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    ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.3.0 Dear Eclipse Community, After weeks of hard work, I am proud to announce the 2.3.0 Development Update. In this update, you'll see many new and changed features to improve the general roleplay immersion, as well as create opportunities for new roleplay scenes. Without further ado; 1. Introducing - The Ability to Join Multiple Factions We've long been wanting to implement a system where our players can be a part of more than one faction. We want our players to create characters and build their character's story after their preference. For example, why shouldn't a Police Officer be able to work part-time as a Medic, or a criminal be able to sneak in and be a mechanic? Right now, you are limited to two factions, which is still better than one. Commands: The only commands that are affected by this change are /(f)action and /fmute, which now requires you to input value before the message. • /(f)action [FactionID] [Message], 0 = Your first faction, 1 = Your second faction. • /fmute [FactionID], 0 = Your first faction, 1 = Your second faction. 2. Introducing - Dead Player's Bodies This feature has been a long wanted feature from all sides of the community, and after deliberating and testing ways that this could work, we've come up with a system that suits your needs and our wants. When a player is killed, a model of their body will spawn in their place. This body will remain on the ground for 30 minutes and can be interacted with, its inventory can be looted and wounds analyzed. Bodies can be despawned before the 30 minutes if they are carried to the Los Santos Hospital and dropped at a specific point. Commands: • /analysewounds will work on either alive and injured players or bodies of dead players. If you are analyzing a dead player, you must use /analysewounds false • Pressing I besides a dead player's body will open up their inventory. Any items the player had on them before death will be available in this inventory, with the exception if the player died in a No Crime Zone. 2.1 Introducing - Ability to Carry & Storing Players & Bodies in Trunks In addition to introducing Dead Player's Bodies, we are also proud to introduce the ability to carry injured players, dead player's bodies and the ability to store them in your vehicle's trunk. Commands: • /carrybody to pick up the nearest body to your player model. You are unable to carry more than 1 body at once. • /dropbody to drop the body which your character is carrying. • /storebody to store the player's body in your vehicle's trunk. The trunk is required to be open before you can store it. • /entertrunk to manually enter the trunk of a car. The trunk is required to be open before you can enter it. • /leavetrunk to leave the trunk of the vehicle. The trunk is required to be open before you can exit it. 2.2 Introducing - Ability to Revive Injured Players & Dispose of Dead Bodies The Eclipse Roleplay Community have long wanted a feature to be able to revive injured players, and after deliberating and working around the idea of our system of carrying bodies, we're proud to announce that it's now possible for you to revive injured players. We hope that this will ease up the workload for our Los Santos Emergency Medical Services and for them to be able to spend quality time on scenes and go more in-depth with their medical roleplay. There are no commands to this system other than the commands for carrying and dropping bodies. You take the injured player inside the Los Santos Hospital and drop them at a marked point inside of the interior, upon dropping the player they will be revived. If the player you are carrying is dead, instead of reviving, their body will just be disposed of. 3. Introducing - Changes to the Firearms Permit System This is a controversial change that we've decided to push through because we want to improve the quality of roleplay in our community. In the past, you've been able to get a firearms permit and purchase legal firearms despite the character you play, you could become a serial killer, get caught, go to prison, get out from prison and still purchase a firearms permit and legal firearms, but with this change, you won't be able to. Firearms Permits will now be processed by the Los Santos Police Department's Firearms and Licensing Division. There is a list of a wide variety of requirements, both IC and OOC, that you must meet in order to qualify for a firearms license. While this change might raise disagreements/concerns, we are confident that this is the best option moving forward -- if you're building the character story of a criminal, we want you to focus on being a criminal and obtain firearms through connections and gangs. With this change, to avoid the emergency stockpiling of firearms, we have reset everyone's firearms licenses and you will now need to re-apply for a firearms license with the Los Santos Police Department. We hope that you can understand and respect this choice, and why we changed it. We are not trying to run a GTA Online community, we're running a roleplay community and we strive for realism and immersion. Each gun that you purchase from a gun store will now come with a serial number will be used by the police to track the owner of the gun, where and when it was purchased, and to report the gun stolen. Guns imported by illegal factions will not come with a serial number. LSPD Website - Firearms and Licensing Division 4. Introducing - General Immersion Changes 4.1 Weapon Drawing Animations Each weapon (gun) now has a drawing animation to delay the drawing process. 