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    Prison Overhaul I’d like to first clarify my position before you read on; I roleplay as a criminal and will try to provide as balanced of a write-up as possible to allow both sides of the legal spectrum to enjoy the experience. I know this has been suggested multiple times before, but I believe a more in-depth format might catch developer attention. This is to go in tandem with the issues happening between PD and Criminals also. Criminals do not fear punishment for their actions currently. Shoot up PD, get 2 hours in prison AFK, then return to the game and do it all over again. In addition, I believe this would help negate the frequent deployment of SWAT which is frustrating the criminal roleplayers. SWAT would need to be deployed much less often if people actually feared going to prison because of long jail times and therefore might choose to carry around heavies less frequently, and so-fourth. The main issue with long jail times? Boring. To solve this; a more dynamic roleplay experience is required within the prisons. I propose increasing jail times from 2 to up to 24 hours (possibly more), but ONLY with the addition of these extra roleplay elements to prevent people from being bored out their minds within jail. I think sentences should vary based on the crimes. The LSPD handbook could be crossreferenced using the fine amount as a guide for how much jail time should be used for each crime. I appreciate all of this is a huge undertaking with a lot of scope, which is why I’ll try to break it down to make it easier to see for the purpose of implementation. ______________________________________________________________ Prison Guard Faction I believe that either the PD should have a division for prison guard which rotates on a basis that suits the PD, possibly officers could go to a location and do the same thing they do when they put on SWAT gear with a / command and then are changed into a uniform suitable for prison guarding. I believe this is fundamental in a successfully operating roleplay experience within the prison. If no guards are around to get inmates out of cells and/or around to interact with, people will get bored. Guards should be equipped with tasers, batons, able to use cuffs to restrain unruly inmates and also should be able to possess the ability to increase sentences for inmates who commit crimes whilst in prison. Guards would be allowed to do routine inspections of prisoner cells to search areas if they felt necessary. (There should be a 4 slot inventory system under each bed to allow people to keep things.) Guards would also be able to do routine patrols of the grounds of the prison in set circuits and have patrol cars stationed outside or possibly patrolling. Prison guard ranks would work the same as PD ranks with some slight adjustments. (See ranks from left to right.) Correctional Officer | Sergeant | Lieutenant | Deputy Warden | Warden ( I believe there a separate uniform also used in GTA Online/GTA Singleplayer that could be applicable for these guards) Duties of these officers will be described later in the report as I explain how the prison system should function on a day-to-day basis. ______________________________________________________________ Prison Day To Day The schedule would go as follows (ALL TIMES ARE IN-GAME TIMES); 11pm | Lockup in cells for sleep 7am | Shower time 8am | Cafeteria food time 10am | Free time (Access to the yard and prison facilities*) 1pm | Cafeteria food time 3pm | Free time (Access to the yard and prison facilities*) 7pm | Cafeteria food time 11pm | Lockup in cells for sleep These actions would be encouraged by the prison guard, requesting all prisoners to be ready in their cells for each event and if not receive disciplinary action. Prisoners would be allowed to reject wanting to go to the shower or for food but would have to remain in their cells for the duration. Offending prisoners within the prison would have their schedule shifted around to spend more time in cell lock-up for misbehaving. ______________________________________________________________ *Prison facilities and roleplay opportunities Prisoner Outfit Upon entering prison, players should be changed into an orange jumpsuit, use the same code that is applied when taking jobs like the farmer job for example. Upon leaving the prison, players are able to remove their outfit. This would also allow police to see escaped convicts who havn’t had time to change out of their prison clothes yet. Cash Each day prisoners would be allowed to withdraw up to £500 (possibly more if it makes RP sense) for food, drinks, items from the prison shop and other things they choose to purchase. List of purchasable items from the vendor; - Multiple food items - Better behaved prisoners get access to paper to write notes - Better behaved prisoners get access to pencils + sharpeners (for notes, but sharpeners could be tampered with to remove the blade and create a prison shiv with a pencil/toothbrush, etc.) - Non-alcoholic beverages - A card which allows phone access for limited times - Any other cool things you can think of. Players would also be able to gamble their money in the cafeteria as well; using the poker table code here would work well to keep prisoners occupied. Players may also be able to earn more money doing prison jobs, for example cleaning the floors, working in the shop, cooking in the kitchen etc. (all could be done via roleplay or small jobs that can be /takejob during your time at the prison. Visitation Use an area of the prison to place assets to allow prisoners to have visitation. This could be an interesting way to allow players to smuggle drugs and other items into the prison. Guards could do a /me searches the man, /do Do I find anything and if the prisoner has a justifiable roleplay reason as to why the guard can’t find an item on the prisoner, they manage to smuggle it into the prison. Visitors should also be provided the option of bail to get their inmate out on early release at visitation. This money should be submitted directly into the PD treasury and should go towards funding their guns which should be in-turn purchased using the treasury. (Other methods of funding should include fines received for arrests, but that whole issue is for another suggestion thread about removing scripted guns etc.) Bail amounts could either reduce sentences by 'X' amount or get them out immediately (cash and game play balance dependent.) (I assume you are able to create custom interiors using game assets from GTA5 and I am happy to provide a design layout for a visitation room) Prison Escape There should be multiple methods that allow external gangs/members to attempt a prison breakout or possibly internal ways via breaking out of a gate or door using a hand-made item/lockpick. Blunt force break-ins with guns should be very difficult for criminals to achieve, the officers should have access to MP5s and Carbines from within the prison, but only if necessary, not at all times - Collected via an armoury room. Prisoners should be able to attempt to break open metal gates etc and have their lockpick break if they fail. If they run out, the aforementioned patrolling guards can taze and possibly shoot if enough of a threat is available. In addition, officers can return them and for an extended sentence if they are caught. Injured prisoners should be able to be placed into a prison infirmary for their recovery. DM rules regarding prison escape: Guards should be allowed to shoot down any prisoner who is escaping to prevent him from getting away, in turn returning him to the infirmary. Anyone breaking out a prisoner can NOT shoot a guard unless they’re directly threatening the life of an inmate (i.e shooting an escaping prisoner as mentioned.) For criminals to break into the prison successfully, the smartest course of action would be to take a guard at gunpoint and threaten them to do as they ask. i.e open gates, etc etc. (This should be geared in favor of the police system and prisons shouldn’t be a case of easily breaking someone out, although I believe the option should definitely be available.) ______________________________________________________________ If you feel you need any more clarification on anything, i'm happy to elaborate.
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    The Irish people of Los Santos got their start like most immigrants, trying to make money and live the American dream. The Irish in LS were never as numerous as the Blacks, Mexicans and other minorities, nowhere near the sheer numbers in other places like Liberty City, but for the small group who made the industrial and eastern suburbs their home, the life of crime was always an option for the young Irish growing up in the city. Mostly, that consisted of illegal gambling, cigarettes and alcohol. Small gangs of would-be Irish Gangsters made their small mark on the city but never took off; they were either put down or driven off by bigger, more populous immigrant gangs like the Ballas, Aztecas and Vagos. As such, the Irish always had a presence but never rose above petty crime... until now. _________________________________________ In LS, the gangs run the city. The cops, for the most part, are helpless to stop crime and illegal imports. With that, many a criminal has made his fortune while big groups have risen and fallen like the wind. Many Irish criminals who came to LS didn't join an Irish-specific gang but rather into Motorcycle Clubs; one of these is where the New Irish gangs get their roots from, specifically ZBOR MC. ZMC was a small time Motorcycle club whose power came from their alliances with other MCs, resulting in the first LS MC Confederation which rose and fell in a few short months. Clearly, bigger gangs were not taking kindly to the new rising power of the MCs. When the MCs fled the city, dead or retired, this left a number of Irish immigrants to LS with nothing left to carry on their criminal lifestyles, including David “Gaius” Black, Michael “Mickey” Booth, Don “GP” Sutherland, Nigel “Nige” Rutherford and Randy “Fox” McCreedy. The idea was formed for the now-factionless and penniless men to form the Irish Mafia in Los Santos, disguising their illegal activities with a legitimate-looking business and name: Gael Force Shipping. The business was launched and the formerly leather clad bikers became suit-wearing businessman. _________________________________________ Gael Force immediately used the tactics of ZMC, forging strong alliances, then moving on to securing legal contracts with government factions for revenue and legitimate business. LSC have had a contract with Gael Force to ship and deliver parts to their place of business. Yet another big break came when the bad blood between the Irish Mob and The Cartel came to a head, and the Irish took their territory from them with the help of their allies. Now with access to secure contacts and safe transport, the Irish could begin shipping in drugs from South America and guns from Belfast. Gael Force also made agreements with other factions to keep a monopoly on gambling within the city, so when Gael Force Bookmakers was set up, there was no competition. _________________________________________ With the rapid expansion of The Irish Mob’s business, both illegal and legal, the Mob decided it needed its own street gang to wage a block-to-block turf war for control of drugs and gun sales in LS territory. Muintir na hÉireann, meaning “People of Ireland,” was formed to recruit rapidly from the Irish community of west LS, and for Irish Mafia members to take their hands off the majority of grunt work and petty illegal activity. High-profile criminals from both Belfast and Dublin were imported by the Mob to lead this new street gang. Seamus Mac Cathmhaoil and Jimmy O’Hara, old associates of Gaius, were the first to command the gang, recruiting in mass numbers and training the new up-and-coming generation of Irish two-bit gangsters to become effective drug dealers and foot soldiers for the Irish Mafia. MNH has their territory in the “Irish Hood” of east Los Santos, Industry District and Murrieta; MNH is now the recruiting pool for new members of the elite Irish Mafia, and the starting point for any aspiring Irish Mafioso. _________________________________________ The wars with other gangs in LS took their toll on The Irish Mob and Their Allies the Exiled, Tavi Patronus dissolved the Exiled and retired with his Millions leaving the Irish alone to face off against all their enemies alone, rather than risk his death and that of his Men and Family, Gaius reluctantly disbanded the Crew and they went their separate ways. Months later Los Santos became plagued with a new caliber of low class criminal, mostly eastern euro trash wanting to be gangsters, robbing everyone and disrupting the status quo within the city. With Murder rates climbing, respectable gangs and cartels going underground due to constant harassment Gaius decided it was time to straighten the town back out. Plans were set for The better members of the VK gang and old Irish members to reunite into the new Los Santos Irish mob, basing themselves out of the East of the city and focusing on Gun running, Prostitution, Gambling and racketeering. Alliances were also forged and cemented in order to make the bigger groups of respectable criminals a fighting chance against their enemies, little by little the Irish Mob and their allies pushed out the scum and bandits from the town to now just a trace remains. Today its all about building a base in the place we called home growing up, East Los Santos, Building our power there and growing to build the Empire we desire. _________________________________________ Although being an Irish organisation, MNH will take in non-Irish people for basic muscle and drug distribution; these members can rise far within MNH. However, to be “made” into the Irish Mob as a Family member you MUST have Irish blood; there are no exceptions. To join, just approach a member and ask for some work, as we are very accommodating. The group requirements are currently: Players must have a minimum of 3000 XP to join the faction. (Exceptions made for those with alts with appropriate XP) The player must have a good understanding of server rules, including following admin orders the first time. This ties in with the minimum XP, but players must have a basic understanding of Roleplay. (Correct use of /do and /me, making sure OOC chat is kept OOC using /b, basic knowledge that every experienced player should know) Anyone failing to Roleplay properly or found to be disrespecting admins will be punished, via a demotion for less serious offenses. Disrespecting an admin, or multiple offense of failing proper RP, will result in removal from all aspects of the faction. Make sure the player has been added to the discord and changed their nickname to their IGN _________________________________________ _________________________________________ - Securing of Murrieta Heights and Cypress flats as a place the Irish can operate freely and Irish families can live without fear of Police of other Gangs - Hosting Weekly events In the Vanilla Unicorn and Dockyards - Set up a network of Gambling and hustling at Car shows/Races - Enforcing a Higher Quality of RP within our ranks - Securing the Entire East Los Santos (Industry and Murrieta) for the Irish and their operations - Opening up our own Bar for Social activity and a headquarters - Move from Full illegal to semi Legal business in the far future - Become a Official lore faction based off the Real Irish Mob and GTAIV Irish Mob (Irish American Killers) _________________________________________ Irish Members are expected to follow the "Hint of Green" Policy, which is to wear normal civilian clothing with a a green item (Parka Jacket, Undershirt ect) Made men, like unmade, will have their Normal civilian clothing with a hint of green. But as Made men and respected among their peers they can follow the same "Hint of Green" Policy With Suits Irish Members are expected to stick to realistic expectations when it comes to cars Mob members would drive, 4 Doors sedans, 4x4s, and mainly Benefactor cars. Car colors are to be Black, Grey or Dark Green only to fit with the Theme consistent in GTA Lore. We Expect our faction members to hold themselves to a High standard of RP and strive to GTA Lore standard, through learning about how the Irish mob operates today and how they were perceived in GTA4. We are not a Cop killing faction, we are not a anarchistic faction, we are not a meme faction. We are striving to set a new standard of RP for Mafia/Mob Roleplay and any deviation from this is not what we want as a group. We are a mafia faction and showing restraint and cunning over shooting up areas and people is what we want to bring the standard of RP up to, where harming a man in his wallet is better than a bullet, Blood spilled is money wasted and only to be wasted when there is no choice, then Show No Mercy. _________________________________________
