Los Santos Police Department Elena Blake, twin sister to Riley Blake, is a police veteran currently serving as a Police Commander for the Los Santos Police Department, acting as the Bureau Coordinator for the Investigations Bureau, being the person responsible for the activities of the Detectives in the department, as well as the person responsible for the training of new Detectives, as the Director of the Detective Training Program. Elena Blake was born to Mark and Claire Blake on the 12th of December, 1990 in a small town in the United Kingdom. After attending and graduating from the University of Leeds, where she obtained a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, she started her career at a local police department as a Detective Constable. At the age of 27, she had climbed through the ranks and reached the position of Detective Inspector as a member of the Major Crime Section, a section that investigates serious and violent crimes including homicide, attempted murder, life-threatening assaults, abduction, and extortions, within the Criminal Investigation Division of the department she was serving at. May 2018, Elena was offered a position as a Police Lieutenant within the Los Santos Police Department, as well as the position of Assistant Bureau Coordinator of the Investigations Bureau. After sitting down with her sister and discussing this, Elena and Riley decided to move to Los Santos, where they applied for citizenship and became permanent residents of the state of San Andreas in the United States. June 2018, she officially transferred in as a Police Lieutenant and began to run the Investigations Bureau together with Captain Travis McGregor, someone who she worked closely together with. Her job responsibility was to work together with Captain McGregor to ensure that the Investigations Bureau was run smoothly. In the month of July 2018, Elena was promoted to Police Captain. Still working together with Captain McGregor, she also took on the role as the Commanding Officer of the Detective Support and Vice Division. Then, on the 4th of August 2018, after the departing of Captain McGregor following his resignation, Elena was promoted to the rank of Police Commander, a prestigious position in the department as a member of the High Command team. She also assumed the position of Bureau Coordinator of the Investigations Bureau and the Head of the Detective Training Program. Finally, on the 29th of December 2018, she was called into a meeting room with the Chief of Police Samuel Osborn. Here, after asking every Commander how their designated bureaus were running, he opened a briefcase and revealed three badges and certificates. Elena was then offered the position of Deputy Chief of Police as the Director of the Office of Investigations - a newly opened office, warranted by the success of the Investigations Bureau after she was appointed Coordinator. She took the position without hesitating and was officially promoted to Deputy Chief of Police as a Chief in the Office of the Chief. She then went on to continue running the Investigations Bureau, as well to run and make changes to her respective Office. She went on to perform her duties as a Deputy Chief of Police, swore in dozens of Cadets to the force and attempted to make a good impression on officers and civilians alike. Everything seemed to be going well until the early morning of the 21st of January came around. In the middle of the night, she was woken up by an e-mail notification on her mobile phone with the subject "Position Transfer". This e-mail summarized that the cost for the position of Director, Office of Investigations was too high and the funding no longer allowed for her to continue serving as a Deputy Chief. She then, once again, took up the position as Police Captain and the coordinator of the Investigations Bureau. For about three months she continued to stay loyal to the Los Santos Police Department, continuing her efforts in running the bureau smoothly and leading it to a bright future, despite the major setback in her career. It ended up paying off - on the 17th of April 2019, she was promoted back to the position of Police Commander and welcomed back into the High Command team of the Los Santos Police Department, continuing to act as the Bureau Coordinator for the Investigations Bureau. (( This thread will be updated over time as my character and her story progresses. This is my first ever attempt at creating a proper character story that is documented through a forum post. The forum thread will include roleplay screenshots, however, as mentioned, it's my first attempt at ever doing so, so please bare with me. Everything in this post is from an in-character standpoint and should not be taken to heart in an out-of-character manner. Additionally, as this is an out-of-character forums, none fo this information should be used in-character. ))
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    Unfortunately recent event with a certain member of the Triads did not go down so well. The man in question dishonored himself towards the organisation by making moves on his brothers. It was time to deal with him for good. Bruce drafted up a termination contract for the man, A process that occurs when members truly disgust the entirety of the organisation. After sharing out the contract to the other High Command, they all signed off on it. The operation was now in full effect and the dishonorable member will no longer be welcome within the city. Unfortunately for the ex-member all of his houses were common knowledge to the organisation. The group positioned up and the first house, holding down the area in case he appeared. After staking out at the first house, the group moved onto the next target. The members set up around the perimeter again and left something for the man to know that he was being watched. Continuing on with their hunt, the organisation moved through each of the remaining houses, Leaving their mark as they moved along. After being with the organisation for almost 3 years the man still went ahead with the shameful act. Soon enough he will learn from his mistakes, as the whole city is about to turn against him. 他会学习
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    Clowns are disbanding and closing the thread. Thanks for the big support on our thread. ❤️After 9 months of being official, we came to conclusion that its time for us to go different ways. 🤡 💙
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    The Irish people of Los Santos got their start like most immigrants, trying to make money and live the American dream. The Irish in LS were never as numerous as the Blacks, Mexicans and other minorities, nowhere near the sheer numbers in other places like Liberty City, but for the small group who made the industrial and eastern suburbs their home, the life of crime was always an option for the young Irish growing up in the city. Mostly, that consisted of illegal gambling, cigarettes and alcohol. Small gangs of would-be Irish Gangsters made their small mark on the city but never took off; they were either put down or driven off by bigger, more populous immigrant gangs like the Ballas, Aztecas and Vagos. As such, the Irish always had a presence but never rose above petty crime... until now. _________________________________________ In LS, the gangs run the city. The cops, for the most part, are helpless to stop crime and illegal imports. With that, many a criminal has made his fortune while big groups have risen and fallen like the wind. Many Irish criminals who came to LS didn't join an Irish-specific gang but rather into Motorcycle Clubs; one of these is where the New Irish gangs get their roots from, specifically ZBOR MC. ZMC was a small time Motorcycle club whose power came from their alliances with other MCs, resulting in the first LS MC Confederation which rose and fell in a few short months. Clearly, bigger gangs were not taking kindly to the new rising power of the MCs. When the MCs fled the city, dead or retired, this left a number of Irish immigrants to LS with nothing left to carry on their criminal lifestyles, including David “Gaius” Black, Michael “Mickey” Booth, Don “GP” Sutherland, Nigel “Nige” Rutherford and Randy “Fox” McCreedy. The idea was formed for the now-factionless and penniless men to form the Irish Mafia in Los Santos, disguising their illegal activities with a legitimate-looking business and name: Gael Force Shipping. The business was launched and the formerly leather clad bikers became suit-wearing businessman. _________________________________________ Gael Force immediately used the tactics of ZMC, forging strong alliances, then moving on to securing legal contracts with government factions for revenue and legitimate business. LSC have had a contract with Gael Force to ship and deliver parts to their place of business. Yet another big break came when the bad blood between the Irish Mob and The Cartel came to a head, and the Irish took their territory from them with the help of their allies. Now with access to secure contacts and safe transport, the Irish could begin shipping in drugs from South America and guns from Belfast. Gael Force also made agreements with other factions to keep a monopoly on gambling within the city, so when Gael Force Bookmakers was set up, there was no competition. _________________________________________ With the rapid expansion of The Irish Mob’s business, both illegal and legal, the Mob decided it needed its own street gang to wage a block-to-block turf war for control of drugs and gun sales in LS territory. Muintir na hÉireann, meaning “People of Ireland,” was formed to recruit rapidly from the Irish community of west LS, and for Irish Mafia members to take their hands off the majority of grunt work and petty illegal activity. High-profile criminals from both Belfast and Dublin were imported by the Mob to lead this new street gang. Seamus Mac Cathmhaoil and Jimmy O’Hara, old associates of Gaius, were the first to command the gang, recruiting in mass numbers and training the new up-and-coming generation of Irish two-bit gangsters to become effective drug dealers and foot soldiers for the Irish Mafia. MNH has their territory in the “Irish Hood” of east Los Santos, Industry District and Murrieta; MNH is now the recruiting pool for new members of the elite Irish Mafia, and the starting point for any aspiring Irish Mafioso. _________________________________________ The wars with other gangs in LS took their toll on The Irish Mob and Their Allies the Exiled, Tavi Patronus dissolved the Exiled and retired with his Millions leaving the Irish alone to face off against all their enemies alone, rather than risk his death and that of his Men and Family, Gaius reluctantly disbanded the Crew and they went their separate ways. Months later Los Santos became plagued with a new caliber of low class criminal, mostly eastern euro trash wanting to be gangsters, robbing everyone and disrupting the status quo within the city. With Murder rates climbing, respectable gangs and cartels going underground due to constant harassment Gaius decided it was time to straighten the town back out. Plans were set for The better members of the VK gang and old Irish members to reunite into the new Los Santos Irish mob, basing themselves out of the East of the city and focusing on Gun running, Prostitution, Gambling and racketeering. Alliances were also forged and cemented in order to make the bigger groups of respectable criminals a fighting chance against their enemies, little by little the Irish Mob and their allies pushed out the scum and bandits from the town to now just a trace remains. Today its all about building a base in the place we called home growing up, East Los Santos, Building our power there and growing to build the Empire we desire. _________________________________________ Although being an Irish organisation, MNH will take in non-Irish people for basic muscle and drug distribution; these members can rise far within MNH. However, to be “made” into the Irish Mob as a Family member you MUST have Irish blood; there are no exceptions. To join, just approach a member and ask for some work, as we are very accommodating. The group requirements are currently: Players must have a minimum of 3000 XP to join the faction. (Exceptions made for those with alts with appropriate XP) The player must have a good understanding of server rules, including following admin orders the first time. This ties in with the minimum XP, but players must have a basic understanding of Roleplay. (Correct use of /do and /me, making sure OOC chat is kept OOC using /b, basic knowledge that every experienced player should know) Anyone failing to Roleplay properly or found to be disrespecting admins will be punished, via a demotion for less serious offenses. Disrespecting an admin, or multiple offense of failing proper RP, will result in removal from all aspects of the faction. Make sure the player has been added to the discord and changed their nickname to their IGN _________________________________________ _________________________________________ - Securing of Murrieta Heights and Cypress flats as a place the Irish can operate freely and Irish families can live without fear of Police of other Gangs - Hosting Weekly events In the Vanilla Unicorn and Dockyards - Set up a network of Gambling and hustling at Car shows/Races - Enforcing a Higher Quality of RP within our ranks - Securing the Entire East Los Santos (Industry and Murrieta) for the Irish and their operations - Opening up our own Bar for Social activity and a headquarters - Move from Full illegal to semi Legal business in the far future - Become a Official lore faction based off the Real Irish Mob and GTAIV Irish Mob (Irish American Killers) _________________________________________ Irish Members are expected to follow the "Hint of Green" Policy, which is to wear normal civilian clothing with a a green item (Parka Jacket, Undershirt ect) Made men, like unmade, will have their Normal civilian clothing with a hint of green. But as Made men and respected among their peers they can follow the same "Hint of Green" Policy With Suits Irish Members are expected to stick to realistic expectations when it comes to cars Mob members would drive, 4 Doors sedans, 4x4s, and mainly Benefactor cars. Car colors are to be Black, Grey or Dark Green only to fit with the Theme consistent in GTA Lore. We Expect our faction members to hold themselves to a High standard of RP and strive to GTA Lore standard, through learning about how the Irish mob operates today and how they were perceived in GTA4. We are not a Cop killing faction, we are not a anarchistic faction, we are not a meme faction. We are striving to set a new standard of RP for Mafia/Mob Roleplay and any deviation from this is not what we want as a group. We are a mafia faction and showing restraint and cunning over shooting up areas and people is what we want to bring the standard of RP up to, where harming a man in his wallet is better than a bullet, Blood spilled is money wasted and only to be wasted when there is no choice, then Show No Mercy. _________________________________________
