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    Recovered body-cam footage from the ongoing war.
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    After days and weeks of fighting, another member of the West Coast Assassins ended up getting captured. The Triads, Zetas, and Aztecas managed to kidnap a member of the West Coast Assassins and quickly prepped him for a kidnapping. Moments into kidnapping the West Coast member he was then identified as Tekay. A convoy of around ~10 people ended up transporting Tekay to an undisclosed location. After he arrived at that location he was thrown into an office and quickly learned we meant business. Tekay was quickly patted down and searched for any valuables. He then stated that he was extremely poor and was homeless, moments after Skinny Gambino found a pair of house keys on him. Even after finding the house keys, Tekay still refused to talk. After Tekay refused to talk, a member of the Triads by the name of Jace Bianchi was introduced. Jace Bianchi was an Ex-Medic gone criminal. Being an Ex-Medic he knew every pressure point in the body, every vital organ, and especially how to inflict enormous pain. After major pain was inflicted he began to start talking, but he didn't talk enough. A money request was then sent out to various members of WCA to which they all ignored our demands for his life. We even offered him to show us stash house locations in exchange for his life. Sadly for him he had no locations to exchange. Tekay then began to slowly fade unconscious due to the amount of pain that was inflicted into him. Jace then decided to inject some adrenaline into his body hoping to preserve his life hoping his fellow West Coast members would respond to our demands to preserve his life. After hours of getting no response from any West Coast members, he was then prepped for execution. Before his execution he was told to kiss the feet of Bruce Wong showcasing the superiority that was displayed throughout the war by the Triads, Zetas, and Aztecas. Skinny and Jace then decided to mark up Tekay and turn use an old Norse torture and execution method known as the Blood Eagle. His rib cages were ripped out alongside his lungs and were formed into the shape of wings where he was left to die out. Once again, another death was in the hands of DeAndre King and the West Coast leadership. 完成
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    Another day in the war, another capture from the list of targets. This time it was a man named Bradley Castle, otherwise known as the last active Dojin-Kai Command. Bradley was spotted by Tony Kwang, who then called it out and sent three drag bikes to pursue his vehicle. After around 10 minutes of Bradley attempting to flee, he crashed his car, stalling it. The Triads then hopped off their bikes, getting him at gunpoint straight after. Shortly after Red from Zetas arrived with a trunk and they moved Bradley off scene to the location where his other two members met the end of their days. After a brief investigation stage it was found that no one was around to cover the ransom placed on Bradley's head, a nice 500k for the final remaining Dojin-Kai command. The group removed his phone, checking through his recent messages in attempt to find out any useful information. Along with searching the phone he was stripped down and searched for any wires, a snitch is not something the group can risk. As with the rest of the Dojin members, Bradley had a mouth on him, and he wasn't afraid to to talk what was on his mind. Skinny had a different idea for his smart talk, knocking him to the ground, placing a card in between his mouth and kicking it in. The Chelsea Grin. Whilst Bradley was down on the ground in pain, Bruce moved in to repeat the demands given to the now dead Dojin members. During this Tony Kwang took the time to touch Bradley's heart, bringing up the name of his girlfriend and that he found the love notes he was saving inside the car he crashed. Bruce took this time of him listening to remind him of what happened to his other command, and that he did not have to end up like James and Bryan. Skinny also took the time to help Bradley remember that a property should not be worth his life and his entire gang, however Bradley laughed it off like the rest. As it was looking like no one was coming to pay the ransom for Bradley, he was offered yet another out as he was getting dragged across the pavement. For some reason, Bradley took this time to thank Tony, for some unknown reason. It seemed like Bradley was totally ignoring all the chances given to him. He was dragged across the ground and held up against the cabin, similar to where his fellow command had been gunned down the night before. Skinny took a moment to slam the hatchet, just missing Bradley's head giving a reminder of what was to come. Bradley asking to see the love notes one last time as everyone lined up in front of him, which was refused. Instead he was reminded of the demands and a way for Dojin to leave this war alive. Bradley states "I already told you Bruce, None of us will pay, It's an order" The Dojin-Kai would rather have their entire gang die, than pay up a small cost for life. It was time for Bradley's final meal. Whilst eating the meal Bradley made one final attempt to talk his way out of the conflict, as he talked he was informed that the spot he was standing in, Bryan was executed in that same area last night. The demands were repeated one final time, where Bradley stated "The time for negotiation is over". As a final move, it was decided that Bradley would be moved to take one last look over the city, he was forced to climb the Vinewood sign at gunpoint. The "D" in specific for Death. At the top of the sign he was reminded one final time of the demands, where he states "Alight, I'll do it" A true Dojin member until the end, still not taking the threat on his life seriously and laughing it off with jokes, even with a Carbine on his skull. He was given a final two minutes to ensure his decisions were what he wanted to do, as the time ticked down, his life came closer to its end. At the very end of the two minutes, Bradley attempted to take his own life making a move to throw himself over the edge of the sign. Unfortunately for him, Hoxton was faster on the trigger of his Carbine. This was the end for both Bradley Castle and the Dojin-Kai's command team. 完成
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    Intro: Currently one of the most blatantly out-dated aspects in the game is the current phone. This has very limited functionality, along with inconsistency across apps and a poor display model. Along with the bug fixes that are required from the phone, I believe it is due a full overhaul. The following post aims to cover some of the aspects that should either be changed, or implemented. This is a mere proof of concept and should be used to guide the well required phone overhaul when begins being implemented. New Model: To keep it simple, the current phone model is vastly outdated and looks out of place in comparrision to other visual aspects in the server. Instead the model should be updated to something similar as the one below, which is a much more modern and appealing shape. New Apps: Along with the phone model update, the apps shown on the root of the phone, will be updated and a couple new simple apps added to increase the quality of life and bring some freshness to the phone. The two new apps being, Groups & Blocked. Search Function: Something that has been missing on the phone for a long time, is the functionality to search both your contact list and message list per user and per number. This is a large quality of life chance introducing a simple search bar, providing easy and simple access to any contact / message within seconds. The images above show the following; 1. In image one the default layout for the contact list, this will be automatically sorted from A-Z, and a clickable search button present at all times used to type in to find contact names/numbers. 2. The Second image shows and example of using the search function for a contacts name. This will only show matching contacts to that entered in the bar, e.g. B shows all contacts starting with a B. 3. The third image shows a search for all of the contacts per number, as all contacts match the number searched they all show. Message Log: Another missing feature in the phone is the way messages interact. In any modern phone conversations are saved per user and then both the Sent and Received messages are logged in the chat. In this overhaul the "Message" app will show each Conversation under the name of your contact, which can then be opened to see both To and From messages. 1. The first image shows what the message app would look like when it's sorted by contact, these messages can either be opened by clicking the reply button, or deleted by clicking the bin, along with the previous search function shown in the contacts app. 2. In the second image their is a search applied for a contact under the name of "Li" this displays the conversation saved under this contact, allowing quick and simple access to a specific conversation. 3. The third image shows what a conversation log looks like when opened with the reply button, you can see the messages sent from the user and received from the contact. If possible date & timestamps would also be added to the messages. At the bottom there will be a reply box, that will scroll along as the message is typed and will be sent using enter. Group Chats: Another very needed function is the ability to utilise group messaging between multiple contacts. To add this, a new app under "Groups" can be added. In this app you will be able to create & name a group chat, and from inside it you will be able to both add & remove members from the chat. This will assist in making the current phone feeling modern, along with creating many chances for unique RP, such as selling groups, street racing groups, criminal & legal chats etc. 1. The first image shows the group chat setup, this will show all group chats you have been added to and the most recent message sent in these chats underneath the name of the chat. 2. The second image shows the opened group chat, inside here the chat will scroll similar to how current messages work and show each reply under the group chat creators contacts. To reply to the chat you will type at the bottom and press enter similar to how the revamped message log is. 3. Inside the group chat at the top right there is two interactable objects, the first being the "+", this is only visible to the creator of the group chat. Selecting the plus will open the UI in the third image, where the group chat owner can search their contacts and add members to the chat. 4. When selecting the "Triple Dots" this will open the UI in the fourth image, in here it displays current members of the group chat. These members can be renamed by clicking the same "Three Dots" at their name, or removed from the group by clicking the "Cross". Blocked List: Another missing but really required feature on the current phone is the ability to block specific phone numbers. To implement this an new app "blocked" can be added. This app has a simple UI and can be seen in the image below. This displays a list of already "blocked" numbers, along with a comment on why they were blocked. New numbers can be added to the blocked list, by filling out the two empty fields "Number" and "Reason" then pressing either enter or adding a button to submit the number. Bank App: The current "Bank" app on the phone is very basic, and has not been changed to match the updated bank UI we currently have. The following adjustments can be added to improve simple aspects, such as wire transfer from anywhere along with viewing current net worth, tax bracket, current welfare per hour and debt. All of the above is a mere proof of concept to provide an in-depth phone rework and can be tailored, or updated as feedback is received.
