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    Account name: Left/Right Sharkie Character name(s): Lexa Dagaslov, Alex Keller Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment: September 16, 2018 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Trying to create drama Your explanation of what happened: There are a few reasons which resulted in me being removed from the community. I want to lay everything out and be completely honest with what I did to receive this punishment so everyone understands. To start off I will give some context of how it started. On September 16, 2018, there was a staff meeting being conducted in discord. During the staff meeting, one of the support members pointed out how it’s quiet in #general, making a joke about players being afraid to talk because of the amount of staff being online. After that, I proceed to say“They ban for typing now? Thought it was just jokes”, which I got muted for in Discord. At that time I thought it would be funny to push it a bit further, so I logged in on my alt account RightSharkie which was already in the eclipse discord. I then proceeded to say “J-word is bad, I'm sorry”. After my bad joke, I got banned from discord. I then went ahead and pm’ed NBDY “ahahahhahaha you proved my point”, after which he responds that he is removing me from everything. This resulted in me getting permanently banned on Discord, in-game, forums and blocked by NBDY. At the time I thought the ban was not justified, but I now clearly see that such acts should not go uncalled for. Two weeks after the ban was issued, I tried to contact Osvaldon in order to find out if it was possible to get a reduced punishment, NBDY felt it was too early at the time. At later times I have tried to pm Ballin and Toony, but with no success. Why should your appeal be accepted? At the time of writing this appeal, it has been over five months since the ban. This has given me a lot of time to reflect on what I did, why what I did was wrong and how to improve, so I won't behave like this in the future. I'm deeply sorry for the drama and extra work I have created, that could be used on something more productive. I have already written a sincere apology to NBDY for being disrespectful to him, which I hope he accepted. I would like my appeal to be accepted because I want to come back to the community I was part of since the beginning of 2017, and continue to play with my friends. Throughout the two years I have played on the server, I have always done my best to follow the rules and tried my best to display a great quality of roleplay while doing so. -Sharkie
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    While I understand the idea behind it I think punishing somebody for dying with a further 15 minute time out is just straight up not fun. I see a few issues that will arise. 1. Extra Pointless Report s. You will have an angry person who has a free 15 mins to type up reports with no merit. 2. Rage Quit reducing active server population. People will just say to hell with this I'm done for the night and log off instead of staying on and having RP in a different avenue. The amount of times you die from silly things like dsync or hitting a floating object etc. Only to spend 10 minutes waiting for a 911 call that never arrived only to be further punished by spending 15 minutes in a coma. I fully support the splash screen reminding people of the NLR rule and think it's a good idea. Thanks
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    ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.2.0 Major Updates: Added furniture system You will now be able to modify/customize the properties you own (warehouses, houses, finance companies, regular properties) Added properties system You will now be able to buy properties (building). Interiors of such properties will be completely empty. Empty box (size depends on the value of the property) will be provided to the player for him to customize it as they please. Players will be able to create interiors ranging from restaurants to gang hideouts and etc. Added coma system. As a punishment to dying players will now have to wait 15 minutes at the hospital. The time and implementation of this feature might change in the future. Added animations that require two players Such animations include kiss, hug, highfive, handshake. Usage: /duoanim [player] [anim] ; /acceptanim [player] Changelog: (since the last forum patch notes) /eid now only shows up from really close distances and if player is not in vehicle Added spike strips Added armor for criminals to import Fixed vehicle entrance bug Removed AFK exclusion in prison Added tires status sync Added /givekey [player] [permanent] (vehicle keys) Added /removekey [player] (vehicle keys) Added break option to beverages. Certain beverages will give broken bottle item Added animations that require two players (kiss, hug, high five, handshake) Inactive houses clean up now checks hours played instead of last seen Inactive houses clean up automatically cleans house's stash pot and puts house on auction Added furniture support to finance interiors, warehouses. Players with SWAT uniforms will have masks on Updated map editor to use numpad Added ability to add persistent map objects on live server Removed old warehouse script Implemented interior shell generator /goto prison will be more reliable Enabled /pw for prison guards Implemented new entity location saving system. Position and dimension saving should be more reliable Moved furniture management to clientside Player location saving will be done more frequently Furniture store items will now be able to be updated live Started implementing custom properties Updated furniture store UI Disabled /alias for people with masks Setup furniture store location Disabled turfs Older patch notes: Lowered radio item volume to 5 Fixed fish selling Fixed inventory typo New Player tag will only appear on players that do not own character over 