4.2 Crosshair Removal Crosshairs for weapons have been removed as we find the crosshair being an out of character guide to aiming. We ask our player base to play fair and adapt to this immersion change like everyone else. 4.3 Faction Properties & Ability to have multiple builders. Faction Leaders can now attach their property to their faction and edit permissions for groups/branches to manage the property, access the property and to build in the property. This will allow for more than one person to build in the property, which is a good immersion change. (Property being the properties that you can purchase, e.g. the Irish Tavern is a property). Commands: • The permissions are edited in the F4 menu by faction leaders. • /attachFaction and /deattachFaction [FactionID] to attach and deattach [FactionID] properties to/from factions. Can only be used by the property owner. 4.4Ability to Open Vehicle Doors, Trunk & Hood. This is another wanted feature by the Eclipse Roleplay Community. By simply pressing O when you're standing beside a vehicle that is unlocked, you can open its doors/hood and/or trunk. 4.5 Ability to Transfer Vehicles We've had a lot of requests to implement a system where you can transfer a vehicle for free to another player without using the car markets and risk your car being taken by another player. This command does not give you a price input, so if you use this for your vehicle sales, then you must remember that you are not protected by any scamming rules as they do not exist. Commands: • /TransferVehicle [Receiver] [LicensePlate] to send a transfer request. • /acceptTransfer [LicensePlate] to accept the transfer request. RULE CHANGES We are also proud to announce some changes to our server rules. One rule that is being eliminated is Killing on Sight, we will no longer allow players to attack one another without engaging in roleplay beforehand, so Killing on Sight as you knew it before, no longer exists. We're also adding a rule which removes the new player protection for new players that deliberately insert themselves into or start active crime scenes. We're also adding a rule to prison breaks that all prison breaks will now require approval from a Moderator+ who will spectate the event and make sure that it consists of quality role-play, proper planning and that there's sufficient law enforcement to handle the prison break. The rule changes go into effect immediately. OLD: Kill on Sight (KoS) is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay. The person who has KoS rights must have evidence prior to committing the kill. Killing a player without warning or roleplay is allowed only within 24 hours of: • Your life being threatened not including law enforcement aiming weaponry. • The life of your friend or ally is presently being threatened or if you have witnessed it happen. • A player attempting to steal your assets worth greater than $75,000 not including vehicles. CURRENT: The act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: • Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) • Someone is attempting to take your life. • Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. OLD: ● Players may participate in no more than 1 prison break attempt within 1 OOC week. ● Official Factions may attempt 2 additional breaks in the case the prisoner is the faction leader. CURRENT: ● Permission for prison break must be approved by a Moderator+ prior to the attempt. ● Players may participate in no more than 1 prison break attempt within 1 OOC week. ● Official Factions may attempt 2 additional breaks in the case the prisoner is the faction leader. OLD: ● Players cannot steal from players with “NEW PLAYER” above their head unless it is in retaliation. CURRENT: ● Players cannot steal from players with “NEW PLAYER” above their head unless it is in retaliation. ● Players with the (( NEW PLAYER )) tag that deliberately insert themselves into or start active crime scenes lose their new player protection during those illegal activities. SCAMMING & GAMBLING IN NO CRIME ZONES This has been a question for many and we know that our players have been told different things by members of staff, so we want to clear it up once and for all. Playing gambling games in No Crime Zones is not allowed if you are doing it for any form of asset (money/vehicles etc) as it's considered as Illegal Gambling and that would be a violation of our No Crime Zone rule. Scamming is No Crime Zones will no longer be seen as a No Crime Zone Violation. If you're trying to find ways to dodge taxes of selling houses or cars, that's entirely on your own responsibility and we will not be reversing any sales or refunding any money moving forward. If you want to have a safe way of selling cars, houses