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    THE GHOST It was dark, the wind cold, his lungs would start to fill with air. His fingers twitched, eyelids flickering. James thought, ‘’This isn't hell. Where am I?’’ His eyes started to open, the pain in his body made him feel very weak. He began trying to get his thoughts together, gazing at the area near him. He could see sand, dirt, and lights in the far distance. He attempted to get up off of the ground, his hands struggling to lift his body weight. Pain shoots throughout his body, reminding him of the amount of torture that the Triads had put him through. Adrenaline shot through him in the form of anger, empowering him to at least lift himself and move forward in a crawl. The anger was focused on Bruce Wong and the Triads, knowing that he must push forward for his brothers and sisters in the Dojin-Kai. Crawling and dragging himself through what felt like a never ending fight to find a road, James Sakamoto finally stumbled upon concrete. He fell back down onto the cold tarmac, his eyes fading away, fighting to stay alive with multiple cuts and stab wounds on his body that shouldn't be possible to live through. Just when he thought he couldn't fight anymore, a light in the distance approached, a familiar voice fearfully screamed “James… James!” It was Arabella Kirk, a medic friend of the Dojin-Kai, on her way to clock out of work. Looking over James, Arabella could see all of the injuries that he sustained and knew she couldn’t stabilize him due to the punishment his body had gone through. Arabella had to act fast, so she grabbed a stretcher to get him in the ambulance where she would take him to Central Medical Center in Los Santos. James asked her to leave him because he was as good as dead if Triads found him to be alive at Central. She panicked, not knowing what to do. She made a quick phone call to her friend, Liam, from the Shelbys. She told Liam that she is taking James to them to get treated. Rushing to the Shelbys, Arabella repeatedly called back to James, making sure he was staying alive and awake. Once they arrived, they put James onto a bed and started treating him to the best of their ability. With so many injuries, the guys brought towels and water to clean the cuts. They began taking the glass from his hand that was lodged there from the broken bottle the Triads had used to stab it. Arabella began sterilizing and treating the stab wound on James’ chest. While they treated him, the Shelbys reassured James, saying things like “We will find the fuckers that did this to you, my friend. We will stand by you.” After some time, James was finally stabilized. Arabella told him that she’s never seen anyone survive so many injuries. The Triads had performed one of the deadlest torture techniques on James. It was called ‘’Lingchi,” or Death by a Thousand Cuts. It was a very slow and painful way to die. After they cleaned him up, James had to rest. The Shelbys kept men at the door to keep James safe from further harm. James laid in the bed, thinking about his brothers and sisters in arms back on the streets. The Dojin-Kai would fight till the end. He was sure of it. James Sakamoto will return. This wouldn’t be the end, but simply the beginning of something greater.
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    Grove Street Lockdown The Grove Street Lockdown was well underway, with pressure and stress high the occupiers still found time to have fun with music and each others company Huge shoutout to @BroccoliHighkicks for making these short vids!
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    Frank Patterson - Part 2 Part 1: Chapter 1 | Demise of the Rooks The war was still raging, but a ceasefire was called to allow The Rooks to meet amongst themselves. The council had given them an ultimatum: remove Dmitri Leroy as leader and elect a new one, or continue the war. The family met at a dock in South Los Santos, and came together to form a parliament for discussion. The meeting lasted for what felt like three hours, and involved a lot of debate, shouting, division and tension. Photo credit: @Jimmy Irish Each member was given their say on the current situation, and the general consensus was that Dmitri needed to step down in order for the The Rooks to survive. The issue that divided the parliament, however, was who would replace Dmitri. Eventually, there were two candidates for leadership: Jerzy McEden (someone who was a Rook), or Gauge Michaels (someone who was not a Rook, although favoured by the council). The parliament was split 50/50, with exactly half of the members present voting for each candidate. Jerzy and Gauge would come to an agreement; they were to lead in coalition, with Gauge handling external affairs and Jerzy handling internal affairs. The Rooks would live another day, or so it seemed. Despite the agreement, the council would continue hitting The Rooks, and issued more demands. First of all, at the request of Jay Gamble, Frank Patterson was to be removed from the Rooks; this hit Frank hard, and was odd considering Jay didn't even remember his face and had only spoken to him once. Gauge Michaels would leave the city again after less than a week as co-leader of The Rooks, which left Jerzy to handle the final demand of the council: rename, rebrand and reform. The Rooks disbanded, all that was left in the hearts of everyone was emptiness; a void. Chapter 2 | Joining the Dojin-Kai Not long after the demise of The Rooks, Frank was approached by an old contact that he new simply as Ghost. He informed Frank that he was working on a new crew, and recognised Frank's experience in the city and wanted him to join. Along with two other men that Frank knew simply as Brian and Jake Wu, they drove to a secluded location. Here it was revealed that they were the Dojin-Kai, an international clan of the Yakuza. Their names were James, Jake and Brian Sakamoto. Many gangs of Los Santos announce their presence too early; they show numbers and are instantly wiped out for it. The Dojin-Kai, however, would have a public appearance of the Miner's Union, which would allow them to spend their first three weeks of existence building up their treasury. At that time, all people besides the trio were Minarai of the Dojin-Kai, and were yet to be initiated as masked members. The time came for a meeting with the family, and Frank was among the first four to be initiated as Kobun of the Dojin-Kai. Chapter 3 | Going public The time would eventually come for the Dojin-Kai to announce their presence in the city. With enough money for a HQ, the family would make their presence know with the colour red and their stationing at the Dojo in Paleto. Eventually, however, The Triads would come for the family for no apparent reason, hitting the Dojo unexpectedly, but failing to do so with all their troops being killed. This aggravated them, and they demanded an excessive payment of 100 .50 pistols, or else there would be conflict. Refusing to do so, the Dojin-Kai stood firm, and the Triads would come to realise that they could not enforce the demands on their own; the Dojin-Kai settled for changing their colour to black. > Weeks would pass, and the Dojin-Kai would continue mining for money. Members donated cash to the treasury in order for the final goal to be reached: Koi. Koi was an old Japanese restaurant down in Vespucci, right across the road from where The Rooks HQ used to be. The property was expensive, but that did not stop the Dojin-Kai, and it was eventually purchased. For some reason, this angered the Triads once again, who would start making wild claims and hitting Koi for the dumbest of reasons; the main one being that they 'don't like the Japanese'. They claimed to have been scammed out of Koi, which was a complete lie, but I guess they just wanted smoke. Obviously, the Dojin-Kai had no problem with giving smoke to those who requested it, but it did not take long before the Triads called Los Zetas as backup, as they could not do the job themselves. The Dojin-Kai persisted in their defense of Koi, and the family remained strong. Chapter 4 | War Once again, the council were coming for the largest organisation in town besides themselves, and this time it was the West Coast Assassins. A demand of 500 drugs a week was made, but WCA refused, as any respectable organisation would; this initiated a war between the two. Already in a minor conflict with Triads, the Dojin-Kai formed a strong aligment with WCA, and entered the war against the council. At first it was clear who was winning. Battle after battle, raid after raid, the allied forces were emerging victorious, and the enemy was seeing dramatic losses. Depiste this, however, the council would seek the help of Los Aztecas, not being able to cope with a 2v2 situation. From there, the power of the allied forces began to deteriorate. Holding onto Grove Street was simply becoming impossible whilst fighting three major organisations. It only took two days for Frank to be captured after the war resumed, and the council made sure that he would not be able to fight anymore; they cripped him the best they could. WCA never imagined they would be up against the council whilst they helped fight The Rooks, but their time eventually came. Despite it being glaringly obvious that Los Aztecas would receive the same treatment in the near future, they joined the council anyway. No one ever learns. Chapter 5 | Retirement and beyond Being too injured to fight, Frank would return to civilian life. Frank was recovering from the severe torture he'd faced, although he was still able to spend his time making as much money possible. The war continued, which would be evident by the occasional sound of gunshots in the distance or the sudden appearance of a gang convoy racing past. Many of his family had met the same fate, people like James Sakamoto, Bradley Castle and Brian Sakamoto, and he maintained contact with them the best he could. Morale was low, although the fight continued and war never seemed to end. Regardless, Frank was motivated to remain with the Dojin-Kai after the war, and he would not allow it to meet the same demise as The Rooks did. Something tells Frank, however, that the story of The Rooks has not quite ended just yet, but that's another story for another day. Big things are happening, and Frank will make sure he is armed and ready to go again once the dust settles.
