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    Hello everyone, Andor Rootma(hn)n here, Today I decided you plebeians deserve a shot at the life I live daily, by driving your own super car. I am giving away, yes GIVING away my Pegassi Tempesta. All you have to do to enter my crazy raffle is by leaving a message with your name and check your mailbox in 2 days if you have won. PS. Anyone sending me emails about bribes, offers for the Tempesta or anything unrelated will not be allowed to enter the raffle PSS. Other rich people of the city, if you want to share our lifestyle and sponsor something in this raffle as secondary prizes feel free to email me at Andor#[email protected]
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    COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Server Rules Update June 11th, 2019 Dear Eclipse Community, Following a recent staff meeting, we've reviewed our server rules and decided to make some minor adjustments which could affect you. Please read through this short update as the changes are effective after midnight UTC, June 12th. 11. Powergaming We've seen an increased amount of players trying to perform alternative role-play such as hiding their keys or license and then using this role-play to influence future role-play, e.g. when you're stopped by the police and claim that you have no license on you. Because of this, we'll be adding the following line to the powergaming rule: If you perform an action which will influence potential RP in the future, you must have OOC evidence of performing said RP. E.g. hiding your keys/license and not having them on you. Your OOC evidence should consist of a recording or screenshot and it needs to be timestamped (/time). This RP would only be valid for 48 hours or until your character dies and NLR is triggered. The time limit does not apply to rule 7. And just to clarify, this is not a "new" rule, this is the ideology that the staff team has followed since the beginning. We wanted to add this for easier understanding among our players. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) There is no major change to this rule, but rather clarifications. Many players have thought our examples to be a list of final examples, but to make it clear, we'll be adding a clarification that the list is not final for both examples of when your life is considered to be in danger and not in danger. Under the examples of where your life is not considered to in danger, we'll be rewording the following line "• When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled." to "• When you are in a car which engine is not stalled." This means that on a motorcycle, whether the engine is on or off, your life is considered to be in danger if someone walks up to you at close range with a gun, as the motorcycle provides zero protection. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Our VOIP has become more stable In-Game in comparison to when these rules were written. At times where VOIP isn't working, we've got a command to reset your VOIP (/voicereset 1>3). We aim for smooth role-play in the community, and that means you shouldn't have to relay demands or communicate with other players using text unless you absolutely have too (e.g. no microphone, other reasons). Because of an improved VOIP system, we've changed "You must give demands via text if used as a reason to attack as VOIP isn’t always heard." to "If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using /voicereset or use text to deliver your demand(s)." What this means is that it falls on the responsibility of whoever is having demands are given to them to inform the other party that their VOIP isn't working through OOC chats (/pm, /b or /ooc), and if informed, the player giving demands must either fix their VOIP or use text as the rule dictates. MISCELLANEOUS CLARIFICATIONS Carrying bodies & Powergaming We'd like to inform the community that it is considered power gaming to be randomly or without RP, picking up the body of an injured player. You have to role-play properly with injured players using /me and /do. This is not a new rule, it's only something that seems to have slipped through the cracks for the majority of our players. Driving vehicles and leaving them on roofs of No Crime Zones We've noticed this being a trend and we do not condone it. We find it very unrealistic to drive e.g. a motorcycle up on the roof of a bank and leaving it there. Should we catch players in the act or find their vehicles on No Crime Zone roofs, we'll be impounding the vehicle and potentially punishing the player for Non-Roleplay. This is not the sort of behavior that we want in the community. Leaving Cars in No Crime Zones for the sole purpose of using them as a stash vehicle The Staff Team brought up a concerning topic of players utilizing No Crime Zones as a safe haven for their stash vehicles, and this is not the idea behind No Crime Zones. If you leave your car at a No Crime Zone where it can't be interacted with by other players for the sole purpose of storing illegal contraband in it, we will be impounding your vehicle, potentially taking items from it and punishing the player for No Crime Zone Violation. Scratching Radios & Obtaining Frequencies from others We no longer support the idea of scratching/damaging radios through role-play to influence potential role-play situations. There are too many loopholes that can be exploited and we quite frankly do not want to support it. If you know that you're stepping into a situation that might put you at a disadvantage, dispose of your radio, hide or somewhere, or change its frequency before someone gets ahold of it. Players can still utilize /me and /do to check the frequency of your radio, and as per power-gaming rules, you are expected to answer truthfully. We will be introducing script support in the future to be able to "damage" your radio and see frequencies of radios in your possession. There is no ETA on this but it has been discussed and planned for implementation. General Toxicity & Unhealthy Behavior on Discord We would also like to emphasize on the fact that the Eclipse Discord server and all discords associated with Eclipse Roleplay is considered to be a part of our platform. In these servers our general community rules apply, that means that you can be banned from our community (not only discord ) should you show that you're not contributing positively to the community. Some examples of these are; Harassment of factions or members through text or images; Using Extreme Offensive language to another community member or staff. This is nothing new, but we've come to an understanding that some community members seem to think our discord server is a free for all playground where there are no consequences for their words or actions. On an end note, We'd like to remind all of our players to play fair. Enjoy the game and the role-play it brings, don't log in with the attitude of winning all situations you come across, let role-play dictate the outcome of your situations and accept a loss once in a while. We do not condone the play to win attitude. Yours, Eclipse Staff
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    错误的房子 Pete stopped at his house for lunch. It was his favourite, bacon baps. As he was munching away, Pete was rudely interrupted by his phone, it was a message from Bruce (AKA Bwooce). Bruce quickly rounded up all the Triads in town and hatched a plan. Pete, hammer in hand, went outside his house to distract the uninvited guests.
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    Account name:Chris Crawford Character name(s):David Garcia - Zayn Hunt - Lamar Chaos Admin who issued punishment:NBDY Date of punishment:11-02-2019 Punishment received:Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment:Cheating - I got banned for my alleged involvement on a discord where they are developing cheats for Rage MP/Eclipse. Your explanation of what happened: I used to hold the rank of 'Admin' in the discord server of a person I know, this discord server sold GTA V/Rage MP hacks. I decided to stay in that discord and not report it, which was a big mistake. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have been playing on the server since early 2017 and I have always enjoyed playing on the server, made a lot of new friends. While I was in this discord it was never my intention to harm ECRP and it never will be. During my time on ECRP I've barely had any rule breaks, only minors(see picture below). The past months have given me some time to think and understand the mistake I made, this wont happen again if I get unbanned. I'm asking BallinByNature and obviously NBDY for a second chance. I would also like to apoligize to NBDY for my immature behavior on discord PM's the day I got banned. Post any evidence or further details: https://i.gyazo.com/b4c4be52ee0308dea5fd31d01ddd0267.png
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    A man who had recently been rolling with the Triads as a test of his worth asked Bruce to meet him for a business opportunity. Not long after meeting the man a SWAT team rolled in and cleared the building, eventually finding us on the top floor. Bruce had never been to prison in his entire time in the city and the SWAT finally caught him. The arresting officer Paulo Witherfork made a personal promise to Bruce earlier that month. "I will be the Officer to finally take you down once I reinstate." He is a man of his word. Bruce had over 40 outstanding warrants for his arrest and he was going down for a long time. There was no reason to fight against the SWAT officers and Bruce accepted his fate. He was then transported to the prison in the normal cruiser alongside being escorted by the SWAT. Now that Bruce had successfully arrived at the prison it was finally time for him to be added to the system. The prison guards almost forgot to take the mugshots as they had expected Bruce to already have them. Alongside the mugshots the prison guards made sure that Bruce paid his outstanding fines. It was quite the sum. Whilst in prison Bruce met up with another Triad known as Niko. None of the Triads even knew Bruce was in prison until Niko got an unexpected visit from Lu Wong. Niko updated Lu on what had happened to Bruce and the rest of the members were informed. They successfully smuggled in a radio so they could assist their organisation from the inside. Now that Bruce's sentence had ran its course and he was about to be released. The Triads arranged a convoy to come collect him from prison. Now that Bruce was out of prison it was time to hunt down the man who was suspected of setting him up. Whilst looking for Justin, Paulo Witherfork showed up around the area and stopped for a conversation. Bruce decided to have a little bit of fun with the officer and this resulted in a large chase throughout the whole city. Luckily after a long chase, Bruce and Brian managed to successfully escaped. They parked up in a remote location and spent the night hiding out in a barn until the heat dies down.