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    This thread is completely OOC; out-of-character. No information should be used for In-Character purposes. The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, LSEMS for short, is stationed in Mission Row, housed in the Pillbox Hill Medical Center, an eye catching building right on Strawberry Avenue just across the street from the Dashound bus depot. The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services provides all necessary care for the citizens of the state of San Andreas and works in close collaboration with the Los Santos Police Department. Originally opened in 1923, Los Santos General Hospital was the largest in the region, having more than 800 patient beds. As the city of Los Santos grew, and the surrounding areas became increasingly larger, the demand for more space quickly became an issue. Undergoing massive renovations in the 1960's and early 1970's, the LSGH grew from its once already large status, to one of the most advanced hospitals on this half of the country. With the addition of many branches and departments, LSGH merged, and renamed into LSEMS, or Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, the organisation that we know today. The government website is fully IC; in-character unless stated otherwise. ► Government Website ► Recruitment ► Reinstatements ► Report An Employee ► BLS [Basic Life Support] Course ► Ride-Along Program “The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services wants to save as many lives as possible by offering high quality healthcare and a rapid response where possible.” The fundamental and unique mission of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services is to develop and continually improve the medical care system provided to the citizens of Los Santos, while assuring high quality patient care and appropriate response times in emergency situations are maintained. In cooperation with the State and integrated with other agencies, we will promote all aspects of a comprehensive system of pre-hospital emergency medical care. We will also provide the highest quality education and personal development for individuals who provide emergency medical services, including Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Firefighters. The application process begins on our government website located in the Recruitment Desk section of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services forum. The government forums are entirely IC unless stated otherwise in form of OOC brackets. If you want to join the LSEMS, a faction that enforces heavy RP standards, please read through all the information you can find on the websites before submitting your application. These are some of the OOC requirements: You have to be at least 16 years old IRL You need to have at least 4.000 exp on one of your characters - We want to make sure that the applicant is a little experienced with way the RP on this server works and knows the server rules. You need to have TeamSpeak and Discord installed - We use both of these programs as a way of communicating with each other. You need to own a working microphone You need to be able to speak, write and understand the english language properly You need to have a clean admin record for at least 30 days - We need to make sure that you learnt from your mistakes if you have any admin punishments and can stay clean and respect the server rules; depends on severity The members of the Human Resources team will review your application and discuss this internally. Then, once a decision is made, you will receive a reply to your application. These replies exist out of your application being accepted and moved onto the next (Interview) stage, being put on hold to make changes requested by the Human Resources representative handling the application or denying your application to join the LSEMS. After your application has been accepted you will move to the interview stage of the application process. This interview exists out of two halves, one OOC half and one IC half. During the out-of-character half of the interview, you will be interviewed and tested for your general knowledge surrounding the Eclipse Roleplay server rules. During the in-character half of the interview, your character will be interviewed by a Human Resources representative in-game. After being accepted into the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services faction, you will be going through a training program to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician. This training program exists of your introduction to the faction, three practical training stages, and a final certification stage. This training program is an important factor in becoming a part of the LSEMS faction and starting your job as an EMT-Basic. During this training program, you will be introduced and taught basic medical roleplay by certified Field Trainers. The Introduction to the faction is a short session held by a Field Trainer who is responsible for introducing you to the LSEMS faction regulations & procedures. Phase 1 in which you are on-duty with and observe a Medic who is certified to train. This phase is meant to introduce new students and for them to gain knowledge of how medics operate. Phase 2 &’ 3 will be training phases where you, as the Medic being trained, will be driving the ambulance, responding to calls and treating patients, and the preparation phase for your certification. During phase three your Field Trainer will still assist you with situations and answer your questions. The final training phase, the certification, is an exam of sorts where you will be driving the ambulance, responding to calls and treating patients. However, during your certification, your Field Trainer is only there to observe for the length of the certification, and will not answer questions or interfere unless absolutely necessary. If you pass your Certification, you will be moved up to the position of EMT-Basic and are allowed to go on-duty on your own without a trainer. If you fail your Certification, you are allowed to prepare for one more Certification, but after that you will be discharged for failing to complete your training. The LSEMS has a variety of vehicles, for example: ► BRUTE ambulance; regular ambulance for general duties ► Declasse FIB [red]; SUV converted to an ambulance for Paramedics ► Declasse Lifeguard; Lifeguard vehicle for Firefighters ► MTL Firetruck; A truck Firefighters and up can use for calls about traffic collisions, search and rescue operations and situations involving fire, explosion, or volatile materials ► Buckingham (Air Ambulance) Maverick; EMT's in the AIR Division can use this for long distance calls ► ..and more! Big thank chu to @ItsPazz @ImSuspensee @Toony &' @Knoxi for their help!
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    Hello to all ! I am a little artist and I spend my spare time in drawing various drawings. I had a free time and decided to create a drawing for each job that requires invitations. Please rate or comment on what you would like to see more, not the best of my work, but I'm thinking of sharing with you ANYWAY. BAYVIEW AUTO CENTER LOS SANTOS CUSTOMS DOWNTOWN CAB CO. MEDICAL SERVICE POLICE DEPARTMENT WEAZEL NEWS Mr. Unemployed: Shamozli Carter.
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    Osiel Guillen, founder of Los Zetas, started a Mexican criminal syndicate which became one of the most dangerous and profitable organizations to ever exist. During the late 1990s and early 2000s especially, their influence began to spread into neighboring American regions eventually reaching Los Santos. Connections to Los Zetas appeared but none strong enough to make a real impact in the area. Rival gangs already owned the streets but a young man named Jay Gamble had the resolve to change that. Similarly to the foundation of the original gang, Gamble found himself in a gang with no true vision, struggling to keep organization and stability. Jay sought out Shotty Johnson, another man tired of the way things were going in Los Santos, and was eager to work for true power and respect. They had one main plan; to work as more of a democracy and family than a hierarchy. This attracted many criminals with and without a gang of their own. With the gang as a whole slowly crumbling, the Los Santos branch aims to bring new life and opportunity to criminals. As the numbers start the grow, so will the power and money. The overall plan for Los Zetas is to shape Los Santos into their ideal vision. They want to operate as a part of the city similar to the influence government issued jobs obtain. They want to restructure the criminal underbelly of the city that benefits every criminal organization/family with Los Zetas at the head. They want control, influence, and power parallel with the all of the leading organizations within the city, legal and illicit. Violence is not always the preferred choice but Los Zetas will not hesitate to use deadly force if provoked. Los Zetas is still growing and improving daily, you can see us in navy blue attire or riding around in navy blue cars. Currently, the gang is recruiting more soldiers to fill it’s ranks and putting the infrastructure in place to create the foundation for Los Zetas to become the biggest player in town. We are established in multiple revenue pipelines, ranging from the the local drug trade, securing supply routes, organized kidnapping, protection rackets, extortion, assassinations and minimal weapons trafficking. We ultimately hope to branch further into the weapons trade, and help import directly from our suppliers south of the border assuming we can secure a location to store the product. Organization is key in Los Zetas. Every group and role in the gang is connected, valued, and has a voice. The gang functions as a democracy with the two founders making up the board. They push out ideas to the group that can be voted on by the other high ranking leaders. Members tend to move in groups headed by one captain with several soldiers and a few prospects. Each group has its own tasks and those members specialize in what they do. Members have an opportunity to prove themselves while also relying on their team in a crutch. As mentioned before, the gang operates as a family. As numbers swelled, the two needed chosen underbosses, higher ranking gang members, as trusted advisors. Loyal, dependable and cunning, these underbosses handle almost as much work as the two founders. You will often find them surrounded by members of a lower rank completing various crimes around the city. These crimes can range from petty theft, to kidnapping and even assassinations. Outside of group work, underbosses also assist with recruitment, train new prospects, look for opportunities and do business with other gangs. Below that, the captains do the heavy lifting for their underbosses. They help manage the soldiers and prospects, and help advise each group to work efficient, and effectively. These long standing members are the backbone of the gang and inspiration to newer members. They are the right hand men for their underbosses that act as group leaders if their underboss is out of town. They are respected and speak for the soldiers for decision making. Finally, there are the enforcers, soldiers and prospects. This is the lifeblood of the gang which is responsible for a lot of the violence and money. These are the loyal members pushing out drugs, robbing stores and protecting key gang locations. They have been known to be aggressive towards law enforcement and any rival gangs willing to challenge them. Soldiers are usually accompanied by prospects which are the newest recruits that prove themselves worthy to be soldiers. Prospects need to not only prove their loyalty but also their values. If what the prospect values and way they present themselves does not match with the gang, they are swiftly removed. Zetas have respect for other gangs and civilians as long as it is reciprocated, failure to show mutual respect is met with swift repercussion. Police are a direct conflict of interest to Zeta affairs and are often avoided unless no other option is given. Most members do not respect or like the law enforcement of Los Santos, but try to ensure that compliance is delivered to ensure day to day affairs are not interfered with. Zetas also have an intention to treat the gangs of Los Santos as not only possible business associates, but also an extended family if deemed worthy of each other. Order is favored above chaos, mutual interest is favored above isolation. Although with all of this being said, Zetas are not ones to be taken lightly and will proceed to stomp out any opposition threatening stability of the organization. They have one main battle strategy when fighting an opposing force; hit hard and constant. When war begins, they proceed to cut the tree by the roots, hitting every soldier or higher brass no matter the time or cost until forces diminish and become exhausted; a hunting party of sorts. Folding is not an option, retreat is not an option. Zetas will hit with full force and precision, a destructive force unlike any others. Be a loyal Member of the organization. Do not interfere with each other’s interest, do not be an informer. Be rational. Be a member of the team, Don’t engage in battles you can’t win. This directive extends to personal life. Be a person of honor. Respect the ones who came before you, Acknowledge your enemy before you crush him; Every life is important. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and your ears open, and your mouth shut. Don’t sell out. The stand-up guy shows courage and heart. He does not whine and complain in the face of adversity, including punishment. If you can’t pay; don’t play. Have class, all gangs are deserve at least some level of respect. There’s no need to be crude for no reason. We are above that. Be independant, know your way around the city, help other members who may not. Attend Gang Activity regularly; inactivity will result in removal. If you are going to be inactive for a few days, let the higher brass know, so we can keep track of things. Any internal conflicts must be handled internally through reasonable means I.e. Mediation or conversation. Respect the hierarchy of the ranks. If you feel as if you’re being treated unfairly by your underboss/captain, speak to the higher ups to resolve the issue. You MUST wear your gang colors at all times unless a situation demands otherwise. There is honor among thieves. Do not steal from or disrespect a fellow gang member. We are all family. Own your gang at ALL times. If someone asks you “What gang are you from?” Answer with pride. If you refuse to own up to what gang you’re from, you could potentially hurt the gang as a whole along with its potential and current allies. Must adhere to all server rules and regulations. We are a heavy RP gang. 6,500 EXPERIENCE MINIMUM FOR RECRUITMENT
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    Hello, Shotty Johnson here First I want to say, this post I'm making is the reason why I actually dislike when Admins play the game as normal players. All of this is honestly getting old, from the petty ass arrests to the Admins piling up in PD and going Admin mode in the middle of a confrontation. Today Zetas were hosting a house party and although there was no drama, no gun fights, no shots fired at the time, swat pulls up and immediately snipes one guy and tells everyone to get on their knees. Within this process, they put me in handcuffs and on my knees and left me completely alone, allowing people to go into my inventory as much as they wanted and then got me on an illegal gun charge when an enemy gang legit placed a pistol in my inventory. Then to top it all off, the guy puts me in the car and while in the middle of shots being fired off by everyone, he still has me dragged and drags me into gun fire. If that wasn't bad enough, they didn't even RP the prison situation either. They flew me in and put me in a cell, no jumpsuit changing or anything, so I'm in prison while I'm street clothing rply. I say that not as a report, but as an example of the absolute fuckery that's been going on, on top of turning such a fun RP experience into a massive shootout for literally no solid reasons. There was no RP of any warrants or anything while coming onto someone's private property. Every single day people are getting pulled over by cops and the RP is absolutely shit, half the time they don't even read you your rights and take you to prison for the dumbest reasons. I'm getting real sick of Admins turning from PD to Admin in the middle of a confrontation because he doesn't want to get robbed. Criminals are always so limited, our ways of making cash stem from robbing people, stores and drug labs with no real end goal or incentive. We can't even rob stores at night because PD is basically empty during that time frame. You can't rob officers that are riding by themselves because it's "non-RP". At least the other factions have some sort of goal to them. PD arrested criminals and are "supposed" to uphold the law, DCC has a taxi service, LSC and Bayview repairs cars, etc. Criminals can't do half the shit in the city properly because of PD being so inflated by Admins. Do you guys want RP or realism? You made it perfectly clear that realism isn't the goal, yet keep trying to push for it. Here's an example of a situation that literally just occured. @marcoD and @nateX can perhaps shed some light on this for me. There were four of us attempting to pull over two officers in order to rob them, we asked them to pull over multiple times and they kept driving, so we kept attempting (Didn't even fire yet) and both Marco and Nate pause the situation, claiming that we can't rob an officer because it's non RP. Saying we don't have a reason when he literally doesn't know shit and instead of sticking around to discuss it further, they both dissapear and we're just supposed to stop from there. Normal people get robbed every single day, yet I hear no complaints for non RP by saying "You guys don't have a reason to rob me". You're alone, no real back up and you're surrounded with guys in masks, you shouldn't be robbed because you're PD? That's so one sided and unfair, it's not even funny. I had another Admin tell me that all of the factions are equal and if we want to rob someone, we don't need confirmation for Admins or anyone else to attempt to do it. It's like you guys are forgetting that we're still playing a game at the end of the day, no matter how much RP you want, you can't remove that one fact. If there's 5 Officers online, I can't act like there's 10000 of them sitting around. PD should have to show power just like the gangs do if you want criminals to listen to you. You can't always be weak and expect wolves not to eat you. You have body armor, heavy weapons, some of the fastest cars on the server, handcuffs, tasers, swat with armored vehicles, yet Admins still have to get involved? Please explain this to me. P.S. Crack, Meth, Heroin, LSC, etc is NOT made by using weed plants.