5k xp Added dance5 Added new player ids system / Removed Stranger/Mask Added prisoners uniforms Added prison guards uniforms Added some features to SADOC Fixed ammo's weight being 100x intended value Fixed radio issue with frisk/sideinventory Fixed mechanic service prices Fixed unlimited food eating Fixed visual carry bug when spamming P Moved new player spawn point from airport to bus station (near the main hospital). Snowy weather removed. Selling inactive houses will fairly adjust house prices of inactive owners. New players under 5000xp will have a (( New Player )) above them Some items (bags, briefcases, crate) can be now carriable Warehouses can be owned by anyone. (they currently act only as a storage thing, imports are made through the laptop) Package orders can be made only through a laptop by a person that has criminal faction and has permissions to manage inventory Inventory has scrollbar in order to support high slot counts of warehouses Inventory now has volume system (similar to weight). Each item has X amount of volume. Each inventory has its max volume Crates (from packages order) can be accessed with I to see the contents (they now have use inventory system) Added keypad system (warehouses use them) Added additional protections for new players Added briefcase Criminal packages now have global amount available to order. Fixed bug with masks disappearing Fixed bug with gun parts not appearing after /dropgun Increased mechanic services prices Fixed visual/engine repairs CPR can't be performed on yourself Removed radio frequency on HUD Implemented laptops (used for criminal factions only at this moment) Door lock notifications changed to overridable. Fixed phone messages deletion bug. Fixed hotkeys being active when using phone/mdc. Fixed unloading bug, when more resources are unloaded, than contracted. Health will not be restored to 50 HP on reconnect. Added ability to strip components from weapons Implemented speakers /friskapprove and /friskcancel messages have more information Added /bindradio for/and radio switching Shift + (1, 2 - 9) Radio frequency and voice status (normal, shouting, whispering) is now displayed on hud VOIP should be more stable Current talking players are displayed on the right side Fix fuelstation displaying wrong import price Fix clothes duplication bug Improved taxes calculation Set fuel import price to 5$ Tweaked drive by disablement for trucks Added tax to house/vehicle market ( 5% ) Wearing a uniform with a mask, will refresh the character nametag Added player notifications for offline punishments (oawarn, oban, ojail, oaprison) Removed maximum car price at high end market Cityhall and additional PD interior Disabled shooting from commericial vehicles (trucks mainly, to avoid bug abuse) Added more in-depth economy logging (for future development purposes) Removed 10% tax from gunstores and vehicle dealerships Flying ability set to maximum for all players Imported vehicles do not count towards higher tax brackets since they are not part of the economy Removed salary limit Added parking pay stations Added police impound You can only quit a job if you have returned a work vehicle with /returnvehicle Increased citybee price Added typing indicator Removed nametag colors Body armor clothing will be automatically added if player has armor over a specific amount JerryCan only works if player is outside vehicle and engine is off Added ability for PD to take and remove armor Rebalanced police cruisers Bug fixes
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    We're a small team running Los Santos biggest record label. With all the hottest rappers signed to our label like Lil Jay and our new producer, Hamada Sidiqi you probably already heard of us. We also have a professional video editor and cameraman for our music videos, Rahul Akbar. We believe in perfection and with no competition on the market we're ready to take over the world. OUR TEAM MANAGER: -Hamada SIdiqi (temp) (382-2398) PRODUCER: - Hamada Sidiqi (382-2398) ARTISTS: - Lil Jay (510-6343) VIDEO: - Rahul Akbar (217-3552) WORK FOR US Do you wanna work for the most promising record label in the city? Right now we're searching for: - Manager - Limousine driver - Body Guards WANT A FEATURE? If you want a feature on one of Lil Jay's track or any of our other artists you can contact us and we'll figure out a reasonable price. HIRE A PRODUCER Want to become the next famous artist in Los Santos? Hire one of our professional producers and video editors and we'll make the work for you. ALL OUR SONGS WILL BE RELEASED UNDER MUTHERJUCKER RECORDS LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC NEW RELEASES
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    <!> Everything in this thread is meant for out-of-character purposes and should not be taken in-character in any way, shape, nor form. 1957, North Lawndale, Chicago. Several African-American kids form the Vice Lords gang. They were led by the founding member Edward Perry, who chose the name after he looked up the term "vice" in the dictionary, and found the meaning "having a tight hold". As they were released from incarceration, they began widespread recruitment and engaged in conflict with other gangs from various Chicago neighborhoods. By '64, they had grown significantly and law enforcement named them as a primary target because of their various illegal activities, including but not limited to robbery, theft, assaults, battery, intimidation and extortion. Their numbers and popularity grew so much that other sets started springing up all over the United States. All the sets united as the Almighty Vice Lord Nation under the self-proclaimed leadership of Willie Lloyd. 