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    With the Los Zetas coming out on top against opposing factions in the war against the Irish and the Wanted, overall bloodshed has toned down leading to more prosperous times since the disbanding of particular rival factions, allowing Jay Gamble & crew to focus on new potential business aspects. With the recent refurbishment of the Old Irish Tavern, the Los Zetas finally find a new business frontier in which they can focus more on civilized resolutions to potential matters. Jay Gamble now finds himself in times of growth, and with growth comes incredible responsibility. As of recent the Los Zetas steadily climbs in numbers, with the introduction of prospects from all walks of life. With the recent alliance with the Los Santos Triads, The Los Zetas find themselves with many powerful allies at their side including the clowns. However, there are still enemies lurking in the shadows. The Los Zetas find themselves at a crossroads in which they must trust their instincts... After all, never let someone deceive you. After all, at the end of the day, they stand beside one another. As brothers they fight, and as brothers they fall. Regardless of the situation, they remain fiercely loyal to one another. With both numbers and power they stand at the top of the food chain, seeking for new opportunities to feed on those brave enough to stand in their way.
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    Today on Discord in #general, there was a discussion about civilian RP and criminal RP where a lot of community members shared their thoughts. Most members came to the conclusion that civilian RP is almost impossible due to criminal RP just affecting their experience in a negative way. You cannot drive 30 minutes in the city as a civilian and obey laws without getting robbed in the process. And the robberies USUALLY look like this: Criminal: Pull over now, pull over, pull over! *Starts ramming the civilian if the civilian doesn't comply within 3 seconds* Civilian: *Pays attention to traffic and carefully wants to pull over but starts getting rammed* Criminal: *Gets out of his car* Hands up, this is a robbery. Civilian: *Gets out of his car and puts his hands up* CTRL + 1 Criminal: /me frisks man. /do Success? Civilian: /do Yes. Criminal: *Opens civilian's inventory and drags everything out in a rush. Then walks back to his car and drives off.* Purple text = RP commands (/me /do) White text = IC conversation Dark Grey text = Everything we perceive from the game OOC. This full scenario usually happens within a timeframe of about 20 seconds, if not faster. Which is super unrealistic. My personal suggestion in #general on the Eclipse Discord was to add a script for robberies that will start an animation when you rob someone (like /frisk, the civilian has to accept the frisk with a command). It will lock both the criminal and the civilian in an animation UNLESS the criminal stops the animation with a command or key. The animation itself takes about 30 seconds, after 30 seconds, the criminal can see the civilian's inventory. Adding a script like this will prevent people randomly going into the city in the most obvious locations to rob people just because they can. Instead, criminals have to be more cautious and it will definitely affect the community in a good way. It promotes quality civilian AND criminal RP. It also offers the community a better civilian RP experience since there will be less robberies throughout the city in bizarre locations. It will be more likely for criminals to rob in less populated locations, usually during night time. Which in turn is more realistic. Please everyone, share your thoughts on this. I would like to know what you all think about this idea and perhaps the staff team can take action on this suggestion. Previously a lot of updates have been pushed for civilian RP including new jobs. I have good faith in the future of civilian RP on Eclipse.
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    For a long time the Triads had closed the doors to their operations, not allowing any new faces. A meeting was called to discuss the future, things were about to change. Once the members had gathered at one of their clubs, a meeting was held in the boardroom. Now that all key points had been discussed, the members were asked to present any future business plans and opportunities. Once these matters were covered they moved on to the important stage. Promotions. Along with allowing new faces into the organisation the old faces are rewarded. This allows for spaces to be filled and members to progress. Kai Fang had been working for the Triads for longer than most, it was time to reward him with the respect he deserves. The Incense Master began the ceremony and Kai Fang moved onto the new rank of Red Pole. Now that the promotions were covered it was time to get to some internal business. The group headed down to another property where they handled some gun orders for their members and recruits. The men took their guns from the trunk of Bruce's car and loaded them up. Now that the guns had been handed out, Zach returned something that was very precious to Bruce. It wouldn't be true Triad business if they didn't offer portions of their famous noodles to all the men. Now that everyone was stocked up and had enjoyed some food, it was time to put the guns to work. 三合会
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    Account Name: Reeceobz Character name(s): Reece Curry, Amin Yakaba. Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment: 5/6/2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Disrupting Server Operations. Your explanation of what happened: I was frustrated with the issues of the server at the time which was that the server was constantly being ddosed and no one was able to play. I said something along the lines of "This server is cancer" Which was not literal as i used to play on the server all day everyday and if i really thought the server was cancer i wouldn't invest my time and money into it. I never meant to cause any harm by the statement i made as it was out of anger. I also made a joke to a friend about something i shouldn't of regarding me getting unbanned which got posted into the fashion channel of the ECRP discord which was taken too far. This resulted in making my situation much worse and the joke should not of been made. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Out of my 5 months on the server i was unaware of anyone who had been banned before for saying things of disrespect towards the community so i didn't know that was a thing but i understand why i was banned. During my time away from the server i feel as if i have reflected on the situation and would be more then grateful for the chance to show how i would do things differently. I was a member of power in a well known official faction when i made the comment about the server during the attacks and now i have had time to look back i realise how that could affect things as i should of been behaving to a much higher standard than the normal player but i was frustrated like everyone else was and made the silly comment i did. I also have come to terms with how bad the joke i made actually was and how it could be seen as insulting especially from the comments that i recently made and would like to apologise for any damage i may have caused by saying that. When i was playing regularly i had a name for myself which was mostly good and i made a lot of friends during that time, I would greatly appreciate the chance to do this again if given the opportunity. I have wrote a apology to NBDY personally for the actions that i had taken in the past and would like the chance to prove myself and show that i really mean what i say. Thanks for your time Reeceobz.
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    Welcome to Los Santos! ((And the Eclipse Roleplay Community!)) By: Jasmine Gray Being a new citizen in Los Santos can be a bit disorienting, luckily there are plenty of people in the city willing to help! ((Great! You have gained your approval to log in and create your character, you have a bio in mind, you picked the coolest name this side of the sun, so now what?)) Anytime you feel lost or confused about what you should be doing, don’t be afraid to ask! You may not always get the best answer right away, but just keep making friends and eventually you will get the knowledge, connections and means to achieve your goals! Getting Started Upon arrival in Los Santos, you may be asking yourself what your priorities are. A job? A house? A car? The answer to this question is ultimately up to you! Gaining some sort of income will be a requirement to achieve certain goals, and that is a good place to start! From there, you may want to start getting to know some of the people in the city ((and developing your character’s story arch)). You may have a clear idea of what direction you want to go, or you may want to create a new story inside the borders of Los Santos. Either direction you go, you can then start setting some goals for yourself. Suggested first steps: 1) Use your phone 2) Find Transportation 3) Use your GPS 4) Get some food and water 5) Get a job 6) Stay safe 7) Get a car 8} Consider housing 9) Make connections 10) Profit! Using your phone: ((The phone is controlled with the mouse cursor. If you need to use your mouse cursor, press F2.)) ((Clicking on your phone will bring it up, and your character will animate holding the phone in their hand.)) The phone can be used for several functions, most notably the “dial”, “messages”, and “contacts”. Using these features is pretty easy to figure out, with one exception: When using the dialer, you can use text entry mode. This is also required when calling certain services such as EMTs or Taxi’s: ((To do this, use the dial feature, once the phone is ringing, click the phone to lower the UI (your character will still hold the phone). Then press “T” to bring up the text entry. Simply type and press “enter” as normal and the text will be sent to the recipient and show on their screen as you are talking to them on the phone.)) Finding Transportation: Now that you can use your phone, it’s time to move around the city. There are several methods of getting around the city to choose from: On foot: Takes quite a while, and can be unsafe, but also requires no money! Bus: Most bus routes are completely random, and even the driver doesn’t know them! Not recommended. Occasionally, DCC will run a bus route with a pre-determined route, run by a professional driver, look online for more information! City Bee: Rent a Faggio motor scooter at any of the City Bee rental sights on the map. One is located right at the bus depot where you arrive. Downtown Cab Company: If a cab driver is available, the City Bee will be shut down, and you will instead need to call a cabbie. Simply Dial 1111, and follow the prompts using the text entry method. - Cabs cost a fair, but the cab drivers are a wealth of information and generally enjoy helping new citizens! This is a great way to get around the city, while also asking any questions you may have. A car: You will not have a car right away, but once you purchase one, of course you can use it to traverse the city. Just remember to be safe and know where to park! (see “Get a Car” section below) Ask someone for a ride: Not always safe, especially if you ask strangers, but sometimes it is the only option you have! And who knows, maybe you’ll make your