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    COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Server Rules Update June 11th, 2019 Dear Eclipse Community, Following a recent staff meeting, we've reviewed our server rules and decided to make some minor adjustments which could affect you. Please read through this short update as the changes are effective after midnight UTC, June 12th. 11. Powergaming We've seen an increased amount of players trying to perform alternative role-play such as hiding their keys or license and then using this role-play to influence future role-play, e.g. when you're stopped by the police and claim that you have no license on you. Because of this, we'll be adding the following line to the powergaming rule: If you perform an action which will influence potential RP in the future, you must have OOC evidence of performing said RP. E.g. hiding your keys/license and not having them on you. Your OOC evidence should consist of a recording or screenshot and it needs to be timestamped (/time). This RP would only be valid for 48 hours or until your character dies and NLR is triggered. The time limit does not apply to rule 7. And just to clarify, this is not a "new" rule, this is the ideology that the staff team has followed since the beginning. We wanted to add this for easier understanding among our players. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) There is no major change to this rule, but rather clarifications. Many players have thought our examples to be a list of final examples, but to make it clear, we'll be adding a clarification that the list is not final for both examples of when your life is considered to be in danger and not in danger. Under the examples of where your life is not considered to in danger, we'll be rewording the following line "• When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled." to "• When you are in a car which engine is not stalled." This means that on a motorcycle, whether the engine is on or off, your life is considered to be in danger if someone walks up to you at close range with a gun, as the motorcycle provides zero protection. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Our VOIP has become more stable In-Game in comparison to when these rules were written. At times where VOIP isn't working, we've got a command to reset your VOIP (/voicereset 1>3). We aim for smooth role-play in the community, and that means you shouldn't have to relay demands or communicate with other players using text unless you absolutely have too (e.g. no microphone, other reasons). Because of an improved VOIP system, we've changed "You must give demands via text if used as a reason to attack as VOIP isn’t always heard." to "If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using /voicereset or use text to deliver your demand(s)." What this means is that it falls on the responsibility of whoever is having demands are given to them to inform the other party that their VOIP isn't working through OOC chats (/pm, /b or /ooc), and if informed, the player giving demands must either fix their VOIP or use text as the rule dictates. MISCELLANEOUS CLARIFICATIONS Carrying bodies & Powergaming We'd like to inform the community that it is considered power gaming to be randomly or without RP, picking up the body of an injured player. You have to role-play properly with injured players using /me and /do. This is not a new rule, it's only something that seems to have slipped through the cracks for the majority of our players. Driving vehicles and leaving them on roofs of No Crime Zones We've noticed this being a trend and we do not condone it. We find it very unrealistic to drive e.g. a motorcycle up on the roof of a bank and leaving it there. Should we catch players in the act or find their vehicles on No Crime Zone roofs, we'll be impounding the vehicle and potentially punishing the player for Non-Roleplay. This is not the sort of behavior that we want in the community. Leaving Cars in No Crime Zones for the sole purpose of using them as a stash vehicle The Staff Team brought up a concerning topic of players utilizing No Crime Zones as a safe haven for their stash vehicles, and this is not the idea behind No Crime Zones. If you leave your car at a No Crime Zone where it can't be interacted with by other players for the sole purpose of storing illegal contraband in it, we will be impounding your vehicle, potentially taking items from it and punishing the player for No Crime Zone Violation. Scratching Radios & Obtaining Frequencies from others We no longer support the idea of scratching/damaging radios through role-play to influence potential role-play situations. There are too many loopholes that can be exploited and we quite frankly do not want to support it. If you know that you're stepping into a situation that might put you at a disadvantage, dispose of your radio, hide or somewhere, or change its frequency before someone gets ahold of it. Players can still utilize /me and /do to check the frequency of your radio, and as per power-gaming rules, you are expected to answer truthfully. We will be introducing script support in the future to be able to "damage" your radio and see frequencies of radios in your possession. There is no ETA on this but it has been discussed and planned for implementation. General Toxicity & Unhealthy Behavior on Discord We would also like to emphasize on the fact that the Eclipse Discord server and all discords associated with Eclipse Roleplay is considered to be a part of our platform. In these servers our general community rules apply, that means that you can be banned from our community (not only discord ) should you show that you're not contributing positively to the community. Some examples of these are; Harassment of factions or members through text or images; Using Extreme Offensive language to another community member or staff. This is nothing new, but we've come to an understanding that some community members seem to think our discord server is a free for all playground where there are no consequences for their words or actions. On an end note, We'd like to remind all of our players to play fair. Enjoy the game and the role-play it brings, don't log in with the attitude of winning all situations you come across, let role-play dictate the outcome of your situations and accept a loss once in a while. We do not condone the play to win attitude. Yours, Eclipse Staff
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    ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.2.0 Major Updates: Added furniture system You will now be able to modify/customize the properties you own (warehouses, houses, finance companies, regular properties) Added properties system You will now be able to buy properties (building). Interiors of such properties will be completely empty. Empty box (size depends on the value of the property) will be provided to the player for him to customize it as they please. Players will be able to create interiors ranging from restaurants to gang hideouts and etc. Added coma system. As a punishment to dying players will now have to wait 15 minutes at the hospital. The time and implementation of this feature might change in the future. Added animations that require two players Such animations include kiss, hug, highfive, handshake. Usage: /duoanim [player] [anim] ; /acceptanim [player] Changelog: (since the last forum patch notes) /eid now only shows up from really close distances and if player is not in vehicle Added spike strips Added armor for criminals to import Fixed vehicle entrance bug Removed AFK exclusion in prison Added tires status sync Added /givekey [player] [permanent] (vehicle keys) Added /removekey [player] (vehicle keys) Added break option to beverages. Certain beverages will give broken bottle item Added animations that require two players (kiss, hug, high five, handshake) Inactive houses clean up now checks hours played instead of last seen Inactive houses clean up automatically cleans house's stash pot and puts house on auction Added furniture support to finance interiors, warehouses. Players with SWAT uniforms will have masks on Updated map editor to use numpad Added ability to add persistent map objects on live server Removed old warehouse script Implemented interior shell generator /goto prison will be more reliable Enabled /pw for prison guards Implemented new entity location saving system. Position and dimension saving should be more reliable Moved furniture management to clientside Player location saving will be done more frequently Furniture store items will now be able to be updated live Started implementing custom properties Updated furniture store UI Disabled /alias for people with masks Setup furniture store location Disabled turfs Older patch notes: Lowered radio item volume to 5 Fixed fish selling Fixed inventory typo New Player tag will only appear on players that do not own character over 5k xp Added dance5 Added new player ids system / Removed Stranger/Mask Added prisoners uniforms Added prison guards uniforms Added some features to SADOC Fixed ammo's weight being 100x intended value Fixed radio issue with frisk/sideinventory Fixed mechanic service prices Fixed unlimited food eating Fixed visual carry bug when spamming P Moved new player spawn point from airport to bus station (near the main hospital). Snowy weather removed. Selling inactive houses will fairly adjust house prices of inactive owners. New players under 5000xp will have a (( New Player )) above them Some items (bags, briefcases, crate) can be now carriable Warehouses can be owned by anyone. (they currently act only as a storage thing, imports are made through the laptop) Package orders can be made only through a laptop by a person that has criminal faction and has permissions to manage inventory Inventory has scrollbar in order to support high slot counts of warehouses Inventory now has volume system (similar to weight). Each item has X amount of volume. Each inventory has its max volume Crates (from packages order) can be accessed with I to see the contents (they now have use inventory system) Added keypad system (warehouses use them) Added additional protections for new players Added briefcase Criminal packages now have global amount available to order. Fixed bug with masks disappearing Fixed bug with gun parts not appearing after /dropgun Increased mechanic services prices Fixed visual/engine repairs CPR can't be performed on yourself Removed radio frequency on HUD Implemented laptops (used for criminal factions only at this moment) Door lock notifications changed to overridable. Fixed phone messages deletion bug. Fixed hotkeys being active when using phone/mdc. Fixed unloading bug, when more resources are unloaded, than contracted. Health will not be restored to 50 HP on reconnect. Added ability to strip components from weapons Implemented speakers /friskapprove and /friskcancel messages have more information Added /bindradio for/and radio switching Shift + (1, 2 - 9) Radio frequency and voice status (normal, shouting, whispering) is now displayed on hud VOIP should be more stable Current talking players are displayed on the right side Fix fuelstation displaying wrong import price Fix clothes duplication bug Improved taxes calculation Set fuel import price to 5$ Tweaked drive by disablement for trucks Added tax to house/vehicle market ( 5% ) Wearing a uniform with a mask, will refresh the character nametag Added player notifications for offline punishments (oawarn, oban, ojail, oaprison) Removed maximum car price at high end market Cityhall and additional PD interior Disabled shooting from commericial vehicles (trucks mainly, to avoid bug abuse) Added more in-depth economy logging (for future development purposes) Removed 10% tax from gunstores and vehicle dealerships Flying ability set to maximum for all players Imported vehicles do not count towards higher tax brackets since they are not part of the economy Removed salary limit Added parking pay stations Added police impound You can only quit a job if you have returned a work vehicle with /returnvehicle Increased citybee price Added typing indicator Removed nametag colors Body armor clothing will be automatically added if player has armor over a specific amount JerryCan only works if player is outside vehicle and engine is off Added ability for PD to take and remove armor Rebalanced police cruisers Bug fixes
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    I have been on the server for a bit of time and I truly do enjoy my time IC. I've had lots of great moments but sadly there is a negative side that tends to outweigh everything positive - the blatant toxic sexism. Being a female on the server and RPing a female character is one of the most frustrating and toxic things ever. When not using VOIP, the comments are somewhat hit or miss (some are respectful, others try to bait VOIP, and then some are downright absurd) but the moment my microphone goes on, the harassment begins. The consistent name calling, targeting, and cornering is absolutely ridiculous and most of the time crosses a line into being uncomfortable. Being forced into the same RP scenarios of a group of men circling you and calling you every single name in the book over and over again or followed for miles on end just to be sexually harassed is ridiculous and disgusting. This is an issue that has come up time and time again. Am I aware that the vast majority of the server is male? Absolutely. Does that pardon disgusting behavior, make it alright to practically force female characters into using text chat to hide their voice, and ostracize a targeted group of players? Absolutely not. Is it alright for this consistent behavior that has no connection to an IC backstory/personality traits to be brushed aside? I do not think so. It has come from multiple people across multiple discussions that they have hesitations about even inviting females to join the server due to this behavior. There are presently females in the server that are decreasing their RP time as well due to this. It is an absolute shame that this is becoming a truth and is just accepted. Yes, this is the internet. Yes, there are trolls. Yes, you do need somewhat of a tough layer of skin when committing yourself to this. When it gets to the point of impacting your RP time and enjoyment is when it becomes a bigger issue. Personally, I have been forced into an RP scenario for over an hour consisting of nothing but sexist aggression with absolutely no way out - trust me I tried - that completely ruined what I hoped to be a fun RP day. Again, this is not a one time thing, it happens over and over. So now, I ask, how can we, as a community, make this better? How can we all have fun, embrace our characters and their traits, and at the same time decrease this very Non-RP (in my eyes) behavior? Thank you for taking the time to read and chime in on the discussion. All I ask is that you refrain from making derogatory, offensive, and disrespectful comments in this discussion. I would like to have an actual discussion about this topic, not be told anything along the lines of "get off the internet then" as nobody should be told that when voicing concerns. Let's stay respectful and kind please.