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    La Fuente Blanca La Fuente Blanca, meaning The White Fountain, was formed only a couple years ago by a group of trusted friends who had already made a name for themselves. The group is loyal to each other and is known as ‘The Command’. They are well dressed people and enjoy the wealth and assets they all gathered from personal ventures and can be seen as the wealthiest faction in the whole state with over 200.000.000$ in cash and assets. The most important aspect for La Fuente Blanca is to keep a low profile in everything they do, meaning that they operate from the shadows and will put up the appearance of being a full legal faction, pretending to be a supercar owners group who also like to party and live the lavish life. The base of operations is located outside of Los Santos on the ranch ‘La Fuente Blanca’, this is where it got its name from. These days they reside at the ranch to discuss business, future plans and decide on how to sell contraband to other people in the city. To keep up the innocent face and mislead the people in Los Santos, they often throw parties with cars, booze and drugs and party like it is 1980’s Vice City. Whenever there are no parties, the group enjoys the luxury life on the ranch by riding their horses, sunbathing next to the pool, inviting the most beautiful women over for private gatherings, shooting weapons and driving offroad vehicles on the property all out of the sight of the public eye. To keep out unwanted people from the property La Fuente Blanca has younger members driving around in SUV’s and patrol with dogs around the area of the ranch. Behind this mostly innocent mask the true nature of LFB lies in importing and transporting large quantities of weapons through the state. Covered up as regular truck drivers and driving in different convoy tactics it makes it very hard to spot the difference between what cargoes and in what quantities they are transported. From there on out the guns get their serial numbers removed and get transformed from semi-automatic to fully automatic. It then gets distributed in large quantities to a number of different buyers around the state. They will do this however possible, even if it means extorting people or make them disappear from the face of the earth. Since Import has come to a standstill due to the cartels their warehouses and import routes being shut down by federal police, LFB has been looking into making an underground cache to hide their weapons. They have been trying to establish new contacts south of the border, so import and distribution can continue to their clients. They will be aiming to get a substantial share in the distribution of illegal weaponry in the city. Whoever wants illegal guns, will only think of La Fuente Blanca. (A large amount of money or super is not required to join)
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    It's planned to add more new houses, perhaps on the 25th October. There will be a separate announcement on our Discord server. I'd like to introduce a new pricing system, that will be put into place to combat abusers, who purchase large numbers of newly added property. It's basically like an auction system, but for the duration of this "auction" the price will be going down rather than up... Newly added houses will have their normal price multiplied by 10, which will continuously decrease over time until the price reaches it's base value (normal price multiplied by 1). This process takes 5 days for each individual house. What are the benefits? Instead of having fixed prices, players will decide the value of each house. It will be difficult for one person to purchase multiple houses and resell them for a higher price. While this system is more advantageous to rich players, this advantage comes with a higher price (literally).
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    La Familia was created by Thyrone Johnson, June 26th 1988. La Familia is a violent street gang in Los Santos. "WE SHOW NO MERCY" La Familia was founded back in June 1988 on the streets of Los Santos. The gang was formed by three young men to protect themselves from other gangs. The name, "La Familia" came into place because the owner of the gang didn’t have much of a family growing up, he had to fend for himself. So he decided to create a true family. La Familia consists of people who were rejected from the normal society. For example people who are very violent. The heads, also called the ‘Higher Ups’ have the authority to recruit and violate members when brought forth on charges to the heads (Board of Founders). The Board of Founders always have the last word until the boss is informed. The boss has the ultimate authority when handing down sanctions and taking action against members. Gang Color: White Top and black bottoms. Criminal Activity: Murder, drug sales, weapon trafficking, assault. Propensity for Violence: Members of La Familia are known for their involvement in murder, assaults and firearm possession. We are often involved in retaliatory attacks against the LSPD and rival gang members. Finances: The main source of income for La Familia are the profits we make from selling our weapons and narcotics. Leadership: La Familia is governed by a Board of Founders(3), a Boss, and two Lieutenants. Identification: Members of La Familia can usually be identified by the color of white which they usually display in their clothing. - La Familia is a Street gang that operate within the middle-class areas of the city, especially in the Del Perro area. - La Familia started as a small group of friends who wanted to create something bigger and better than what was already on the streets of Los Santos. - Thyrone had a goal, and it was to create a loyal street gang where everyone was like one big family, he felt like that is the best way to operate, and make the best soldiers on the streets. - La Familia has slowly worked there way up the ladder and is now seen as one of the biggest and well operated gangs on the streets of Los Santos. - La Familia specialises in Weapon traffic, mugging, blackmailing, and drug making. They are often seen driving around in white vehicles and white clothes. - La Familia has always been very proud of who they are, and what they stand for, they are not afraid to engage in any war. - La Familia are willing to do everything for each other, including Murder, kidnapping, mugging, rescuing ect Our plans for the future is to be operating some middle-class areas in Los Santos. We want to be the leading weapon importer of the city, since we already have a big expertise in the trafficing business. Building up great alliances with other well operated factions, who shares the same priorities as us on the streets. We want to control one or some of the drug labs, and chopshops by charging taxes. We want to make everyone feel comfortable with each other within the gang. La Familia has a ranking system, but we still consider everyone even. Everyone does the same things and everyone gets to vote when we will take big decisions. We feel like everyone diserves the same amount of respect regardless of their rank. Boss Underboss Caporegime Soldier Associates La Familia has a dresscode for different ranks within the gang. La Familia wear white tops with black pants. Each rank has their own top that they should wear Picture of the soldier dresscode (( This dresscode might change over time )) La Familia’s rule are the most important thing in the gang, if you break the rules it will result in temporary suspension or kick from La Familia.. (1 - Loyalty = Always be loyal to the other members even if they’re new, and even if you have something against them personally, that must not effect on your working as a team, as a family! (2 - Radio = Always carry radio on you, always you must be in contact with the other members, and you must be on the same frequency with you gangmates. (3 - Dress code = Dress code is a must, you must always wear the shirt that is assigned to your rank. (4 - Respect = Always respect everyone, we consider our members a family and we’re always helping each other. (5 - Respect Our Allies = As a gang we might have allies, so you must respect them. Everyone can join La Familia, as long as they are loyal. You can join La Familia by approaching us on the street and request a interview with a high ranked member. You will be interviewed by a high ranked member who will tell you about La Familia, and how we opperate. ((Below you will see some rp pictures)) _______________________________________________________________________________ La Familia socialising with allies La Familia at a meeting with high ranked members from other factions La Familia controlling a drug lab La Familia having a friendly poker game with allies La Familia just finished a meeting regarding future plans La Familia at meeting with high ranked members from other factions #2 La Familia at a gang party with allies La Familia making sure their alliances are stronger than ever La Familia chilling at Tequila-La-La after a long day of work. La Familia taking a rival gang member hostage MORE PICTURES COMING SOON!
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    Amnesia was founded upon the remains of the veterans of The Lost Family and The Syndicate. The high command of both organisations were sick of limitations and lack of respect and wanted more. The disregard for respect from ex Syndicate members and limitations of The Lost Family made each party want to unite and join forces to create a successful - functioning - business. When it was agreed that we would be joining forces: Pedro Luis, Andy Lost, Roberto Sanchez and Elliot Gibbs decided to push for something official. The Lost Family were veterans of Los Santos and were notorious business men who were extremely well known within the city. They were founded when the city was first being developed and were successfully running operations to the present day. They were well known for their knowledge of the streets and expertise when it comes to negotiations and response to hostile action. The Syndicate were also an extremely well-known organisation who saw rapid growth and respect in the city. They were founded in 1999 by Pedro Luis and Roberto Sanchez and they successfully ran operations in Croydon (England) until recently moving their base of operations to Los Santos. Once arriving in Los Santos, Pedro, Roberto and their close friends Elliot Gibbs, Chaza Williams and Sergio Canio noticed that there was a large gap in the Los Santos black market and began capitalising on the drug trade. Before too long, many people were interesting in joining the organisation and growth was rapid. This was sadly The Syndicate's downfall as members were difficult to control due to the sheer numbers and respect for us was lost. It was at this point that The Syndicate high-command decided that enough was enough and removed most members from the organisation. Once The Syndicate removed most of their street dealers and The Lost Family decided that their legacy had come to an end, both decided that each would be valuable to one-another and decided to join forces. Amnesia plan to lease Bahama-Mamas from The Ballas and run operations from it. The Ballas will get a cut of all dealings that happen in the club thus enabling them to benefit greatly from the agreement. Events will be frequent with The Shadow Cartel offering security services for the club. Legitimate work will be in the front - with the black market trading in the back. Bahama-Mama will be the face of Amnesia as it is in the public eye and and operating as a legitimate business thus enabling the possibility for money laundering. Amnesia plan to not make the same mistakes The Lost Family and The Syndicate made by not backing down to disrespect and keeping the organisation a close-nit groups of colleagues who trust each-other greatly thus developing respect for the organisation within the city. Amnesia will be ruthless if other gangs attempt to overwrite our trade deals and disrespect our organisation. Not only are all involved in Amnesia highly skilled marksmen with great experience within the city and other criminal activities but we also have a long list of contacts willing to help at our beckon-call. Amnesia plans to be the entertainment, drug and arms dealing face of Los Santos. All events will feature our trademark (internally manufactured) drug - Amnesia, an adaptation on the widely popular drug LSD with much more alluring qualities.