first friend this way! Use your GPS So now that you know how to get around the city, where should you go? Everyone has access to a GPS, which has icons on it showing all the important locations you might need as a new citizen. If you are the driver of a vehicle, you can select a location and your GPS will mark a route for you. Here are a few of the notable icons that may be of interest to you: Bank or ATM Police Station Hospital Side Jobs Market Store DMV Get some food and water On your way to your destination in Los Santos, don’t forget to stop and grab something to eat or drink! As you explore Los Santos, you will become hungry and thirsty. Having something to eat or drink on you will save you from starving or dehydrating. Food and water can be expensive for a new player! No need to overdo it, there is usually plenty of time to get to a store if you happen to be thirsty and do not have water on you. If you do not eat and drink, you will become very weak, and the slightest injury could cause you to pass out and eventually die. If you end up getting injured, and you cannot move, simply call 911 on your phone, and use the text entry method to call a medic. If you are able to move, you may be able to make it to a hospital, and you can ask for help on a walk-in basis. Remember you will still need to eat and drink something or you will just remain weak and prone to injuries. Get a Job Undoubtedly, one of your first priorities in the city will be getting a job. When you first arrive in the city, many jobs won’t hire you until you have lived in the city for a while and earned some reputation in the city. Luckily, there are plenty of side jobs willing to hire on an hourly or contract basis. Additionally, to help new citizens, the city gives a welfare check to all residents based on your wealth. Your wealth is a value assigned to you based on the value of your cars, your houses, and your cash (in the bank, unpaid salaries, and on your person). This check starts at $1500, and will go up slightly as you become experienced in the city, and go down as you gain wealth. There’s also a tax assessed on any money you earn. This is also tied to your wealth, and goes up at $500,000 and $1,000,000 in assets as such: $0 - 499,999: 5% $500,000 – 999,999: 15% $1,000,000 and up: 35% The meager welfare check will barely be enough to cover your food and water, and if you want the nicer things in life, like a home, you will need a job. There is a listing of all available side jobs, info on government jobs, as well as an FAQ about the city at this link: Click Here Stay Safe a) ATMs and depositing cash ATMs and banks are marked on the map with a $. You can both deposit and withdraw cash at these locations. The ATMs have limited capacities for cash, so may not always have enough to draw out, or enough room to deposit. The bank will always have enough for both. Use some common sense when carrying cash, you never know what might happen in Los Santos! b) Carrying valuable The same goes for valuables, or anything with a cash value in Los Santos. The economic conditions in Los Santos can lead people to do crazy things! I’ve heard stories of people so desperate, they would steal a bottle of water, or a hot dog! Be smart with what you carry. c) Complying with demands Inevitably, living in Los Santos you will be robbed. A lot of new citizens find this unnerving, and make the classic mistake of trying to aggressively defend themselves, or worse try to seek revenge on their assailant. Take it from someone who knows, this is rarely, if ever, the best reaction. Your assailant most likely has more friends than you, who are much more dangerous than a solo citizen seeking revenge. The best way to protect yourself, is to comply completely with any demands, give up any cash or valuables you were silly enough to carry, and move on with your job as quickly as possible. You will lose more time and money seeking revenge than simply complying, and getting back to work. d) Safe Areas ((NCZs)) Los Santos is a dangerous place, and working long hours to achieve your goals and dreams can be stressful and exhausting! Luckily, there are a few places in the city that are relatively safe for regular civilians for various reasons. When you are overly stressed, and just want a break from the chaos of a hard job and a chaotic city, swing by one of these safe areas and talk to fellow citizens, and relax! e) General Warning As a new citizen of Los Santos, it can be a very difficult and dangerous. Sometimes as a new citizen, you will be targeted for attack, because new citizens tend to make mistakes! They may carry more cash or valuable, may give assailants a reason to shoot you and take your stuff, or carry a valuable pistol and not know how to use it! The best advice I can give a new citizen…be smart, and be safe! Rarely will you be able to outwit and/or outgun an experienced criminal. Do what they say, and get back to your life as quickly as possible. Get a Car Eventually, you may want your own car. Make sure you stop by the DMV to get a license first! If you are pulled over by the PD, and have no license, you will surely be fined. There are a few dealerships around town, and two used lots. You can alternatively search the classified ads ((forums)) or the Weazel news bleets for cars being sold. Or even write your own ad to buy a vehicle. As the city can be dangerous, and scams can happen, I recommend using one of the dealers or lots for your first purchase, as it is the simplest and safest method. ((To place a Weazel ad, use the command /newsagency)) Parking in Los Santos Parking your car is an important decision in Los Santos, and finding your car if it comes up missing can be confusing. This section will cover what you need to know to park safely, and find your car if it is towed or stolen. a) Where to park – Public parking explanation. There are a few options for parking your car, I will cover them from safest to least safe: - Your house – If you have a house with a garage, you can park it there. But you probably don’t! - The parking lot near the Hospital marked with a green garage icon. Although it can be dangerous getting your car in and out, once it is parked, your car can neither be stolen or towed. ((use the UI to /park, which will permanently store your car until you use the interface again to take it out)) - Parking lots in safe areas ((NCZs)) – Although cars parked here are technically protected from theft, theft still occurs here. Cars can also be towed, if there is a parking ticket meter for the lot. The positive to these lots is you can not be robbed in the lots, making parking and retrieving your car safe. These are great short-term solutions. - Other parking lots and street parking – This is a park-at-your-own-risk solution! Parking outside of safe zones and approved long term lots mean you are not protected from crime, vandalism, and if you are parked illegally, getting towed. This is not recommended unless you are staying in the area with your car. b) What happens if your car is missing? If you return to where you parked your car, first use your vehicles tracking device ((/vehiclestats)) This will give a list of your vehicles with their statuses: - House parking – Your car is in one of your house garages - Impound – Your car is at the police impound lot, you must go there and ask the police to remove it. (this means it was found parked illegally and was towed) - Mors Insurance – Your car was destroyed or chopped, and your insurance company has provided a replacement at Mors. There is a 4 hour wait from the time it was destroyed, so you may need to wait for your car to be available. - On the map – Your vehicle is somewhere on the map! Use your GPS to locate it ((/showvehicles)) o If no icon is shown, this means someone is in your vehicle, most likely stolen. o If an icon is showing, use caution! Running to retrieve it may mean you are running right into the bad guys hands! You may want to wait until the car is in one area for a while, or call the police to aide you. o If your car is on the map: You may travel to it and find it flipped, stuck, or damaged to a point it will not start. If this is the case, simply call for a mechanic who will come to your location and take care of it. ((use /mechanic and use the text entry method)) Consider Housing At this point you may be wondering where you should live? There are several options for housing: Rent from an owner: There are no government or privately funded housing options for the poor. Real estate is owned by private residents who then rent out rooms, apartments or entire houses. These can be found in the classified section, or by watching for Weazel news bleeps. You can also place you own “looking to rent” ad. ((Use /newsagency for in-game bleets)) Buy a house: Similarly, most houses are traded and sold by private citizens. Use the same method to find houses for sale that may be in your price range. Occasionally, the city will auction off houses at special auction events, or in the auctions section of the city website. Sometimes you can find houses for sale in the city that are not advertised, you must stumble upon them, or have a friend show you where they are. Live out of your car: Although this may seem like a strange option to have listed here, a surprising number of residents, especially new residents, do not rent or own homes. The housing market can be rather unstable in Los Santos, and for new residents the price of rent means it would be difficult to save for the house or car of your dreams. So many of us resort to sleeping in our cars, under the stars at the beach, or my personal favorite, the pool table at Tequi-La-La. Of course, this is not the recommended option, but may be the only option until you get your feet underneath you. Make Connections Now that you have the basic necessities to survive in the city, it is time to start thriving! There are many options in the city, get a better job, work for the government, become an entrepreneur, get rich playing poker or slots, or be a beach bumb! It is all up to you. Most of these lifestyles will require connections, and lots of them! With your growing bank account and new car, get out into the city and start meeting new people. Who knows what opportunities await! Remember to stay safe and stay away from crime! There will be people and organizations trying to recruit you to a life of “alternative income”. Be warned! We all came to this city to be honest, hardworking citizens, we didn’t come here to seek a life of gunfights and car chases. Stay clean Los Santos! Profit…. Remember the words of the great Bob Marley: "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively."
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    As Incense Master, Nick Chang was tasked with making sure that each ceremony was formal, and up to code with the ancient tomes of his ancestors. Each and every ceremony required sticks of incense. They would represent the path forward that each member will have to walk. Paying homage to the local stores is what Triads are all about. Supporting the area they occupy should always be on the list. Nick visited many stores in order to buy decorations and a variety of incense for the ceremonies. All local to Little Seoul. After gathering all the needed supplies, Nick made his way to the ancient shrine. It was dedicated to the deities he and his Triad brothers worshipped back in Shandong, China. He decorated the shrine with traditional lanterns and of course, celebratory and ceremonial Incense.