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    As we all know chop shops have been nerfed, the nerf came after the impound lot was introduced which also nerfed the chop shop itself as there was less cars in the streets to steal. Decreasing the prices of chop shop just made no sense and it completely killed the content related to it. There is never anyone at the chop shops and there is actually cars just laying around because no one wants to chop them. I think the chop should be returned to how it was as it would again bring back something to do with the lack of criminal content especially with the official factions not being decided yet which also removed a piece of content in weapon shipments. There is only drug labs to do for money for criminals because robbing stores is also pretty dead content and barely anyone does it
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    We're a small team running Los Santos biggest record label. With all the hottest rappers signed to our label like Lil Jay and our new producer, Hamada Sidiqi you probably already heard of us. We also have a professional video editor and cameraman for our music videos, Rahul Akbar. We believe in perfection and with no competition on the market we're ready to take over the world. OUR TEAM MANAGER: -Hamada SIdiqi (temp) (382-2398) PRODUCER: - Hamada Sidiqi (382-2398) ARTISTS: - Lil Jay (510-6343) VIDEO: - Rahul Akbar (217-3552) WORK FOR US Do you wanna work for the most promising record label in the city? Right now we're searching for: - Manager - Limousine driver - Body Guards WANT A FEATURE? If you want a feature on one of Lil Jay's track or any of our other artists you can contact us and we'll figure out a reasonable price. HIRE A PRODUCER Want to become the next famous artist in Los Santos? Hire one of our professional producers and video editors and we'll make the work for you. ALL OUR SONGS WILL BE RELEASED UNDER MUTHERJUCKER RECORDS LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC
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    Update 27/02/2019 I have updated the script to work with all screen resolutions ( tested with 1080p and 1440p, should work with all other resolutions ) and I have added Image.exe to the zip file, which allows you to run the script without installing autohotkey ( USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK ), the .exe is not malicious but if you do not trust me, you can always use the code included below or the Image.ahk. When the Notes were originally released, I made a script that allows you to copy pictures from your PC onto the note, I played it with little bit and released some pictures in the #fashion but forgot about it afterwards, so I have now decided to release them to the public, for everyone to use. Below is the download link with the script and the required files, extract the files into a folder and follow the Tutorial.txt You can right click on the Image.ahk to preview the code and be sure its not malicious, I will also be putting the code in the bottom so you can compile and make it by yourself File: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400801629000957953/550318704458596527/ImageScript.zip Instructions: You need to include this file in the same folder as the script below https://github.com/tariqporter/Gdip/blob/master/Gdip.ahk Code:
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    The war was about to swing into full action. The Triads were meeting up with their allies ahead of time. The meeting locations throughout the war were always changed. This stopped the police and rival gangs keeping track of the operations. Now that the plans had been set it place it was time to truly go to war. The Triads and their allies went out in full force, showing no mercy for the enemy. Convoys were formed to hunt down the Rival Gangs and take them off the streets, the numbers were unmatched. The opportunity was always seized to hit up any of the Rival Gangs. The war was still in full action. The tension was growing high in the war so the groups parked up and decided to have a little dance party to shake off the nerves.
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    Hello community members of Eclipse, We in the Eclipse Staff Team are proud to announce some upcoming changes in preparation for the long awaited transition to having "official" criminal faction. What does "official" mean? Official gangs, are going to be gangs that are supported by the Eclipse Server with game scripts for grouping, faction chat, and all the options that come with having your faction listed in the F4 menu. How does one become "official"? Official gangs will be those who are able to demonstrate a quality lore, realistic criminal behavior befitting to that lore, and are generally promoting a POSITIVE roleplay experience for other players. The way we will track this positive roleplay experience and general activity is through increased required use and monitoring of a criminal faction thread. Each faction who is looking to become official should start a quality faction thread in the provided section of the Eclipse forums and members should REGULARLY post screenshots and/or videos of their activity, roleplay, and experience playing with others. Creating a thread to showcase your criminal roleplay to the community is the FIRST step in showing your ability to earn the official status. ALL criminal faction threads will be monitored after the clean-up and eligibility for "official" status will be reviewed based on your criminal roleplay without a faction chat or warehouse available. IMPORTANT: What will happen to my gang now? All current gang faction threads will be archived 1 week from today (2018/SEPT/21), along with all criminal factions listed in the F4 menu. Gangs will be expected to continue to roleplay without /f faction chat and use of warehouses / importing during the next 1 month period (period starts after the 1 week). PLEASE REMOVE AND DISTRIBUTE ANY F4 FACTION FUNDS PRIOR TO THE REMOVAL OR ALL FUNDS WILL BE DIRECTLY DEPOSITED TO THE FACTION LEADER AT THE TIME. IN SHORT: 1. Remove all treasury money from F4 faction menu or it will go directly to leader. 2. Criminal factions threads and F4 group will be removed 1 week from today on (28/SEPT/2018). No time has been set yet, so be ready BEFORE that day. 3. 1 month review period will commence for criminal gangs / new criminal gang forum threads. 4. Toward the end of October we will be reaching out to gangs and they can apply to become official and show off what they've managed to roleplay over the last 1 month period. Those picked should demonstrate a positive roleplay quality and experience for other players. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to BallinByNature (Interim Head of Illegal Faction Management), Lewis (Head of Legal Faction Management), myself or another administrator who can forward your questions on if they cannot answer them directly. THIS process will be the same process for any faction that does not identify as "criminal" also. The only factions that will not be affected are official government factions. It is our hopes that this will drive all factions to put their best foot forward with their best roleplay and improve the standard of RP as a whole on the server. Best of luck to all those who plan to apply! From, Eclipse Staff Team. P.S. More information about this will be posted after the 1 week period has ended about your next steps including guides and other valuable information.
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    TURF Preface Let me preface this with the presented issue before I tackle potential solutions: There's currently a flaw in the turf system which is being exploited by various factions, leading to frustrated players and slowly encouraging decline in players reoccurring visits to the city with a lack of variety. I've discussed with a support member the RULES for taking turf. His exact explanation was as follows: You are not allowed to take turf without a valid roleplay reason. (This is fine, NOT the issue.) A valid roleplay reason HAS to be the following: (This is where the problem lies) The moderator/support guy essentially said; The gang owning the turf must have caused multiple issues with you and your faction, for example; they must have prices you find too competitive and need to fight over, alternatively they must do things to piss you off within the city, robberies etc. There's multiple issues with this. Currently what is happening is people are sat on turf being very passive and just collecting income, not providing other groups reason to even attempt to take turf. This defeats the point of turf even existing. If nobody can take turf without acts of aggression from the turf owners, then nobody can take turf as people remain neutral to everyone. In addition to this, the system of when turf is assessed for inactivity is flawed. People currently abuse the system by regularly logging on for 5 minutes to refresh member activity in inactive groups. The other issue is forum staff + close staff to the owners having turf and being able to justify keeping their turf through any means due to comfortable relationships with people who have the power to change these rules, to elaborate, if you they have an issue with someone taking their turf, naturally, there's going to be subconscious favoritism over returning the turf to their good ol' buddy. I'm not against staff owning turf but it feels like the system is geared against the regular players who would just like to establish themselves within the city. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE SOLUTION(S) I have multiple ideas for how this can be resolved and i'm happy to elaborate on the pros and cons of all. Idea 1: Rotating turf basis This isn't rotating the turf between all gangs, this is a system whereby turf is free-for-all for 1 week, then locked for 3 weeks with specific factions, allowing people to process shipments and have enough time with turf. It's quite chaotic but allows intelligent roleplay of turf-sniping and tactical deployment over turf location, this also eliminates idle income generators for people who just play on ALTs until they need a transfer. Idea 2: Relax current turf rules. Allow people to take turf with a VALID RP reason, but not the reason that has to be instigated by the turf owners. Allow people to muscle into other turf with RP evidence of show of strength from new factions, for example, you turn up with 30 guys on a regular basis to someone elses turf, I thinkyou have justification to take that turf if no resistance is shown. It's ludicrous to suggest that turf can't be taken because you didnt interact with the faction if the faction is NEVER in the city or playing on an alt all the time. Idea 3: Add additional turf. There has been an influx in the city of new players and no growth in turf areas to compensate, meaning multiple large gangs are fighting over small areas of turf, want access to gun shipments but are bottlenecked by people who are 'camping' turfs in a neutral stance. Adding additional turf would provide a new area for people to struggle over, perhaps in the north away from the city or alternatively in other areas of the city to build up a more turf-oriented citybase. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To Summarize Gangs and criminals currently have rough revenue streams within the city to form an income. They perform legal jobs like regular citizens which is fine, but detracts from the reason to bother with a criminal lifestyle, this needs more support and more attention to provide justification for people to bother being criminals. More active or interesting turf systems will provide criminal gangs better reasons to be in a gang. It NEEDS to be more profitable but with the RISK of being in a gang - Otherwise you mind aswell truck around all day. High Risk, high reward. If you feel you have any additional comments for this turf system, please feel free to post them. I'm happy to hear all views on this but I do honestly believe the current turf system is flawed and in need of attention. Thanks for your time.