and other equipment, use the scripts that we have in place for that. We hope that this will clear things up and that we can move forward from this topic. ENDING STATEMENT We would like to thank everyone in the community for their patience, it's been a really long journey for us and a stressful one, and it's not over here. We understand that a lot of sides of the community want to have development done and we're slowly getting there, but we have to prioritize requests that will improve the general quality of life and roleplay. We've tested this update as much as we could, but obviously, it's going to be different when there are 200+ players on the server. If you experience any bugs after this update, please make sure that you create bug reports so that they can be fixed in a timely manner. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/5-bug-reports/ Moving forward, if you want to stay up to date with development and look at sneak peeks of what's coming, make sure that you follow our Twitter. https://twitter.com/ProPaulius FULL CHANGELOG (including all changes made since the last development update) Added dead bodies that stay after players death Added weapon drawing animations Added ability to /entertrunk and /leavetrunk, /carrybody /storebody /dropbody Added system that allows players to revive injured players by carrying their bodies into the interior of hospital Added ability to join multiple factions Added permissions to factions Manage Property/Build Property/Access Property. Also /attachFaction and /deattachFaction can be used to attach property to faction  Added /accessdoortype 2 [price] that allows property doors to be pay for access Added weapon serial numbers Added firearms approval license. Issued by the LSPD. It is required in order to get a weapons license. Added MDC functionality to get information about the gun with the serial number Added /transferVehicle and /acceptTransfer that allows for people to transfer their vehicles to other people  Added ability to donate to the government at the government building  Added more in-depth logging and tracking of server economy  Added ability to open vehicle doors with hotkey O  Removed weapons crosshair  Removed ablity to use city bee if there are on duty taxi drivers that are not on call /calls now inform who responded to the 911 call Fixed /analyseWounds command, it also now supports analysing dead bodies Improved attachment sync to support more types of attachments Added zipties Added fduty activity tracking Added ability for faction leaders to pay salaries individualy Added random gestures that will get invoked when player is speaking or chatting Added faction treasury logs Added animation for phone being taken out Added /orderBlip [receiver] [servicePrice] [sprite] [minimap] [days] [name] for weazel employees to service people that want a blip. Added /acceptBlipOrder for people who received offer from weazel employee and want to accept it. Added /removeOrderedBlip for people that bought a blip, but don't want for it to be visible anymore. Added /accessdoor and /accessdoortype (for property owners) Added new VIP perks Adjusted salary tax cuts, implemented parking cost cuts, VIPs won't be affected by inactivty property cleaning Added /mood Added fishing rods to the general store Added dynamic fishing (you can now fish near any water source) Added 550 new furniture items (thanks to Osborn) Added PD management commands like /units /createunit to MD Added /raterp system. You can now rate your roleplay experience with another player! Added refueling car that will now require you to leave the car, use commands /startrefueling, /finishrefueling Added speed cameras at MD, PD, Tequila and Bank. This was done to keep the city a little bit more in order Added characters looking at players who are talking Optimizations to server code Fixed laptop order bug Fixed phone accept call bug Fixed MDC calls displaying wrong type Fixed government salaries not being taxed Fixed /medicheal showing wrong player name Fixed speed cameras setting incorrect jail time Fixed phone messages contact names not loading Fixed item disappearing when pressing N in map editor Fixed some issues that caused game crashes Fixed phones receiving messages when battery is 0 Fixed phone, with battery of 0, being on when player logins Fixed DMV licenses not being saved Fixed vehicle burnout sync Fixed laptop order delivery point selection bug Fixed fish item bug Fixed phone bug where it makes any item you are carrying disappear Fixed /grabCash bug Fixed shooting while eating/drinking Fixed burnout sync Fixed pop tires sync Fixed CTRL + X menu Fixed dealership bug First time quiz applicant will be prioritized /drag /undrag now works for civilians too /calls will only show police calls for police and medic calls for medics Mors will now fix tires when can is available to retrieve for free Taco job now provides customer taco food item Lowered poker cash objects on the table amount Calls to medics will only go to medics instead of police and medics Increased look at duration when someone talks Changed quiz system to display applicant's id instead of applicant's name DCC fares go to faction treasury