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    Hello person reading this post This isn’t really a server suggestion but more of a Suggestion for Bayview and of course indirectly LSC too. I have gotten a few things to suggest for the Mechanic job that would greatly improve it. These are suggestions i have taken from my Employees and myself I hope this is something people like. If you have anything you would like to add feel free to pust it in the comments and maybe we add it to the list. 1. Adding a ‘’Third’’ mechoffer (/mechoffer 3) Right now we have /mechoffer 2 For repairs /mechoffer 0 For mods and /mechoffer 1 for engine repairs. (Which has no use) /mechoffer 3 Would be for towing vehicles to Gas stations This could also be for flipping vehicles. Right now we can drive 5 Miles to flip or tow someone and not be able to charge them anything. we create no revenue with actually towing vehicles. 2. Adding a fast response/Small Roadside repair vehicle. Currently we have a lot of really large vehicles. Using these vehicles for things like roadside engine fixes on motorcycles makes no sense. So we would like to suggest a vehicle for this purpose The vehicle we suggest is the Dinka Thrust we could store a small amount of tools in the saddle compartment and it is not too sporty. We think this would be the perfect bike for a mechanic doing small roadside repairs 3. Fixing the fence on the east side of Bayview Currently there is a reinforced wall almost everywhere around Bayview. Except here: The walls around Bayview are there to prevent people from Ramming through them. You would think this wouldn’t be needed in this spot because of the concrete ledge but sadly it is. So, this is what we have seen people doing: People climb over the fence and lockpick cars. After that they use a bigger car they have themselves or they got from lockpicking (as some people own a Sandking) to ram against the ledge. Sometime the vehicle they use to ram against this ledge is already high enough to ram the fences themselves, otherwise the vehicle bumps up and will touch the fence. People do this repeatedly till they have created the ramp. If they didn’t succeed doing this, they go into the office to reload the map. People mostly do this at times not many people are online. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/12326-bayview-fence-issue-suggestion/?tab=comments#comment-57301 This topic clearly outlines what we want. 4. Adding a Sedan. (Oracle) We currently have a small fleet of very large vehicles. We would like to have some kind of sedan like for example a Oracle. This is the car we think is perfect for this task. We would like to have access to a vehicle like this for Management Purposes. Hr purposes, Even PR could use a vehicle like this. (More Formal duties in a sense) This vehicle would be locked off from the people that have no use for it so it would not get used for the things it is not intended for. This i think would make more sense than driving a Tow Truck or Utility truck around while doing Administrative tasks that require a Employee to be At let's say PD For Record checks on applicants. (Picture included of the vehicle we would like for this purpose) 5. Replacing some of the Utility trucks with Other vehicles. We currently have 4 Utility trucks where 3 of them are basically exactly the same. The things they come equipped with make no sense for a mechanic company Here is an example of what we currently have: This is something we never use it and it makes no sense driving this we have no use for a lift like that. if it could be replaced with a van like for example. These 2 Vehicles would be way better than the current Utillitrucks we use. 7. Adding a command to take off the included hat A lot of people hate the hat that comes with the uniform so i suggest to add a command that PD also has to remove the hat instead of /phat make it /mhat for mechanics. It is pretty annoying having to ask a fellow employee to hit you everytime you want the hat to be off. 6. Cleaning up the Area behind bayview. This is obviously not a priority but it would be really nice to have this area tidied up a little bit. This is not something that is greatly needed but it would just be a + if the stuff in the middle wasn’t there. 7 The Flatbed We would just be tickled if one day the Flatbed would be working again. We do realise this is not a Server thing but something that should be working when 0.4 Rage gets released. This is just a reminder that this used to be and will always be the best way to transport a vehicle 8 Updated /mechanic Now, people can use the command /mechanic to "call" for a mechanic. It's similar to what taxi used to have back in the day, just a command. Quite a while ago DCC got a phone number you will have to call for a taxi. This was somehting I was happy to see as it makes more sense. What I was thinking about for mechanics: - Pull phone out and call 4444 - When phone gets answered you get the options to ask for: Towtruck or Roadside. Basically, the option to get a towtruck or requesting a truck for a roadside repair. - After saying what you want you can give a description of the situation you are in. When the call is ended mechanics should get (just like DCC got) a message in the chat with the option the caller requested, mechanic request ID (to respond to) and the description the person left. This way when someone is asking for a roadside repair it makes more sense having the parts and tools brought with you that are needed and will prevent people "abusing" the command. Another thing I would like to see added: A small cooldown for doing those requests! A lot of people like to spam our requests by doing /mechanic [message], walk out of the area and simply do /mechanic again. This is very annoying as it's simply possible people are not able to help out for multiple reasons. 9 Cargobob This suggestion is a little bit out there and i am not even sure the hook works on rage but it is worth a shot. It doesn’t happen that often but there are situations when a player gets their vehicle stuck in a place where it is impossible for a Tow Truck to come. In this case it might be useful to have a cargobob to the highest trained mechanics in either of the Company’s. Here is a list of requirements for a mechanic who would be able to Pilot this vehicle. 1: Be at least a Senior Mechanic or above 2: Be trained by either PD or MD 3: Have 2 Other mechanics available that are also trained in this field 4: Have a hook operator with him in the Aircraft 5: Have a Co-Pilot available. 6: Have at least done 5 Missions as a Co-Pilot or Hook operator before taking the pilot role. In the case that the mechanics available do not have these qualifications the Mech Request can not be taken. If they do decide to go against these requirements punishment/Demotion will be given. This is what the process would look like A senior Mechanic or above applies for a Extra role as a hook operator. The hook operator needs no training from PD Or MD But does require to take a course inside of the Company. This course would consist of Proper RP for a hook operator The hook operator would first have to be out of the Aircraft/Dropped off near the vehicle. Before being able to do the Rp. (/me places the bag of gear on the ground /me Takes out the slings and puts them under and around the Vehicle. /me powers on the Hook module. /me Unlocks the hook from the Storage compartment. /me lowers the hook with the controller box. /me grabs the hook /me Puts the hook in the loop of the sling system attached to the car.) This is a simple way of doing the Rp which could be expanded on if accepted. After a Hook Operator has done at least 5 Airliftings as a Operator they can apply to become a Co-Pilot. A Co-Pilot would just be there to ensure that everything goes well and take over if needed (DCING of pilot) Before taking the role of Co-Pilot would have been required to take training with PD or MD and internally learning how to use the Cargobob properly. After having done 5 Airliftings as a Co-Pilot the Co-Pilot Can apply to become a Pilot The people would only be allowed to become a Pilot if they can show they have High skill of piloting the Aircraft. Before starting the Aircraft up the Crew would have to Rp a walkaround to ensure the Aircraft is in flying condition. The pilot or Co-Pilot would also need to RP starting the aircraft up (/me turns on the main battery /me Turns on the starter Generator /me Turns on The fire warning switch /me turns on the Emergency warning systems /me turns on the Fuel systems /me Primes the engines /me Sets the throttle to Idle /me closes the doors /me Lets the Turbines get to take-off RPM) Having the Crew now how to RP easy stuff like this would greatly improve immersion. This could even be expanded on further. Location for a marker/Spawn area: As you can see this area is only a short drive from the Bayview Lot. This suggestion is not something i expect to be implemented any time soon but it is worth putting it on the list.
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    Account name: Samo Character name(s): Eugene_Smithers Admin who issued punishment: Flucifial Date of punishment: 27/Jan/2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Poor Attitude, Disrespecting Staff Your explanation of what happened: I spoke negatively against the server, I can admit this and I did and will again apologise for this I did not mean it I was just in a bad place and was annoyed about something IRL and I let it influence me towards staff and it was not fair towards them at all. I admit this and after 6 months I fully believe I can prove my self and re-join the community without IRL situations influencing my manor at all. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I played this server over 2 years, I only recently got a few warnings as 1 - I didn't realise the rule change and 2. I couldn't provide the evidence so I received the warning accordingly. Over the 1000s of hours played I have provided my good RP situations and community play as well as my last day letting my mood IRL influence me in game and be rude to staff, I think this was absolutely horrible looking back as they didn't deserve my rude behaviour. All I'm asking is 1 chance to prove my self that I will never let this happen again after the years I have played I do honestly believe I deserve a second chance, now I think the 6 months ban is reasonable considering I do realise how tough this can be on the staff being rude making their lives harder then they should be. Post any evidence or further details: Despite the result of this appeal I would like to apologise to Flucifial for disrespecting him.
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    it's a long one but hopefully you guys enjoy it
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    Team Update:- Lewis has been promoted to Head Administrator
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    The Triads have recently reached back out to their old friend Pong Xing who had successfully pulled off an arms shipment for them. The Triads made a new deal that would ensure consistent arms shipments arriving in the city of Los Santos. The group then headed to collect the first shipment. Mr. Xing had successfully held up the deal once again. The helicopter arrived and dropped off the shipment, the men then moved down and picked up the crate. The Granger was brought out to assist in the shipment of the crate. They then headed back to their area of operations and inspected the goods. After some time had passed the second shipment was due to arrive in the city. The Triads headed down to the area and secured the perimeter. This shipment was delivered by boat to a private docking area. Xing done this to avoid making the same methods of import flag up time after time. The group headed down with a bullet resistant truck and two large off road vehicles to escort the shipment back to safety. Now that the Triads were stocked up it was time to move onto the business of selling the weapons.