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    Public Relations Hello, Eclipse. Before we start with the update notes, we would like to again congratulate @Spark on becoming our public relations person (READ). Spark has been offered this position, to increase communication between community members, to help us collect feedback from the community and set our priorities based on what our players want the most. Our plan, for the next update, is to work with player feedback and improve existing features, therefore we hope that the next (1.1.0) update will reflect the needs of our community a lot better than any previous updates. ECLIPSE Roleplay update notes - 1.0.9 Added report types to /report command and short report type explanations Added an upgraded version of the /unban command which is easier to use and is more informative Added an administrator command /toggleac which allows staff members to toggle support and administrator chat Added a vehicle customization logger, to help detect and fix issues that may cause customizations to disappear Added a check on vehicle plates that only permits players to use unique (not used) plate numbers Added a clothing option to remove glasses from a player's character Added a color option to barber shop selections Added blockades for police Added blockades across the map to prevent gas station explosions and unrealistic stunt jumping (thanks to FatherOsborn) Added objects to block fail roleplay stunt jumps in Los Santos and locations that often crash players Added a new bank "Blaine County Savings Bank" at Paleto Bay Added remove tattoos option to the tattoo stores Added lock picks (bobby pins) to break cuffs and vehicle locks Added command /alias . You will be able to assign names to strangers with it Added ability to trace phones for PD detectives Add logo to MDC and changed formatting (thanks to Pertinax) Added new type (Detective) to LSPD which can add a siren to any vehicle Changed money, time, fuel, speed and turf display to a more compact and efficient version that uses CEF Changed /fmembers command for government factions, so it displays member duty status Changed the discount rates on warehouse orders to work properly with quantities Changed max discount on weapons to 10%, standard discount for other goods remains at 25% Changed Los Santos Emergency Medical Services medic uniforms Changed vehicle engine turn on/off. Now it doesn't use chat Changed drug effects (some now give armour and a minor speed boost for the duration of the drug effects) Changed gunparts and drugs to a new method of saving, using and loading (much cleaner and easier to track for issues in the future) Fuel is now displayed in litres, not percentage If vehicle health is lower than 150, you will not be able to turn on the engine Increased taco healing amount Increased some UI loading speed (truckers, warehouses, insurance, dealerships, bus driver job) Disabled weapon aiming and shooting for vehicle drivers, to reduce deathmatching and force players to cooperate Disabled certain vehicle controls that should prevent vehicles from rotating while in mid-air making stunt jumps more risky Disabled jumping over obstacles for cuffed players Removed several redundant API call use cases, which may reduce client crashing Removed VIP chat perk from the credit store interface, because it was disabled Removed actual character names from nametags Fixed clothing bugs within PD Fixed (countered) the client bug that is causing vehicles to despawn Fixed a bug that caused secondary (GTA:Online) vehicle color synchronization to break Fixed a synchronization bug that caused CityBee and other non-player owned vehicle to be white Fixed a bug that caused the flatbed to fail load motorcycles and cycles Fixed a bug that enabled players to load tow trucks on flatbed trucks Fixed a bug that caused the server to frequently crash Fixed a bug that caused inactive reports to remain in the report list after the report owner had disconnected Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck inside finance company interiors Fixed a bug that broke voice-chat whenever a player stood in the same spot Fixed bugs that made the /drag command cause a variety of bugs (dying, breaking, forcing players out of vehicles, etc..) Fixed a bug that created a -1 ID anomaly in the scoreboard Fixed LSEMS stabilize bug (patient being stuck in the ground while stabilizing) Fixed chest hair bugs at the barber shop and character creation scripts Fixed /modview displaying incorrect rear wheel model for motorcycles Fixed warehouse orders to check for outstanding orders on a loop, meaning after a server crash, your order will still be on for delivery. Fixed the name of ammo that appears as numbers instead of the name of the weapon when withdrawing from a warehouse. Fixed bug where people appear standing when they are actually laying on the ground. Fixed some menu issues regarding the gunparts/drug menu (client javascript errors and it turning off car engines while using the menu) Fixed some minor issues on the game panel and improved the security on login and resetting of passwords. Phones The first initial release of phones is here. With phones you may /call or /text (or /sms) other players or /call 911. Phones have /contacts (max 5 for non VIP) which you may store and use in /call or /sms. When you miss a call it will be displayed in /missed(calls), players may leave you a voicemail if you miss their call. You may set your /voicemail message and view/delete voicemails whenever you please. A max of 5 voicemails is given to all phones, and a max of 10 text messages are stored at a time. You may be called or texted while you are offline, so leaving someone a message is simple. Phones also have /notes which you can add, view or delete. Players may /record IC events using their phone and it may be used as IC evidence for a crime or other event. While talking on the phone you may still talk quietly with /low or talk regularly with /l(ocal) chat. When you are done leaving a voice mail or finished with a phone conversation you may /h(angup) the phone. This is the first text-based release and there will be a UI coming for it in the future. You can buy a phone in a general store, and see your number in /stats. You may /delphone if you want to smash your phone (this deletes all contacts, notes, messages, voicemails and resets your phone number as well). /battery to see your battery life. Buy a charger and /plugin to plug a charger into a car/house to charge your phone and /unplug it when you are done charging. Players may mug you and /takebattery to steal your battery so you don't call the police as well, in which case you'll have to buy a new battery at the general store. Farming Farming is a new job introduced in Eclipse Roleplay 1.0.9 The new activity involves ploughing and raking the crop fields with a tractor. To grow crops, a farmer must first plough the soil and then plant the seeds. The plant will begin to grow and the farmer will have to rake the soil around it, which is required to ensure that the harvest is of the highest quality. Once the plant reaches full growth, it can be harvested and transformed into a sellable item, which can be loaded into a work vehicle and delivered to the harvest warehouse.
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    The higher ups of the Los Santos Triads making their presence known down at the Bayview hosted car meet. The Wong family out doing some Organisation Headquarters research for their new Family Business. After scouting out for a new Headquarters the Los Santos Triads decided it was time to get down and dirty. The rapid increase of gun import prices lead to them resorting to Robbery. Before anything a plan was required. After the plan of action was set in place, they moved in and executed the mission fast, clean and vanished. Leaving no evidence behind.
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    This server turned into a shitfest recently. I am going to post this big ass rant and I believe devs, the admin staff and all people, who are in charge for this server will not give a fuck about it and I am not scared to point the biggest problems even if I will get banned for these words - but you can't really deny the facts. 1. This server devs slept on the fame of the days when there was 300 guys online and still there was queue to login. Wake up - you have to work towards keeping the player community, not to think that it is granted forever. Eventually people will leave the server and you will become a shithole where you have been 6 months ago. For example - end of the April, peak time numbers on the Friday night - 50-60 people was max at best. Server was dead and will become dead, if you wont fix the admin abusing power, disbalancing the server economy structure and the PD bullshit that is happening from the beggining of the rise. This server has a lot of potential, but you have to work towards it, not to go backwards into the shithole. Eventually there will be (theoreticly, not announcing or having any info related to that) a competitor server which will show better respect for the player community and you will be left with few players left, because people naturally will choose what's the best. Another example on a bigger base - a well known game Runescape. There was times, when devs of RS didnt listened to the player community and the game died few months later, because players voice wasnt heard at all. There is tons of good suggestions of the forum, but nobody of devs/staff even acknowledges that. The same scenario will happen eventually on this server. Hire people, who will work on PR side, let them work and let community know what updates are coming, what devs are working on and etc.. Now there is no information, only leaks from private messages and rumours that "devs are working on this and that" and there is no official info whats going on, there is no voting system what people would want to see and if they do agree to that. 2. PD and admins situation. This is the whole section where I will release my biggest rants about the admins, their knowledge of RP, which is mostly poor and the neverending shitfest going with the PD. First - admin staff members. There are some decent admins, which are non biased and shows a good knowledge of RP, sense of humour and acts professionaly. The problem is - there are too many admins, who never even showed a good RP on theirselfs and they are in the staff. Believe me - following the rules blindly doesnt show you as a good admin. This turned into a family (in a bad way), where one staff member fucks up and then all the staff covers and rakes all the shit they done, just because they are admins. I am not gonna say the names, except for few ones, but there is a big problem of understanding what RP should be handled. There been several times when 6 staff members spawns (that amount should never be brought to any case) and its clear excess of admin power on one single situation. I have screenshot of it somewhere. IT RELATES to the staff, who are in the PD ICly mainly. Continuing on the situation over the admins, who work ICly in PD. MarcoD is the absolutely best example of this shitfest going on. The guy had warnings in the past for showing little to no interest of need to RP as a cop, rather than cuffing people, bringing someone to prison and just putting someone in the jail with little to 0 RP showed. HOW THE F THIS PERSON CAN BE A STAFF MEMBER, when he has no clue what RP server should look like (believe, I am certified actor with the diploma and I have a right to talk on this). HOW PEOPLE LIKE THIS GETS APPLIED TO THE STAFF? I have no explanation. The guy literally tells people that robbing a cop is non rp. Guy literally abuses the admin powers, spawns himself into an admin in the middle of RP, breaks the RP (no matter how good he is) and he does everything to only win the situation. Admin shouldn't even be allowed to break the RP and orchestrate how RP should turn into. I have multiple clips in my dispose of MarcoD fuckups, I will post one here. (clip is not mine, I am just collecting it) guy basically turns into terminator mode ignoring FearRP, where he could just call the reinforcements and comply to the opposing side and the backup would solve this. how this guy can even be admin, where he doesnt have a clue what the definition of roleplay is? Eventually, this kind of roleplay goes into as an example how the whole PD behaves in the server, when one of the higher members of PD acts the same. I literally wanted to go on the semi cop bait, dont even say a word while being arrested and record the "casual" arrest and the transportation. I bet the cop would not even roleplay of identifying me and would put me into the jail with little to no RP. EVEN the lowend FiveM open rp server cops are roleplaying better than the 70 percent of PD of eclipserp. Shame. And this is happening for a long time. They ask criminals for better roleplay, while their roleplay havent changed since the beggining. I watched how swats are training on I believe noah baxtors personal twitch stream. Guys did swat training on the west highway (!). Why the hell you didnt choose the zancudo base or the airport? I hear admins saying that swats are trained for this and that and from the footage I've seen I could only say that they are trained to be potatoes at best. Most of criminal gangs are more trained than the whole swat itself. From now on I don't believe any admin saying that SWATS are trained for this and that, because they are bunch of amateurs not even seriously roleplaying. Another problem - PD has an impound lot, which was implemented on behalf of PD requests. The idea is good itself, but it removed basically a chopshop availability for criminals. Now on recent updates, the chopshop payouts were reduced twice! Are you out of your minds? PD is overloaded with officers and they still hiring people and opening the applications once again, while drug labs are being destroyed on the daily basis, there is no warehouses anymore (its temporarily), shop robbing is basically close to nothing (with such numbers of PD), there is NO ACTIVITIES LEFT for criminals and they are still continuing to remove all the tools for criminals reducing an ability to show any kind of RP. What the devs were thinking? If I would need to play a bus simulator, I would rather download another game for that! This server turns into no crime server and even when people are trying to create the situations like hostage taking, robberies, they are still getting fucked up by the powerhungry admins, because this and that is non RP and because cops lost to situation. How you gonna solve that problem? Drug lab destroying - big powergaming. Phone tracking - big powergaming. PD has so much tools, they even have cars going faster than the supercars and they still are terrible. I believe they are going nearly to 240km/h. There is a meme car on other server, which is taco bus with two jet engines with afterburners at the back, which goes up to 150mph, which is exactly 240km/h. Funny, isnt it? They get everything spawned and they have unlimited resources, they fail to maintain and value their job vehicles, even when they have huge advantages over other players and they continue to ask more tools for them. Stop it. Learn to drive, learn to value your car. The power of undefeatable PD with the help of the admin should stop, because the numbers of player base are decreasing already mainly due to these things stated above. I could continue on this rant forever with tons of clips of the situation of server, but the main problems are stated before and the majority of the player base will agree to me. (devs and admins - if you need a solution to these problems, I have the solutions for you for free, since I care and still enjoy about the server, but the situation continues to be more hectic and hectic, so I had to release this rant)
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    -1. Giving people reason to hunt PD should never be a welcomed change.