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    1920, the harsh lands of southern-eastern France fell a victim to the largest operation the area had ever seen. When a local gang going by the name of Mercia succeeded in doing the impossible: robbing the monarchy vault, a vault that in its iron walls were located $50 Million all belonging to the Royal French family. This day marked the day Mercia became a name to be reckoned with, a gang that soon would grow and would conduct operations all over western Europe. From supplying people with narcotics and trading guns across this region, Mercia would become one of the most known gangs across Europe. The money was used to recruit tens of thousands of men and women to the business. $20 Million would be used for investments around the world. Aiming to extend their reach, Ashley Burton, the granddaughter of the founder of Mercia, left Europe along with a couple of the original Mercia members and headed for Los Santos. Known for its high amount of crime, Ashley thought this location would be perfect in order to gain some new allies and spread their name across the rest of the world. One of these investments was to own Vespucci Canals, a place that the members thought be great for future plans. And now that same place serves at the HQ of activity for the Los Santos branch of Mercia, with goals of Vespucci Canals and beach to be in control of Mercia. And now as the new branch begins to recruit its own members and to build itself up, Los Santos needs to prepare for what will come. Upon arriving at the city, the members of Mercia purchased a gang house in the Vespucci Canals and started to recruit some members. Knowing the city’s reputation, Mercia then set out to find some of the gangs that currently rule parts of Los Santos and talk to them about setting up alliances as history has shown you can't get far by yourself. However, the leaders of these gangs were skeptical about Mercia as they are new in Los Santos but determined to prove themselves Mercia have now made it their goal to become part of the alliance and rule Los Santos besides them. Currently, Mercia is trying to become allied with some of the other gangs in the city by proving ourselves to them. In addition, we are also trying to get our name out there so that we are known by our outfit we wear and the cars we drive. As Mercia is run like a business, we have plans to start earning some legitimate income via security services, as we will need some cover for all of our illegal activities. We will offer these security services to whoever requires them, however they will come at a price. As for the other gangs of Los Santos, our business wishes to run co-cooperatively with them by distributing protection services, weapons, and drugs alongside them Mercia’s main goal is to take control over the Vespucci Canals and beach. Aside of that Mercia's other goals are to leave a mark on Los Santos, by ensuring everyone knows the name Mercia and that's its a force to be reckoned with, as well as, having alliances with the different gangs of Los Santos and control over the drug and weapons trade of the city with them. In addition, we are planning to start real estate in the Canals and beach to help us launder the money that we earn from all of our illegal activities. Mercia is planning to stick to this area as its a good place to start the business as the area is quite small and the houses do not cost very much. As it will be a new business, we will have to start small and Vespucci is the perfect place for this. Mercia will start as a medium class gang, as like the story says its main branches are powerful and rich while the new one that was set up in LS remains poor with some support from the main gang in Europe. Meaning that board members will go around dressed in grey and white suits, while driving sports/luxury cars. Meanwhile medium and low ranks will try to stick to normal cars with some able to use a sports car and a luxury car. If you’re looking to join Mercia, it’s a challenge on its own, we don’t recruit anyone that wants to join, only the best is recruited, our number one rule is to ensure that everyone respects each other and are expected to willingly sacrifice everything for the Family. When looking to join us you must go out and find one of our members, we usually hang out at Vespucci Canals or you’ll most likely find one of our higher ups are always on the poker table at Tequila. We are noticeable by the grey and white clothing that we wear and the grey cars we drive. During recruitment the recruiter will examine the person and schedule a meeting where they will then review them. Here the superiors will ensure that they’re fit to join Mercia and if they are, then will then join Mercia for a week as an intern and only then would they be able to climb the ranks of Mercia and help insure the family's survival and growth. Mercia would focus on the production of drugs and hopefully weapons in the future; while also making sure that our members are being treated with respect. Gangs who don’t respect / are not aligned with us, are against us and we are not afraid of showing this. Mercia would constantly also raid the chop shop and drug labs while also robbing people with no gang, it will put maximum effort into achieving a turf and a warehouse in which they can order guns to help control Los Santos. As an organisation we plan on taking over Vespucci Canals and then expanding our reach to the beach in the future. Mercia is also planning on working on a contract between our business and the gangs of Los Santos, we want this contract so we can work cooperatively and supply the citizens of Los Santos with all there needs. We are also going to strive for all of our members to own a home inside of Vespucci Canals as this is where the heart of our business lies. Another one of our goals is to be respected and recognized by other gangs. Board Director - This is the leader of Mercia, owner of the Los Santos Branch and direct envoys of the main Mercia branch, they take the highest and most important decisions. Alliances, Wars and ETC. No one questions their authority or decisions. They pass their orders to the Board Members Board Members - The Board Member's goal is to make sure all orders that are given by the Board Directors are completed, the Board Members makes sure that no mistakes are made, and when they do happen the Board Member's goal is to fix them. Board Intern - Board Interns manage all workers, they handle orders on the field and make sure no one is stepping out of line, they take direct orders from the Board Members and Board Directors. Their actions are not to be questioned by lower ranks, only by the Board Members and Board Director, Board Interns are chosen by the board as a trial to see if they would be deemed worthy of the rank. Human Resources - Human Resources manage recruitment and actions of Interns and Staff, they make sure everyone are doing their jobs while also promoting Mercia and searching for new Interns, On operations Human Resources act as body guards for high command while making sure everyone are doing their jobs. Supervisors - Supervisors handle most of the Interns and Operatives on operations, they split into small teams and supervise over members of Mercia to make sure no mistakes are made. Security - The personal bodyguards of the high ranks, they have to stay close as possible to Vice Presidents and above, they are experienced members of Mercia. They have to have good aiming as well as good driving for getaways and ETC. Operatives - These members are no longer Assistants, they have been with Mercia for some time now, they are trusted respected. They help in operations and make sure everything goes according to the plan, they are always ready to sacrifice themselves for higher ups and will always take the orders they are given. Assistant - These members are no longer Interns, they have began to work their way up the ranks and progress in the Business, and earning respect from other members. Their job is to help out the new interns and help the business thrive. Interns - New recruits that recently joined Mercia, they are not to be trusted yet. To progress they must follow Mercia's rules and have respect and loyalty for higher ups. It's like taking candy from a baby Just chilling at the gang house Some new interns recruited into the organisation Meeting with Bratva. Rolling with the whole gang @HiVe_Zoloft - Formatting the post @Shannon - Writing the post @HaminLord - Writing the post @farayan - Images All the other gang members - Pictures Any images/videos in this post cannot be used as in-game information as this is considered Meta-gaming
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    _____________________ _____________________ The Shadow Cartel was founded on the back of the collapse of The Chairmen. After losing access to the warehouse in which we used to make the majority of our income (due to the chairmen no long existing) the cartel had to figure out what they were going to stand for, what methods of income were most suitable for them and how to develop their ‘stamp’ on the city. Many members split off and went their separate ways, heading into other gangs such as the Narcos and The Vikings to name a few. After a few days of unrest, Tommy Vangore collected members from the factions, after recommendation from a few old members. Everyone wanted the people back together, but not the old crew ethos. There were a few issues that the majority of members did not agree with in the chairmen; constant neutrality with every gang was the main rule that frustrated most people. This was never beneficial, because not picking sides created a lot of enemies in the long run. People wouldn’t depend on the chairmen to turn up because of the lack of faith in them taking actions against anyone. The cartel formed making a lot of allies along with their fair share of enemies, but this was ideal, because they knew who you could trust, and they knew who had their back. The Shadow Cartel forged early alliances with La Familia after a loyal and devoted relationship from back in the days of the chairmen. When the cartel was set up in the early days, a lot of time was spent at the farms outside of the city, gathering small amounts of capital to allow for investment in small time guns and more vehicles. This allowed the progression and development of drug production. After the discovery of multiple drug labs popping up in the city, the cartel capitalised on this, being one of the first organisations to figure out the chemical recipes to common street drugs. Batch productions of drugs were put into place immediately. Due to the great organisation of its members, the cartel started to pull in a comfortable income from drug production. This was done with multiple contacts on the black market to sell the product to. Members of the cartel were able to easily smuggle drugs around the city by disguising their activities as farming based. Large green vans made the perfect disguise. It was easy to stash bags of cocaine behind all the wheat from the farms. Every member of the cartel was able to benefit from this, pulling in enough money to afford decent cars and houses for themselves. As new members were recruited, the production increased, but so did rival competition. Using it’s new-found income, the cartel realised it was highly important to arm themselves better and sought out a supply for heavier weaponry. This came in the form of an alliance with The Syndicate, who were able to provide the cartel with SMGs, Shotguns, AK’s and anything else they needed. These newfound guns also allowed the cartel to run a protection racket at all the chopshop locations - Extorting a small cut of chopped cars for the “safety” of the chopshop customers. During the time the cartel was making good money at the drug labs, they started to grow in reputation. Known for their brown attire, fair business-like attitude and respectable organisation and prowess, other city gangs had meetings with the cartel to discuss alliances. One reputable gang by the name of Bratva came into the fold and formed alliances with the cartel. At the time of the alliance, they were ran by Boris Putrin, a reputable Russian drug lord. As time progressed with bratva and Boris took flight out of the city for a while, one of his members, Jemal Brown (AKA Tbag) assumed control of bratva. Collectively, we had forged one of the largest and most unstoppable alliances the city had ever seen. 4 huge factions, allied together, effectively untouchable. Unfortunately, this didn’t end as a fairy tale with everyone getting rich and retiring in Vinewood. Since Bratva owned a warehouse and had access to gun shipments, they were able to bring in money, but with the majority of the city allied, income was slow. Due to either boredom or greed, events transpired in the city directly affecting our day to day life as the result of Jemal’s actions. Harassment from other smaller gangs on a daily basis became a regular occurrence. It didn’t take long for one of Jemal’s closest friend and ironically our closest ally to provide us with the information that Jemal had requested these gangs attack us to increase gun sales and shake things up in the city. When the cartel found out about this, multiple meetings were held as a next plan of action. Since the cartel doesn’t take lightly to betrayal, they organised a kidnapping. Executed to perfection, the kidnapping of Jemal and his killing were done over a 4 hour interrogation process as information was slowly extracted from him under gunpoint. (video of kidnapping will be attached further down in this post). Unfortunately, during the kidnapping process a couple of old members of the chairmen caught wind of what was going on and being good friends of Jemal, tracked down his location and wound up in the middle of everything. After the kidnapping and killing wrapped up, the witnesses were foolishly let go alive. This is where the next chapter of the cartels troubles began. A few days after the kidnapping, a crew known as Fog City crew (a group previously on good terms with the cartel) started aggressively hunting down and attacking cartel members on a regular basis. Revenge for Jemals death, information passed on from those witnesses we foolishly let go. Times became tough for the cartel during this period and cashflow slowed down, however, during this process, the already tight-knit bond of the cartel grew ever closer, propelling the cartel forward into the position it is in today. After the remnants of Fog City Crew were cleaned up from the city, the cartel looked fourth to new horizons and opportunities. _____________________ _____________________ Currently the cartel operates in a similar method to which it did before, only with more vigor and fortitude. Pulling in good cash from drug trafficking and enjoying daily trips to Tequila-la for a game of poker as well as back-street dice games for the more intense gamblers. Similarly, the cartel enjoy spending time at the pier, using fishing as a good bit of downtime between illegal activities. Usually fishing is accompanied by a beer or two as well. As avid car collectors, the cartel can seldom often be found at car meets within the city, showing off the rewards reaped from their hard work and endurance in the drug trade. In addition to this, The Shadow Cartel currently retain alliances with La Familia and The Syndicate in addition to a few other gangs/organisations that will not be disclosed. These huge alliances pave the way for some great house parties filled with drugs, girls and alcohol. _____________________ _____________________ As a mid tier organisation in terms of wealth and methods of income, the cartel is looking to push into the gun trafficking market and further develop drug production and protection racket activities. In the short term the cartel is looking to continue in its current methods, establish relationships with any new and up-coming gangs as well as solidify current relationships moving forwards. In the long term, the cartel is looking to run shipments of guns to warehouses and start supplying some friends who live down in the Jamestown area with firearms. In turn, pulling in more money for the cartel to push into the property market. This would allow us to further disguise our illegal activities and justify our increase in wealth to the government. In addition to this we are looking to slowly fill the remaining positions within the organisation with reliable, quality members who would contribute to the hard-working ethos that the cartel already has. _____________________ _____________________ o Continue successful drug trafficking o Continue chopshop extortion racket o Attain a warehouse o Ship guns to low-class gangs o Throw some big parties for networking purposes & of course FUN! _____________________ _____________________ The gang structure is an essential element in the success of the cartel. Bespoke in its design, the structure stems down from the Board of directors, whom are voted in by the rest of the cartel to help discuss crucial decisions within the organisation and to help guide everyone in the right direction. This allows even the newest members to feel that they can contribute to big group decisions. Without this dynamic, the bond and compatibility of the cartel would start to struggle, similarly to how so many other gangs in the city have risen and fallen. _____________________ _____________________ The cartel functions under an umbrella of primary pillars; Respect Everybody in the faction respects everybody else; regardless of rank, if you’re lucky enough to be invited in the Cartel, it’s because we respect you. Trust Due to the nature of the formation of this organisation, there’s a strong, unbreakable bond between the members, allowing a level of trust not seen in many organisations within the city. Loyalty All the members of the cartel realise that they represent the cartel, and in turn, make decisions based on how that reputation is affected by their choices. Commitment The cartel is like a family and every member would die for each other. This level of commitment is another great factor to their success. Professionalism Whether it’s business deals, kidnapping, murder, or relaxing and letting off steam, the Cartel maintain levels of professionalism at all times. Without these ideals, the Cartel would not be the success that it is today. _____________________ _____________________ You can’t simply ask to join the cartel. It doesn’t work like that. Invitations are exclusively reserved for people we deem acceptable to represent the group. We’ll let you know if you make the cut. _____________________ _____________________ The cartel is composed of a group of like-minded caring individuals who treat each other like family IC and OOC. We look after everyone and do our best to develop a great sense of roleplayer understanding and provide everyone with an excellent RP experience. We have no rules regarding activity, if you want to take a week away from ECRP to do IRL things, that’s more than ok, in fact we encourage people to look after their physical and mental wellbeing above everything else. We prefer members to have a great understanding of GOOD vs BAD roleplay and how to conduct yourself ICLY in-accordance to the rules. Members are guided throughout their RP experience to encourage good RP behaviour and helped if they step out of line. We don’t tolerate bullying in the cartel and have strict rules on how people are spoken to, regardless of rank, nobody should be made to feel sad/upset or feel their roleplay experience is damaged by others. We do our best to keep a healthy environment for everybody, after all, at the end of the day, the whole experience is about having fun. _____________________ More Pictures and videos coming soon!