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    The Midnight Club was an infamous elite-racing team formed on the year of 1987 at Tokyo, Japan. The Club was notorious for racing around the Wangan Highway back in Japan, often reaching unthinkable speeds. The Club's specialty and was most famous for highway racing on the Wangan, a 70km stretch of undisturbed road in the heart of the Japanese Capital. The Wangan was especially popular because it was the perfect catalyst where 300km/h monster machines could shine. The Club was highly regarded as the best of the best when it came to this type of racing. However, due to a tragic accident the Club was shut down in 1999 and was thought to never return. Fast-forward to 2019, Akio Asakura the son of a Yakuza leader turned Writer returned to his hometown after spending years in Los Santos. During his time in Japan, Akio had the opportunity to meet with one of the retired members of the Midnight Club. His mentor took Akio to an old workshop where he kept his vehicles. Removing the cover, dust flew everywhere and revealed a tuned 800 horsepower car. After practicing with this mentor of his, Akio was given his blessing and wished him luck in reviving the Midnight Club. Once Akio felt he was ready, he did not want this new Midnight Club to suffer the same undoing as the previous one, so he decided to make some changes first. One of such changes was that the newly revived Club would not specialize in highway racing, rather a more modern and up to date form, that being track racing. However, the biggest change to come was that this new Club would not take place in the land of the rising sun, but it would be formed in Los Santos, San Andreas. Currently, the Midnight Club is still at its very infant stages. The current roster of the Club is still very small, however expansion must be done with caution. The Club will not partake in open illegal activity and will try to maintain a legal image as much as they can. The Club members will not have any uniforms, colors, or specific ways to dress. The only thing we ask is to have a decently fast car and to only use masks when we are racing or doing something illicit. During daytime operations, it is forbidden to use a mask. The Midnight Club has a code in which our racing must not endanger civilians, meaning that driving recklessly without reason will result in punishments. When representing the Club we must be able to not only drive fast but drive fast safely. Update 11 / May / 2020: Akio has successfully gathered a team of experienced racers and made them part of his command team for the club. On top of which, the club has since grown over the 10 members bar that Akio has sought to achieve in less time than he aimed for, that being a month. The club has also made their first successful public event where they raised some money to fill in to the club treasury. Update 26 / May / 2020: The club decided to make a big event where a car meet was hosted in a public parking lot. Following this event, the Midnight Magazine was launched not long after, the only Automotive magazine in Los Santos. The magazine attracted a lot of people including Tom Moretti, who decided to join the Club and lend out his property for future car meets. The biggest car meet yet was made in the property with a prize of over $500,000 courtesy of Motorsport for providing a 9F Cabrio. Shortly after the meet, James Eriksen reached out to Akio and decided to sponsor the Club entirely. To close off the deal, James gave the Club $1,000,000 in order to kickstart the sponsorship. Midnight Racer - ミドナイト・レーサー. The leader of the club. They direct where the club goes and arranges races as well as other events. The Midnight Racer oversees the other members of the club to make sure everyone is acting accordingly. Lead Racer - レッド・レーサー. The 2nd in command and takes over when the Midnight Racer is unavailable. Helps set up tracks and other activities during events and races, as well as managing removals of membership and new memberships. The current Lead Racer is also the main point of contact for the illicit side of the club. Senior Street Racer - シーニオ・ストリート・レーサー. Members who have been with the club for a considerable amount of time and have went through ups and downs together. They are considered part of the command team within the club and are able to recruit new members. They should be the first point of contact when addressing any concerns to the command team as a member. Street Racer - ストリート・レーサー. Members who have proven their worth behind the wheel as well as beyond. They have the best for the club in mind and are expected to become role models for lower ranking members. They have received the title racer instead of driver to show that they are experienced around the tracks. 2nd Class Driver - セコンド・クラース・ドライバー. A recruit who has proven handy behind the wheel. They have shown the necessary amount of skill in order to progress further in the club. They should be the ones teaching new recruits as well as Thrill Seekers the ins and outs of racing with the club. 1st Class Driver - ファースト・クラース・ドライバー. A new recruit into the club. They have caught the attention of a recruiter and have officially become a member of the club. They are able to attend meetings and take part in making decisions with the club. They should be actively learning from their ranks above them and try to catch up with the club’s pace. Thrill Seeker - スリル・シーカー. Not necessarily a part of the club. Thrill Seekers consists of people who are yet to prove their worth and begin membership with the club. Other than that, people who are willing to race for the thrill of it yet do not want a full membership are also welcome in this category. Maintain neutrality with the Council and other major criminal factions. (No hostility has been made with any criminal faction. Gained respect from several other groups.) Continue to be under the radar of the LSPD and not brand ourselves as an illegal organization. (The club largely consists of legal workers and reformed criminals. Police has not interfered with any of the clubs operations.) Start underground race events and rally drivers around the city. (The first public race has been made and the club has successfully profited. More races are to come with more unique guest drivers.) Gain enough memberships to sustain the club (10 members). (In less that one month the club has already surpassed this number. Recruitment will be continued even further.) Start drift events as well as muscle & classic car shows on top of regular races. (The Club successfully made legal car shows using the newly acquired Club Midnight and plans on making it a recurring event.) Raise the club treasury to a nominal of $1,000,000 (Due to the publicity the magazine made, the Club successfully gained their first major sponsor, Motorsport who has injected the Club with $1,000,000. On top of which, the weekly dues the Club collects makes the treasury a considerable amount.) Acquire a property or business location to make a headquarters. (With the addition of Tom Moretti into the Club, Club Midnight was successfully opened as a base of operations for the legal side of the Club.) Increase memberships to a considerable amount (25 members). Gain a business license and arrange legal races. Arrange legal events to raise money for the organization. Acquire either Benny’s Auto Workshop or the La Mesa LSC Workshop and start a mechanic service (End Goal) Become a 100% legal club, profit from the workshop as well as build a new community around the workshop (End Goal) The recruitment process must be done entirely In-Character. The most we can do on an OOC level is arrange when one is online and ready to roleplay or not. Recruitment has a few requirements to be considered: A minimal of 10,000 experience on any character. May be bypassed if player shows great roleplay capabilities. Strictly no new players, please come back at a later date if you still have your new player status. No admin punishment in the last 30 days before joining. May be bypassed depending on severity of punishment. Must show great roleplaying capabilities. Due to the nature of the faction, if you are not one who are interested in text roleplay and tuner roleplay you will not enjoy the faction to its best extent. We are not a rob-shoot-grind type of faction. Must be mature and be able to maintain a healthy roleplay environment. Must be willing to roleplay driving realistically. We do not want to see people driving the opposite lane on the highway or driving on sidewalks, destroying lamps, etc.. No current illegal faction associations unless only as a Thrill Seeker. Ideally would have a legal job in tandem with the Club. Must be able to drive at high speeds without losing control and obtain a good lap time. Must own a sports vehicle. Any style is welcome, however tuner cars (Elegys, Sultans, etc.) are most favored. Must follow the Club’s codes and respect the senior members. Respect other peoples vehicles. Diversity is what will make the club great.
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    New Vehicles Suggestion My suggestion is pretty simple, I think there should be some more vehicles added to dealerships that were recently added to GTA V: Online, I have listed these vehicles below. Links are included as hyperlinks in the headers and images are under the headers for each vehicle. If you have any further vehicles you think should be added, please list them in a similar format below. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    The Dojin-Kai emerged as something of a small unknown group, and in a very short amount of time made a great name for themselves with their activity, determination and RP quality. It's very obvious that a lot of work is being put both in-game and on the forums for these stories, and your overall RP, and I'm very happy to see it getting noticed at the level it deserves. Well done.
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    Our usual business hours are 9-5, a representative will be with you momentarily. If you would like to view this RV in person, it has been parked on Grove Street for the last 3 days, come on down.
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    @Lewis why aren't you a smart officer?
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    It's all fun when we do it togheter, glad to have such a great team!
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    The current method of removing furniture is very very inconvenient, especially if you're removing small details out of your build or trying to move something on a stack of items. You have to be directly on the furniture's anchor point to run the command and get it, but again, with stacked or close-together items, it poses a huge issue. I think that we should instead move the removal feature into the Ctrl+X menu. It would be so much easier to Ctrl+X then click the furniture and have a delete button, and it'd save a lot of headache when building things close together.