2018, Stab City, San Andreas. Two brothers were out trying to make some quick cash, chopping a vehicle. A loose group of people showed up with guns and asked who they were affiliated with. As no satisfactory answer was provided, they proceeded to rob them and leave them to walk back to the city, without money but with much determination. It was on that long walk back to the city, that they decided to start this next chapter in their life. That's how the Insane Vice Lords sprung out of Los Santos, to become the most notorious Vice Lord set, known for their ruthlessness and violence. The Insane Vice Lords sees an increase in notoriety, which in turn increases the number of recruits which then increases the notoriety, and as such their numbers increase exponentially. Never being one to waste resources, these new soldiers are put to work consolidating early work and increasing their areas of influence. Drug manufacturing laboratories all over Los Santos are regularly used and monitored and before long, you can no longer produce drugs if you're on bad terms with the Nation. The soldiers start being groomed by more experienced members, and they start accumulating individual wealth and power, just as the Nation promised. Store clerks all over town are afraid of the dreaded black car armada, as when it strikes, not police nor SWAT can save them. Compliance is the only option, and this compliance lines the soldiers' pockets with cash. Extra-nation relations continue to improve as the leaders leave the petty criminal life behind and join the cities elites. Regular meetings with the older organizations are now the norm, and mutual calls for assistance always get answered, further strengthening those bonds. The Almighty Vice Lord Nation recognizes the Insane Vice Lord's achievements in their pursuit of wealth, influence and growth and promotes it's leaders to overseer ranks. No longer can the IVLs leadership be considered petty criminals. The Nation will continue to aggressively seek recruits and swear them by their laws, making them into ruthlessly efficient soldiers. Strength in numbers, and organisation through rigid laws that may never be broken with impunity, will guarantee that the Nation has the power to assert its influence wherever it needs to. AVLN can now reasonably be considered a medium tier organisation in the city, with it's new recruits being low tier and aspiring to be mid tier and it's leadership aspiring to be high tier, forming a perfect pyramid of power, wealth and ability. Tthe nation wishes to consolidate already established relations and thereby provide increased protection for everyone under their banner. It also wishes to drastically increase their presence at drug manufacturing labs, making it truly impossible for unfriendly entities to get any drug-related income in Los Santos. Looking past these soon-achieved plans, the Nation will take control of a weapon warehouse in the city, and start mass sale of high powered firearms to other, smaller organisations. This will further increase it's wealth and power. Last but not least, the IVLs are seeking out street-smart soldiers to rise up to the occasion, and fill leadership and complementary spots within the organisation, increasing distance between main leadership and the street, and increasing the status and wealth of said soldiers. Make contact with prominent groups around Los Santos ✔ Establish friendly relations with said groups ✔ Establish alliance with one or more groups that share our values ✔ Attain a small group of members to enforce our values ✔ Set in place the beginnings of a detached leadership model ✔ Attend and enhance social gatherings around town ✔ Establish a strong presence around drug manufacturing locations ✔ Be there in the time of need for one or more allies ✔ Increase wealth of the majority of the founding members ✔ Regularly manufacture drugs as an organised group ✔ Obtain an arsenal of large weaponry for eventualities ✔ Purchase premium properties in high end spots ✔ ▶ Establish a strong presence in the West side of town ▶ Join an exclusive management group to further increase influence ▶ Obtain a warehouse and begin large scale weapon sale ▶ Further strengthen inter-organisation bonds via miscellaneous means ▶ Continue filling positions to complete the detached leadership model Ⅰ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will have and show respect for the Nation Laws and it's people, no exceptions. Ⅱ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will uphold each and every order given at any time. Ⅲ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will be given a position within the Nation, and this position is to be upheld with your love and life. Ⅳ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will keep a code of silence and keep all Nation conversations within the Nation circle. Ⅴ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will pay a weekly due. The money is put aside for members. If you can't afford to pay your due, contact a brother. Ⅵ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will carry a firearm and a radio on their person at all times. Ⅶ. Everyone will be on the lookout for anyone wishing to become a member of this organization. They must be brought before a shot caller or higher. Ⅷ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation can and will be persecuted for not following the laws. The faction aims to be the home for any serious player that wishes to roleplay starting out from the bottom and possibly working their way up to the top of a large, criminal organisation. We expect all our members to roleplay to the best of their ability at all times. Rule-breakers are given violations and will be removed from the faction for repeated offenses. We are very much a hybrid organisation, offering roleplay opportunities ranging from street thug roleplay all the way up to low-key, high-class criminal roleplay. What you see and experience is highly dependent on your tax bracket, respect and age in the organisation. Currently known for being one of the most restrained and approachable organisations, we prefer to resolve conflicts via alternative means, as that easily creates high amounts of fun, and exciting roleplay.