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    Hello everyone my name is Juan, i'ave been playing in the server for around a month already, i know that its not so long and maybe my opinion is not that important to admins because i'am new in the server, but i just wanna tell everyone what i think and maybe i'll find some like-minded people that will stand with my opinion. So i'll start everything from the start, in my playtime i already participated in few warehouses takeovers and i understood that people experience more fun when there's less people fighting for warehouse, because when there's loads of people or even a whole ally (like 2-3gangs) everything evolves from gang fight to huge fucking mess that you can even call a server ddos because in that place FPS drops to 10-20. I'ave been playing few other GTA roleplay servers, even few other games Roleplay servers and in none of these there was such a big mess in gang fights, every server, every game had a solution for it but this one doesn't i would like to offer you few solutions to solve that huge mess, other players are more then welcome to state their own opinion about it: 1. Gang members cap - don't let gangs have as many people as they want to, make a cap for example 20 people in a gang is maximum what you can have and script just doesn't let you invite more people once you have reached 20. How could this help ? There would be more gangs coming to server, more people competing for different warehouses so people would fight even more often for warehouses, at the same time there would be more roleplay coming to server because gangs would have to think new reasons for taking these turfs over. I have nothing against the gangs that is in the server at the moment with more then 20 people, they are good guys and other stuff but they are not helping server to stay alive. 2. Don't let gangs have more then for example 1 alliance - don't let gangs have as many allies as they want to, for example make scrip that lets you have only 1 or 2 or what so ever. How could this help? Same as the first solution, more gangs would fight with each other because they wouldn't be allowed to be allies with whole server and go fight 4 gangs against 1 gang because this is absolutely bs, 70 people fighting against 10 or 20 people (La famillia, bratva and other gangs that we fought against you today, no i'am not mad because we lost none of us was punished for anything, was fun fighting against you, and all i'am playing this server for is - fun) but when you are fighting 70 against 20 (numbers are not exact that's just an example) that doesn't help server to stay alive, because once the smaller gangs tries to do something they just get punished by these old gangs with all the alliances and all their dreams about having turf, all their hopes about making something happen falls down apart. 3. Don't let people attack warehouse whenever they want to - for example lets say Thursday 19:00 and Saturday 19:00 is the time when you can takeover warehouses to your own hands, i'am trying to say that you should make certain time when you can takeover warehouses only. How could this help ? All the people would go for warehouses at the same time, more competition, more fights, more interesting fights everything at the same time only if you make a single change in the server. 4. That's juts an another suggestion that police shouldn't be allowed to interrupt gang fights, because for example when there's gangs fighting each other police has to decide who to shoot first and other stuff like that, this makes gangs to go mad because police kills them not their enemies and other stuff like that. So in my eyes police shouldn't be allowed to interrupt gang fights at warehouses, or at least not allowed to kill anyone on sight (the ones that didn't initiate on them). That's only few things what could help your players to experience more fun playing in there, for gangs fights to be more unpredictable and more interesting at the same time. I would like all the players of the server to check it out and add your own opinion in comments down bellow, because as i know i'am not the only one that is bored of the stuff going on at the moment with the gangs, everyone just state your opinion down below. Thanks for reading, Juan F.
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    Hey friends, it's me. So, I made the prison a while back and I (and others) feel that it was added rather too quickly, it's missing features & there are things that broken. So here's a list of things I'd love to see fixed & added. Feel free to comment with your own things. I only feel that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6 and 13 are "important/urgent" things. If 7 is done, 8 would also need to be done as they work together! If you add 7 without 8, it would defeat the purpose of 6. 3] Either remove or increase the inmate prisoner radius (not sure what to call it), at the moment, they can't walk far without being teleported back to their cells, i.e. - they can't go to the cafeteria without being teleported back. Either remove this radius or increase it significantly, there are many rooms in the prison that were meant for inmates! 6] Add a prison job. The original idea that Harm was going to work on was some type of impromptu job system, sort of like "chores" which would reward players with a small amount of money meant to be used at the prison shop. Every 15-20 minutes or so inmates could be given the opportunity to do chores and at the end, receive a small sum of money. This is taken from the original document: "Add a prison job with a wide variety of random tasks assigned to the players. Add a cooldown so that they can only do the job once every 30 minutes or so. Tasks could be; - Collect new bed sheets from the laundry room and change them for cell #, cell #, and cell # - Collect the bed sheets from cell #, cell #, and cell # and bring them over to the laundry room. - Collect bags of dirt from around the prison, bring them over to the laundry room afterward. (add random checkpoints or bin bags) - Go do some exercise at the prison gym for 10 minutes. And then after they’ve completed the series of tasks, force them to go to the shower room and stand in a shower for x seconds before completing the job. Then have them go back to their prison cell to collect their payment from a Correctional Officer (just for the RP sake, it wouldn't be an actual player, they just go back to their cell and get paid but a message could appear saying they've collected it from an officer). " 7] Add a prison shop (there's an actual shop in the interior) where inmates can buy items such as cigarettes, food, and other miscellaneous items. Spice things up a bit and allow inmates to buy and combine items to create illegal prison items such as shanks and alcohol. The latter would create RP opportunities inside. 8] For 6 and 7 to work properly, all money that inmates have on hand inside the prison, should go into their bank account so that they have 0 on hand. That way they actually have to do this prison job to afford things in the shop! 10] Give inmates an actual inmate jumpsuit (there should be clothes for it that works on Eclipse's player models) for extra immersion. 11] Add the cell number inmates are assigned to above their heads (very much like /EID) as inmate jumpsuits would have it on the back. 12] Add a /prisonlist that officers can use at any computer inside the prison which would show us the current inmates, assigned cell and time remaining. I.e. John Doe | Time | Cell 18 Jane Doe | Time | Cell 18 Tyrone Brown | Time | Cell 5 13] In the cafeteria of the prison, there are wall mounted phones. Perhaps allow players to pay x money for x seconds of phone usage? 14] Add prison games. Some floor poker, dice games idk. Just some game where they can gamble with their prison money that they make doing the prison job. 15] Put admin prisoners into a different dimension or change the area where the admin prison is, even if you just place it inside a random building somewhere. Admin Prisoners keeps their guns, drugs etc. and they shouldn't be involved with the IC population of the prison. KNOWN ISSUES/BUGS 2] The prison has been moved under the airport (was originally mapped ontop of the airport) and the floor positioning is wrong, so objects are either clipping through the floor or floating inside. 3] There are objects missing since the switch from GT-MP to Rage. Prison cells no longer have beds in them, the infirmary (medical room) is missing nearly all its objects. I'm not sure if Rage supports the objects that were used inside? 4] We still fall through the prison, though, much less than before. I think the entering custom interiors needs to freeze you for x seconds after entering and then unfreeze you, just to allow the objects to load. 5] PD doesn't get salary progression inside the prison. In /salary, it says "NO" on "Near Faction HQ or Vehicle". COMPLETED: 1] The doors in the prison disappear after you've been inside once, you can just run through the entire prison. 2] We need / mdc to be enabled inside the prison so we can actually RP the processing there, there's an area dedicated to inmate processing. 9] Add a /doorbell command (or something along those lines) that works in the front lobby. Players that use the command would send a notification to officers inside the prison interior. Perhaps a cooldown so it doesn't get spammed. 4] The gates to the prison work on Rage, on GT-MP, they wouldn't open. Now that they work, could we please get a separate entrance that takes us to the processing area as intended when the prison was made? Referring to this video https://youtu.be/scwzhao9Vn8?t=224
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    Hello community members of Eclipse, We in the Eclipse Staff Team are proud to announce some upcoming changes in preparation for the long awaited transition to having "official" criminal faction. What does "official" mean? Official gangs, are going to be gangs that are supported by the Eclipse Server with game scripts for grouping, faction chat, and all the options that come with having your faction listed in the F4 menu. How does one become "official"? Official gangs will be those who are able to demonstrate a quality lore, realistic criminal behavior befitting to that lore, and are generally promoting a POSITIVE roleplay experience for other players. The way we will track this positive roleplay experience and general activity is through increased required use and monitoring of a criminal faction thread. Each faction who is looking to become official should start a quality faction thread in the provided section of the Eclipse forums and members should REGULARLY post screenshots and/or videos of their activity, roleplay, and experience playing with others. Creating a thread to showcase your criminal roleplay to the community is the FIRST step in showing your ability to earn the official status. ALL criminal faction threads will be monitored after the clean-up and eligibility for "official" status will be reviewed based on your criminal roleplay without a faction chat or warehouse available. IMPORTANT: What will happen to my gang now? All current gang faction threads will be archived 1 week from today (2018/SEPT/21), along with all criminal factions listed in the F4 menu. Gangs will be expected to continue to roleplay without /f faction chat and use of warehouses / importing during the next 1 month period (period starts after the 1 week). PLEASE REMOVE AND DISTRIBUTE ANY F4 FACTION FUNDS PRIOR TO THE REMOVAL OR ALL FUNDS WILL BE DIRECTLY DEPOSITED TO THE FACTION LEADER AT THE TIME. IN SHORT: 1. Remove all treasury money from F4 faction menu or it will go directly to leader. 2. Criminal factions threads and F4 group will be removed 1 week from today on (28/SEPT/2018). No time has been set yet, so be ready BEFORE that day. 3. 1 month review period will commence for criminal gangs / new criminal gang forum threads. 4. Toward the end of October we will be reaching out to gangs and they can apply to become official and show off what they've managed to roleplay over the last 1 month period. Those picked should demonstrate a positive roleplay quality and experience for other players. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to BallinByNature (Interim Head of Illegal Faction Management), Lewis (Head of Legal Faction Management), myself or another administrator who can forward your questions on if they cannot answer them directly. THIS process will be the same process for any faction that does not identify as "criminal" also. The only factions that will not be affected are official government factions. It is our hopes that this will drive all factions to put their best foot forward with their best roleplay and improve the standard of RP as a whole on the server. Best of luck to all those who plan to apply! From, Eclipse Staff Team. P.S. More information about this will be posted after the 1 week period has ended about your next steps including guides and other valuable information.