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    Changing Times A lot has happened to Alex since she moved to Los Santos. She has had many changes to her hair and her family. It's been on emotional roller-coaster for this explosion. In a couple of weeks of becoming apart of Explosion Enterprise, she had become a higher up. This was something she wasn't expecting, but took on the role hoping she could make Lucy and Herbert proud. She felt a lot of pressure at the start, as she didn't know if she could do as good as the schnoz. (The schnoz will be sadly missed). However, she began to feel confident and worked as hard as she could for her growing family. And she has to admit, the explosion family grew! Every single member were hard working criminals who were down for anything or everything. Alex has to say that was proud of them all...... even Zach sometimes. They robbed, made drugs and even gave Harry Payne's shop. If you know what she means *wink wink*. The donuts had even made plans and future business ideas with the fantastic Shelby's. A gang/organisation that shared the same family values as their own. Alex has to admit she has never met a nicer gang in the city. They greet you with hospitality, not rude or disrespectful manors, which Alex doesn't like. However, things took a change that Alex never thought would happen. Her donut King and Queen had been deported! She felt her whole world has fallen apart. When she finally felt her life was back to normal and on track, her family was taken away from her for reasons she can't understand! Alex along with Zach, tried their best to keep the donuts going. But, they knew for now they would have to hang up the donut hoodies and join their other family. But they know one day that the donut hoodies will rise again and they will become a explosion family once more. Till then Alex is gonna cause hell and kill as much as she can, just as Lucy would want her too. - Alex Explosion
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    Never Forget your Roots John and all this men had a plan, finely tuned and ready to go A heist that will help them make BIG money But prior to the job John got caught up with Prior charges and ended up spending some time in Jail. During this he had a lot of time to sit and think about the past Where he came from and how he became the leader he is today As soon as john got out, he made his way to the cemetery Looking for one Stone specifically John stands there in silence as he asks himself how things are being ran and how the path of the gang is going how they are going to manage when things are getting tough here and there. but still looking up, and keeping positivity within the gang. Asking for reassurance from his good friend. Tyone Bell John sits there, then his phone goes off. His men asking him where he is and how its going If he is ok and when did he get out. it clicks, he isn't worried about his members. Hes worried about himself He has the power behind him ready to conquer and prosper in the city of Los Santos Members that have been with John as they watched other Ballas get burried People that will ALWAYS back his call and be there supporting where the gang is going John makes a call, Getting all Members in the city to meet him at HQ to have a meeting in this meeting, John makes sure to give ALL members a pat on the back who have been there the work they are putting in, and its because of them they are in this position. He also lays down some new rules on the gang, new plans for the city, ready to accomplish anything and everything John takes a breath, feeling he is doing everything right. Ready to become something The Crimson Syndicate is building their foot print in the city.
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    LSMC are opening the doors to Club Mojito sponsored by Auto Services 3k Entry // 2k raffle tickets to win a Journey
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    Team Update: Dalvichan has been promoted to Senior Support. Flow has been promoted to Senior Support. iAmCrim has been promoted to Senior Support. Jellay has been promoted to Senior Support. missundastood has been promoted to Senior Support. Pazz has been promoted to Senior Support. Tezhl has been promoted to Senior Support.
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    "To Be Continued" The plan After the day of making money, we got hungry. We wanted more. We wanted it all. During the pandemic, the people in the streets struggle, work long days, Barely survive while the millionaires sit in their mansions without a worry in the world. At the end of the day, all the bosses took a break and started spitballing. While we were talking we were thinking of all kinds of idea's, a news story came out with the title "Maze bank owner laundering money through FAKE accounts" For us this was the last straw. Because of COVID-19, all the wealthy people stay at home all day, while the rest work. Because of this information we started to devise a plan. We knew around this time of the year, the owner of maze bank would have his yacht out in the pier and because of the virus it would be completely empty. Cogs started turning, plans started forming and we knew what we needed to do, but not only get the money, we needed but to FUCK over the RICH man up top. The Heist The next day we all got together to start talking about exactly how we would do it and when. We agreed that the heist, even though no one would be on the yacht, we would need to go at night. Around this time we had 7 hours before we struck so we desired to go mine. On our war back we got pulled over TWO times by the PD, AKA the Profiling Division. In the process, John got arrested and our plans started to fall apart, but we wouldn't quit. When John when to prison, me and Danny made the hard choice to change up the plans, go against what we originally agreed on just for the fact we might not get a chance at this again. Then night came and we got ready. We started by sabotaging the yachts engine and electronics. On another part of the yacht, we had members smashing all CCTV hard drives to cover our tracks Then we started stealing, robbing, and smashing everything we could find and get our hands on. We were finding everything from antiques to gold watches and Mac Books. "Ill smash all your fucking makeup, stay fake the natural way" After about 30 minutes of ransacking the whole yacht, I had a feeling we were missing something. After everyone else had already filled their bags I will was prepared for something extra. Weeks before, I came across a crashed RV with some dead boys around so I decided to look around. In the process I had found a bunch of chemicals, and a few locked crates. I popped open one of the crates and only found more chemicals. Then I found a different looking green crate labeled "Flammable" and on the inside I had found a black container labeled "Termite" and I knew soon their would be a very fun day. The day of the job I made sure I brought it with me, just in case something strong needed to be gotten into. After everything was all said and done, We left with out a trace. The yacht engine was disabled, the electric wiring was ruined, the command center needed complete replacement and we made out with all the goods. We ditched the stolen boat, Drove back to the meet, changed close and hit. Once we got back to the RV we dumped out our spoils. Changing back into my normal cloths so I cant be linked to the crime Finally, once we were all back into our normal cloths and the robbery cloths were burned we all entered the RV ready to see what we had gotten. Everyone had emptied their bags and it did not seem like much but it was enough, we were mainly happy to ruin something that the MILLIONAIRE held close to him, making sure it was ruined. But then Josh grabbed the final thing out of his bag. The small purple bag, the only thing that was inside the hidden safe. As josh opened the bag everyone was confused but eager to see what was on the inside, then he dumped it on the table leaving everyone in awe. At the end of the day, we wish we could have included more members into the heist but with the time and assets we had we did what we would, but hey. Everyone for the better after we sell what we got. Also everyone will be satisfied that the RICH people up top can still be touched. ((Thank you all for reading!))
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    Starting at the Sisyphus theater. This track goes northbound when first exiting the theater parking lot. Taking a right turn on the fork. Avoiding all the dirt paths. Keeping straight along the path until returning to the theater again. Includes, one very sharp turn and cliffs to make you regret taking the corner too fast. Track has a lot of verticality, going up and down the hill. One of the best tracks in the selection, it has a large parking area near the start as well a nice interior to relax at. Starting at the Marlowe Vineyard. This track goes downhill going to the Great Ocean Highway after Route 68. Making a very sharp turn going uphill. Quite a few turns on the hills before reach Starting at the Airport Parking Lot. This track has a relatively simple path going straight without many turns. Then taking a ramp on the Highway and going back towards Little Seoul. Taking a very sharp turn before a straight path back towards the parking lot. A classic track that dates back quite some time, always been used by street racers around the city. This track starts at a small parking area by a cliff near the LS dump. Going north on the curvy roads until making a sharp turn back southwest. Then taking a left on a big intersection and going south until reaching the main road. Taking another left turn back into the parking lot. The shortest track yet on the roster. This track begins just in front of a storage warehouse at the docks. Going south with a quick straight before a left turn followed by another left turn. Then a stretch of straight road before making a u-turn back towards the start. Starting at a small shack by the river side. This track goes north following the river until reaching Route 68. Then taking a sharp left uphill going towards the Vineyard. Keeping at the curvy roads until taking another left going in the Canyon. Then continuing past the gas station and store back following the river to the shack.
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    Love reading the stories you guys have provided so far, and always have had a good time interacting with y'all!