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    SUMMER CUP 2019 Bikes, dirt and girls! All you need to have the time of your life, at our upcoming event! Friday 28/06 18:00 UTC Entrance fee: 2,500$ ~ Where? The race starts at 6PM and ends at ~6:30PM ~ Useful information Everyone will drive the Manchez. Bringing your own bike is not allowed, since it could be modified to gain an advantage. You will need to bring the entrance fee in cash (2,500$) The route must be followed at all times. ~ OOC INFORMATION ! The parking lot will be a NCZ. No cars are to be stolen there, doing so will result in a NonRP punishment. Deathmatching rules still apply, do not intentionally drive into others to get them to crash. (( Brought to you by the Event Team ))
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    SeaWeed entered los Santos with a goal to produce and distribute music as well as partake in the high adrenaline profession known as running drugs. Particularly, the group has its eyes set on marijuana. Upon arrival SeaWeed was met with hostility. Over the course of 45 days, plans were set to make the presence of SeaWeed known. Thus, began the conquest of SeaWeed and the bloody battles that took place to achieve this goal. After the dust had settled, peace had begun. Many enemies were made, but somehow SeaWeed had been able to maintain a few friendships, which in turn would shape the future unbeknownst to SeaWeed. SeaWeed takes pride in music production, most commonly rap and hip hop. While not in the studio SeaWeed can be found around the city doing various things from controlling drug fueled neighborhoods to having meetings with other organizations. SeaWeed will be seen wearing black tops with green bottoms, same color code for vehicles. The black represents the dark abyss in which rival gang members will find themselves in. The green represents money and marijuana and overall power. SeaWeed originated with motorcycles as a fundamental asset each member had to own. However, after recent changes this was lifted to include sports cars, trucks, vans and any sort of utility vehicle. SeaWeed are rebels at heart, living with a democratic ideology that means every voice in SeaWeed is heard. With 4 main leaders, SeaWeed is able to efficiently and effectively solve problems and situations, or strategize for future plans and potential violence. SeaWeed partakes in gas station robberies, the robbing of rival crews and individuals, dealing drugs and running weapons for profits. SeaWeed is an honorable crew despite their scrutiny. Always working together with eachother, meaning everyone is an equal despite how they are ranked. Being recruited is not an easy task. With having a democratic system, it allows everyone’s opinion and possible recruitment may be brought to vote when one has proven or put in work. This prevents people with power to abuse within the ranks. After completion of prospect status, the prospect will be “blooded in” through an in-depth conversation and information session, followed by a ritual that to this day remains a secret. Once blooded in, the now Soldier is a full member of SeaWeed and is thus treated as such. Prospects may be removed at any point during the probationary period, and may only represent the colors of the gang, but not the gang interests. Betrayal or treason within will be met with volatile actions with lethal consequences. SeaWeed is always looking to connect with weapons dealers as a stepping stone towards learning the trade of weapon shipments and such. SeaWeed wants to be heavily involved in production of music, as well as throwing large parties to further get the name known. Money is always on their minds. Inevitably, SeaWeed is working towards purchasing a warehouse to further assist with their future endeavors. Having a warehouse would enable SeaWeed to properly produce and record music with no interruptions. SeaWeed members must make goals of themselves and have ambitions with drive, however the gang will always be number 1 priority. Full of hardened thugs and felons, SeaWeed wants to steer itself away from police and criminal charges and instead is working towards becoming more organized and professional to stay clear of any radar. With plans in place, and members ready to act, SeaWeed will grow to accomplish its missions no matter what the cost may entail. SeaWeed was founded by 4 OG members. Originating from North America, SeaWeed needed to flee as rival music corporations starting bleeding SeaWeed dry of funds and the constant shootings proved to be problematic. Thus the decision to get citizenship for Los Santos was main priority. Upon arrival to Los Santos, SeaWeed had a rather basic entry into the criminal life. Meeting many people and making relations with locals, SeaWeed was able to establish connections to weapons and learn the drug trade. Roughly 1 week after arrival, SeaWeed started having issues with the bigger gangs in town. This created immense tension between the groups and war was imminent. As this was unfolding, SeaWeed began the process of recruitment, and starting increasing numbers steadily. While growing as a group, decisions were made to be an aggressor in the war. After a long bloody battle lasting about 45 days, SeaWeed was approached by their enemies and had a meeting. This meeting proved that SeaWeed had accomplished it’s first goal, to be a known gang in Los Santos. This friendship lead to many perks, but came at a cost. That cost was the friendship with another notorious gang known as the Irish. SeaWeed setup a meeting with the Irish, and with members from the gang Los Santos Zetas, the Irish were setup and essentially walked into a trap. Robbed, beaten and kidnapped, the Irish leader was then tortured by the Zetas and dumped his still alive body. To this day noone exactly knows what lead to the break up of the Irish, but that wasn’t a concern to SeaWeed. SeaWeed was able to get out of the war between all gangs, and instead were able to focus on production and money making methods. SeaWeed is an overly aggressive organization if it is threatened, and will always act in the defense of their own. This has lead to many encounters with police and overtime grew to have tension between mechanics. On the brink of war with a mechanic shop and their workers, talks were made and SeaWeed was able to extort money in turn for no more tensions. This agreement lead to more friendships being made and created an influx of new prospects entering SeaWeed. At this time however, SeaWeed is trying to stay clear of Police and any sort of criminal charges. SeaWeed has a main goal of becoming a professional, quiet, resilient organization and is currently working towards those goals. To join SeaWeed is not an easy task, usually requesting at least 1 reference. Exceptions can be made, however just know that it is not an easy task. Find any SeaWeed member and ask for them to show their mark. Find SeaWeed near taco stand, or around the Bayview mechanic shop. OGs – this consists of the leaders of SeaWeed, in charge of diplomacy and overall finalized decisions will be made here. Kingpins: 2nd in command, in charge of maintaining connections with weapons and drug dealers. Lieutenants: in charge of keeping order within ranks, only the most loyal and dedicated shall receive this rank or above Enforcers: the muscle of the group, reputable members, may make decisions that will not harm the reputation of SeaWeed. Must enforce SeaWeed goals Soldiers: blooded in soldier. Is a full time member of SeaWeed, able to vote in decisions and must maintain positive outlook and continuation of growth for goals Prospects: may wear colors, but not represent gang decisions or influences. Until work is put in, and one has proven themselves, they will remain in this probationary process. May be removed at any time SeaWeed is always number 1 Always help your fellow members, respond to calls and give assistance when needed Listen to ranks Failure to respect allies will result in void of membership and possibly death When making money together as a group, everyone is cut in evenly minus prospects who receive only 20% of said cut Must follow server rules and guidelines Must maintain high quality RP with positive image for SeaWeed SeaWeed Presents: Smoke Weed, Get paid Track 01 - Nama Boys ft. Fleetwood, Shorty, Dusty, Jacob Track 02 - Dead Saints ft Shorty Track 03 - My Block ft Fleet, Dusty Track 04 - Dead Rebels ft Shorty
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    "Year by year, the monkey's mask reveals the monkey." - Matsuo Basho. Deadshot monkeys - a gang that was gathered from various people with amazing battlefield experience and amazing strategic mindset. Some of the members of the monkeys has been trained as a marine snipers, some of them, were just the aces of their past gangs. The story starts with famous criminal of Los Santos known as Osva Silver, faking his own death and pretending to be killed during a massive shootout at Sandy Shores that happened back in 2018 Winter. He then had plans with his old and best friend Fabrizio Barboza to get inside the govermental institution, such as PD or DOC and gain the access to Police MDC. Osva succesfully did that by buying a fake ID from a black market dealer and went by the name Nero Silver, he joined the DOC, accessed the MDC and tracked some of the gangsters that he wanted to take his revenge on for killing his other good friend, Ruslan Karaliovchik . Later on, after taking his revenge on Granados brothers and completely wiping their crew, Nero decided that he needs to stay silent for a while and went back to the Europe. His friend, Fabrizio, remained in the Los Santos as he was still rolling solo and dealing drugs in the streets. 3 months later, Fabrizio invites Nero, to come to visit him in the Los Santos. Nero takes a flight back to LS and finds Fabrizio to be richer than ever before. Everything seems to be calm and cool with the guys in the city, life seems to look like a movie, until one night, Nero notices some gun shots nearby the city Bank. He goes down the street to check what is happening there and he sees, one guy to be hiding nearby his vehicle and fighting against 3 The Wanted gang members on his own. Even through all the struggles and bullets the guy was facing, he was still holding equally against those 3 wanted members. After witnessing the situation, Nero decided to help the guy by dragging his own gun out and joining the battle himself. Both, Nero and the guy were able to survive and talk the situation out later. The stranger introduced himself to Nero as a Anatoly Leggio. Anatoly, was a well known gangster in the Los Santos who is literally a mastermind of the battlefield and can lead his crew to a complete victory almost in every situation. Moments later, Nero introduced Anatoly to Fabrizio and Anatoly introduced his brother Vincent to us, who is just as smart and as skilled as Anatoly is. A week after the shootout against The Wanted passed. Nero receives the call from Vincent, saying that Anatoly is in big trouble and he needs to leave the city ASAP. After the guys meet up and Leggio brothers explained the situation, the only suggestion to avoid Anatoly to leave the city was to mask ourselves and move in the shadows. Everyone were ok with the idea, but both, Nero and Fabrizio knew, that if they sign up for it, they will have to forget about their dream life and hop on the criminal ship again. Nero remembers the time when he left his friend Ruslan in trouble alone and wasn't able to help him, so both, Nero and Fabrizio signed up for it and is now risking their lives by fighting alongside with Leggio brothers. To describe the personality of the crew members, they needed the appearance of them to look as a wild and smart animal. For that reason, monkey mask were picked... ☛ Friendship with other gangs is not what really matters to us. Our goal is to strike the strong, but not the strongest (for now). ☛ Making sure that we can hide our recruits identities and that without the monkey mask, no one could know that they belong to Deadshot Monkeys. ☛ Becoming the most dangerous gang in the Sandy Shores. ☛ Taking over the South Los Santos. Interested? Find us ICly and ask if the recruitment is opened!