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    Preface - This report is not directly linked with @MusketDeezNuts's report, it contains further infringements but the same situation is being reported with another situation for one individual (2 parts). Player(s) being reported: Mask 7939_1817, Mask 674_7741, Mask 7645_8205, Mask 2895_885 Date of rule breach: 05/09/2018 Time of rule breach: 19:30 UTC+1 Your characters name: Roberto Sanchez Other players involved: All LSC mechanics on duty, Pedro Luis, Freyja, Steve Carwyn, many more. Specific rule broken: 6.2.2. Kill on Sight is only allowed for these specific reasons to kill, and all other reasons to kill must have roleplay involved. ● Witnessing first hand threat or attempt of murder against you or a close friend. ● Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend. ● Large scale theft of greater than $75,000 in value (excluding vehicles). 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay. 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. 5.1.1. Metagaming is the act of of relaying in-character information through out of character means or using out of character information that is not available or known to your character in-character For example, your character cannot see player name tags, therefore while roleplaying you must pretend that you do not know the names of the strangers around you and would not call them by their stranger ID or mask ID either. 5.1.4. Players may not have two characters who interact together. If they are roleplaying family members, they would need a backstory that separates them from all communication and activity with the other character involving exchanging of knowledge. Roleplaying your character transmitting information to your alternate character or inheriting their enemies or issues is not acceptable and is considered metagaming. How did the player break the rule?: This report will be split in to two sections. 1) The Mass DM and KOS at LSC. 2) Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre 1) This squad of 4 people were camping at LSC as they believe they had a valid KOS reason to kill Roberto. This is false as the rule clearly states the KOS rule is only valid for "Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend" (See section 2 report regarding this "close friend") but this was not an active situation and therefore an invalid reason for KOS. , they also did not have valid KOS reason to kill Pedro_Luis (as he just got back from a 2 day ban and has not been in the city), nor did they have KOS reason to kill all other people at LSC who were just stood there not shooting. The first person they shot was Pedro who, as I stated earlier, has not been in the city for the previous 2 days and therefore had no valid KOS reason. They then began to spray at me but I managed to get inside the garage. While I was in the garage, they killed everyone else standing around for no valid reason. Whilst hiding in the garage, I tabbed out to message an admin regarding the in-progress mass DM and they found me inside, I tabbed back in and put my hands up, with my hands in the air, they said "we don't have time for this" and shot me dead breaching rule 5.3.2 (Invalid reason to kill - Players who have complied with your demands). After finishing me off, they went outside and began shooting at a mechanic and sprayed down two cops. Completely a mass DM and non-rp to say the least. Also, please note that they are abusing the 3rd person camera for information on what is going on below (metagaming). The first link in the evidence will be the video showing this shit-show from the perspective of Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre. 2) TBag or Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre has directly breached rule 5.1.4 as he CKed after he was assasinated last night yet he knows all of the knowledge information and prejudices his former character had. When he was challenged about this he stated that his new character and his old character were in jail together for years and they developed a deep friendship which is a breach of rule 5.1.4 as it states that "roleplaying your character transmitting information to your alternate character or inheriting their enemies or issues is not acceptable and is considered metagaming". So since CKing Jemal, Sigitas has inherited Jemal's enemies due to their "deep friendship" in prison. Furthermore, Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre is well known for metagaming as he called myself and Pedro out on our numbers in our gang on stream and used the F4 menu to gain IC information about us (2nd video link) Evidence of rule breach: 1) https://streamable.com/qn80r 2) https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulElatedCasettePeteZarollTie I may add more to this as I remember due to the fact that this report is extremely deep and there are many different rule breaks here. If I do edit it, I will add it at the bottom with the prefix "EDIT -".
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    My dearest friends, Bayview has been the time of my life. I have worked here for quite a while, starting here together with my husband Brock Olly. I climbed the ranks under the watchful eye of Brian O'Connor and Ana West, whilst keeping my mentor Ryan Cooper close. I've made countless friends, and I am thankful for every single person that has crossed my paths during the time. Even if you no longer work at Bayview, know that I appreciate all the times we have had together, and all the friendship we have shared. I've met a huge variety of people on the Bayview lot, and most of them were the kindest persons I've ever known. The family feeling and connection we Bayview employees have is something nobody can ever come between, and I hope that pure sense of friendship continues to be integral to the shop after I sign my resignation contract. Yes, you read that right, I'm resigning. After 21 interviews, many trainings, mountains of paperwork and countless hours on duty, I have decided to let my toolbox rest. Bayview has been an incredible experience, and I can't think of any other place that would have been so loving and caring for me in my first months in the city. I was incredibly lucky to meet the greatest of people, and work alongside them. Naming them would be too many to count, but know that if you've ever been on duty with me, I consider you a friend. I know I've not always seen eye to eye with everybody regarding all things, and personal quarrels were had. I'm proud we managed to talk open heartedly (if not all) with the other parties. I want to thank every single person I've ever met, customer and coworker alike, for their respect and patience with me. It's always been my dream to help the citizens of Los Santos, in whatever way possible. Being a mechanic certainly achieved that, having flipped, upgraded and repaired more cars than I could imagine at first. I do feel like the time is right for me to try something new, and move to a different part of the city. I'll be working as a medic from now on out, so you know who to call when you have a radio accident. Making this decision was in no sense easy, and I've been doubting this for a long time. After talking to Ana West, Ryan Cooper, Sarah West, Maverick Cunningham and Angela Zoeller, who have been the most supportive friends I could have wished for, I have decided to step down. Bayview represents the ideals of friendship, teamwork and staying strong together. I've tried to uphold those values as much as I could in my time, and I sincerely hope that the employees keep this up after I leave. Bayview is not your average mechanic shop, but a family. And I am going to miss this family with my entire heart and soul. Should you ever wish to contact me for anything, be it advice or going out for tea, don't hesitate. I'll do my best to come down as often as possible, and I'll always be up for helping my family out. Thank you for the beautiful times he have had together, I will miss you all in a capacity I can't put into words. With lots of love, Elisabeth Cooper ❤️
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    TURF Preface Let me preface this with the presented issue before I tackle potential solutions: There's currently a flaw in the turf system which is being exploited by various factions, leading to frustrated players and slowly encouraging decline in players reoccurring visits to the city with a lack of variety. I've discussed with a support member the RULES for taking turf. His exact explanation was as follows: You are not allowed to take turf without a valid roleplay reason. (This is fine, NOT the issue.) A valid roleplay reason HAS to be the following: (This is where the problem lies) The moderator/support guy essentially said; The gang owning the turf must have caused multiple issues with you and your faction, for example; they must have prices you find too competitive and need to fight over, alternatively they must do things to piss you off within the city, robberies etc. There's multiple issues with this. Currently what is happening is people are sat on turf being very passive and just collecting income, not providing other groups reason to even attempt to take turf. This defeats the point of turf even existing. If nobody can take turf without acts of aggression from the turf owners, then nobody can take turf as people remain neutral to everyone. In addition to this, the system of when turf is assessed for inactivity is flawed. People currently abuse the system by regularly logging on for 5 minutes to refresh member activity in inactive groups. The other issue is forum staff + close staff to the owners having turf and being able to justify keeping their turf through any means due to comfortable relationships with people who have the power to change these rules, to elaborate, if you they have an issue with someone taking their turf, naturally, there's going to be subconscious favoritism over returning the turf to their good ol' buddy. I'm not against staff owning turf but it feels like the system is geared against the regular players who would just like to establish themselves within the city. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE SOLUTION(S) I have multiple ideas for how this can be resolved and i'm happy to elaborate on the pros and cons of all. Idea 1: Rotating turf basis This isn't rotating the turf between all gangs, this is a system whereby turf is free-for-all for 1 week, then locked for 3 weeks with specific factions, allowing people to process shipments and have enough time with turf. It's quite chaotic but allows intelligent roleplay of turf-sniping and tactical deployment over turf location, this also eliminates idle income generators for people who just play on ALTs until they need a transfer. Idea 2: Relax current turf rules. Allow people to take turf with a VALID RP reason, but not the reason that has to be instigated by the turf owners. Allow people to muscle into other turf with RP evidence of show of strength from new factions, for example, you turn up with 30 guys on a regular basis to someone elses turf, I thinkyou have justification to take that turf if no resistance is shown. It's ludicrous to suggest that turf can't be taken because you didnt interact with the faction if the faction is NEVER in the city or playing on an alt all the time. Idea 3: Add additional turf. There has been an influx in the city of new players and no growth in turf areas to compensate, meaning multiple large gangs are fighting over small areas of turf, want access to gun shipments but are bottlenecked by people who are 'camping' turfs in a neutral stance. Adding additional turf would provide a new area for people to struggle over, perhaps in the north away from the city or alternatively in other areas of the city to build up a more turf-oriented citybase. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To Summarize Gangs and criminals currently have rough revenue streams within the city to form an income. They perform legal jobs like regular citizens which is fine, but detracts from the reason to bother with a criminal lifestyle, this needs more support and more attention to provide justification for people to bother being criminals. More active or interesting turf systems will provide criminal gangs better reasons to be in a gang. It NEEDS to be more profitable but with the RISK of being in a gang - Otherwise you mind aswell truck around all day. High Risk, high reward. If you feel you have any additional comments for this turf system, please feel free to post them. I'm happy to hear all views on this but I do honestly believe the current turf system is flawed and in need of attention. Thanks for your time.