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    This is Bayview Auto Center thread, which is Out of Character and all information provided here can not be used for any In Character purposes. Main goal of this thread is to present Bayview Auto Center for the community and show our company structure, core values, service that we provide every day and of course our lifestyle. Plane just landed in Los Santos International Airport and you passed security check holding your bag in one hand and the Visa card in another. Full of hope, curiosity and hunger for adventures you step through the doors of airport, where soft, warm and a bit salty wind form the ocean greets you and whispers that finally you are in the city of Los Santos. Following the wind, mixed sounds of revving engines and squeal tires could be heard form not far away. Moving towards the sound you get on the Greenwich Parkway and right away in the distance source of the engines symphony appears - Bayview Auto Center. This is how most of us started our journey in Los Santos and met mechanics shop, where knowledge, experience, passion for vehicles and friendship are combined to help this city. Bayview Auto Center is one of two mechanics shop in the town and its main goal is to help people of Los Santos with their vehicles starting with some small polishing tasks, towing jobs and ending with full car performance and body customization for the car shows or races. Besides that, we are always collaborating with other government companies helping them out on their duties, like impounding cars or providing our assistance on their organised events. To accomplish our tasks, Bayview Auto Center center has amazing garage with all kinds of tools. We have hydraulic lifts, spraying booth, engine hoist, tire changers, wheel balancer and many more machines to provide premium class service for every customer. As one of old mechanics said: “If you can't find the right tool in this garage Mr. Arizona, you don't belong near a car.” Besides our amazing garage where we do engineering miracles, we have another garage where we are keeping our company vehicles, that helps us in the city. We have two types of tow trucks. Heavy duty tow truck, which we are using most of the time, because most of the problems that we encounter are quite extraordinary and requires that extra power, which heavy duty tow truck has plenty, because of turboch arged inline-4. Another one is small light duty tow truck, which is mostly used in hardly reachable places in the city, like small backstreet, or house backyard, where heavy duty tow truck would not fit. Also this truck is used way less because of its manufactures fault installing V8 engine with aluminum cylinder heads without possibility to use truck at its full potential. In assistance for tow trucks, we have three types of utility trucks: A Cherry Picker variant of the Utility Truck, which we use on very rare occasions, since we find it useful only when vehicle or its parts are stuck in the trees or on the roofs of houses. A Box variant of the Utility Truck is mostly used truck alongside tow trucks, since it has quite spacious trunk to put a lot of spare parts for roadside assistance. Utility pickup truck is the last one from utility vehicles selection that we have right now. It is also the smallest one and mostly used for business trips or as an additional car in the events. The truck is powered by a V8 engine, but once again, because of the aluminum cylinder heads it does not stand out for it performance. Flatbed is the last model in our companies garage, which supposed to be used to transport cars with the drivetrain, steering or wheel systems failures, since its not recommended to tow cars with these type of failures, but currently we are not using them, because of the failures of the hydraulic system, which controls platform of flatbed. Even for us it is currently not possible to fix that without manufacture spare parts, which are still in the Europe, sadly. But all those tools and trucks could not do anything without amazing people, who work at Bayview. Every mechanic in the shop is passionate about his or her work to the bottom of their heart. Besides the passion for their job, Bayview mechanics are true professionals in the vehicles engineering and design fields, because they are always ready to help choosing what kind of performance upgrades should be installed and how they will improve the car or which color you should go for and how it will fit the car. Knowledge, passion for the work and experience are not the only traits that Bayview employees have. Besides those professional strengths, they are truly amazing people, who are always ready to listen and help to each other, because whole Bayview team is like one big family, which always takes care of each other. On top of that, employees not only cares about each other, but also looks after every customer, who comes to Bayview. For example, if someone is having a bad day, short visit in Bayview really could make a difference and make that day at least a bit better. Back in the day Bayview itself did not exist and where Bayview is now, there was one and only auto center in Los Santos and it was called Los Santos Customs. It was lead by a person, who was called Mr. Kingpin by the ones who knew him. He did not do his job well as he was not around much and people started to suspect something shady is going on, as he was always hard to talk to, due to lack of concentration, as he did a lot of drugs. That lead to Michael Dew - “Kingpin’s” second to take over. LSC, as it was called at the time, was in a different situation, as security was an issue. Even though the leader changed he was also suspected to be involved with local biker gang, who posed as just a biker club. They were roaming the city on their bikes and even if they did something illegal, they did not do it on the premises of Los Santos, so Los Santos Police Department had no reason to suspect anything. An investigation might have occurred, but no one knows for sure. So Michael Dew, being a motorhead and constantly interacting with Bikers, lead to attracting attention from other local gangs, as it was stated, that the auto center will not have any involvement with any criminal gangs or activities, so CCTV’s were installed and a wall was requested to be built by the leader and Head of HR - Mr. Hurezanov a.k.a Bobo Shikanovsky, so the auto center would be a safer place for everyone to be in. Few months later, the new, but firm gang called The Savages, which at the time started to make their name known by the citizens, government workers and LSPD, as they were fierce and well organized and constantly growing.They were causing constant threats to the staff and the customers by arriving in numbers, armed to their teeth and hiding their faces under masks, leading to bloody shootouts between local citizens, mechanics and them. This lead to a security division being created by Boris Hurezanov a.k.a Bobo Shikanovsky, who employed mechanics, owned CCW permissions (gun license) and trained them to wield a gun for the business sake while on duty. Bobo also instructed the staff with steps to take in an emergency situations and presented it to whole staff, with instructions about escalation of force, upon a threat, as he was a formal LSPD officer as well. As mentioned above, it became almost everyday routine to call LSPD and LSES to nowadays Bayview location and people, who wanted to come and repair or modify their car started to come in pairs or small groups only for security reasons. There were always at least one mechanic on the roof, looking out for suspicious activity and he would press the alarm button if he would see gang activities nearby. The shop had the support of local friendly gangs and business owners, including the biker gang and citizens in general who voluntarily patrolled nowadays Bayview area and helped fight off The Savages. Local police on the other hand did nothing until one officer came, who changed it all - Nathan Ames or as he liked to call himself - The Dragon. He would be parked on the shop's premises for hours every day, which lead to The Savages avoiding the area overtime and it became a peaceful place. Then the Savages changed their approach. Mason Savage was one of the kind “mastermind”, as some people used to call him. He changed his plan and his organization members started to infiltrate in all government factions, including the auto center. Their own people with clean records and decent amount of experience landed to the city of Los Santos and quickly became rich and powerful as no one else was, but that is the story for another day. Days went by and finally mechanics were safe,security division was disbanded and everyone started to work in peace, doing, what they loved to do, but having in mind, that if needed the division could be established again, in matter of days. Since then, every mechanic had to buy a gun and pass the firearm exam, to be licensed. As I mentioned before, CCTV’s with night vision up to 120 meters were installed and no expense was spared for passive infrared sensors on the territory, to alarm the LSPD when the shop is closed and no one is around. One, usual workday the government decided that they would open a second mechanic shop in town. They offered LSC to move to another location, while the new shop would open in the old location. That is Bayview now. LSC took the opportunity to hand over the old auto center to one of their own - Mr. Biggs, who was an amazing person. The high command knew, that we would run the business perfectly, so they convinced the government, that he would be the man for the job. So that is how there are now two auto centers in Los Santos. Even though the owners and the whole high command were friends, shared a cup of beer once in a while, power and money can change a man. So conflict started between the two auto centers, casualties were not avoided… The situation got so strict that mechanics from rival auto centers were not welcomed on one another's territories and if they came to talk, they were greeted with guns and being instantly surrounded. This whole thing happened, because some of the new mechanics got into a fight between one and another. Arguments lead to physical actions and some were injured. Reporting the whole situation for the higher ups, of course, to save their asses for causing the conflict. Whole story was edited to a point of fiction. Bobo and Michael, knowing Mr. Biggs well, knew, that this is just a misunderstanding and it needs to be talked out between both parties. It was hard to organize this, as the whole story got leaked and the biggest Russian mafia - The Bratva was very close with the old LSC and their higher ups, so they were constantly threatening the new auto center, Bayview, even without the knowledge of LSC. So all these conflicts lasted for months until Michael, Bobo and Mr. Biggs as being grown men and reasonable people decided to have a meeting, between the trio and came to terms of collaboration and working together, to reach the same goal - help the citizens of Los Santos and make the city a nicer place to live for all of the mechanics of Los Santos. From that day the two auto centers are working together as a group of people, interested in cars and everybody hoped for the sake of the city and all people in it, that, this will last forever and nothing like that would ever repeat, as the best teacher is history and experience gained from mistakes. Quality/Continuous Improvement - passion for work is one of the keys to be great at what you do. Same goes for the mechanics profession. If you want to make vehicles run fast and smooth, you have to love and understand them by heart and with the mindset, which is always eager to learn we can do it better with every new day. Customer Focus - sometimes it is an overlooked thing, but mechanics work not only with the cars, but they also communicate and help customers by explaining them how to take care of their car, what modifications to choose or just by asking if they would like to have a coffee while their car is in the garage. Integrity - with the trust in the heart of the integrity we keep our word with every customer, colleague and partner. It always motivates us to go for that extra mile. Family spirit - Whole Bayview team was always like one big family and every member of it is always ready to help each other no matter what and that is the reason why we always overcome even the biggest problems that we face. Owner - in other words CEO of the company, who represents company in city hall, handles negotiations with other companies and communicates with government officials on all matters. Besides main tasks also takes care of whole company’s workflow and makes sure of smooth work on daily basis. Co-Owner - owner’s right hand, helps to work on contracts and partnerships with other companies. Ensures smooth workflow in the company and handles some of the government tasks. Coordinates and ensures that rules and decisions in the company would be smoothly implemented in daily basis. Also coordinates and advises other management members. Staff Manager (Management) - mostly focuses on the employees of the Bayview. Checks performance and advises people on their daily basis. Teaches them and helps to improve. Besides that, actively communicates with other management members about the promotions and suggests potential candidates for the promotions. Monitors people’s activity. Head of Supervisors (Management) - mostly focuses on supervisors and closely works with them on their daily tasks by providing them instructions and guidance. Makes sure that supervisors are always up to date with situation and new decisions in the company. Head of Instructors (Management) - mostly works with instructors making sure that all employees are following best mechanics standards, providing the best service with great SLA. Also organizes trainings to improve employees qualification and takes care of whole training period in the Bayview. Instructor (Supervisory) - person, who helps employees on their daily duties and teaches them how to improve and get even better at their work. Also makes sure that every trainee would have the best introduction and training, before starting his work. Supervisor (Supervisory) - person, who leads employees on their daily basis, helps on more complicated tasks, makes sure that people are up to date with all the new decisions and rules in the company. Provides his insights about problems that arises or might arise for the rest of the management. Lead Mechanic - employee with the motivation and potential to help and guide others. Closely works with supervisors helping them to lead other employees on their daily basis. Ensures smooth company work on his or her shift and helps other employees with their tasks. Senior Mechanic - employee, who knows his or her job well, does not need guidance or a lot of supervision. Follows the rules and helps other mechanics with their daily tasks and does the job on the highest standard. Mechanic - employee, who takes care of his or her tasks well, knows the rules and can advise other employees. Is fully capable of handling tasks by himself or herself and does not need additional training. Junior Mechanic - employee, who just passed the intern period and showed his or her knowledge and skills multiple times by handling customers with passion and quality. Also knows basic rules of the company and shows motivation to learn more. Intern Mechanic - employee, who just ended his or her training period and showed his or her basic skills