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    Account name: Tom__ and tomvd682 Character name(s): Tom Daniels, Chuck Cox, Jagger Carwyn, and Sint Nicolas. Admin who issued punishment: @Dingus0 Date of punishment: 19th of January, 2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban The reason that was given for the punishment: Deathmatching | 5th offense Your explanation of what happened: Someone said over the radio that one of my friends (Fred_Frederiksen) was being arrested on the pier, after hearing so I went to the pier with 2 others to see what is going on. As we arrived we saw Fred in handcuffs surrounded by a bunch of officers so we set up this simple plan to attempt to free Fred. The plan was that I would start shooting at the cops to create chaos so Fred could run towards the car meanwhile and get in our boat after at the beach. When I opened fire I downed an officer (Helene_Charbonneau) and shot a few more from different angles and got away on my bike after. Our attempt to free Fred failed. A while later I got contacted by an admin (Dingus0) and got informed about that Fred wasn't being arrested and I basically broke the Deathmatching rule. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It all was a big misunderstanding/miscommunication as we were called over the radio that he was being arrested and as we pulled up we saw Fred_Frederiksen in cuffs surrounded by officers. Post any evidence or further details: None
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    Hello Folks! Once again, Support Staff applications are now being accepted and are open to everyone who is interested in applying in becoming a Staff member. Support Staff members are the front line in helping the community with questions pertaining to minor issues in-game, and on discord! We are looking for the following requirements... Active, helpful and well-mannered individuals. Fluency in English language Age: 16+ No Major Admin Punishments on Record If you meet the above requirements, hesitate no more and apply now! The application process includes a Google Forms application in writing and an interview over voice with @Toony and @Lewis. You can apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/dmjZjuctzRih7ilC3 Applications will be closed in 5 days. Good luck to all applicants! REINSTATEMENT FOR PAST SUPPORT STAFF MEMBERS Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/jNTlZQRYYEo8m0Y23
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    The Syndicate was a gang formed by group of five close friends in the month of August 2018. After being unfairly dismissed from their positions at Los Santos Customs, the former mechanics and experienced members of the management team felt mistreated and had a cynical change of mind to seek revenge. Causing trouble in the city was what the group came accustom to doing and eventually they realised that money was a problem and they'd need to find a way to generate themselves an income to keep any hopes of a gang a reality. Gun sales started off slow as illegal weaponry became fairly common but after changes by the government, this changed very quickly. Attracting interest from most criminals in the city, we grew in numbers rapidly and looked to dominate Los Santos. The only problem which occurred was not being able to manage everyone and keep a close eye on them to keep up the standards and maintain the morals we built ourselves on. Acting on these problems, we set up a plan to merge with veterans of "The Lost Family" as they could bring the money whilst we'd bring the skill and knowledge. Unfortunately, both organisations could not see eye to eye and the guys from "The Syndicate" travelled back to Croydon to see to their businesses back home. Dominating the mechanic warehouses alongside the black market over in Croydon, England, Chaza Williams and Pedro Luis returned to Los Santos on a short trip to see what opportunities there were to be acted upon across the pond. After retrieving their cars from the impound from months ago, they drove around and noticed how new people were to the city, already subconsciously making plans. Driving throughout the city, they took some back roots and discovered the old "Benny's Original Motorworks" garage that had seemingly been abandoned. Williams and Luis phoned back home to Roberto Sanchez, Elliot Sanchez and Sergio Canio and discussed the potential of business if they were to re-open the garage and make it their own, with an illegal twist. The organisation plans to keep numbers small for now with possible recruitment in the future. The main idea is to run the gun market and gain extreme profits by taking advantage of other gang's mistakes. After all being mechanics previously, everyone has the ability to hide weapon parts in areas of the car and traffic them across the border without anyone batting an eye. Importing illegal yet highly expensive weaponry and drugs is the main goal, running as a business by day yet criminals by night. We became fully aware of people that go around in clown masks trying to establish "Benny's" as their own, but we know that we have the utility, experience and superior skills to be able to overrun them, putting them into their place and once again establishing ourselves as number one. Importing illegal yet highly expensive weaponry and drugs is the main goal, running as a business by day yet criminals by night. Chairman Directors Executives Representatives Interns
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    Applications are now closed. Thank you to all those that applied. Accepted applicants will be contacted via discord to arrange interviews by the end of this week. If you're not contacted, please apply again during our next recruitment cycle!
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    Accepted. Try to be a more positive member for this community.