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    Public Relations Hello, Eclipse. Before we start with the update notes, we would like to again congratulate @Spark on becoming our public relations person (READ). Spark has been offered this position, to increase communication between community members, to help us collect feedback from the community and set our priorities based on what our players want the most. Our plan, for the next update, is to work with player feedback and improve existing features, therefore we hope that the next (1.1.0) update will reflect the needs of our community a lot better than any previous updates. ECLIPSE Roleplay update notes - 1.0.9 Added report types to /report command and short report type explanations Added an upgraded version of the /unban command which is easier to use and is more informative Added an administrator command /toggleac which allows staff members to toggle support and administrator chat Added a vehicle customization logger, to help detect and fix issues that may cause customizations to disappear Added a check on vehicle plates that only permits players to use unique (not used) plate numbers Added a clothing option to remove glasses from a player's character Added a color option to barber shop selections Added blockades for police Added blockades across the map to prevent gas station explosions and unrealistic stunt jumping (thanks to FatherOsborn) Added objects to block fail roleplay stunt jumps in Los Santos and locations that often crash players Added a new bank "Blaine County Savings Bank" at Paleto Bay Added remove tattoos option to the tattoo stores Added lock picks (bobby pins) to break cuffs and vehicle locks Added command /alias . You will be able to assign names to strangers with it Added ability to trace phones for PD detectives Add logo to MDC and changed formatting (thanks to Pertinax) Added new type (Detective) to LSPD which can add a siren to any vehicle Changed money, time, fuel, speed and turf display to a more compact and efficient version that uses CEF Changed /fmembers command for government factions, so it displays member duty status Changed the discount rates on warehouse orders to work properly with quantities Changed max discount on weapons to 10%, standard discount for other goods remains at 25% Changed Los Santos Emergency Medical Services medic uniforms Changed vehicle engine turn on/off. Now it doesn't use chat Changed drug effects (some now give armour and a minor speed boost for the duration of the drug effects) Changed gunparts and drugs to a new method of saving, using and loading (much cleaner and easier to track for issues in the future) Fuel is now displayed in litres, not percentage If vehicle health is lower than 150, you will not be able to turn on the engine Increased taco healing amount Increased some UI loading speed (truckers, warehouses, insurance, dealerships, bus driver job) Disabled weapon aiming and shooting for vehicle drivers, to reduce deathmatching and force players to cooperate Disabled certain vehicle controls that should prevent vehicles from rotating while in mid-air making stunt jumps more risky Disabled jumping over obstacles for cuffed players Removed several redundant API call use cases, which may reduce client crashing Removed VIP chat perk from the credit store interface, because it was disabled Removed actual character names from nametags Fixed clothing bugs within PD Fixed (countered) the client bug that is causing vehicles to despawn Fixed a bug that caused secondary (GTA:Online) vehicle color synchronization to break Fixed a synchronization bug that caused CityBee and other non-player owned vehicle to be white Fixed a bug that caused the flatbed to fail load motorcycles and cycles Fixed a bug that enabled players to load tow trucks on flatbed trucks Fixed a bug that caused the server to frequently crash Fixed a bug that caused inactive reports to remain in the report list after the report owner had disconnected Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck inside finance company interiors Fixed a bug that broke voice-chat whenever a player stood in the same spot Fixed bugs that made the /drag command cause a variety of bugs (dying, breaking, forcing players out of vehicles, etc..) Fixed a bug that created a -1 ID anomaly in the scoreboard Fixed LSEMS stabilize bug (patient being stuck in the ground while stabilizing) Fixed chest hair bugs at the barber shop and character creation scripts Fixed /modview displaying incorrect rear wheel model for motorcycles Fixed warehouse orders to check for outstanding orders on a loop, meaning after a server crash, your order will still be on for delivery. Fixed the name of ammo that appears as numbers instead of the name of the weapon when withdrawing from a warehouse. Fixed bug where people appear standing when they are actually laying on the ground. Fixed some menu issues regarding the gunparts/drug menu (client javascript errors and it turning off car engines while using the menu) Fixed some minor issues on the game panel and improved the security on login and resetting of passwords. Phones The first initial release of phones is here. With phones you may /call or /text (or /sms) other players or /call 911. Phones have /contacts (max 5 for non VIP) which you may store and use in /call or /sms. When you miss a call it will be displayed in /missed(calls), players may leave you a voicemail if you miss their call. You may set your /voicemail message and view/delete voicemails whenever you please. A max of 5 voicemails is given to all phones, and a max of 10 text messages are stored at a time. You may be called or texted while you are offline, so leaving someone a message is simple. Phones also have /notes which you can add, view or delete. Players may /record IC events using their phone and it may be used as IC evidence for a crime or other event. While talking on the phone you may still talk quietly with /low or talk regularly with /l(ocal) chat. When you are done leaving a voice mail or finished with a phone conversation you may /h(angup) the phone. This is the first text-based release and there will be a UI coming for it in the future. You can buy a phone in a general store, and see your number in /stats. You may /delphone if you want to smash your phone (this deletes all contacts, notes, messages, voicemails and resets your phone number as well). /battery to see your battery life. Buy a charger and /plugin to plug a charger into a car/house to charge your phone and /unplug it when you are done charging. Players may mug you and /takebattery to steal your battery so you don't call the police as well, in which case you'll have to buy a new battery at the general store. Farming Farming is a new job introduced in Eclipse Roleplay 1.0.9 The new activity involves ploughing and raking the crop fields with a tractor. To grow crops, a farmer must first plough the soil and then plant the seeds. The plant will begin to grow and the farmer will have to rake the soil around it, which is required to ensure that the harvest is of the highest quality. Once the plant reaches full growth, it can be harvested and transformed into a sellable item, which can be loaded into a work vehicle and delivered to the harvest warehouse.
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    The Government Factions should not feel like it's being ran by the admins. If you fart or do something wrong an admin is there to tell you what to do or warn you with a fine or something and it's not right... If this is a so called RP server then the OWNER of the faction/Business or supervisor needs to handle it... The admins should only be there if you are breaking a rule like VDM, DM, FailRP or some other stuff. It should be up to the Higher ranked members in the Faction/Business to handle it or for one of the other members or players to report that person that's not doing his/her job to the OWNER or SUPERVISOR. I understand IF and admin was there to handle an Exploit which it kinda is just sitting there and making money and doing nothing BUT..... It happens in real life too. If someone is not doing their job they will get fired by the Owner or manager and not be fired by "Aliens" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EITHER AN ADMIN IS "ON DUTY" OR NOT AT ALL. "FAILRP" <<<<----------- I've been in a chase a few times and an admin has budded in because i out smart them and they call it FailRP or some other shit and ruin the RP. (I'm a fair person and I'll admit my faults) I find it dull for an admin to go from RP to Admin during an RP situation. I was in a police chase and i didn't see where i was going and i fell down the hill slide onto a railroad track and i landed fine on the other had the admin didn't and got mad because he couldn't do it and gave me a warning for "FailRP"... I wasn't mad but he didn't know MY side of the story nor did he ask why i did it. I told him i was sorry and i didn't mean to do that. (He was cool about it though) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RUMOR GOES THAT...... Most of the players are actually leaving because of "Power Hungry Admins" (I don't have any problems with the admins at all but i kinda see what they are saying... Actions speak for themselves..) I've been disrespected by 1 admin before but i didn't get all huffy and puffy about it unlike SOME of the admins on the server and nor did i get mad in any way. Freedom of speech is a thing you know.... If i say "Fuck you", "Fuck off" or anything like that i don't think it should result in a ban or some shit. Just drop it and if they OBVIOUSLY don't care and wont stop (IE: Asking them nicely to stop) i understand Kicking them or maybe a few hours of ban to set them straight and not to disrespect OTHERS in OOC.. I think most of the admins need a talking too and let them know that "Freedom Of Speech" actually exists. (I'm not saying that i approve of disrespecting anyone.. But they take it too seriously) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Cops are a bit too "Power Hungry" as well. They think they are invincible and don't really abide by the real life book. I was almost arrested for saying "Fuck da Police!" but he got gang banged before he could do it. They as well need to be set straight and learn the we can exercise our freedom of speech. and to learn the REAL LIFE LAWS or there needs to be a list of laws that they know. (I'VE SEEN A COP HIT A GUY AND THE COP ARRESTED HIM FOR "DESTRUCTION OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY" BECAUSE HE WAS IN THE ROAD AND SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN THERE) All the guy was doing was going to his car... If i'm not mistaken he was reported to the IA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And of course... Remember that i have no problems with any of the admins, I like them all as equals.
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    This server turned into a shitfest recently. I am going to post this big ass rant and I believe devs, the admin staff and all people, who are in charge for this server will not give a fuck about it and I am not scared to point the biggest problems even if I will get banned for these words - but you can't really deny the facts. 1. This server devs slept on the fame of the days when there was 300 guys online and still there was queue to login. Wake up - you have to work towards keeping the player community, not to think that it is granted forever. Eventually people will leave the server and you will become a shithole where you have been 6 months ago. For example - end of the April, peak time numbers on the Friday night - 50-60 people was max at best. Server was dead and will become dead, if you wont fix the admin abusing power, disbalancing the server economy structure and the PD bullshit that is happening from the beggining of the rise. This server has a lot of potential, but you have to work towards it, not to go backwards into the shithole. Eventually there will be (theoreticly, not announcing or having any info related to that) a competitor server which will show better respect for the player community and you will be left with few players left, because people naturally will choose what's the best. Another example on a bigger base - a well known game Runescape. There was times, when devs of RS didnt listened to the player community and the game died few months later, because players voice wasnt heard at all. There is tons of good suggestions of the forum, but nobody of devs/staff even acknowledges that. The same scenario will happen eventually on this server. Hire people, who will work on PR side, let them work and let community know what updates are coming, what devs are working on and etc.. Now there is no information, only leaks from private messages and rumours that "devs are working on this and that" and there is no official info whats going on, there is no voting system what people would want to see and if they do agree to that. 2. PD and admins situation. This is the whole section where I will release my biggest rants about the admins, their knowledge of RP, which is mostly poor and the neverending shitfest going with the PD. First - admin staff members. There are some decent admins, which are non biased and shows a good knowledge of RP, sense of humour and acts professionaly. The problem is - there are too many admins, who never even showed a good RP on theirselfs and they are in the staff. Believe me - following the rules blindly doesnt show you as a good admin. This turned into a family (in a bad way), where one staff member fucks up and then all the staff covers and rakes all the shit they done, just because they are admins. I am not gonna say the names, except for few ones, but there is a big problem of understanding what RP should be handled. There been several times when 6 staff members spawns (that amount should never be brought to any case) and its clear excess of admin power on one single situation. I have screenshot of it somewhere. IT RELATES to the staff, who are in the PD ICly mainly. Continuing on the situation over the admins, who work ICly in PD. MarcoD is the absolutely best example of this shitfest going on. The guy had warnings in the past for showing little to no interest of need to RP as a cop, rather than cuffing people, bringing someone to prison and just putting someone in the jail with little to 0 RP showed. HOW THE F THIS PERSON CAN BE A STAFF MEMBER, when he has no clue what RP server should look like (believe, I am certified actor with the diploma and I have a right to talk on this). HOW PEOPLE LIKE THIS GETS APPLIED TO THE STAFF? I have no explanation. The guy literally tells people that robbing a cop is non rp. Guy literally abuses the admin powers, spawns himself into an admin in the middle of RP, breaks the RP (no matter how good he is) and he does everything to only win the situation. Admin shouldn't even be allowed to break the RP and orchestrate how RP should turn into. I have multiple clips in my dispose of MarcoD fuckups, I will post one here. (clip is not mine, I am just collecting it) guy basically turns into terminator mode ignoring FearRP, where he could just call the reinforcements and comply to the opposing side and the backup would solve this. how this guy can even be admin, where he doesnt have a clue what the definition of roleplay is? Eventually, this kind of roleplay goes into as an example how the whole PD behaves in the server, when one of the higher members of PD acts the same. I literally wanted to go on the semi cop bait, dont even say a word while being arrested and record the "casual" arrest and the transportation. I bet the cop would not even roleplay of identifying me and would put me into the jail with little to no RP. EVEN the lowend FiveM open rp server cops are roleplaying better than the 70 percent of PD of eclipserp. Shame. And this is happening for a long time. They ask criminals for better roleplay, while their roleplay havent changed since the beggining. I watched how swats are training on I believe noah baxtors personal twitch stream. Guys did swat training on the west highway (!). Why the hell you didnt choose the zancudo base or the airport? I hear admins saying that swats are trained for this and that and from the footage I've seen I could only say that they are trained to be potatoes at best. Most of criminal gangs are more trained than the whole swat itself. From now on I don't believe any admin saying that SWATS are trained for this and that, because they are bunch of amateurs not even seriously roleplaying. Another problem - PD has an impound lot, which was implemented on behalf of PD requests. The idea is good itself, but it removed basically a chopshop availability for criminals. Now on recent updates, the chopshop payouts were reduced twice! Are you out of your minds? PD is overloaded with officers and they still hiring people and opening the applications once again, while drug labs are being destroyed on the daily basis, there is no warehouses anymore (its temporarily), shop robbing is basically close to nothing (with such numbers of PD), there is NO ACTIVITIES LEFT for criminals and they are still continuing to remove all the tools for criminals reducing an ability to show any kind of RP. What the devs were thinking? If I would need to play a bus simulator, I would rather download another game for that! This server turns into no crime server and even when people are trying to create the situations like hostage taking, robberies, they are still getting fucked up by the powerhungry admins, because this and that is non RP and because cops lost to situation. How you gonna solve that problem? Drug lab destroying - big powergaming. Phone tracking - big powergaming. PD has so much tools, they even have cars going faster than the supercars and they still are terrible. I believe they are going nearly to 240km/h. There is a meme car on other server, which is taco bus with two jet engines with afterburners at the back, which goes up to 150mph, which is exactly 240km/h. Funny, isnt it? They get everything spawned and they have unlimited resources, they fail to maintain and value their job vehicles, even when they have huge advantages over other players and they continue to ask more tools for them. Stop it. Learn to drive, learn to value your car. The power of undefeatable PD with the help of the admin should stop, because the numbers of player base are decreasing already mainly due to these things stated above. I could continue on this rant forever with tons of clips of the situation of server, but the main problems are stated before and the majority of the player base will agree to me. (devs and admins - if you need a solution to these problems, I have the solutions for you for free, since I care and still enjoy about the server, but the situation continues to be more hectic and hectic, so I had to release this rant)
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    Account name: Triple Seven#0477 Character name(s): N/A Admin who issued punishment: N/A Date of punishment: 09/09/2018 Punishment received: Ban on Discord Reason given for punishment: None Your explanation of what happened: I was removed from staff, then made a wrong choice of tagging an Administrator when voicing my opinion. It was never meant as a personal attack and I hope she didn't take it as such, I'm sorry for doing that @PB-AJ. I admit I made a wrong decision in an attempt to voice my opinion about something related that I should have kept private and kept you out of. I sincerely offered my help when you asked not too long ago. Why should your appeal be accepted?: As a player, when my game crashes (likely because of RageMP) or my internet gives out (not likely), I want to be able to tell the people involved in the RP I'm having, that it happened and that I'm trying to get back into the game. I also quite like most of the people in the community and would like to be able to communicate with them on an OOC level. It might also help when discussing development for LSEMS and with contacting community members for purposes like that as well. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.