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    Brothers For Life HISTORY The Angels of Death are a motorcycle patch who deem the way of the road as a way of life and freedom from the restraints of a postmodern, conformist society. They advocate for a more traditional and simpler way of life, in which its members roam around the state and have continuous parties. Previously, the Angels of Death weren't present in Los Santos, however since the Lost MC has lost its influence within the region, the Angels have seen this as a way of expanding their territory and taking any assets left behind as well as patch over members from other MC groups. Many of the current members originated from the Liberty City Chapter from Algonquin who were forced out by the Lost MC due to a bloody 5 year war occuring to establish which MC had the monopoly for the heroine trade that battered Liberty City for years. Unfortunately, the A.O.D were not victories and since then the chapter in Liberty City has dismantled and its main leaders fled to the west coast to flee from the Lost. PRESENT The A.O.D currently haven't established a base of operations for their activities but very soon they hope to have a Clubhouse established within the state and from there they can finally initiate their true objectives. Membership numbers are currently unknown as the gang hasn't yet publicised themselves With no legal front, the A.O.D are reliant on their distribution of drugs and weapons; as well as the manufacturing tables to keep in a steady flow of cash. With this cash flow, they begin rearming and grow stronger by the day. They typically hang around L.S and can be seen on their Grey and Black Motorcycles. Upon moving from Liberty City, the A.O.D have managed to spread some influence across several gangs due to their operations such as Void and Los Atlas. With this they have declared an informal alliance with them; which seeks in abetting the destruction of the supposed 'Book Club' gang. With each day, more and more prospects are being recruited and even a whole other MC has been patched over which has helped with the A.O.D's manpower, which in this city is a very valuable resource that can make or break organisations. However, this has come as a cost, because as more and more people begin to join, more arms are needed, and in order to acquire those arms, more money is needed, meaning more operations have to be introduced thus widening the clientele. This can be both good in the sense that, yes more funding will be directed but it also means that it attracts the attention of the FEDS and perhaps other rival MC's and gangs which can bring trouble. First Entry Today, we and the brothers met with another MC gang going by the name 'Iron Raiders'. We proposed to them that we should join forces since our goals are similar and both MC's are relatively new. Their leader Marc "Scottish" Smith, agreed to our proposition and they too believed that this would help the future of our MC by increasing our numbers and allowing us to conduct operations in the county with more ease. With the combined idea of a potential huge heroin distribution scheme, the Club now welcomed more brothers into its ranks and continues to grow stronger which brings them one step closer to that goal. Second Entry After enlisting them, we needed to begin the initiation. By tradition, we first began by presenting them with their new 'cuts'. Finally to seal the deal, we engraved the 'Skull on the Cross' tattoo onto their backs to secure their positions in the charter. From here on out, the Iron Raiders were no more... Third Entry Desperate times, call for desperate measures. We meet up with some Local Crooks that were looking to make a quick buck. Naturally of course we taxed them 20% for the protection we imposed and all but one didn't comply with our ultimatum. We went out on a spree of robberies in order to get the cash that we needed to officially begin to fund the club. Everything went well, no Police showed and no one sang. We made sure to take any potential evidence from Abdullah's store with us and the tapes were smashed. Overall, the money that we took should be able to help us really arm ourselves with heavies. With the Club being new to the city, the MC's funds were now looking slightly better. The crook who refused our ultimatum threatened us with the cops. Unfortunately for him he forgot what we did to snitches.... Glad to see he won't be doing that again. First Entry Chainz received a phone call from an associate affiliated with the Crimson gang. He said that he wanted to meet us in person and to discuss business. I then proceeded to rally up a few brothers from the safe house to go and link them at the rendezvous. I believed that this could provide an opportunity to from diplomatic connections and help establish ourselves on the map. We hit the armoury and took out a few pieces and we were on our way. We weren't really expecting a fight, but this was our attempt of displaying that we are not afraid to get our hands dirty if shit hits the fan. Upon getting to the rendezvous, we came across a long convoy of white cars and drags. The brothers then realised that this was a cluster of gangs rather than the initial one that we were expecting consisting of Void, Los Atlas and the Crimsons themselves. Judging by the way these individuals were organised, I suspected they were planning some action packed evening. But of course we couldn't discuss business in the middle of the road so we found us a secluded spot. From there, we all introduced ourselves to one another and then we formally publicised the Club and our cause. Safe to say everything went well. So it turns out the listed gangs stated above were at war with the last regiments of the West Coast Assassins, called the Book Club. They wanted to know if we would join them in aiding in their destruction and I stated 'Yes' as not only would this establish an alliance with the attacking gangs, but also it gave us the opportunity to begin making a name for ourselves in Los Santos... it was a '2 birds 1 stone' scenario for me. For while we began to scout for any members of this Book Club and after a long and tedious search we were almost about to call it a night until over the radio we heard that a couple Void members were pinned down on the roof of a building adjacent to vespucci liquor. Naturally we rushed over to the scene to rescue them, as they were climbing down the ladder to reach ground levels ... were saw a convoy of Book Club members approach us. Without any hesitation i notified everyone of the radio frequency and they all rushed to our aid. But for some reason the Book Club members didn't attack us on our own... they were wanting to gather us all in one position and ambush us... so we did what bikers do best.... chase them!We managed to pin one of them down and soon he crashed, not too long after the rest of the brothers arrived to aid us. But so did the enemies. Shot were exchanged from both sides and it seemed the devil was on our side that day since no one from the MC was killed. *SIRENS* With the rest of the Book Club members fleeing with their tails tucked in between their legs, we collected any foot soldiers on our bikes and fled... After the whole ordeal was calmed down, we met up with LA commander Raphael Crane. His text wanted me to attend on my own and so I told the rest of the brothers to keep a low profile in the meantime to avoid the cops. Upon arriving I was greeted with a box of parts and nothing else was said. I waited for them to go before finding a note with the inscription "Payment" With goods we received, we could now use this to finally begin to make a revenue to fuel our future operations. Second Entry Now that we had the tables ready, we needed materials to begin crafting our products. I collected a few of the brothers from the safehouse and we set of to raid a drug lab in order to finally begin our first operation in distributions Upon arrival we noticed that the area was clear, but thankfully, the plants were in abundance which meant that we had a substantial amount of ingredients to cook with when we got back to the safe house. After dropping off the materials back at the safe house, we decided that whilst the city seemed calm, we could take advantage and target stores for easy cash. GOALS Short term - Patch over an existing MC Increase membership to 10 brothers and sisters Make the presence of the Club public Establish small drug manufacturing programme Mid Range - Strengthen ties to other MC's and gangs in Los Santos (at least momentarily until membership goes up) Increase membership to 20 brothers and sisters Begin to distribute armaments to other criminal organisations Establish an outpost within Los Santos Furnish the outpost Long Term - Increase membership to 30 brothers and sisters Establish a county wide drug manufacturing programme RANKS: - - - - - - Moderately experienced member that has proven to be loyal. Has more influence within the charter and can be used as a mole inside prisons to spy or intimidate rivals. Post prospect who has survived the training programme and has been permitted to wear the cut. This individual has been trusted by the higher ups and will be allowed to vote in our hearings - Recruitment: We are unable to recruit via this thread as it constitutes as 'metagaming' and so recruitment is based purely on in game interactions. However one can ask a member OOCly when they are able to come online to roleplay. Club Cut: 1. Black or Blue Leather top with red and/or white writings or emblems 2. Blue or Black Jeans 3. Accessories are optional but make them realistic 4. Black or Brown leather boots 5. Black bandana with the skull 6. The skull cross that finalises you becoming a lifelong member of the club (Ink is rewarded during the patching process after the prospect stage) Typical Club Vehicles: Gargoyle Nightblade RULES Never disrespect a fellow brother, especially not one that outranks you. Be active in the Club to show your commitment. Always wear your cut (outfit) when you roll with us. ALWAYS be carrying a gun, chances are you'll be needing it. No matter how dire the situation is, never cooperate with the police. We settle our issues on our own and any snitches that cooperate with the cops will be dealt with. Don't rob or kill anyone we are not at war with as we are not here to make constant enemies. An attack on one, is an attack on all and whenever a brother is in trouble then we are to attend instantly. You MUST own an old fashioned bike and must be experienced in riding. (NO sport bikes) Finally you have to be able to have fun as we'll be high, drunk or knee deep in hookers 90% of the time so no puffs. ((OOC RULES)) Upon being recruited we would like to see your admin logs as we expect high levels of RP from our members and we need clarification that you know the basic rules of the server. Complete the OOC quiz as without it you cannot complete the interview stage. Don't spam OOC unless your asking for help regarding commands You must be active in the MC; if for whatever reason you are unable to attend any rallies or meetings, please notify us in the faction discord and for how long you'll be inactive. If you don't notify us and you're not active, you will be kicked. NO OOC beef or drama will be tolerated in our MC, as we expect all of you to be respectful and welcoming to all. We expect our members to be familiar with the server and thus we most likely deny anybody that has less than 4500XP across all characters so be aware. If you receive an admin log, we would like to know as to why and if we deem it as a serious offence or a repetitive one, then you will be kicked.
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    That's some nice editing and shooting right there @seth. Good job.
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    Akio Asakura - Midnight Racer Benjamin Holt - Lead Racer Anastasia Economou - Senior Street Racer Han Akimoto - Street Racer (OG) Johnny Dejigalo - Street Racer Jordan Foran - 2nd Class Driver Gunner Owen - 2nd Class Driver Tom Moretti - 2nd Class Driver Alex Stevens - 2nd Class Driver Jonas Klarsen - 1st Class Driver Dai Nakazato - 1st Class Driver Toni Boyka - 1st Class Driver Alex Croft - 1st Class Driver Tyler Nixon - 1st Class Driver Cooter Brown - 1st Class Driver Adam Martinez - 1st Class Driver Tom Butterscotch - 1st Class Driver Faith Salvatore - 1st Class Driver Audrey Salvatore - 1st Class Driver Grace Morris - 1st Class Driver
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    +1 The reason why my bar never happened is because I tried removing a counter that was placed wrong, then I ended up removing something irrelevant that took ages to place, and then I spammed /removefurniture as I ran around in rage. I sold the property and never looked back.
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    At the LSPD, we only recruit the best of the best...