working on vehicles and provided great customer service. Knows how to work with the tow truck and handle basic daily tasks. Trainee - new employee, who just started his or her career in the Bayview, works on basic daily tasks and at the same time learns and improves himself or herself. Tries to follow the rules and implement them, while he or she is working. Ryan Cooper - Owner A caring and very helpful young man, born on the 2nd of April 1991 in a city called Rotterdam, in a small country called the Netherlands. He has a twin brother as well and he had a sister, who was born on 1993 10th of April. He was only 5 years old when he instantly lost both of his parents in the car accident. He and his brother miraculously survived without a scratch, but unfortunately their sister wasn't that lucky and died at the hospital after 5 hours of treatment. Ryan and his brother, Marcus, were quickly adopted and lived with their new parents until their 12th birthday. Their new parents were unfortunately very abusive. They mistreated and hit kids for years, and on their 12th birthday, which they never celebrated in the first place, Ryan decided to make a break for it and ended up living on the streets, he never got to see his brother as he left him behind as well.... In order to survive, he had to steal food and money. However, these street skills made him very agile. He learned the arts of parkour and knew some self taught fighting moves from different cultures just by memorizing street fights. Also, he used to hang out at a mechanic shop in the heart of Rotterdam as he became friends with the owner of the place. (the only person he didn't rob for some reason.) After paying quite some attention to his work Ryan decided that he wants to give it a try. Owner noticed that and gave him a car to work on, and observed his work. Mechanic liked what he saw and gave him a job as mechanic. Ryan was 16 at that time. Unfortunately the owner died of some sickness short after he joined the crew and he lost his job again since there were nobody who would be able to take over the place. Then Ryan went to freelance on the streets, helping people with their cars for little to no labour price since he just enjoyed working on cars. After a while, he joined the Dutch Military Forces as a Marine to serve a few years until he had enough money to move to Los Santos. He went there for the better life and to live the American dream.There he joined Bayview as a mechanic, where he climbed the ladder till he reached Manager. He still works there and has a wife and kid. Main specialization: Vehicular bodywork Classic Japanese cars Heavy duty trucks Muscle cars Respray and colour expert V8 engines Motorcycles Paul Silverton - Co-Owner Paul Silverton was born in Eastern Europe, small country called Lithuania and was raised by great parents. His father works as a lead mechanic in one of the biggest road construction companies in Lithuania. Because of the father’s work Paul was surrounded by mechanical engineering miracles from the very beginning and got used to be surrounded by all kinds of machines. 2009 - 2013 attended Vilnius lyceum with focus on mechanical engineering. 2013 - 2017 attended Kaunas University of Technology and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering with by covering “Improving old cars performance with ML based ECU's without sacrificing durability” topic. 2018 May - started working in the Bayview Auto Center 2018 - writing MSc in University of San Andreas, topic: “Hybrid engine’s performance increase using AI based ECU’s” Main specialization: ECU’s Classic Japanese cars Heavy duty trucks NA engines Hydraulic systems Luke Kuperus - Staff Manager Luke Kuperus was born on the 15th of April 1990 in a small town in the Country side of The Netherlands, he was born in a family of 5 with 2 older brothers a mom and a dad. His dad was and still is a mechanic at a local mechanic shop. His mom was a surgeon's assistant, but unfortunately she lost the battle with ALS 2 years ago. He was a smart kid but never the best student in school and always rather fooled around than study. When he graduated from high school his parents gave him a plane ticket to Los Santos. He was there for 6 weeks and did some working and exploring. Like a lot of people he fell in love with Los Santos. When Luke got back from vacation, he decided to join the Dutch armed forces. He went to the recruiting office and signed a contract for the infantry in the Army, his specialization being vehicle repair. He did 3 Tours of Afghanistan and 1 Freedom mission in Mali. Most ranging from a year to 2 years. On his last tour of Afghanistan he got hit by a Roadside IED which hit our Boxer infantry vehicle. Luke got hit in the leg by shrapnel. He was in the hospital for 6 months and after that he got medically discharged and worked shit jobs for a while. After those events Luke decided to move to Los Santos because he really didn’t have anything to lose. When his plane landed in Los Santos, he got his truckers license and drove fuel trucks around for a while. He joined Los Santos mechanical services back in the day and worked as a low ranking mechanic for a while. After the split into Biggs and LSC he joined LSC, but didn’t like the way the current owner Michael was operating with the company, so he left. For a while he moved around in the city. After that he joined Bayview. It already passed a year or two since he joined and currently is working as a Staff Manager. Main specialization: Exhaust Systems Diesel engines Body work Electrical Systems Rotary Engines Mikhail Rausstin - Instructor Mikhail Rausstin was born in Ukraine, however a short while after relocated to live in Liberty city with his grandparents. He spent his youth in the streets and later he managed to get himself into Vespucci University in Algoquin, Liberty city. He graduated the university and became a professional auto body repair denting and painting technician. With all that knowledge and a round zero in his bank account, he knew he had to start doing something, that would get him a plate of food, but wouldn’t get in trouble with law. So he found a cheap one spot garage and started working on vehicles there. At first his clients were his family, friends and friends of friends, but after few successful jobs word was spread, that Mikhail’s shop is doing a good job for a reasonable price. As years passed Mikhail kept doing better and better, although most of his family passed away and his friends took a criminal path, so they were either in the prison or not among the living at all. As he was feeling alone, city became really depressing, he decided to leave everything behind. He sold his shop, sold his small apartment and bought himself a plane ticket to Los Santos. After coming to LS, he was taken into one of the mechanic shops, Bayview, to work as a mechanic. 2000-2004 Vespucci University, Automobile technological engineering, Bachelor’s degree 2004-2008 Vespucci University, Auto body repair, painting and detailing, Master’s degree 2009-2017 Opened up a shop called “Pay’n’Spray”. 2018 September started working in Bayview. Main specialization: Classic car restoration; Bodywork, dent repair; Respraying, detailing, polishing; Workshop design, blueprints; Turbo systems; Rotary engines. To become part of the Bayview family is fairly easy, because we do not have long list of strict requirements and it really does not matter a lot, if you just landed in the city or you know every street of Los Santos by heart. We are just looking for people like us: kind, motivated, ready to help and in love with cars. You think all these traits describes you? then we are looking forward to meet you! Whole recruitment process is separated into two main parts: Application - this is the first step in the way of becoming Bayview mechanic, where you need to put some effort and impress HR team with your Application, which can be found in the Bayview Auto Center forum section ( How to apply for a position at Bayview? ). After you filled form and left us a topic with a note about it, HR team will review application and most likely you will have answer within no more than 5 days. Interview - this is the second step, if HR team liked your application. This step is needed, because we are looking forward to know you better in person. Also before the whole interview we do a mandatory background check in LSPD, just to make sure if you do not have the Bible size criminal record. No worries, couple tickets for speeding, illegal parking or other old and forgotten history does not bother us, because we believe that people change and learn. After the interview, once again HR team will review the interview and will finally decide within no more than 5 days whether you are ready to sign the contract or you still need to put a bit more effort next time. After passing each part of the recruitment process, you will be notified by a reply message in the topic that you left in our forum. Finally, when you see the message that you are invited to sign the contract, all you need to do is show up in the Bayview and ask for someone from management staff to help you with the signing part. Once you put your signature at the bottom of the contract and you were added into our system - you are part of the Bayview family. Now you can take out work clothes from the locker. Next thing that you should see after putting clothes on, is smiling instructor, who will give you outstanding training and guidance about our company, rules, people, vehicles, safety and how to do your daily tasks. After this training you will know basically everything that you need to get started working and if you forget something, there will be always someone beside you or in our discord willing to help you and answer all questions!
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    HeavyFlow Rentals Here at HeavyFlow we can offer you Rental on a supercar...… To rent a supercar you will get 1 House key, and 1 Super car key. You can park the car in the house and Unpark it. All pictures below are not what the actual vehicles look like they are just examples. Please Contact #3215352 to arrange rentals. Or see what is available here on our website HeavyFlow-Dealership.net (( https://discord.gg/phbV2KK )) Terms & Conditions: If you happen to destroy the car in anyway and I have to pay my insurance company you will be liable for the cost. VIP's Get 10% off rental price. Comet Retro for 1 month ((1 Week)) $50,000 XA-21 for 1 month ((1 Week)) $100,000 GP1 for 1 month ((1 Week)) $90,000 811 for 1 month ((1 Week)) $100,000 Banshee 900R for 1month ((1 Week)) $70,000 Sultan RS for 1 month ((1 Week)) $80,000
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    The addition of a usable fishing pole added to general stores, and the ability to fish in various areas of the map versus just pier. Could also add depth to the fishing system, by having various fish in different areas worth different values, etc.
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    Player(s) being reported: Flucifial Date of rule breach:2019 1 17 Time of rule breach:2 h before this post Your characters name: Arshia_jaksun Other players involved: Johnthan_allen and another one dont know the name Specific rule broken:MG 6.3 6.3.3 relying IC infromation Through OOC methods.... How did the player break the rule?:you can see it all. Evidence of rule breach: all of it under this. Ok so how the story started i stole a insurgent behind PD building which was out of NCZ and it was under a bridge and went around to have fun with it as we were going around with it an really really nice admin called Fluciffal which i think he is under-aged he came to spectate us as we were in the car long story short we were driving up to rout 68 and me and my friend timed out so he finds the situation good to spawn his fellow players next to my friend ,a chopper and a insurgent next to each other as they shot at our car the admin had given the place of where were to the cops so they can shoot us and as this is called MG (metagaming) we can not mix IC with OOC and in a way to advantage others as he gave advantage to the other PD officers to come and kill us and as i connected to the server he have abused the situation to kill my friend in the insurgent and i should say that for the record that my friend was waiting for us till we connect again but he got shot from out of nowhere then he planned to get in high-ground to see what is going on when got to high-ground saw a chopper and insurgent then they Headshoted him with Snipe ... then when he asked Flucifial that why would they start shooting when his friends got timed out ? he says you had to stay there ... and if he had to stayed were my friend and i got timeout he would have got shot and he was waiting there for us then he got injured and asked admin to rewind the rp but he refused and continued the rp with those two cops in there. then i got into the server then as i entered the insurgent when i got in the insurgent and i was going away he frozen me and told me that i have done VDM. Which you can see the footage down below. As its in the footage i handle the car to the left and try to get out and the guy moves itself and gets hit by the side of the insurgent. i don't think that this would be decision made on logic i think its made on rage by a young teenager which caused to 168 h which means one week banned from the server because of my second offence is this fair and logical ? This lovely admin have banned two of my friends for no reason too First,He told him that he did DM but he didn't DM anyone ... then my friend got 168h ban for that ban which was his first offence tho !! Second, my other friend At LSC he was chasing someone with his Sandking when he was exiting The LSC Flucifial got inside LSC with his car and went into my friend's sandking and after he did that he got out of the car without saying anything to him or asking him ,he turned on admin mode then warned and kicked my friend out of the server because of NON-RP.It seems that he has some problem understanding the rules he didn't say anything about pausing the rp he just did what he liked to do. I know that other may have same situations with this friendly admin and i'm asking you guys to show the records or any evidence of this young boy here to make him stop. Date : 2019 1 17 Time: 2 h before this post. Kind Regard,Arshia. P.S: some screenshots of what he said to me and what i told him to. He also told my friend that i should have watched my words lol. 😄
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    Um your leader was banned for lying about transfering ownership of the discord that was built by recruiting players from our platform & formally agreeing to transfer ownership when becoming official. We dont care if you plan to continue playing here or not but once a faction becomes official they agree to their discord being an Eclipse platform. I also wasnt the one who banned Tommy nor Ashley nor recommended either or those things but I dont disagree with them either so while I understand you dont like me this post is extremely misinformed and misguided. Your forum reports and prior complaints were all reviewed and dealt with. As I explained then leaders removing players for breaking ooc rules is allowed and is not a result of me metagaming which is quite a stretch considering I did not remove any players from their respective reactions their leaders did. Sorry that you feel mistreated because I didn't have a developer tell you that, despite you creating 3 or 4 new discussion posts until one did. Have a nice day.