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    Introduction Hey Imbure, Dasmin Nowe here. I am a professional Dungeons and Dragons Game Master. I love roleplaying games and I do like playing GTA V in your server, Eclipse. However, I did find some issues within the rules and the game elements that block people from having fun in more ways than one. What I wanted to say beforehand, people roleplay in games, because they want to experience things they can’t in real life, on top of that, to escape the routine of monotonous activities. Being a trucker and just driving without any (or close to that) interaction with other people is blatantly boring. Thank you note! I wanted to thank Byankovic, Wanheda and Wooge for giving me feedback on the game and helping me acquire information or forming the post. I greatly appreciate your input. Rules NCZ Few weeks ago there was quite a big disagreement on where the NCZs are. This could be easily solved by just taking GTA’s map and painting things on it. But before you pick up the brush, I suggest splitting NCZs into Situational and Constant. Ones that are NCZs until a certain occurrence happens, others staying safe no matter what. Those could obviously be subject to change. Situation NCZs: The block surrounding and the interior of all active banks. The Bolingbroke Prison and the parking lot / gate interior surrounding. Constant NCZs The block surrounding and the interior of the Los Santos Police Department. The block surrounding and the interior of Los Santos Medical Center. The block surrounding and the interior of Tequil La La poker lounge. The interior of The Yellow Jack Inn poker lounge. The Airport drop off. (New character spawn) The parking lot of the DMV. I will get into detail with why I chose those exact places to be situational NCZs later in the post, while Constant NCZs remain good meeting places to socialize, guarantee a certain amount of necessary safety or are meant for new players. You could take a map and paint it in two different colors, showing which NCZs are Constant and which are Situational, that would clarify a lot of things for new and veteran players. Refuelling Mid Chase Are the police allowed to change their cars if they are closed to non existing? They are also refueling it, and what about the criminals, what if they roleplay it, go to the gas station and actually pay the “cashier”, and with the inclusion of the actual cashier could be a thing. NLR Disambiguation with the NLR. There are cases where NLR does a disservice to the immersion of the game which is of the utmost importance in a roleplaying game. Keeping positive memories only makes sense, as if you come back to life you still owe your house, cars, money and etc. However, forgetting all grudges might make sense to an extent. If you are there alone and respawning in the hospital you can explain as getting shot, your brain not getting enough oxygen and losing memory of your last activity, while fictional medics pick you up. That would make the world feel more fluent to the character, you could actually reason yourself being injured instead of trying to go around the rules. For roleplay reasons 30 minute cooldown should be treated as just a fear and only as a bad memory of the headache and your subconscious does not let you go there, or rather fear itself, so you wouldn’t get hurt again. At least for the time being, it could be explained as PTSD. Scamming The rule is too ambiguous and would require some enhancing. If people catch me nearby the house, but there aren’t 5 people, can they ask me to go into the house, unlock it and let them take my equipment? Is this hostage situation? Is this scamming? Could they take 10 of my AKs? Take some effort to explain it, then the players will know whether they should be careful of that or not. Fear RP This is probably the most concerning topic and how much it ruins the game with other elements combined. But before I start, I want to go back to something, I mentioned I am a professional Game Master in Dungeons and Dragons. In that game there are 3 pillars that also exist within Eclipse: Exploration Considering that we do a lot of driving in the game works, we have that shoved down our throats, even though that element is necessary, it’s taking too much of the time over others. Socializing Onward to the second element, people (especially criminals) are bad at socializing, or roleplay. That falls not only on their part, but also on the game economy. On average a trucker’s job pays $9000 / hour. I know that this job is one of more paid jobs, but a lot of driving, mundane and quite boring jobs go close to that as well. All of the driving jobs get money from external source - the game. All of the criminal jobs get money from internal sources - other players. That is a trouble because being a criminal has a risk of staying in prison, abstaining from government jobs (unless you pay $25000, but that is quite a huge sum of money) and does not pay the bills at all. Welfare and any other activities combined to not get close to other jobs. Next point I want to make I think is of the utmost importance. If a player has a firearm that he can barely buy, upon an RP situation he will risk breaking RP rules and hoping not to get banned, because being a criminal does not pay enough. If it paid enough, the player would feel rewarded enough in general, RP would be way more appealing. In Dungeons and Dragons if your character concept is interesting, you are not going to play it long if it’s not rewarding in any game sense. I will speak about criminal economy later on. Combat As far as I understand, if there are 3 characters against 2 characters, 2 characters should always yield. To my comprehension this was made when desync was bad and weapons were not dealing a fine amount of damage. The game becomes just a basic zergrush, everyone metagaming the rules to their advantage, never stepping out of the cars, carrying firearms so they wouldn’t get robbed and etc. I think that if one is even with lesser odds, he should be allowed to resist. If I am in a two versus three situation and I shoot a guy, the fight begins with a two versus two, fair odds, no? I know that you can be aimed at, but even fighting at lesser odds and then losing makes you understand why you lost, while winning makes a great Goliath vs David story that feels very uplifting. Most of the scenarios feel prescripted and you can’t do anything about it just because rules say you will be worse at combat. In real life as long as the criminal does not have you in his hands, you will live more likely if you run in zig-zag even if the mugger is armed. I am not saying that Fear RP should not exist, but it should not feel as oppressive and firing a weapon should be more free, instead of making a player think: “Will I get banned this time for protecting my wealth, as my life will be given to me again.” There are some things that you just can’t get out of your head. Suggested to Change or New Features Criminal Pay Issue Main issue with the game now is that criminal jobs do not pay off at all. That’s due to the fact that all of those activities come from internal sources, harming other player’s experience. Harming other player’s experience (to an extent) is not necessarily just a bad thing and should remain as it does now. However, criminals should have some sort of possibility to acquire money through doing other type of work, stealing not from players, but just the game. Because if you are likely to lose the possessions you can barely have, you will break the RP and hope not to get banned. Banks This is where Situational NCZs come in. Banks could have a lot of money to get robbed and could work like a chopshop. When the bank is getting robbed, and that would work only when the people have those specific blueprints, the area becomes a non NCZ area. It could still have some limitations, but probably better if not. A person could be trying to get through the safe, while others protect him. For it to not be happening all the time, it could be somewhat of an organized crime, so the gang pays a $100000 for blueprints and can get $300000. These are all fictional numbers, but remember, pulling off such things would require a lot of people and splitting the money, $200000 of profit wouldn’t be that much through 20 people. Different banks could give different amount of money, and for it not to be performed only at random times, only allow this thing when X amount of players are on and if it’s day in the game because bank systems are on lockdown let’s say (game time day). On top of that if you are making it a price barrier, people won’t jump in doing it. Bolingbroke Prison I think this NCZ was what pushed me to even creating this post. I was watching the streamer Riflius and the most exciting thing happened. One of the policeman forgot to take his firearm away, so he decided to do a jailbreak. If that happens that area could become a non NCZ area, it would create for some entertaining roleplay and would make police more accountable. Admins were trying to explain it as theatre of the mind, as if there were more guards there. With that logic one could argue that there should be also more prisoners. And to be honest, it just makes for some really interesting RP, which is quite lacking lately. https://clips.twitch.tv/FlaccidInnocentWaterTBTacoLeft Chopshops If you have the best car and you chopshop it, you gain $8000. Is that really enough, because finding such a car is difficult, requires quite a lot of bobby pins, you get revenge from others, police wants to hunt you down and etc. On top of that, chopshops are too hard to find, why not make two chopshops, one that is stationary in the old spot and the other is moving around. You could make it so the moving one gives more money, so people would go and find it. On top of that there could be a place where one could steal cars from, like car salon, where people would get informed if someone steals a car. Driving Jobs It is quite horrible to an RP server, bus drivers don’t even let you in because they are afraid you have a gun. Make people work as shop owners, make them carry bags around the shop, perhaps from a warehouse nearby, overlooking the truckers’ shipments and etc. Where the player should make it in time or miss on some amount of pay, where criminals could butt in and get the pay from the player, or portion of it, so it would be way more of an RP job instead of casual driving. Cashier and the trucker could get a portion of the money in salary, the other one could be hands on, so players would be inclined to protect their money, but it would be a small percentage, as it would create at least some roleplay scenarios, while most of the robber’s money could be in the shop, and for a successful defense of the shop the player could be rewarded. ATM robbing Make robbing ATMs a thing, not from other players, but just casual thing. Oh, and speaking of, feeding ATMs money should be done by the game, not other players as it’s blatantly boring, however it could be tied to something else. There are a lot of ways to import criminal activities that work based on external sources, do not make it all internal, treat criminal jobs as if they would still be in the minds of the police, however, they would not necessarily interact with other players to a negative experience extent. Do not be afraid to give criminals a lot of pay, if criminals become too common, vigilantes and mercenaries will become a thing as well. We already have police brutality in a way, it creates this: “We are evil, but we are fighting different evil” mentality which is good for that type of game. However, there are no ways to fight back which I will go into later on. In a nutshell, criminal pay, or external economy will make the game way more interesting and enjoyable to everyone. I think at the moment this is the biggest issue in the game as it pushes other negative things to coexist with those issues. Fighting against the Police The criminals, also not forgetting the low pay need to work for their firearms. They do not have the authority (I know that they don’t also need to follow all the rules) and are in smaller numbers. They can’t take firearms off the policeman and that makes working as a policeman the safest job in town. If you are afraid of police just supplementing weapons, insert rules that cause permanent ban for that and if you lose a shotgun, perhaps give a long cooldown for those weapons, while handhold weapons are on quicker cooldown, so you could at least hold one to do your work. I had many plans to fight the police and create these wars that would be an interesting RP experience, but can’t, just because I have to work hours for something police won’t feel a dent. It would make the police more vigil. Car Chases Now they are basic: “who will drive and perhaps shoot a couple bullets better” competitions. Make places where perhaps the police has no jurisdiction, so they’d be aware of it, where they couldn’t follow the criminals to, try enabling trains that go by a very strict schedule, so you could plan the chases. There are many many many elements that could make the thing interesting. Not all scenarios should be created by the players, game elements should be there as well to support it more. Car Races There already are car races in the game, however, all of them are organized by the players. Let the server organize something and create “sponsors” that give money to participators, bet their money and etc. These races could be deliberately illegal, so the police would want to interrupt them, it would make the thing more interesting. On top of that, you could integrate pink slip races, where if one loses, he or she also loses the car, on the other end, they would win the car. Admin created races would allow for more elaborate routes. Mayor A person that is capable of changing the PD laws (only with Admins’ approval, so the game wouldn’t become too dumb or unrealistic. He would get money for cars, hiring mercenaries to protect him and he could also be captured to pay ransom. The character should be voted by the players, not sure whether once per character or player. That person could also settle disagreements and etc. Please give your opinion in the comments so I could respond, express where you agree or disagree. Thank you for your time and attention!
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