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    Eclipse Staff Roster Development Team Name Rank Position NobodyLTU Founder Director of Development Osvaldon Founder Director of Operations harmdone Developer Director of Staff Administration Team Name Rank Position BallinByNature Head Administrator Head of Administration Head of Factions Head of Illegal Factions (Interim) FatherOsborn // Osborn Senior Administrator Assistant Head of Administration Lewis Senior Administrator Assistant Head of Support Head of Legal Factions Chuck Senior Administrator Head of Player Reports Faction Management PBAJ Administrator TheFluciFial // Flucifial Administrator Serth // Serthon Administrator Head of Event Team Bakmeel Administrator Faction Management MusketDeezNuts Administrator Assistant Head of Illegal Factions Faction Management MarcoD Senior Moderator Andy Senior Moderator Faction Management Dingus0 Moderator Faction Management Aldari_Tagril Moderator Faction Management Event Team Varakai Moderator XposeD Moderator Event Team Rodiz Moderator Event Team Archaeah Moderator Faction Management Event Team nateX // nateX2 Moderator Boxxy Moderator Head of Faction Management Event Team Support Team Name Rank Position isHazel Senior Support Event Team TobyVintage Senior Support Faction Management Event Team UBUB Senior Support Faction Management Event Team Dqniel Senior Support Faction Management Chrisy Senior Support Faction Management ABroHaam Support Faction Management Spookie // Spookie2 Support Faction Management Event Team inorigj Support BadZanta Support Kables Support LukasMontana Support alexalex303 Support MickeyToolin Support BULLDOZER Support Brock Olly // Albert Support Denni Support DDevastatedTV Support shiroq Support John_MacAleese Support paulo Support MrSplashy Support AaronStyles Support Punched Support Sean Hamilton // James Gill Support Zemaitc Support Micr0ni Support ImChazaa Support doc Support table { font-family: arial, sans-serif; border-collapse: collapse; width: 800px; } td, th { border: 1px solid #dddddd; padding: 8px; color: white; text-align: center; font-size: 16px; } td a:link { color: white; text-decoration: none; } td a:hover { color: #4286f4; } .founder { color: #e4bb11; } .dev{ color: #33ccff; } .headadmin { color: #067aea; } .senioradmin { color: #f00a0a; } .admin { color: #ff5d5d; } .seniormod{ color: #08b600; } .mod { color: #94ff77; } .seniorsup{ color: #ac2eff; } .support{ color: #ce9af5; }
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    This post is meant to be viewed in default (white) theme, sorry for the inconvenience. 1920, the harsh lands of southern-eastern France fell a victim to the largest operation the area had ever seen. When a local group named Mercia succeeded in doing the impossible: robbing the Banque de France , deep underground it contained vault, which harboured vast amounts of gold deposits.. This day marked the day Mercia became a name to be reckoned with, a group that soon would expand beyond the borders of France, and conduct operations all over western Europe. From supplying people with narcotics and shipping weaponry, Mercia would become one of the largest organisations across Europe. The wealth generated would be used to expand Mercia's influence all across the continent, and s in 1976 Mercia had multiple branches from the United Kingdom, to Russia. Aiming to extend their reach, Ashley Burton, the granddaughter of the founder of Mercia, left Europe along with a couple of the original Mercia members and headed for Los Santos. Known for the chaotic nature of the city, Ashley thought this location would be perfect to expand Mercia's reach into the Americas, which has till this point been untouched. One of these investments was to set up base in the Vespucci Canals, with it's connection to the sea and dockyard, Ashley thought this would be the perfect location for future plans. Upon arriving at the city, the members of Mercia purchased property in the Vespucci Canals and started to hire some members. Knowing the city’s reputation, Mercia then set out to contact of the gangs that currently rule parts of Los Santos and talk to them, about setting up alliances, and trade agreements. Currently, Mercia is trying to establish trade and defensive connections with other organisations and gangs within Los Santos. Whilst also increasing our reputation, and generate more wealth for all it's members. As Mercia is a business, we have plans to establish legitimate forms of income, such a businesses, and protection contracts, , in order to cover up our illegal activities, whilst also generating job opportunities, and wealth. Due to the disappearance of the Los Santos branch of Mercia, Ashley Burton, the current leader Henk Frederiksen took charge of Mercia and quickly set out to radically change things. First of all he expanded Mercia's base of operations across the seas, made heavy weaponry to protect all Mercia's assets more widely available to it's members, and also change Mercia's public appearance. Mercia’s main goal is to maintain control over the Vespucci Canals and beach. Aside of that Mercia's other goals are to leave a mark on Los Santos, by ensuring everyone knows the name Mercia and that's its a force to be reckoned with, but most importantly, Mercia wishes to establish proper trade agreements, and generate enough wealth for the organisation, and it's members to prosper. In addition, we are planning to start real estate business in the Canals, by monopolising it, this will help us launder the money that we earn from all of our illegal activities. Mercia is planning to extend it's reach to all areas connected to the ocean, as this will allow the organisation to trade overseas, and take a firm hand in all commerce regarding overseas shipments. Mercia started as a medium class organisation, but is steadily working towards a smaller, elite, high class organisation. . As the history of Mercia says that the main organisation, based in Europe, is a powerful, wealthy group, who took control over various aspects of the legal, and illegals of the economy. So the Mercia branch based in Los Santos will work towards the same goal. First we took a hold of the Vespucci Canals, using diplomacy, wealth, and strength, and now we work to obtain control Los Santos's economy. As for the moment we're extremely picky with who we allow to join and who not. Our minimum XP requirement is set to 30K EXP, and will most likely be pushed to 50K EXP very soon. We are mainly out for quality members, members we can trust with confidential information, members who are able to RP very well, and would be able to remain professional, and in character while executing our events. We also have material requirements for our members, they must be able to arrange their