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    In the words of tee grizzley
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    James Omalley The Beginning When James Omalley got off the plane from Belfast, Northern Ireland he took in the sights of the city in amazement. A life of money, success and a fresh start was ahead of him or so he thought. Within hours in the city he seen crooked cops, gang wars, robberies and death and he knew then that life was not what he had imagined. Drawn in by the lavish lifestyles of the people around him who seemed to be profiting off the city's carnage he decided to go back to the things that had made him leave Belfast in the first place and from that day onwards his life would never be the same again. The Red Devils After a year in the city James started to feel lost, months of his life wasted away in prison after his foolish attempts at robberies, car thefts and worse had left him with a reputation and not a good one. As time past he started to feel like he would never escape the cycle he was in and found himself longing for more. As he gazed upon the gangs in the city with jealousy and awe he felt that he would never be apart of something bigger than himself and it filled him with a burning sense of needing to be apart of something more. As he stood outside the bank one day touching the cross on his forehead looking to the skies praying for an answer from God he got an answer. but not from god but from the Devil Gang Life James's time with the Devils was a great time in his life, he had finally found the kinship he had been longing for and found himself thrust into the gang life which he relished. Working towards something bigger than himself and not only knowing that they had his back but he had theirs. He found that the structured life suited him, if it was robbing stores with his boys or running labs he was getting a crash course on the criminal life and he paid close attention as he learned from the high command. After weeks of running with the guys he started to feel like he was building towards something and started planning his life in the city around it. But then one day he got contacted by Anthony "We have discussed things and we feel like we are going to disband" And just like that it was over. James swore to himself that day that no matter what he will never forget his time with the Devils The Ballas After the Devils disbanded James found himself going back to his old ways, no goals except running with his friends and causing mischief. After many run in with the law and other gangs in the city he had resigned himself to the lone wolf lifestyle and had started to feel like he was thriving. Then one day he started seeing a lot of purple in the city, he had heard stories of The Ballas but thought they had left the city but on that day their presence was known. He decided on that day to approach them and try and sell them on what he was about and what he could do for them but before he could they told him he would have to wait on Tyrone. When Tyrone arrived he was impressed at how he carried himself, two men on either side and started the conversation by talking about what they were about and their goals. It was decided then and their this was the team that James wanted to support so he was told to get in the colours and roll with the guys that night. Not every story has a happy ending and this is one of them, James found himself growing frustrated on some decisions that were going on inside the Ballas but he understood he had no place to go into those topics with the high command. The next day he had decided that despite the loyalty and friendship he had seen in his small time rolling with the Ballas they were not the gang for him. Despite leaving the gang James will never forget the loyalty and care Tyrone showed to his gang, his heart bled purple. His legacy will always be remembered in one word, Loyal First meeting with the Zeta's One day James received a call from his friend Kenneth "Yo James I am prospecting with the Zeta's want to come along with me you could pre prospect for them," After considering the call he decided that he would meet up with KT and go see what this was about. James knew all about the Zeta's reputation in the city both good and bad and knew it was a flip of the coin to come to this meeting. He met up with KT and they drove to the Zeta HQ together and moments after arriving there James knew he was in trouble. Across from him he noticied a crowd of people surrounding a guy he recognized. "Hey KT who is that guy over there" he asked. "That is Purm I think he is second in command" upon hearing this he went to leave but it was already too late. A group approached him and purm confronted him on a situation that happened between them at the prison the month prior. James was going to say that Purm challenged him to a fight in Prison and was not his fault that Purm got knocked out but decided against it, he wanted to get out of there alive. What happened next is something that he swore he would never forget, he does not remember most of what happened but he remembers the months of hospital treatment that he needed to kick the dependency on the drugs that were forced upon him. Not much remembered about what went down there but he remembered his hair being cut as a sign of disrespect. As James sat in the hospital room staring at himself in the mirror he smiled to himself, he quite liked the look. It will always remind him of what happened there that day and who was responsible. Family It took James along time to figure out his place in the city, he knew he desired more and grew tired of the daily struggle to make a living robbing stores or picking up the odd shift at money transport when he could get it. He decided to scout out the city for opportunities and that is what he found, and his name was Jerzy. James made the first move and approached him but before he knew it he was whisked away in his car to an undisclosed location and James told Jerzy what he was about. Everything was discussed, from his desire for organization, his desire to expand and join with people with the same mindset as me and for opportunities within the Void. He listened to everything I said and took it all in which is a trait that James already respected, then told James what they were about and how they were a family. James took this all in and would not find out how important those words are until a later stage, he had decided that these were the people he had always wanted but did they want him? That night James was introduced to other members of the family as they got him into his colours, james swore he would never be without them.The months that followed were the best of James's time in the city, meeting the family, putting in work for the family and just feeling like he was apart of something. It brought him back to his time with the Devils. He found himself in situations he had never been in before were he had to fight for his new family, and he did so with glee. He had finally found a family that he wouldn't just fight for, he would die for. ALL INFORMATION IN THIS POST AND ALL POSTS IN THIS THREAD IS OOC! No information or knowledge gained from this thread should be used IC. Anyone seen using this information ICly will be Metagaming.
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    In 1999, Yakuza General Isao Sakamoto, sent his three nephews to form and maintain the Dojin-Kai in Los Santos. Their names are James, Jake and Brian Sakamoto. James Sakamoto appointed the (会長 Oyabun) of the Dojin-Kai. Their task was to build the Dojin-Kai clan name and build their presence in the city with known gangs and organisations that were already established. They would have to approach this plan with an impeccable strategy and put in many hours of hard work to build a foundation. The Sakamoto brothers started looking for new members for the Dojin-Kai, looking for strong-abled people. The brothers agreed that to survive in a city with so many established and powerful gangs, they would have to work under the radar and keep to themselves. With this in mind, they established ‘The Mining Union’ which acted as their legal front within Los Santos. The plan was to make enough money with this legal front to be able to establish a central location that they could use as a home without attracting the attention of any powerful entities. Many gangs in the past would fall within days by making a lot of noise and causing trouble in the city. Their presence would come with time and patience. All apprentices that were accepted into the Dojin-Kai trial program knew the real intention of the Mining Union. Within days, they gathered a small force of new recruits, hosting the first Dojin-Kai member meeting. In this meeting, the Mining Union was discussed as well as the plan to funnel all funds into one person so that they could reach their goal of purchasing a future home for the Dojin-Kai Yakuza. The Dojin-Kai are notorious for following a strict code of conduct and see themselves as a more sophisticated criminal syndicate, they are slow to quarrel, but when they fight, they fight to win. The Jingi (Code of Honour) is laid forth by the Oyabun and instilled into all members of the Dojin-Kai, any member seen to go against the Jingi opens themselves up to reprimands. The most common punishments being the ritual Yubitsume, (Finger Shortening) or death depending on the severity. Over the last few months The Dojin-kai has gone from strength to strength, with building our first dojo in Paleto and a base of operations, growing our numbers and creating a steady flow of trails. The Dojin-Kai are easy to be seen, wearing all black, with a black mask and cars being all black too. With recent times of coming to the city, a lot of other organizations have approached us with open arms and are really enjoying the Dojo, the Japanese style and respect we bring, we are keeping our mining operation up and running, making sure the mines are a safe place for people to work from, without being robbed when we are there. Currently, the Dojin - Kai are working on bringing the Dojo out to the public with obtaining a business licence for the property, so we can open the doors to the public to becoming a member of the Dojo and practise the dojo fighting style. Looking onto the horizon and thinking about what our main goals are coming into the city, we want to make sure we push our presence over the city and our goal to open a Dojo within the city, was one of our main focus, also setting up a steady connection for illegal firearms to bring into the city and to send back to japan. Oyabun(Faction Leader)(Ceremonial) The Oyabun is the father of the Dojin-Kai and is the de facto leader of the clan. Kumicho(Head Boss)(Ceremonial) The Kumicho is the head boss of the Dojin-Kai and is also Master of Ceremonies. Wakagashira(High Command)(Ceremonial) The Wakagashira deals with the outside affairs of the Dojin-Kai including war plans, logistics, and diplomacy. Shategashira(High command)(Ceremonial) The Shategashira deals with all internal affairs within the Dojin-Kai including business, operations, and ceremonies. Saiko-Komon(Higher up)(Head Recruiter)(Ceremonial) The second officer rank of the Dojin-Kai. One of the most trusted ranks within the Dojin-Kai that is knowledgeable of most ongoings within the organizations. The Saiko-Komon is held as an advisor to the High Command and can put Minarai on trial without permission. For a Minarai to become a Kobun, they must at least get the approval of the Saiko-Komon. They oversee all official recruitment so the Saiko-Komon must approve a potential trial first before they become a Minarai. Honbucho(Higher up)(Overseer) The first officer rank of the Dojin-Kai. Highly respected member that oversees the day to day activities of all ranks beneath them.The Honbucho acts as a link man between the lower echelon and upper echelon of the Dojin-Kai. As well as overseeing, can perform any duty of ranks below them as well including scouting, mentoring, or team leading Komon(Scout) Very trusted member of the Dojin-Kai. On top of regular duties within the Dojin-Kai, a Komon will act as a spotter for potential trials to add to the organization. They will scout them, talk to them, and get to know them before bringing this information to a Honbucho or anyone above in rank. Kyodai(Brother)(Minarai Mentor) A trusted mentor that will get assigned a Minarai to watch. They will watch the progress made by a Minarai to make sure they are Dojin-Kai material. Will also act as a team leader in day to day activities. Wakashu(Boy) A proven foot soldier of the Dojin-Kai and a team leader over the Kobun in day to day activities. Kobun(Child) An official member of the Dojin-Kai. Can wear the official Dojin-Kai mask and will use rank structure to push any concerns upwards. Minarai(Apprentice) Fresh recruit that is assigned to a Kyodai for day to day duties. Will need approval from assigned Kyodai and a member of High Command or the Saiko-Komon to be passed onto being a full-blooded member. - Start up a legitimate business income - Mining union - Recruit and build strong members to the organisation - Purchase and build Dojo/base of operations Increase and maintain a steady flow of recruits - Start good relationships with other gangs and organisations - Obtain a business license for the Dojo - Host events at the Dojo for the public to attend - Obtain an illegal gun connection - Extensively train all members to high levels of Martial Arts