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    Team Update:- Archaeah has been promoted to Administrator. XposeD has been promoted to Administrator. Chrisy has been promoted to Senior Moderator. BrockOlly has been promoted to Senior Moderator. Osser3 has joined the Support Team. Robbeaxe has joined the Support Team. MrWonanother has joined the Support Team. MattyHavok has joined the Support Team. Vallorz has joined the Support Team. JagMaz has joined the Support Team. Marlborored has joined the Support Team. Danlaman has joined the Support Team. Brawnkoh has joined the Support Team. Marchesi has joined the Support Team. doc has resigned from the Support Team. PennyWise13x has resigned from the Support Team.
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    Hello and thank you for appealing. I took the time to attempt to recreate this with a fellow moderator, and the reaction time you were supposed to have is just not long enough, you cannot break fast enough to avoid hitting him, so I would not call it deathmatching. Furthermore, you've remained free of DM punishments for almost a year, which is a very good sign that you are here to roleplay. I will go ahead and void this punishment. Please be more careful in the future, and please know that you are still very close to another permanent ban if a deathmatching incident occurs. Appeal accepted
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    The Triads had just had a run in with the law and had to lay low for a while. They decided to take to their seaside villa to cool off for a little bit. While hanging out, a couple pesky monkeys drove by in an attempt to annoy the gang. The monkey's baited for quite a while, but were eventually chased down and yanked out of their vehicles. They won't be heard from anytime soon! 祝好运下次!
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    Bayview Loves Bikes Bayview Auto Center presents 'Bayview Loves Bikes.' Bring your 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles to Bayview and show them off. Supers, dirtbikes, choppers, we love them all! What: Bike Meet When: (( 6/20/2019, 12PM Noon, EST )) Where: Bayview Auto Center We will give away a Western Nightblade and Bati 801!!! Giveaway bikes sponsored by Motorsports. Winner must be present at the time of the giveaway. Only 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles will be allowed through the Bayview gates for the event but all are welcome. Please utilize other off street parking near Bayview if you come via car. We also encourage patrons to enjoy the beach next to Bayview during and after the event. We are looking for food truck support for the event, as well as a DJ/Music service. if you would like to support the event please contact Bobby Forsyth, 559-7856, or Joel Weatherby 255-4609.
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    Account name: DonRider Character name(s): Samo Granados Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment: 2019 January 31 when he posted < Samo is gone > Punishment received: got banned from discord and Forum Reason given for punishment: that should be for a Racist picture ( Nazis Logo ) Your explanation of what happened: I saw that NBDY was posted " Samo Is gone " then i sent a picture, it was Narcos logo but accidently i posted 2 picture one of them it was for Narcos and another one it was for Nazi, i dont even know how did i post that pictures then i forgot to delete that picture, but i dont why i got banned from Discord Why should your appeal be accepted?:Im so sorry about that racist picture cause that was at night in my country on that day i need to rest on that time so i forgot that to delete that shitty picture, i apologize for that racist picture ( من واقعا متاسفم برای اون عکس توهین امیز که بطور اتفاقی فرستاده شده بود.), and i dont know any thing about my Discord banning reason, and these things wont happen again, and i need my main forum account for incoming appeal for in game account Post any evidence or further details: discord id : AmooRid3r #7910 https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/43034-amoorid3r/
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    Feel free to like the post so I get a daily achivement, it wont give you any bigger chance..... Or will it?
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    I'd like to make a suggestion about the drug labs. Right now, they are out in the middle of nowhere in Blaine County. Anyone can stroll by, use one free of charge and cops are alerted really regular to a lab and they'll close it down, have to forget it exists and then be back there again the next day. My suggestion is to remove these server-spawned, server-run drug labs and replace them with labs that the official factions can set-up themselves wherever they want on the map. Criminals could set up their drug lab at any non-taken residence in the city, it would just have to be enabled by a staff member in-game so we don't get labs at non-rp locations. They would pay a modest fee to create the lab (RPly to cover the drug making materials and equipment) The lab creation would take like 4-5 minutes to fully set up. To use the lab, people would have to rent it out to make their drugs. (That's how the gangs make their money, they'd set the rental price) Rival Gangs would be able to steal the money from the labs and the PD would be able to confiscate the money as well. You could deassemble your own lab but this would take 4-5 minutes also. Rival gangs and PD/Firefighters could destroy your lab if they found out about it. There would be a max of 2-3 labs in the city at any one time and each faction could only have one lab running. This is so it still gets used. Drug Labs would exist until they are destroyed or disassembled. Your faction could only create a drug lab, once every 24 hours to prevent abuse. The idea here would be that something like the drug system would be controlled by the gangs, not the server and also, it's encouraging person to person roleplay. If you are a drug maker and you are small time, you've got to make contacts with the gangs of the server to do your thing. The same thing goes for the gangs, you've got to sell your lab to people and create contacts with people looking to make drugs. It also takes away some of the ridiculousness surrounding these labs, where you gotta have selective memory and stuff. In terms of Law Enforcement, we have to be a little more clever about how we learn about these labs (involving Investigation Bureau more) and how we shut them down. For me, this suggestion promotes competition within factions, allows them more control over the crime in the server and also, makes the drug labs more of a challenge for law enforcement.
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    I believe that PD abuse the fact that barricades you deploy are an unmovable object no matter how fast you hit them or with what vehicle you drive they will never break and their render distance is extremely low at high speed, it gives the one being chased 0 time to react and injures them instantly or stalls their vehicle. This suggestion is to propose a change is made either in the server rules or internally in PD so that PD may no longer use barricades for this purpose. It is extremely poor RP and i would argue borderline powergaming considering no matter the vehicle you drive they are unbreakable. Spike strips were implemented for this purpose but i have never seen them used after the first week or two that they were introduced. PD use and abuse these barricades because once you hit them you are instantly injured. It makes it easier for them than trying to set up spike strips and then pitting the suspect once his tires have popped. Its less work and RP for PD. But it ruins the experience for the criminal that PD abuse these barricades instead of setting up more realistic traps/road blocks using multiple cruisers (or larger vehicles) or spike strips. This should not be allowed or accepted as a proper form of proper RP. This is why spike strips were added, but they are rarely if ever used currently. This suggestion is to hopefully change this. Examples: First and last video are of a similar situation. PD going ahead to the tunnel and setting up barricades to abuse the fact they cannot be destroyed like the normal prop in GTA V. 2nd video displays many things wrong. But to focus on the barricades, they set them up in the tunnel knowing that they were in the tunnels with their vehicles, you can hear one officer call "blockades, they're not gonna pass it, they're not gonna pass it definitely". Abusing once again the fact they cannot be destroyed. Realistically the contender and 6x6 would have plowed through the barricades destroying them and kept going. but the contender saw them in time and went over, while the 6x6 hit them and was stalled by this. There was no reason to set up barricades there other than the sole purpose to block the vehicles, it was not to keep civilians out as no civilian would jump on the train track and run down the tunnel to see whats going on, crowd control would be done where people board and on the surface to stop more people from entering the tunnel to the subway. please tell me your thoughts
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    You are ranting about a 5% chance of your illegal shipment being seized. Are you aware of that? The system used to order these shipments is all online, and by definition and real-life examples, these illegal market places are monitored by the police and lead to arrests and seizures. Lose the mindset that you have to win in every situation and need a reward simply for roleplaying. Maybe if you would see past this petty point you're making of how unfair it is that a tiny percentage of shipments may be seized you could see the RP value of such and come up with ideas to not only secure your shipment but also in the process of doing so, enhance the roleplay for everyone involved.