own transportation, means of communication, and defence. We do not seek strength in numbers, we want each of our members to obtain a reputation for themselves in, and outside Mercia. And make sure they can stand on their own in whatever situation is thrown at them. Mercia mainly focusses on the importing, and dealing in weaponry, as the weaponry economy is mostly player-base, and has you set up deals, and interact with other organisations, and individual players. Trading weaponry is a lot of fun for both parties involved, and results in some great RP scenarios, we wish to large-scale weapon transferring scenarios in the near future, when stock allows us to. We also have our hands in the narcotic business, we set up large scale operations, sometimes at multiple drug labs at once, and with the use of codewords we can quickly coordinate where reinforcements are required, so the operations can run smoothly with minimum interference. But most importantly we wish to have fun, exciting RP scenarios with everyone from the community, this ranges from PD to other illegal factions. We want to do large-scale heists, police breakouts, the smuggling of illegal substances in highly secured areas. These events we of course do in cooperation with the ECRP staff team to make sure everything goes smoothly, and make sure everyone has an enjoyable, and most of all memorable experience. 1. As an organisation we want to obtain our hold on the Vespucci Canals. 2. Mercia is also planning on working on a contract between our business and other businesses or gangs of Los Santos, in the form of trading deals, and long term defensive pacts. 3. We are also going to strive for all of our members to own a home inside of Vespucci Canals as this is where the heart of our business lies. 4. We wish to expand our influence beyond the canals, on obtain assets at all locations with access to the sea. 5. We want a steady income to ensure the prosperity of all Mercia's members. The higher ups CEO - The Chief Executive Officer is the owner of Mercia, the CEO ultimately decides whether suggestions from the higher ups get implemented, who to go to war with, and who to ally. The CEO will mainly pass down orders to the higher ups who execute them. Treasurer - The treasurer is the head of logistics, all matters concerning the treasury will be handled through the treasurer. This includes contributions from members into treasury, spending on imports, and other assets relevant to the faction as a whole. The treasurer also makes sure that the wealth generated from operations gets distributed equally depending on the effort of each participant. CAO - The Chief Administrative Officer, is the head of the administration branch. He decides on promotions, diplomatic actions, and makes sure internal management operates as efficiently as it can be. COO - The Chief Operations Officer, is the head of the security branch. This branch focusses on the defense of Mercia's assets. The COO is entrusted with all Mercia's fighting capabilities. He is in charge of training Mercia's fighting force, craft plans, and gather intelligence. Management branch Human Resources - Human Resources are the main force driving recruitment and administration, they recruit who they believe to be valuable, keep track of who joins and who leaves, how long they've been part of Mercia, and what their overall contribution is. The Human Resources team keeps a close eye on all Mercia's internal affair. Supervisors - Supervisors train and help small groups of Mercia's apprentices, they assist the Human Resources team in gathering internal intelligence, and serve as the eyes and ears of the higher-ups. Security branch Captain - The Captains are the strongest fighters of Mercia, they are completely trusted by Mercia's members members, including the higher-ups, to protect all that's dear to us. The captains are automatically part of a well trained special operations group, that fulfils Mercia's wishes in the shadows. Guards - The guards are Mercia's foot soldiers. This group executes plans made by the COO, and makes sure the management team and higher-ups keep out of harms way. This group starts to receive training in strategies, shooting, and driving, to prepare them for the elite force. Apprentices Operatives - The operatives are in the final stages of their recruitment, they've shown skill and dedication towards Mercia, and will be evaluated on which branch suits them best. Assistant - The assistants are still long way from reaching full membership into Mercia, however they're entrusted with a few more responsibilities, and will be under Mercia's protection. Interns - These are brand new recruits who have not proved any worth to Mercia yet. They have no say in Mercia's affairs, and have to work hard to earn their place. @frijfugel Formatting, writing, images @KilleRabbit Graphics, huge help ❤️ @iAvengejjw Images @HaminLord Writing @MusketDeezNuts For all the feedback and support All the Mercia members for the good times, pictures, and great feedback. The community for all the support and feedback we've received, although we've changed quite a lot I hope you'll all still support us.
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    The first official single of Black Cassidy - Low End. The lyric video available bellow.
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    After multiple new imports around the county, La Fuente Blanca managed to get the shopping lost for ammo and weapons done for Los Zetas. After this big deal we have made multiple smaller deals with them and others around town. This has been done to expand our business to others and get to know the people of Los Santos better. After these initial meetings, deals have been made to take a neutral to friendly standpoint towards each other. During these meetings we didnt only chat about how much we love each other but also about the gun business. Currently LFB owns some highly wanted weapons that we could trade with the Irish as they own a large stockpile of unique weapons. After the meetings with Irish and Zetas, we had some clowns coming over to discuss a potential boxing match. As the last boxing matches hosted by the Irish always caused trouble with the police, they are now looking to host these events at a privatly owned place where they wont be bothered.