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    All information written in the following post is to be taken OOC'ly only, using any of the information provided here in an IC'ly matter would be considered mixing and meta-gaming. Shortly after the disbanding of Amnesia, Tom Daniels along with Lucas Daniels began to stockpile on weapons on drugs. While their third mate Hoxton Curry would go and join Shadow Cartel, the 2 brothers began to work on their own. Raiding houses, drug labs and ensuring a large stock of heavy weapons. It is then that the 2 brothers met Jason Nightwood, the brother of Shadow Cartel board director Jax Nightwood. Jason Nightwood, unlike his brother aimed for a more legal way of life. After failing his first interview Jason joined Los Santos Customs and progressed his way until he became a Roadside Trainee, shortly after joining Los Santos Customs. Jason met Tom and Lucas once as he was servicing them. From their first interaction with one another, the 3 became close friends. He later learned through the history of the city after hearing stories from the 2, on how once the 2 were a part of a group called Syndicate and on the re-organizing it had into Amnesia which later collapsed. Through them, he would understand how easy it is to earn money through illegal ways in the city. It is then when he met Hoxton Curry as well and learn on how Hoxton was wanted for more than a month at the time of their introduction. After a 3 days' time, Jason would be fired from LSC due to accessory to robbery, looking for the right time to turn his legal life into a more illegal one, Jason used the chance to contact Tom and ask for assistance in escaping imprisonment at Bolingbroke. As the cruiser stopped at the Pillbox medical center Tom and Jason both escaped the Police and drove north, then Jason decided he had enough living under the tyranny of the current government in Los Santos and not having the ability to stand up for himself in the city. Jason, alongside Tom used his connections to acquire an arsenal of heavy weapons. Which would later server purpose in acquiring narcotics which were used to fund Jason's illegal way of life. While this was going on, Tom Daniels and Lucas Daniels were expecting one of their family relatives. Houston Daniels, to arrive at the Los Santos International Airport. Meeting with their brother, Tom and Lucas helped him establish a few connections in the city alongside an arsenal of weapons and narcotics he would sell for extra funds and assets. Now, with the right tools and motivations for a criminal life. Jason, Lucas, Tom, and Houston met each other. Looking towards the future of their lives, the 4 agreed to form a small group of their own. They'd call the group "Authority". The mantle was simple: They don't get orders. But instead, enforce their policies and demands on rival gangs and groups. Using their arsenal of weapons and money they made from supplying the less known criminals of Los Santos with heavy weapons and drugs they began to raid houses and mess with gangs four times larger than their size. A couple of days later, Tom would contact one of the old members of Syndicate before the re-organization: Arian Grayston. And would soon inform him about their plans, joining without a doubt. Arian was the 5th member to be a part of Authority. The following week would be a major success for Authority. Together, the 5 members managed to acquire themselves more heavy weapons. From a sniper-rifle they later sold to 12 more AKs which would be acquired by Jason after the raiding of a house in Sandy Shores. Authority began to sell their stock of weapons and by doing so would build up funds for a massive order of factory-new weapons that would be bought directly off one of Shadow Cartel's imports due to a contract signed by Tom Daniels and a high ranking member of Shadow Cartel, the contents of the order would be around 800k worth of weapons, who would be stored up in a remote safehouse who's location was known only to the members of Authority. Shortly later, Flip Daniels. Another member of the Daniels family would arrive in town and would meet up with Tom and Lucas, shortly later. He would be the 6th member of Authority. Now, Authority looks to increase its numbers and achieve an even larger scale of weapons trade and narcotics sales all across the city. As of now, Authority is spending most of their time acquiring an even larger stock of weapons by raiding houses and drug labs in coordinated attacks, they roll around in a group and always inform the others on the radio if any potential rewards can be earned. Most of the time the members of Authority go around and chill, some would call their behavior "childish" and "immature" whether if that's true or not. Whenever Authority receives information of possible heavy weapons or large amounts of narcotics that can be acquired they focus and become as much serious as they can. Aside from that, Authority is also reaching out to possible new recruits into the organization, however. Authority focuses on quality over quantity. By no means is Authority's goal to achieve the largest number of members. The process of recruitment into Authority is not a short and easy one by any means, Authority makes sure that any recruits that join are heavily equipped and know how to handle themselves. This comes into play in a couple of forms, one of them being how Authority frequently tests out its new members by getting them into troublesome situations and seeing how they handle in them. Finally, Authority is going around and making sure that their presence in the city isn't one to go un-noticed. Whenever a person messes with one of the members of Authority. The rest gather up and make sure that the person will not do so again, sometimes this is done by force. And sometimes, it is done with friendly communication. However, Authority always looks for a way to make gains and profit from any situation. The main goal of Authority currently is to be one of the largest weapons suppliers in the city. With its large supply of heavy weapons Authority aims to make a large profit from the buying and selling of weapons. Currently, Authority has already begun to do so. However, it aims to reach much greater heights then it currently is at. The second goal of Authority currently is to make itself known. While some of the members are already known throughout the city and different criminal organizations, Authority seeks to make everyone know that they should not be taken lightly. While some people might consider them weak due to their small number of members and lack of response times at some hours of the day. Authority can pack a punch, and it aims to let everyone know that messing with Authority will ensure the people doing so will feel suffer, agony and pain due to their actions. Authority is by no means against everyone, they attack only those who attack them. While they try to keep everything peaceful Authority provokes other criminal organizations if they think that any sort of profit or gains would be acquired from the situation. However, Authority is actively looking for a close ally. One with the same ideology and goals as Authority. - We always follow the server rules and try to give the best RP experience to ourselves and everyone who is included in said RP situation. - Long-Term Inactivity is something we do not tolerate in Authority. Members who will be inactive for some time must inform the other members of this. - We always try to make gains from any situation we are in, if no profit is gained in said situation. It is best if we do not spend time that can be spent on other actions that can come in shape of any sort of reward. - We keep our friends close, but our enemies closer. If someone interferes with our operations and actions, we don't let this go un-noticed. We make sure that the individual knows not to repeat the same mistake again. Authority is by no means lead by one man, everyone can share their opinions and what actions they believe should be done in specific situations. Therefore, Authority does not have a single "leader". However, Authority's older and more experienced members are the ones usually calling out the shots in most of the situations. When a member of Authority breaks one of the rules or goes against what Authority believes in, causing major problems to Authority in the process. His future in Authority would be discussed between the oldest of oldest members in Authority. While in the city, the members of Authority usually hang out at select locations throughout the city of Los Santos and its outskirts. Authority usually focuses on waiting for the right moment to strike. And whenever that moment comes they group up and focus their skills and equipment in a situation where they see major rewards in. If one of the members of Authority is being robbed, threatened or shot. The rest group up and speed of to assist the member who requires the help. In case they are too late or arrive when the aggressors have already run away. Authority seeks out the people that caused the aggression and makes sure they will never do so again.
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    We arranged a meet to solve the issues and turmoil between the Triads and Zetas, but the two leaders did not see eye to eye... The meeting did not turn out well and both parties left annoyed and upset. The Zetas then sent their hounds after two leaders of the Triads
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    So, I'm not usually one to start one of these threads on the forums. However, after role-playing as a relatively shady grandma but in secret; I've encountered some real horrendous role-play. Now, I'm not perfect and even after over a year and a half on the server; I still want to push my role-play further. However, you can't even role-play with some individuals because they cannot follow simple things... Such as, allowing you time to respond to RP, kill you even when you comply and actually provide no role-play whatsoever. It makes me feel bad for the staff and people when all they experience is this. On my Police Officer character I don't get this as much as I usually just get the poor RP that gets dealt with quickly, but as a civilian getting robbed isn't the problem, the problem is getting robbed all the time and POORLY. I wish people got out of the mentality of cops and robbers. It isn't that, it shouldn't be that, it never should have been that. We have an influx of new players, who get banned (see latest report that I've posted of a situation with real crappy role-play) and then staff get moaned at because there aren't enough players. It's probably because people can't role-play and everyone's goal is to be rich. That isn't role-play. Go play GTA Online if you want that. (Sorry, rant over)
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    Toony resigned from staff as a Head Administrator. Thanks for your time and effort!
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    No money advantages at all over other players that dont donate, pay to win is a no go from me.
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    Hello. Shadow Cartel recruited members on our platform (Eclipse Roleplay) and then got our members onto their discord, and later proceeded to server advertise another community on this same discord, can you not understand that this is wrong? If Shadow Cartel's discord's members came from outside of Eclipse and their discord was never advertised on our platform, it would've not been an issue, but in this case, Shadow Cartel got members from our community onto your discord and then proceeded to server advertise. Good riddance I say. Sayonara. - Osborn.
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    This post is dedicated to selling / attempting to sell Beans ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( he didn't want to buy any ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got some customers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    1. Reduce the price of the smuggled pistols - they're more expensive than the ones bought legally IIRC 1.1 Reduce a little bit the price of bullets? 2. Add 3 more for diversity and mainly looks -adds to roleplay- ~Briefly: - rather than seeing every criminal with a shiny AK, which doesn't look that different in smuggling methods than an AR(which was removed for realism or diversity?) add the Compact Rifle as well. -add the Tec9(Machine pistol) -add the Mini SMG -add the switchblade (very decent sync in RageMP). That's it for now. Shouldn't be hard to implement.
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    Account name: Zek123 Character name(s):Martin_Lewandowski Admin who issued punishment: Chrisy/FatherOsborn (upheld the punishment) Date of punishment:11/07/2019 (DD/MM/YYYY) - Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Chrisy - Not here to RP Your explanation of what happened: The overall situation that occurred a month ago was that I Deathmatched a Police Officer in an NCZ at LSPD to be more specific. I appealed the ban initially on July 11, 2019, which it received a recommendation of a one-month continuous ban from Chrisy and was upheld by FatherOsborn. Chrisy deemed the RP I was carrying out to be against the server rules and ultimately led to the decision to ban me in-game. In addition, there was video evidence however was not shared publicly due to it containing admin messages; any further information/explanation of what happened can be found in the corresponding link below. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My punishment issued to me in the first place was a one month ban and it's been a month. In all honesty, the ban I received and waiting until I can post a second appeal has been effective in terms of me reflecting the wrongs I've done when it came to rules being broken and how I could've done it differently. I can say with certainty that I've missed ECRP and do regret wholeheartedly what I did because it was in the heat of the moment impulsive decisions that lead to this which is why when I'm back, I will second guess my actions to make sure they're in compliance with server rules and think of the potential ramifications before acting. Furthermore, I've been staying in contact via discord messages with the people in ECRP and also my gang, Seaweed and general things being brought to my attention like the state of the RP and what's happening nowadays and I have nothing else to say but I miss it and I'm ready to come back so long as the staff team are happy and convinced of me coming back. In addition, no matter the decision, I have and will constantly let this ban punishment outline the importance of following proper RP and not breaking server rules as well as ensuring any further complications in RP, rule breaks and any parties complicit will be lead through the proper procedures including player reports on the forums, /report 4 (urgent), /report 3 (non-urgent), resolve the issue with the person directly or take ICly action in certain cases like the police unlawfully arresting me for instance. This is a promise when I say I'll deal with in-game issues or rule breaks with sound reasoning, thought, accountability and will go through the proper channels in order to resolve them. Lastly, as a conclusion to my appeal, I'd like to state that I fully apologise for my actions to the roleplayers whether they were involved or not and I'd like apologise to the ECRP staff involved for this burden and any problems that it may have caused. I hope I can be given a second chance and reconsidered as I want to prove myself and prove my place in the server. Thank you. Post any evidence or further details: Posted during EU times and dates