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    I realise that there is going to be stiff opposition to increasing prison times because hey, no one wants to vote to make things more difficult for themselves do they, whether they are a cop or a criminal. I am a cop in this server and I do think that the two-hour sentence cap leads to a lazy attitude to crime which lessens the impact of committing crimes or catching criminals for both sides. If you are doing illegal things out in the open because you don't care if you get caught then there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed there. What I'd like to achieve in with this suggestion Major Criminals Factions to have to re-think how they operate. There is a reason why they call it the criminal underworld. Criminals are far too obvious and brazen with their activities, partially because they know that at most, they'll do two hours in prison and that's that. I want to see Criminal Factions make it harder for cops to arrest them, not easier. The reality is, it's often harder to catch a serial speed violator than a gang member in this server and that's pretty backwards. The Investigations Bureau, SWAT and Department of Corrections to have a bigger role in the catching and looking after of suspects. The Investigations Bureau can spend days, even weeks building a case on a target and when it comes time to arrest them, they go away for 2 hours? The same goes for SWAT, you can spend half that person's sentence trying to find them. As for the prison and Corrections, that faction is never going to get any better than it is while it has 3-4 prisoners at a time. They have this gigantic new interior and all these members, but they spend half their time outside twiddling their thumbs waiting for scraps of role-play with prisoners. Prisoners are their roleplaying currency, like crime is to cops and gangs. People will say there is nothing to do in prison but then what is the point adding things if no one is in there to use them? It's a constant wheel. Prison sentences to reflect the crimes the person has committed. The higher the risk, the higher the punishment but still capping it at something that is fair and manageable on all sides. Under the current system, three Reckless Operation charges gets you the same time in prison as an act of Domestic Terrorism. 😂 Prisoners not being subjected to double jeopardy when it comes to prison time AND the accompanying fine. As everyone is aware, when you get charged with something, you also get a fine that comes with it. I think a compromise of getting more prison time would be that your fine is reduced. Catching suspects using script means for PD to be harder. I understand some are upset about the 5% tip-off on imports so I feel that applying that same logic to police tapping your phone for example wouldn't be unreasonable. Police should be tested when it comes to catching criminals, the same as criminals should be tested when evading. The Suggestions
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    The Wanted were posted up at their usual chopshop locations. After paying close attention to each member day by day, certain eligible members were then taken by Jamaar to be keep-up tested in weather only skilled drivers could maintain themselves in. While on the topic of racing, The Wanted then found themselves racing the "Taco Bomb" track. The course itself allows for many people to properly race at once which makes for only the most fun and comedic of races. Leadership looks for trends in the most common winners and more importantly, impressive driving skill. If you witness mass amounts of orange vehicles set up on any public road, its best to stay out of the way. Later on in the week, The Wanted decided to make an appearance at Dee and Sophie Blitz's wedding to show support. Congratulations from all the boys in Orange. During the after-party, a radio call had come in regarding two individuals who stole Skeetle Jackson's bag of supplies. This cut the celebrations short but they were quickly apprehended and taught a valuable lesson. The day ended off with important discussion among Rooks and Wanted leaders.
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    Clowns have recently been getting a decent amount of new recruits. Higher ups of the organisation have been in talks that there needs to be a test for associates where they can prove themselves and move up the ranks in Clowns. In the meeting it was decided that we are going to hold a fight club specifically for new recruits. Since using bare fists would take forever, because every single member is tough, the fighters were given brass knuckles Whomever would win the even would instantly be moved to a higher ranking position in the organisation. Victorious associate was - David Quart, who was congratulated by his colleagues for his skill in fist fighting!
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    Account name: ashkangamer Character name(s): Ashkan Watson Admin who issued punishment: lewis Date of punishment: 16/june/2019 Punishment received: Oban 0 / permanent ban Reason given for punishment: I dont know what just happend, i cant remember anything about that Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didnt share any quiz answers to nobody.
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    Account name: DushaneVIP Character name(s): Joey_Reeves, Michael_Wayne Admin who issued punishment: @Dqniel(on behalf of Archaeah, Dqniel & Mikex) Date of punishment: 20/Jun/2019 02:14 Punishment received: Ban with the length of 0 (infinite) Reason given for punishment: Unauthorized Asset Transfer Your explanation of what happened: I made a new ECRP account and got my quiz approved, all went well. However I had a large amount of assets on my previous account (a comet retro worth a few million) and a house. I decided to transfer these with the help of my friend to my new account so I wouldn't lose them forever. I do have an RP backstory for these transfers which would make sense, however at the time I was excited to get started on my new character and forgot about the Transfer Request subsection on the forums, therefor making it an unauthorized transfer. I was supossedly caught (not too hard, a new player with a comet retro should raise alot of suspicion). I truly didn't intend any harm (destabilizing the economy, avoiding tax etc) I just truly forgot about the transfer requests. In my conversation I had with Dqniel & Mikex I was suggested to appeal this ban as during the time I was honest with them, which they could appreciate. The decision obviously being made by the Senior Admin+ Why should your appeal be accepted?: I never had any malicious intent when doing these transfers, I just wanted a fresh start on a new account and I didn't want to lose my items. If I may be given another chance back onto the server I wouldn't mind having my assets removed as a sort of punishment, I made a mistake and must be punished for it. Post any evidence or further details: The Hakuchou drag that was also given to me wasn't a vehicle transfer, I received it from my friend because he is quitting ECRP, and he gave all of his friends a bit of his assets as a goodbye. (this was RP'd ICly aswell). At this point, if I may receive another chance back into this wonderful community I'll work my hardest on following the rulebook precisely and avoid making any and all mistakes to the best of ability. That's all I have to say, thank you for taking your time of reading my appeal and I hope I may receive another chance.
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    please regard the following line of the death match rule Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. In the situation that you are referring too we were ambushed by your gang (Zeta's) on the cusp of an NCZ as a result of a rule break. At no point were we intending to Take your life or the life of a friend or ally. We made no hostile or criminal action against you either. We defended our selves rightfully. As PD our intention is never to take life and even when shooting in retaliation we always act swiftly to prevent the loss of life. Frankly using a shoot out that you started to justify more shooting and killing is preposterous. If that were the case the server would be perpetually in a cycle of people death matching. It is for that reason that the above rules exist. Further more, this does not explain your reason for killing myself. As you explain in the video you justify it by me knowing your name. Please explain to me how that is compliant with the rules? I know lots of peoples names, voices, clothes and cars. Does this mean that they are able to DM me whenever they like?.. Clearly what you are doing here is perpetuating an awefull RP behaviour to prevent ramifications and score yourself a win in RP.
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    Account name: Carrick Character name(s): Jaquandre Bivins Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 18/Jun/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: "Major violation of server rules (Talking about major OOC vulgar chats)" Your explanation of what happened: I don't even remember doing this but I was told it was for "talking about raping a baby in PM". If I had to guess it was a PM to Darius joking about him raping people whilst high on methamphetamine (which is something his character has done if you look at our RP posts). Why should your appeal be accepted?: I've been playing on this server for about 2 years now, I have hundreds of hours on the server and always try to follow the rules. I don't see how using dark humor in a PRIVATE PM that nobody else can see to a friend is a bannable offense, let alone permanently.