Changed taxi fares limits from 20-80 to 10-1000 /salary will now display accumulated fduty hours Changed faction funding system Changed weazel report command to /weazelreport Money from faction services will go to faction instead of the person providing the service, example (mechanic service, weazel service) Removed /dnn /vnn Disabled /mug Dealership menus now close with ESC Fixed police trace command for players that are in interiors (will now show the entrance location). Removed all blips from non-government/non-server entities [/AccessDoorType 0] makes door only accessible by the owner. [/AccessDoorType 1] makes door accessible by keypad (code is set by owner) /AccessDoor unlocks/locks door Disabled cover (Q) due to its bad sync. Changed garbage blip icon Adjusted gunstore import prices
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    The history of The Wanted begins within a certain mob, where four people, Bobby Richmond, Johnny Falcon, Brandy O'Brien, and Natalie Nightwood, felt overworked and underappreciated. Even though the mob consisted of at least forty other members, the four often found themselves working alone or in very small groups during hours where the rest of the mob were sent on missions out of town. They constantly felt out of place, and often had issues and disagreements with the mob’s leadership, so often that they began yearning for a life free of the mob and criminal activity altogether. One night the four got together in secret and spoke about their concerns regarding the mob and their current situation. They talked out the pros and cons, and knew they wanted to be more than just lackeys in a mob. They wanted to pursue their own dream and make Los Santos enjoyable again. They were tired of the criminal life, the police chases, and wanted to be more than just a gang, they wanted to be a family. Welcoming to those who felt lost, out of place, or outcast in all other environments. Richmond came up with the concept that would give them a new identity, and through different methods, skills, and specialties of each of the founding members, they all brought something unique to the table. This was something that would make them different than the rest… That is when those four became The Wanted. The Wanted started off strong as a street racing crew that organized car meets and races, which often consisted of gambling and pinks to those who were confident in their skills and abilities. Slowly their small family grew, meeting people with all sorts of different backgrounds and morals. While all those who joined had an appreciation for cars, some weren't necessarily great or interested in racing. To those who wanted to learn, Richmond, The Wanted’s best driver, would teach them and put them to the test. While the others preferred to make money from criminal activity, such as drug production, robbing stores, and stealing cars. The founders of The Wanted hosted their car meets legally with help from organizers who had licenses to host public events, using these car meets as a front to protect and hide the “behind the scene” work that some of their members did. But as expected, those who try and leave a mob can't do so without backlash, and the founders of The Wanted soon faced a nightmare from the past that they wished would have stayed buried. Their small family was often hunted, robbed, shot at, and wounded. It got to the point where the founders discussed giving up their signature orange color in order go into hiding and to spare their family of anymore hostile encounters. Falcon reached out to Vice, who offered to protect The Wanted and their family if they merged with their organization. At their wits end, the founders agreed that this would likely be the best option. Unfortunately, not long after The Wanted stripped away their orange clothes in favor for black, a war was declared against Vice by “The Council.” During the war, one of the founders, Richmond, was gunned down, and was laid to rest with those closest to him left behind to mourn. The war raged on for a while, until Vice eventually came to an agreement with “The Council” to end it, and not long after the agreement, Vice disbanded. The Wanted, fueled with sorrow and rage over the death of Richmond, decided they were done hiding. To keep Richmond's memory alive, they geared back up in their color, orange, ready to fight back despite their numbers. The Wanted... was back. With Richmond gone, Falcon, O'Brien, and Nightwood did their best to keep his memory alive. Coming to a bittersweet understanding with the mob, they no longer had much to fear as they continued to grow in numbers. As the government cracked down on the abundance of advertisements in Los Santos, it became more difficult for The Wanted to host car meets and races. While they still try to host these events from time to time, they began to focus more on doing these activities within their family rather than the rest of Los Santos. Things finally began looking peaceful for The Wanted. That is until they began hearing odd things over their radio frequency. A voice of a female, threatening that “they” were watching them, speaking of events and situations that the crew did when