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    When someone tries to take everything from you, do you crumble or continue? Aztecas was formed through blood and sweat over years of work. Aztecas always has been promoted as a familia, but the strength of the group comes from the love and loyalty that is shown by each of us. Aztecas was once known by another name, Novo Los Aztecas. For years, Novo Los Aztecas has fought for the rights of latinos and hispanics. Born in the Barrio of El Burro Heights, South Side Los Santos, this group formed to give protection for the familias in the Barrio. Driving the iconic lowriders and bouncing through our hood was what we had come together for, they would provide protection for the families living close by. But sometimes this protection breeds war. War is something no member of Aztecas has been afraid to get involved in, but also brings out people’s fight or flight reactions. During the great wars of the city, including one that lasted for years between some of the up and coming gangs in Los Santos, respect was earned through battle and politics. But during these hardships, the founders disappeared leaving the group to die in El Burro Heights, where it had originated from. Things felt hopeless and the remaining members were left to fill the voids of leadership. New alliances were formed, politics were handled, people worked harder than ever. War raged for years. But we never gave up, even when others did. Fighting alongside or against almost every gang, cartel and mafia in the city, the true heart and soul of NLA never left. We earned respect under the watch of our true El J’efe. No matter what struggle we faced, nothing was going to destroy us. Belief and faith in the hispanic community is vital, and the Vatos of El Burro jumped at an opportunity to own a Church in Paleto. They packed up their things and moved to Paleto and began to create a new life but never losing spirit. Once moving into the town of Paleto, the locals were concerned. The SD department seemed to look at us with disdain, often abusing their powers to conduct searches and raids on the Vatos in the Church. But again, the true Aztecas never gave up. Every Sunday, a gathering was held in the Church for the public to attend, and never turned away an enemy. New relationships formed and the Church became an iconic landmark. The streets of Paleto seemed full and the town became more prosperous. Ally or Enemy knew where to find us, always driving around the carpark on our bikes, or bouncing or lowriders. But it was a safer location than the open plains surrounding El Burro. Years of fighting, work and struggles, no matter who we were against or with the heart and soul of the group remained. People joined, the group became strong and we became a recognised force in the city. Everyone was proud to have the respect they had earned and were happy living in peaceful times, with the true leader giving each of us the inspiration to continue no matter what was being thrown our way. Nothing felt like it could go wrong, but we never forgot who we are, the struggles we came from, or how much we had done to get here. But when the going gets good, people want to use it for their own selfish gain. One day, the Vato’s were contacted by the Cartel and told of the possibility of receiving imports through the Mexican connections they had built, something everyone was so proud of. Although NLA at the time was strong with numbers and power, 5 existing members of NLA decided that they would create their own “sect” to use the reputation, power and respect that they had earned in the city for their own self gain. They would continue to use our colours, but make their own decisions and manage their own politics. This was the final straw for the Vatos. For all the blood and sweat to get to this point, a group of defectors was not going to use the power the vato’s had earned over years of work. These people had left during every difficult situation the vatos were put in. They claimed, on the surface it was said to return to El Burro to return to the “roots” of NLA, but the true reason was to gain advantage to the connection to the cartel. Members who had not received promotional opportunities by showing no efforts and their futile demands for respect, wanted the high level access that was being granted to the High Command. Things are earned not given. An ultimatum was given to them, either drop the iconic gray colour and mask that had earned the cities respect, or choose war. The meeting ended with the 5 defectors on their knees.
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    Alright. So I have a suggestion that I personally think will benefit the whole community. Aim to take overcrowding from the Bank. I think this will create a lot more roleplay and a major hotspot for people to visit. Maybe wrong but who knows. So the pier at Del Perro Beach has a theme park. Theme parks have security. make it a heavily guarded area (NCZ) and add a few extras, Ideas below. Make it so Gambling is allowed? Possibly. Dice etc. Even add slot machines could use this machine The Pier also comes with a huge parking area that could be NCZ : Clothing store / mask store could be added here : Food could be bought and maybe drinks : Also add Cash machines (ATM), Possibly try to make the ride work. If you have any more ideas for this suggestion please post below. If you like the suggestion Like it. Add City bee rental? or Bicycle rentals? BMX etc.
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    WCA set an example for what good rp was on this server, it was great being allied with every amazing person in the gang. Sad to see it end like this
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    layer(s) being reported: ID 366 Date of interaction reported: 5/7/20 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1588875221 Your characters name: Jaquan Smith Other player(s) involved: N/A Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. How did the player break the rule(s)? We chased our enemies and suddenly their vehicle stalled, a shootout has started and both of our enemies got injured. I ran towards ID 366 with my firearm in my hand to take his belongings and his radio to get their frequency. He changed the radio frequency immediately without even fearing for his life when he got an armed man above him. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/w1f8k9
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    This was one of the most fun deep RP stories i have been involved in, in my time on Eclipse. It was emotional moving and so well thought out. The RP standards from both James Sakamoto and the shelbys was high standard. Cant' wait too see more from the Dojin-Kai!
  37. 4 points
    great posts one of the realest groups out here leadership is all solid dudes!! cant wait to see the rp that comes soon !!
  38. 4 points
    I've seen these situations sooooo many times: 1st. WE OWN THIS COLOUR SO change your vehicle colour and give us all the shit u have. 2nd. /ooc why did you tried to pull us over????? you can't check our license plate numbers just cuz we drive a gang colour vehicle.
  39. 4 points
    Thank you for your patience while this report was under review. After reviewing the report extensively I have decided to deny this report for the following reason(s) That first ram gave the zetas DM rights. Although it may have been a desync ram as you stated there is no way for the zetas to have known that as you did not communicate it to them. Therefore their actions afterwards were not a breach of the server rules. This decision is final. Unless instructed to, if you post another player report pertaining to this incident, you may be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period. If you disagree with the outcome of this report, please file an appeal following the appeal guidelines and format. Regards Timmaayy and Krooks365
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    Hola vatos I've loved your faction best of luck for you lads
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    ▛▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝ ▜ One of the things Ava likes to do within the MC is attending city events. She was in luck as it was her favourite event, the Destruction Derby. There's something nice about watching people take their anger out in vehicles, its like a purge the city needs from time to time. At the end of the event Ava was happy to hear that one of the prospects girlfriend was interested in joining. She was over the moon, just what we need, another female to the club! Ava had the pleasure of doing the initial interview and telling her all about the MC. By the end Bez was patched in as a prospect. ▙ ▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▟ ▛▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝ ▜ A prospect who left came back asking if he could rejoin the family. After a club discussion it was agreed to let him back in with an extension to his prospect phase to prove his loyalty to the MC. During the meeting a prospect came up with the idea of a new initiation. Ava and the rest of high command thought it was a great idea. What better way to see if it works by doing it. The prospects stripped down to their underwear and cuts and lined up outside behind the bikes. This was to show loyalty, trust and dedication. ▙ ▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▟
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    Not a fan of anything Asian right now, but even I gotta admit that shit looks right. Props to the designer/builder.
  43. 4 points
    Why you guys are using non true stories in forum, this is a ooc section and there is no need to destroy a gang picture oocly, bring some true stories on it like LA first time shows up in Skulls HQ and they start talking shit and make a war with no RP sence and when we tried to talk to you ICly and OOCly about mafia and street gang cant be in street fight RPly but you guys refuesd totalk, I'm not here to destroy your faction picture and I like your mexican RP at all but being toxic in forums and writing fake stories to make another gang looks like idiots are not good and we didnt have any new players or guys under 15k xp so I guess this section can get fixed. at all keep it up and good luck.