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    The L'Ultima Famiglia meaning The Last Family started as MC crew The Last Riders moving from motorcycles to focus more on business. Some of the MC's leaders were originally from Italy and since they didn't have time for bikes anymore they moved to a more Italian family style of business. They moved around in black cars and purple ties taking their spot in the city trying to take more control over deals happening in the city. Then came the downfall. L'Ultima ranks shifted people changed, eventually the leadership left Los Santos to control other cities and L'Ultima was no more. Jonny Pesilo's brother Ruther Pesilo who acted as Jonny's consigliere back in the days, came back in Los Santos after he was disappointed with New York city. He asked Jonny Pesilo for his agreement and revived L'Ultima Famiglia with Jonny's blessings. L'Ultima needed new members since the old members have taken different paths into new cities. Ruther had setup a crew that were destined to revive the family to the same, or even better status then before. The Family has been setting up drug operations to create funding for the family. They would also hunt robbers since L'Ultima Famiglia always from its roots hated robbers and tries to protect the civilians. They are trying to get acknowledged in the whole city, setting up contacts with other gangs. In the meantime the family continued to grow for some time and when family had good leadership, they had a choice to make. Due to Ruther's beef with other gang leaders and high ranks from the past, they had to decide upon a new leader for the future of the family. There was a meeting set up and they voted for a new leader with Ruther's blessings to do so. Now the family will continue to grow under Nica's lead in hopes for a brighter future in the city. L'Ultima is going to try to get more control over the gun deals of Los Santos and are trying to find overseas gun importing deals. They will still hold the same principles, keeping the city streets clean of robbers and help the innocent. The family is also focusing on their relationships with the biggest gangs and organizations of Los Santos. L'Ultima Famiglia are certain they are the only Italian family which fits into Los Santos, so keeping their place as the most powerful Italian family will be important. Getting into the family is not easy, you are required to know one of our members and need to partake in a couple of tests. After completing these tests you will be aknowladged as one of our associates. Until one of our soldiers says you are trustworthy enough. If you are brought into the family by one of our members they will remain responsible for you until you can handle yourself. Ranks above Soldier will be wearing a suit with purple tie and purple fedora. Soldier rank will be wearing a proper attire with purple tie. Associates wear purple long sleeved shirt with blank pants. Our cars are white with purple wheels(for now). Don: The leader of the family, the don will always have the final say in important descisions and could kick someone out of the family wtihout problems if there is a good reason. The Consigliere: The consigliere will act as an advisor for the Don and capo's, he should be available whenever there is a contract being setup or if there is a tough decision to be made. Caporegime: A capo will take care of organized crime in the city, they will gather made men and enforcers to help out and perform these crimes. Enforcer: Enforcers are the leaders of the soldiers they will make sure every soldier does their job. Whenever a soldier has perfomed well, the enforcer will let the capo's know. Made men: These made men have proven themselves to be the best at their job, they have shown skill and knowledge in what they do and will show this to soldiers and associates. Soldier: The soldiers will perform tasks assigned to them by Enforcers or made men. Usually this will be organized crime or setting up drug labs. Soldiers will also show associates the way we do things in the city. Associates: Associates are the newcommers in our family, when someone comes into our family they have to prove themselves worthy of to carry our name one mistake can mean end of story. (ic) 1. Respect eachother. 2. Don't rob civilians. 3. Respect allied gang members. 4. Don't act on your own. 5. React to backup calls. 6. Lower ranks should always ask if they are unsure. 7. Gun deals. (ooc) 1. Follow all rules of ECRP. - Creating drugs. - Keeping the streets clean of petty robbers. - Regular meetings. - Family activities (rp). - Making money. - Organized crime. -L'ultima Famiglia is not a gang, we are family-
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    Jamaar had set some time aside to teach a set of Busters the process of packaging bricks of cocaine to sell in large quantities. John Silvia and Hakan Demirci proceeded and were fast learners, getting the job done efficiently after only a brief demonstration. Following the packaging process, Alan "Acid" Stream had returned from his extended jail sentence. The Wanted decided with Alan returning and Conor Mcdonald leaving the city on a lengthy business trip soon, they should throw a memorable party at The Wanted's own "Dust Devil's" newly claimed land in honor of the two. Once the events concluded, members of The Wanted then transported Conor to his flight where he soon departed. They said their goodbyes and made their way back to Alan's mansion that had been vacant for far too long. Welcome home buddy.
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    Whilst the Triads have been growing and improving themselves, so have the relations with the old gangs of the city. The Triads had been working alongside Los Zetas and The Clowns during the recent war. Now that was was finished it was time for some proper business. A meeting was called and held in the board room in one of the Triads legal organisations. After discussing internal matters and clearing the air with any issues the Triads moved onto discussing their future. Recently the three gangs had been attempting to organise a large meeting to formally introduce the majority of their members. Now that the location had been set everyone headed down to the area, the entrance was secured to prevent any unwanted visitors. The initial discussion finished and the groups explained why everyone was gathered here today. The higherups of each organisation then headed to a more private location to discuss the fine details. Each organisation had their points to put forward and ask any questions relevant. Numbers were exchanged for those who didn't have them and some big business plans were set in place. The most important section of the meeting had concluded successfully and things were looking good for the three groups. The men then headed back down to the crowd and began celebrating, chatting away, getting to know all of the members present. A strong bond was formed on this day and the city of Los Santos should be expecting some big things to come.
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    Account name: ronyd2k Character name(s): Dominic Santacruz Admin who issued punishment: FR-Dqniel & Randul Date of punishment: 02/May/2019 Punishment received: OBan Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching Offense #3 Your explanation of what happened: A player came across at the Chopshop , he climbed on his van and started yelling. He was very loud and none of the other players were able to hear one another. After multiple warnings from me and the crew members to stop speaking, he did not stop so I've shot him twice with the purpose to get his attention and make him stop speaking. As you can see in the video, i never aimed to kill him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I am now fully awear that what i did was wrong, there were much better ways to get the player attention and solve this issue. I am awear that even tho my commands were text and not voice, i wasn t close enough to him so he could be awear of what i asking. Also i am awear that we should not kill a player for refuseing to stop speaking and i never tried to do so, I only meant to get his attention never to harm him and i know my warning shots should have been directed towards the sky and not to the man. It has passed more than a month from the moment i was banned , yet i fully realise that Moderator Dqniel suggested that i should not appeal in no less than a month from the rejection date. I ve decided to make this appeal a few days earlier considering the time it takes to be solved, the fact that the weekend is coming and college is almost over and that Senior Administrator ChuckM never mentioned that in the concluding message. I want to close this by saying that i understand what i did was wrong and that i am missing the community. Best regards, ronyd2k. Post any evidence or further details:
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    You can currently drop a dead or injured body at Pillbox MD. We should also be able to drop a body at Sandy MD. This will be much more convenient for when we're up North. If an ambulance can drop an injured player at Sandy MD, I don't see why players cannot.
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    Account name: Arshia2000 Character name(s):Arshia_jacksun Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature Date of punishment: 26 jan 2019 2:45 Punishment received:perm ban Reason given for punishment : #4 Dm (FR) extentive admin record Your explanation of what happened: Hi again i dont know what to say again after all these months that passed away and i only remeber that my perm ban was because of me that started by breaking rules by stealing a truck from cops and vdming the guy in front of me after that reporting flucifial for abusing and after that i got perm banned because of a shoot out that happened in lsd lab which it turned out diego didnt warn the people that we were going to shoot so we all got warns or bans. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have been wating long enough to rethink my behaviours and be another persone and i really missed eclipse and role playing with my friends and i regret what i have done. when i return i wont be like my past im gonna be foucsing on role playing instead of being in a gang and killing people for fun and i have re read all the rules to make sure that i didnt forget them or i have learned the new ones. Also ballinbynature told me that i can post my appeal after 1 month but right now 70 days have passed. I dont know how to say how i missed it i just want to play with my friends again. Post any evidence or further details:https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/16129-arshia2000-arshia-jaksun-perm-ban-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-80836
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    Jamaar had been laying low from police. Enjoying scenic spots and taking a breathe of fresh air rather than being clumped up in the usual trap houses and stash houses day by day. Sometimes you have to put money on hold in order to safely spend time with the crew. Without interruptions of course. Shortly after, The Wanted decided to have a racing day. Primarily for Wanted members only. Those who were available grabbed their vehicle of choice and made their way to the designated tracks selected. Twas' a day of adrenaline and high speed fun. Luckily for everyone involved, the police department was nowhere to be seen. As the racing concluded and inevitably many calls made to law enforcement regarding said events. This left a perfectly timed opening to secure the goodies with some business partners.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 78 (NRP) ID 41 (DM) Date of interaction reported: 5-31-2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1559306760 Your characters name: Nick Chang Other player(s) involved: Name(s) Here Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was on my way to High End lot to sell my sandking. I was shouted at to pull over while driving at 100+ Km/H. I was not under Fear RP at that given time. Player 78 then proceeds to slam into my vehicle when I slow down. Granted, the first bump could've been from me car slowing down. That was not the case, as player 78 continues to ram into me several times with his expensive sports car valued at over $200,000. Assuming that the those shout demands were their only reason to engage in any RP, the first was heard at 160 KM/H, while the second was right after I was rear ended harshly by the Jester. The second shout would NOT have been heard RP'ly, as my windows were in tact, and the passenger who gave the demands, was across the road. I continued to drive as the car did not seem like it would be able to flip mine. I drove back towards where I came from, while calling for backup. (GeForce didn't get my mic audio but evidence clearly shows radio being used and gang members responding to my call) Player 41 opens fire on my vehicle, in either an attempt to stall it, or take my life. He was damaging my property without a valid RP reason as the car chase in itself was NRP, and I was driving at high speeds when I was given any kinds of viable demands from the reported party. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/6jg5g https://streamable.com/mooej
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    Eva Eats is happy to deliver you food and water wherever you are in Los Santos safely via bank transfer! Just jump on radio 222 to place an order, if im around ill be around!
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