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    Account name: Kittu Character name(s): Andrey Norrwood Admin who issued punishment: Flucifial Date of punishment: 2019 - 07 - 18 Punishment received: 60mins admin jail Reason given for punishment: DM #1 Your explanation of what happened: We were camping drug lab, one of my guys went in and i was waiting in the bush further from him in case someone will go to rob him. As lab was empty friend left the lab and hit a vehicle which was entering the lab. They used the situation when my buddy was out of bike and started to rob him. As i was camping in the bush further i gave information over VOIP to the other guy which was around Osvaldon's lab. As i was waiting i saw how he aimed the guns, even fired a bullet, but decided to wait for a backup not to put my own life in danger. After the guy was close i went in and started to shoot at the closest guy. Why should your appeal be accepted?: From my POV it wasn't a DM since i saw everything from a bit further, still waited for my friend to come in closer as a backup so i wouldn't put my own life in dangerous. Didn't shot them after 10 or 30mins later, shot him while they still was at the scene which was active RP wise. I'm pretty sure if i would screamed those guys wouldn't have surrendered and might have killed me, as they would have been expecting me somewhere. I have no evidence that i was camping in bush cause playstv is saving corrupt files for no reason. Post any evidence or further details:
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    ( The fall of the last great Bingo hall! ) It was a bingo night unlike any other. Betty Ainsworth was two numbers away from having a full house, and winning the grand prize of $2,000 and an all inclusive trip to Benidorm. Tensions were high at the Ainsworth table, her husband Victor and his brother Leo were rooting for her to get the two winning numbers! They could almost taste the sweet, sweet victory of Benidorm and the spending money they’d be able to use while there. That was when the number was called “Burlington Bertie - Number thirty!” Then, out of the silence, that BITCH Gertrude yelled out from four tables down: “BINGO!” and all hope of The Ainsworth’s winning that trip was lost. Then, uproar! The doors of the Bingo hall were booted open, AK fire ripped through the air, though; it was very hard to hear without one’s hearing aid, a indistinguishable gang had taken the Bingo hall hostage, demanding the prize money and the trip for themselves. Helpless to do anything; they had to hand over everything they had, but at least that BITCH Gertrude no longer had what should rightfully have been the Ainsworth’s prize. ( The retaliation in the name of Bingo! ) After the great fall of the Bingo hall, the Ainsworth’s knew they needed to do something, these young hoodlums believed they now ran this once respectful city. Crime was at an all time high, and what it needs is some good old fashion paypack! However, they knew that they should show that the old folks still have what it takes to compete with the youth of today, they would avenge their lost Bingo hall. Which, sadly, due to the frequent gang attacks was closed down for the safety of the residence. How were they to survive if not for the bingo? With anger burning in their hearts they took to the streets to cause havoc. They just want to show the youth of today that they have what it takes to compete! What they lacked in strength they made up for in numbers! ( Assembling the elderly home into ranks! ) Bishop of Bingo: The Bishop is the roles given to Betty Ainsworth, the mastermind behind BIMD and her husband Victor. The role of the Bishop’s is to overlook all activity from their numbers. They are the highest ranking members of the team, and are in charge of everything - except how much custard they get on their Apple Pie, the care home are damn stingy! Betty and Victor overlook all activities that happen in the gang and organise most of the activities that happen, they certainly are the people that people look to for approval before doing anything. Popes of Bingo: The Popes are Betty and Victor’s underlings, though high in the ranks. Leo Ainsworth, Victor’s brother, is the highest ranking pope. The role of the pope is similar to the bishop, they overlook gang activity and try to be the middleman for the lower members to see before taking it directly to those in charge. A pope is allowed to recruit members to the gang and remove members accordingly without permission from the Bishop as long as they have valid reason. They are able to promote people in the gang once given the okay from the Bishops. Patriarchs of Bingo: Patriarchs are avid bingo enthusiasts! They have shown commitment to the ranks and have exceptional bingo skills. The Patriarchs are trusted members within the ranks of BIMD and are able to help recruit others into the formation. They also overlook gang activity and try to be the middleman for the lower members to see before taking it directly to those in charge, however, would only do so if a member specifically went to them, or there is no Pope available, they are also able to promote people as high as Archbishop once given the okay from leadership. Archbishops of Bingo: Trusted members of BIMD, Archbishops are members who have shown commitment and leadership abilities to the gang, and have a high chance of being promoted into a higher rank. They show true dedication to reviving the last good bingo hall. Priests of Bingo: The first rank given to fully fledged members of the Bingo. They are expected to represent BIMD respectfully. Prospects of Bingo: Recruits into BIMD. Prospects have no garuntee they will be welcomed into the BIMD, at this rank you would be treated like a recruit, if successful in your training process, then you may advance. Bingo Enthusiasts: Friends of the BIMD! These people are just friends, they may appreciate bingo. ( When they escape the elderly home! ) Often they don’t get out much, what with the security at the Elderly home. However, on the rare days they manage to sneak out and go to church, they make it their chance to cause chaos! However, on their down days, Betty, who is good friends with Father Joseph who owns the church, has managed to smooth talk and butter him up with some home-made cookies. He gave them special permission to host their own Bingo nights at the church. Since then, Little ol’ Betty commanded her husband Victor to overthrew Father Joseph, and took full control. They’ve since committed to hosting Weddings and Funerals there too as something to do when not causing chaos for everyone in Los Santos.
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    Each group of players are going to bring their own unique form of faction to the table when they create and expand it. I understand some of the factors concerning realism and imitation of the real Triad and Asian Crime Syndicates and Organizations. However let's all also bare in mind we are not exactly in a " Heavy Roleplay " Server either. As others have mentioned we have Clowns. This is merely someones personal spin and creation on an fictional gang in a game, and their creations are their own. Just as there is room for more than one Italian Mafia organizations, there are room for more than one Asian Criminal Factions. If you really dislike this groups style of RP and format for the thread and faction then make your own faction of this type maybe?. Either way at least the Triads are more than a glorified stick up crew, based on what I have seen here and on other Player Faction Threads is that they have dynamic, interesting and more importantly unique RP scenarios. And to me that is just as if not more important than focusing on close to life representation of the group you RP'ing in a video game. Just my take though, keep it up Triads!. 🐉🈵️👍
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    EST. 2019 Fight Club is a place where people can chill and have a great time. Its main purpose is for hosting Amateur Fights , but we will host Parties too as it is also a Pub. Location: Downtown Los Santos , Close to Weazel News. Fight Club will be hosting events, to keep up with our latest updates, visit our app also : https://discord.gg/wmZfX75 We are also lookin for Employee : - bookie/bartender - ring-announcer - bouncer Contact at : #4457043 or via e-mail at "2K🔥#[email protected]"
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    Clowns have recently been getting a decent amount of new recruits. Higher ups of the organisation have been in talks that there needs to be a test for associates where they can prove themselves and move up the ranks in Clowns. In the meeting it was decided that we are going to hold a fight club specifically for new recruits. Since using bare fists would take forever, because every single member is tough, the fighters were given brass knuckles Whomever would win the even would instantly be moved to a higher ranking position in the organisation. Victorious associate was - David Quart, who was congratulated by his colleagues for his skill in fist fighting!
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    Feel free to like the post so I get a daily achivement, it wont give you any bigger chance..... Or will it?
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    Whilst the Triads have been growing and improving themselves, so have the relations with the old gangs of the city. The Triads had been working alongside Los Zetas and The Clowns during the recent war. Now that was was finished it was time for some proper business. A meeting was called and held in the board room in one of the Triads legal organisations. After discussing internal matters and clearing the air with any issues the Triads moved onto discussing their future. Recently the three gangs had been attempting to organise a large meeting to formally introduce the majority of their members. Now that the location had been set everyone headed down to the area, the entrance was secured to prevent any unwanted visitors. The initial discussion finished and the groups explained why everyone was gathered here today. The higherups of each organisation then headed to a more private location to discuss the fine details. Each organisation had their points to put forward and ask any questions relevant. Numbers were exchanged for those who didn't have them and some big business plans were set in place. The most important section of the meeting had concluded successfully and things were looking good for the three groups. The men then headed back down to the crowd and began celebrating, chatting away, getting to know all of the members present. A strong bond was formed on this day and the city of Los Santos should be expecting some big things to come.
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    Treasure Hunt in teams :)) Drop some clues around, one clue leads to another. Kind of like the TV show The Amazing Race.
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    We had some difficult situations today, one being where there was no family members to retrieve the body or pay for the funeral so we took matter into our own hands. We hope to not run into this situation very often and we have had a pleasure working alongside the Pillbox Medical Department lately.
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    Eagerly looking to celebrate their promotions to 49'ers, Nick and Zach made their way to their favorite fishing spot. They were able to breathe easy knowing they have made their masters proud. The Wong Ancestors are smiling down on them. With the promotion, came a much needed pay-raise. Nick had been saving on his own, so with his determination and hard work, along with the spoils of the fishing party, he was finally able to treat himself. Of course, he kept in mind the respect and honor to the Wongs that he must always maintain, so he painted his vehicles the proper color that has been the symbol for generations.
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    One of the Triads new members had a friend who was interested in joining our organisation. A meeting was arranged and a plan was set in place to test the mans worth. They decided that the man had to prove himself in a street fight. After explaining the situation to the man he was allowed to choose his opponent. He chose the Dragon of the Triads, Bruce Wong. The man made quite the effort and showed he was willing to fight his way into the organisations ranks. After the test, the two men ran across the street to grab some fast food and celebrate.
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    After multiple new imports around the county, La Fuente Blanca managed to get the shopping lost for ammo and weapons done for Los Zetas. After this big deal we have made multiple smaller deals with them and others around town. This has been done to expand our business to others and get to know the people of Los Santos better. After these initial meetings, deals have been made to take a neutral to friendly standpoint towards each other. During these meetings we didnt only chat about how much we love each other but also about the gun business. Currently LFB owns some highly wanted weapons that we could trade with the Irish as they own a large stockpile of unique weapons. After the meetings with Irish and Zetas, we had some clowns coming over to discuss a potential boxing match. As the last boxing matches hosted by the Irish always caused trouble with the police, they are now looking to host these events at a privatly owned place where they wont be bothered.
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    Player(s) being reported: MASK 962_3302, MASK 1305_1103, MASK 3379_7029 Date of rule breach: 2019-01-01 Time of rule breach: 15:20:00 GMT+2 Lithuanian time Your characters name:Blatniak Einaro Other players involved:Demetrious Sanchez Specific rule broken: 6.5 New life rule 6.6 Non-roleplay 7.1 Fear roleplay 7.2 Deathmatch 7.3 Vehicle deathmatch 7.8 Combat and roleplay logging How did the player break the rule?:We had a nice talk with Demetrious, then from somewhere appear those 2 guys and everything started. MASK 1305_1103(BROKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay , 7.1 Fear roleplay and 7.2 Deathmatch) I wish start to report that guy from my video POV start, he came out from his car, without words start to shoot me and my friend for no reason. Video POV 00:04 seconds. MASK 962_3302(BROKE RULES 7.8 Combat and roleplay logging) That guy tried to VDM, but he did only damaged my car, after that I tried to catch him, cause he had accident nearby, so I ran straight to him, and he did combat logging. Video POV 00:58 seconds. MASK 1305_113(BROKE RULES 6.5 NEW LIFE RULE) that guy came back to action, I noted him at OOC he have to leave, but he did not understood. video POV 02:49 - 03:10. MASK 962_3302(BROKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay , 7.3 Vehicle deathmatch) that guy who logged out came back, and non roleplay stole Demetrious car and started to hit him with car. video POV 03:27. MASK 3379_7029(BROKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay, 7.1 Fear roleplay) that guy started to shoot me while he eating a submarine/taco. video POV 03:48. MASK 962_3302(BOKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay, 7.1 Fear roleplay) he started to call police while he was injured.. video POV 04:28. I know POV is long, but I tried to explain with times what they did wrong, these guys not have any valid KoS. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c2b736bf019aff29e/cream-guys-cleaned-as-fk
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    Player(s) being reported: Mask 8284_7977, Mask 8291_947, Mask 9060_9816, Stranger 8637_1748 Date of rule breach: 2018-11-14 Time of rule breach: around 5 AM UTC+2 Your characters name: Kelly Beans Other players involved: none. Specific rule broken: „7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban.“ and „7.2.4 A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands and warn the victim more than one time, if the victim is too slow to respond or react to the demands.“ How did the player break the rule?: So what happened I came to the shop to buy some chocolate. After I bought it, I hear people screaming outside „help help“ I come outside looking who to help, but then I see few people in the contender, who doesn‘t seem a friendly guys that need help and so I thought maybe I shouldn‘t stay here. Then I jump on my bike and hear „Hands up!“ and get instantly shot. I don‘t know how they expect me to put my hands up in 3 second from first „hands up“ when I‘m doing animation to sit on a bike. I was not given enough time to cancel animation and comply. I was in the process of trying to get off of the bike, but was stuck in it and they didn‘t gave me time to get off it at all. Evidence of rule breach:
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