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    The Club has been planning this for quite some time. Preparations are almost done, the raffle prize has already been chosen, a Mule truck. While it might seem like an odd choice, the truck is something almost everyone would want. The race would have a joining fee, then the winner of the race would take home the Mule. Before they could decide on a track though, they had to look at all the possibilities, starting from the bay area. The Club decided that the bay area might not be the best choice for the upcoming race. They eventually regrouped at underground in order to discuss further. While the bay area track had an ATM nearby at the DMV, they'd rather have a longer track than the one at bay area. The Theater was also a possibility, but the track would have no ATMs nearby for the entry fee to be paid. That left the club with one last choice, the Vineyard. During the drive there, Akio scouted the possibility of using the Chumash Plaza ATM in order to withdraw and deposit entry fees. Akio made sure to take a photo of the area to send to the other members who were absent. Adding more on the strategic value of the location, Chumash Plaza is also home to multiple stores and even a gun store. Security here would be tight, leading to the treasury being secure during transactions. Things were looking promising for the location. Finally, Akio drove up the hill and into the Vineyard. It was a magnificent mansion with a beautiful interior. While he didn't know who owned the property, if any at all, he did know that the property was mostly abandoned with minimal people using it for its intended purpose. This would lead to a quick rest and party area indoors should anyone be exhausted from the race, while the large parking lot meant that people are able to show off their set of wheels at the event. He took another picture and sent the messages, the race was planned and ready to commence.
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    I think attacking someone for having a certain coloured vehicle is poor role-play. You wouldn't see a crip shooting at a car just because it's red in real life would you? It's also counter-productive to not getting caught by law enforcement. See a bunch of red and black vehicles? Oh hey that's Triads! I think the distinction however should be when it comes to uniforms because it becomes impossible to tell people apart otherwise. If someone is wearing a Triad mask for example, fair enough, force them to take it off and rob them if you got to. But simply attacking someone with a red/black vehicle or red/black clothing, it's poor.
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    he start of a new journey chapter 2: Jamal's fun adventures with the donut gang have been amazing and the interactions have always been fun however the explosion enterprise also known as the donut gang took a big lose due to the deportation of Herbert Explosion and Lucy explosion the leaders of the crew.. the remaining crew members had a serious meeting about the future of the gang and knew that it couldn't survive with the two leaders gone. A vote has been made to join the Shelby family and merge together with them. the Explosions have merged successfully with the Shelby family making it from 18 man into a 30 man crew.. now days the Shelby family has reached a number of 50 members active in the crew and have also bought a club house. The future is bright for the Shelby family. As the sun goes slowly down Jamal enjoys the view of the country side while taking a deep breath. Taking a sit on his drag and drives off to the next adventure.
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    (( All Below Information is OOC )) “The story of The Workers Union isn’t very black and white. It’s comprehensible, but it doesn’t just start with the organization coming out of nowhere. No, it was a long time coming and it started in a little business back in Brooklyn called “Valalero’s”, an Italian restaurant known for its excellence in cuisine and more specifically, its pasta; and even more specific: their spaghetti. I was a bus boy there growing up. I started there when I was eleven. I hated it, but it beat school. My father was convinced that I would learn more with him than I would ever learn in any educational institution. He always said “a penny saved is a penny stolen”. I never really knew what that meant. The older I got, the more transparent the restaurant became. A front. Although it had its popularity, the business was the smaller denominator in cash flow that was being brought into the family, but it helped keep me and my siblings clothed, fed, and it bought my mother a Mercedes. So, we were happy. The years kept passing and the family grew bigger. We had Tony Montanegro, Manny Tucci, Alfonzo Vennidicci; all of whom I called my uncles, but they were the furthest from being blood to me. They were all just wise guy guineas, doing what they could get away with, all of which was masterminded by my father, Frank. The Don. I grew up a little and at seventeen I started doing small tasks for the guys. I would pick up dry cleaning, drop off some envelopes, and lock the door to the restaurant if need be. I never really saw what was going on downstairs but it’s easy to guess. I knew what was going on and for whatever reason, I was okay with it. I guess, because everyone else was so comfortable with it, it just felt normal. Everyone felt comfortable with what they were doing behind the restaurant’s walls. That comfort was exactly what got the best of them twenty-six years later. We don’t like to talk about it. I arrived to Los Santos, fleeing from the “cleaning” business, hoping I could take what I’ve learned from my family and apply it to some low-key work in and out of the city, but it wasn’t that simple. No one knew me and I knew no one. At least I blended in. The first small couple of idiots I started working with, Carl Larson and Bobby Pins, just weren’t fulfilling what I called “business”. That’s when I sought out some more organized group work. I saw these guys walking around the city always dressed nice, wearing black suits, and covering their faces with black bandannas. In these instances, I always judged a book by its cover, so I went up to one of them and asked them if they were hiring. Unfortunately, these kinds of guys don’t like to admit to the stuff they do. I don’t blame them. Eventually, after some active poking about working with them, I rolled up on a group of The Rooks hanging outside of the Department of Corrections. “I don’t mean any harm or nothing, but I’ve been trying to work for you guys some time now.” I said as I pulled up and hopped out of my hideous brick red Granger. This was way back before my vocal surgery, but that’s another story. The leader pat me down, checked my pockets, frisked me for wires, and found me strange, but not malicious. It’s not every day a guy comes running up to a bunch of criminals, excited, in hopes to work with them, but I missed home; and home I couldn’t go back to. Crime is all I knew. After some time, The Rooks took me in as an associate and I started learning the ways of crime in the city. Cooking up drugs, robbing stores, shaking people down; all of it. I was having a blast. I felt like a kid again. All this hard work led up to me becoming a Baron of the gang. We had our good times and we had our bad times, but mostly the bad times would lead to overwhelming us and ended up delivering our demise. That’s the abridged version. At this point in time, I was ready to move on and start arranging my own work. I knew enough people, knew how to swing the ropes, and knew how to get it done. I don’t like to call my organization a “gang”, but it is what it is. Everyone understands the point of running an organization: MONEY. It’s all about collecting some cash for doing some hard work. My guys are the hardest workers in town and I pride myself on that. Maybe we get a little too greedy at the poker table, but there’s no greater feeling than bankrupting a city simpleton. There’s some ground rules I had to place before starting The Workers Union. First off, everyone has a say. If you’re in the union, then you have a vote... As long as you’re attending our weekly meetings. If there’s an issue within the organization, it needs to be brought to attention and voted on. Majority rules. Secondly, transparency with all other organizations in town. No pretending like you aren’t who you are. If you’re with The Union, you represent The Union wherever you are. Except with the pigs. Gut them when you have the chance. I’m in the middle of arranging relationships with every legal and illegal organization in town. My plan is to introduce myself, show them my face, pass out numbers, and make it clear that me and my guys mean no harm. We’re out here to work, not to start drama. That being said, my guys understand that business is business and we’ll step out of the way when need be. This doesn’t mean we won’t defend ourselves. It’s a respect thing. Thirdly, The Worker’s Union is a no-strings-attached organization. If you’re with us, good. If you’re not, that’s fine too. The Union doesn’t benefit itself. The Union benefits you. “A penny saved, is a penny stolen.” “ -Frankie Valalero
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    Player(s) being reported: 111, 122, 210, 502 Date of interaction reported: 5/7/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1588879137 Your characters name: Willie Laurie Other player(s) involved: Riley Cripps, Skye Thale, Jimmy Santa, Raphael Crane Specific rule(s) broken: Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Baiting Government Services - Provoking a reaction from faction services without a realistic reason / or calling faction services to e.g. rob them. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for anything other than its intended purpose. • Submerging any vehicle in water or unrealistically beaching any watercraft. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof that would give you a valid reason not to return. In a situation where a player gets away from an incident where they're being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. Players should not instigate roleplay situations if they do not have time to play it through. Players who ignore answering roleplay commands directed at them, e.g. /do. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. Players should not deprive other players of roleplay, e.g. early on the interaction asking them not to speak unless it makes sense in the roleplay situation. 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies are to be conducted in a realistic manner and require the robber to have a reasonable in character motive. High risk, but little reward robberies are deemed unrealistic and should not be performed. Robberies should be performed in secluded areas where there is a low chance to be seen by witnesses. How did the player break the rule(s)? Before coming into the store you can see ID 111 ramming an expensive car with his expensive SUV no valuing his car and than coming into the store in daylight which is off of a busy road and had attempted to rob a few people in pink with help from ID 510, 210 and 122 and didn't even attempt to loot any of us which would be considered a high risk low reward which he would know being able to see that only at least 1 or 2 of us had pistols. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/edy9n0
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    i would like to suggest to change the way the clothing stores work, this would enable the players to drive more around the city to buy certain clothes and gives also a better rp when going with friends shoping or going to buy a new style for your character. luxury looking stores will sell only luxury clothing the mask shop by the beach would be the only store selling masks regular clothing stores will sell only regular clothes without special unique textures, such as regular hoodies,jeans,farmer outfits and so on. Unique clothing stores would sell unique clothes with special textures and colors whitch canot be found in the regular stores. please write down in the comments your opinions on this suggestion and give a upvote if you agree. thank you for checking this out
  50. 3 points
    Any conclusions with this yet?
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