they believed they were alone. No matter how many times they changed their radio frequency, sooner or later the voice would return with more threats. Eventually, members of The Wanted began disappearing, the voice taunting them over their frequency, speaking in riddles and clues to lead The Wanted to the missing party, but only after “they” were done with them. They would find their members wounded, tortured, or mentally scarred. The stress of losing Richmond and the kidnappings proved too much for Nightwood, who left town very suddenly, and has not been seen since. The kidnappings continued, with Falcon being the last one who was taken. After what seemed like hours of searching for him, he was eventually found. Although he suffered some painful injuries, he gathered all the members of The Wanted to tell them he would be stepping down as a founder to pursue what he learned during his capture... Bobby Richmond was alive. If what he learned was true, Falcon knew he needed to find Richmond, because whoever “they” were, wanted to find him first, and he knew he couldn't let that happen. Not only to protect him, but to get answers. With Nightwood gone, Richmond M.I.A, and Falcon stepping down from his role as founder, the positions were passed down to the second generation of The Wanted. Carter Blackwood, Stexi Blackwood, and Jamaar Bovarium stepped forward to help lead The Wanted, with the guidance of Brandy O'Brien. We want our name to be known for the best drivers, and the sexiest cars on the streets of Los Santos. Our dream is when people see orange, that they know immediately who we are. We plan on owning at least one gas station in the city to give our members a place to refuel their rides, as well as a place we can gather. We'll be keeping the appearance of a “car club,” while behind the scenes the outlaws of The Wanted continued to do what they do best. This will include drug and weapons trade operations among Los Santos. We aim to maintain our strong relations with other renown gangs in the city. A new member of the wanted who is in a recruitment stage. All busters are in the recruitment stage for at least one real life week. Once we feel that you are eligible to move up in rankingand have proved yourself to be trustworthy and helpful in our crew you will endure a test of keep up. The keep up test consists of following a Captain, Street King, or Street Queen for at least three minutes in your vehicle. If you can keep up before crashing or stalling your car you will receive your official status. A full member of The Wanted. By receiving this status, it represents that you show prominent dedication and loyalty to the crew. This rank is given to those who show further promise in The Wanted and have made significant contributions to the crew. These are the people that show they favor more “questionable” acts. These people thrive in criminal activity. If no one higher than them is around they take charge when pursuing criminal acts. These members have been around for some time with The Wanted and have shown what it takes to flourish in the crew. With this status they are granted the ability to recruit new members. This is the second in command. Only appointed to those who have been around for great lengths of time while showing ambition to lead and strive to accomplish more. Former leaders who have passed on their leadership to others while on extended breaks. Those with this rank remain first in command but aren’t met with mandatory leadership duties. Founders/Leaders of The Wanted. First in command. XP Requirement: 7000 -Possess at least one vehicle that isn’t classified as low-end -Strong understanding of Eclipse Server Rules -Ability to participate and contribute to our high standard of RP -Continuous rule breaks and carelessness will lead to removal from the faction Place where The Wanted usually spend most of the time “It’s not the car that wins, it’s the driver.” - Richmond Credits: @stexi (Stexi_Blackwood) - Graphics design, forming the whole thread @Kables(Brandy_O'Brien) - Story Writing @Floatey (Natalie Nightwood) - Initial Post Structure & Writing @Copes (Jamaar_Bovarium) - Rank Structure, Requirements @PennyWise13x (Carter_Blackwood) - Goals @Nubbsauce (Bobby_Richmond) - Took all the photos for the thread
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    Alright. So I have a suggestion that I personally think will benefit the whole community. Aim to take overcrowding from the Bank. I think this will create a lot more roleplay and a major hotspot for people to visit. Maybe wrong but who knows. So the pier at Del Perro Beach has a theme park. Theme parks have security. make it a heavily guarded area (NCZ) and add a few extras, Ideas below. Make it so Gambling is allowed? Possibly. Dice etc. Even add slot machines could use this machine The Pier also comes with a huge parking area that could be NCZ : Clothing store / mask store could be added here : Food could be bought and maybe drinks : Also add Cash machines (ATM), Possibly try to make the ride work. If you have any more ideas for this suggestion please post below. If you like the suggestion Like it. Add City bee rental? or Bicycle rentals? BMX etc.