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    Is there any point writting suggestions ? There have been multiple suggestions over the past few months that got highly upvoted by the community with multiple pages of people reacting and discussing it yet not a single one of those has been implemented ? What is the point of even having the option to suggest something that might actually increase the quality of the server and add CONTENT which is highly lacking right now if nobody is going to even bother to read it , answer to it yet alone implement it ? If you are not going to listen to what the playerbase and the community has to say regarding the content on the server , who will you listen to and whose oppinions would mather ? My intentions are not to criticise but to get any sort of feedback regarding this , cause for past who knows how long nothing new has been added yet alone nothing from the suggestions themselfs .. People are trying and are filled with ideas but it feels like nobody cares about it PS : If anyone from the development team or an admin with a high enough ranking decides to answer please restrain yourselfs from saying something and deciding that is the end of the discussion and locking the topic , the whole point of it is to have a discussion regarding the lack of interest shown towards the community , listening to the suggestions they provide and doing something regarding them , saying " People are busy " and locking the topic will not resolve in anything but building even more hatred inside the community and proving the fact that only oppinions of certain people matter , we know you are admins and developers there is no need to point that out by showing that you can lock the topic at any point , let's use this as a neutral ground to have an actual talk using facts and arguments instead of moderation tools , Thank you in advance for being reasonable and understandable
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    So I tried to have this conversation over a PM on discord, but instead he blocked me... so I'm going to go ahead and have it here. @Aldari_Tagril Earlier today, I was driving down the freeway when my game tabbed out, when I tabbed back in a few seconds later, @Aldari_Tagril, rear-ended me while being an on duty cop. Which I'm not upset about, because I understood it was purely desync. What I'm upset about was what happened next. So after my car gets spun out, and I drive off to the side of the road, I RP that my car has broken down because it was a pretty nasty hit. So there I am, RPly totalled on the highway, and Sergeant Daniel Shelby walks up to my car. I tell him that my transmission has gone out and I need some help, and tells me he doesn't care what happened that I should have "stayed in my lane." And takes my ID. He walks back to his cruiser a quick second and comes back, ticketing me, no RP involved. The only /me line he did was taking my license, that was it. Unfortunately, my shadowplay wasn't working during this situation so I only have a video of the chatlogs. In real life, when someone rear ends you on a roadway, it is their fault. You are suppose to keep a certain length away from another vehicle to prevent crashed. Always. Again, this is desync, so I didn't really push that issue. My main concern is that this was the RP standards posed by the PD. We had a nasty accident on the freeway, he 'pulls me over' and just tickets me. He doesn't ask if I am OK, he doesn't attempt to get me fully off the road, he just tickets me and drives away. All this while my car is RPly totalled with a thrown transmission. Doesn't even so much as RP writing the ticket, pure power-trip and was upset he hit me and wanted to punish me for it. All I was trying to do was turn a rather non-rp car crash into some RP situation, which he engaged by pulling me over after what we both knew was pure desync. I'm not mad about the demerit, even though IRL that would have never flown, I'm mad that a moderator on this server holds such poor RP standards. On my first day on the server, I was tased through a windshield. Another member of the PD told me I was powergaming for not doing a /do. And this man ticketed me and practically refused to roleplay, because he was mad he hit me. LSPD: Your RP standards are poor. I barely have decent interactions with you. This needs to change. So afterwards, I PM'd him on discord in order to try to sort out whatever happened. I was calm, approached him very civilly, and he blocked me. What if I was a new player? How would that make them feel about the server? Since you didn't want to talk to me on discord, I'm interested to see your reply here. As well as the rest of the communities.
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    ((See The Last Riders archived post for origins)) The Last Riders are no more. The people, brotherhood, and family that was created in TLR is still good and well, however. All of this exists now under The Last Family, or as we say it L'ultima Famiglia. The group of brothers found themselves performing mostly business, rather than riding their motorcycles. After striking money with their vehicle business, and other labor unions, the close family decided to shift their focus to business and spreading their roots in the city. Several of the Riders had previously immigrated to the U.S. from Italy and were previously involved with the Italian Mafia. Discussions of reorganizing began, their mentality continued to shift, their business success continued. One of the members suggested connecting with his ties back in Italy. It was at this moment that The Last Riders transformed into what is now known as L'ultima Famiglia. L'ultima Famiglia has since transformed into an organized-crime network with operations focused in Los Santos, with reach across the United States. The organization is traditionally run with a strict hierarchy headed by the boss, who rules unquestioned. Second-in-command is the underboss and below him are the capos who each rule a crew of soldiers. At the bottom of command are the associates, people who work for or do business for the family and who are not full-fledged members. Becoming a member is a lifetime commitment and each mafiosi is expected to follow the organizations all-important code, Omerta. You must come across a soldier or capo, if you show interest in becoming a part of the family, a sit down must be arranged with the soldier or Capo to present what business or service you can bring to the Family. A percentage of the family's take will be agreed upon and business will continue as usual. If you do not have a business proposal to be presented you may request permission from a Capo to help with any activities that the Capo may call you to participate in. Boss: Sitting at the head of the table is the Boss. The boss will have the final say in all major decisions and all the Mafia income ultimately comes to him. He will then distribute accordingly. It is a requirement that the Boss gets his take on any and all money activities that are performed. The Boss is the only one with the authority to resolve any disputes in and out of the Family. Underboss: Just below the Boss is the Underboss. The Underboss is the second in command. Some underbosses resolve disputes without involving the boss himself. The underboss is the only one able to communicate to the Boss about any issues or business opportunities. The underboss will also fill the role of the Boss if he is away or imprisoned. The Consigliere: The Consigliere acts as an Advisor for the Boss. His job is to aid in the decision making process and play an unbiased role during disputes. Although he is considered a Family member, his role does not involve him directly with any crimes. The Consigliere essentially serves as the Boss’ personal assistant and advisor. The Capo’s: The Capo’s role is to obtain information from their Soldiers to pass up the ranks to the boss for a final decision. The capos each control a territory and have their own group of soldiers that serve under them. Soldiers: A Soldier's job is to handle the dirty work. Any crime or activity that needs handling will be taken care of by the soldiers and possibly there associates. A Soldier will only report to the their Capo for anything regarding the involvement or possible involvement of the Family. Associates: An associate is someone who isn't fully affiliated with the mafia. Each associate handles there own business and pays back to the mafia. They also aid in any crime and event within the Mafia. The associate is not considered a made man. All the above jobs are made men. The associate will have the opportunity to become a made man once the Capo presents it to the Boss and/or Underboss. Associated can typically be hitmen, employees, or even corrupt government officials. Anyone speaking to an individual of power higher than themselves will show the utmost respect to that individual. They are to be treated as a man with power. Only Capos, soldiers and Associates are to be active on a radio. No Underboss, or Boss is to be communicating on a radio. All contact with these individuals is to be made via mobile phone or in person. If anyone with a rank less than Capo has an issue or business proposal that information must be relayed directly to their Capo. It is then the Capos duty to then present it to the Underboss or Boss. If there is a dispute or issues with another organization in the city a sit down must be conducted at the earliest available time. This sit down will only be accompanied by The Boss, The Underboss, The Capos, and the Consigliere (as an advisor). Each Capo will be in charge of their own form of organized crime. This could be the manufacturing and distribution of drugs, Vehicle theft, and Robbery. These criminal responsibilities can change weekly so that not everyone is performing the same acts continuously. Obviously, the construction of illegal drugs is more productive with manpower, so if more personnel is requested the profits must reflect the increase. It is a goal of the organization to hold illegal gambling events. We will collect our take for the event at the front door as a commission and provide the security and protection services for the event attendees. 1. Respect the Boss! (will be dressed the White or Purple Suit) 2. Respect your Under bosses, Consigliere, and Caporegime's (Capo). 3. Soldiers and Capo's are "Made Men" treat them as such! 4. All Capo's will recruit 3 Soldiers to ride together in their car when conducting “business”. 5. All family members will have a black/purple 4 door sedan or SUV (this allows for soldiers to ride with) 6. All Soldiers will recruit Associates to ride with them while Capos are out of city when conducting “business”. 7. Associates/Members that prove their allegiance to the family will earn a promotion. (You start at the bottom) 8. All Soldiers and Associates will guard entrance to the Mafia Family Mansion while not actively riding with Capo's, Bosses, Etc. 9. All members of the family, Soldier and below will wear the gray suit, gray fedora, black tie, and black glasses. 10. Consigliere and Under Boss will wear the white or black Suit, white or black fedora, and purple tie (to signify their power). 11. Capo's will wear the gray or black sharp suit, gray or black fedora, purple tie (to signify their power) 12. If the Boss is gone. The Under Boss orders are final. 13. If the Boss and Under Boss are gone, the Capo's will have a sit down and decide who will assume power until they are back, the Consigliere will continue to play the role of advisor. 14. The Don/Boss will rarely ever use radio, if you need to talk to him you use your phone. Speaking with Capo's Waiting for company Chatting with Vice before discussing business Meeting starts The start and end of an important meetup
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    Henry Goodman - Life of Vice Shotcalla' - Early Access video
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    Assassination attempt after the event:
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    Account name: Johnyx Character name(s): Johnathan Allen Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 01/26/2018 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: DM#2 (FR) & Extensive Administrative punishments Your explanation of what happened: well we tried to search The LSD Lab and we were looking for Clowns [Gang Name] because they robbed one of our guys At Village Lab then when found them at LSD we went to Warn them to put their hands up but they ran away and im always the guy who would Use Microphone to Give Demands and Samo Granados is the huy who types demands when we went inside i Used Shout Voice Method [CTRL+Z] and told them to Put their hands up while i was heading to upstairs but unfortunately they didn't hear me as you see in that video when they decided to run Samo started to shoot them when i saw that he started to shoot others decided to shoot too but as you can see in those videos i had shotgun and i always try to Flank my enemy i didn't shoot to that girl and her friend but when Samo shot everyone shot after because they had no idea that he didn't give them demands ... he shot first then he gave them that demand because he was a guy who had to do it earlier ... but in the second video as you see in 0:23-0:25 before we start to shoot someone from his direction started to shoot at us but i have no idea if it was them , thats why we decided to shoot at them and as you see in that report She made she said that the second situation is not her porblem because she told them to shoot at us and they had the KOS . Why should your appeal be accepted?: well it was my DM #2 and they didn't even inform me about this report they just banned me and as i said Its DM #2 i could deffend myself if i knew that i got reported this is not the first time my First report was like this too i will drop the link down below and you can check both . the thing im tring to say is this, there are lots of people with like DM#4 and more Punishments they only get ban... but i get Permanent ? this is not fair at all no one informed me ingame about this either of course i could deffend my self ... and its about 1 month ago i mean come on how could i even know about this ? Post any evidence or further details: this is my DM#1 which I still think it wasn't ... but its okay as you can see they didn't inform me thro forum nor the game ... and this is the Second report of DM [#2] which I got a permanent ban for ... as you can see the only guy who got informed was @AmooRid3r and I don't talk to that guy because I got banned once because of him so he didn't tell me anything! I talked to others they had no idea about this report ... https://gyazo.com/6abd818410e4412a888ca33a17665a09 and this one is about a guy who got Offense #5 and still playing ...
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    La Casa de Vice Lords en el Este
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