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    Welcome to Morningwood University's public auction! City Hall proudly presents Auction Packed! All funds generated by this auction will go to charity. Location The auction is hosted at our lovely university in Morningwood. San Andreas University, Los Santos. Be there or be Egg-shaped! 13th of April | 18:00 UTC Items up for auction There will also be a few houses up for auction! More information at the event. OOC INFORMATION The event is going to be a NCZ Only one item can be bought per individual (( Brought to you by the Event Team ))
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    Thanks Shamozli for the GFX work.
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    Whilst Ding was out and about doing his usual business, he received a call from his good friend Bam. Bam is sorry that he couldn't make it to the Wong's Noodle shop this weekend so he sent a short clip apologising.
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    Hello all, I have been considering this for a while, but I must say that I'll be resigning from the ECLIPSE Roleplay staff team, effective immediately. I joined the team back in January of 2018, and have been active most of my time during the team. I worked extremely hard on many different things for the community and enjoyed every moment of being a staff member, but I have recently been unmotivated and feel burnt out, and unfortunately, I'd like to move on and focus more on my real life, and with that, I'd no longer want to dedicate the amount of time that I do to the team. I've made many friends being on the team, and hope to keep those friends following my resignation. I'm not leaving the community, I'll still be around in-game every once and a while and active on discord. I love this community very much, and have spent a better part of my life in the past two years either doing staff work or playing the server. I love all of the staff team and have enjoyed working with you guys 100% of the time. Much love, Flucifial
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    Operation: Get Rid of Davis Wheels Since The Clowns are a known organisation that loves to disassemble the rarest cars possible in the city, we were contacted by our very old friends who managed to get their hands on FMJ There was not much questions asked, the time was running and we had to act fast in order to receive the money for such a beautiful and rare car. The only thing that intrigued us was the number plate "DAVIS", so we asked where did they get it from. They explained that it was taken form the home yard of Marco Davis, who is The Commander of LSPD With that being said, we contacted Los Zetas to help us, since this was not an ordinary package to be delivered to the chop shop. All of those who could help came, some stayed in the location waiting for the car to be disassembled and protecting it, some were scouting the perimeter in case Officers and a SWAT team would decide show up This is the last image of the FMJ. Few seconds later Davis family received a call from Mors Insurance company that they have lost the signal of the original car and can only provide a chinese version of FMJ 🙂 Kind regards, The Clowns
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    The Los Santos Saints (LSS) started with just 5 people. Cyrus, Frankie, Joker, Lulu, and Jamal hadn't been in town long when they discovered the hard truth. The big gangs in the city could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Eventually, these 5 came across two new citizens in town named CJ and Shawn who were like minded, and the 7 of them formed The Los Santos Saints. As time went on, they set out looking for members to join their cause, and occasionally did what they could to try and make a name for themselves. Eventually, they learned the ins and outs of the criminal underbelly of Los Santos. They dipped their hands into what they soon learned would have immense potential for wealth and growth, however, they ran into the same issues they've always had. The gangs that had already made a name for themselves previously established systems to run everything from the chop shop to gun running. The Saints grew tired of the oppression and decided to fight back. What was once a gang had become a family. We are currently in the early building and recruitment phase to what will strive to become something great. Every single person in the Saints has felt the foot of some of the bigger gangs press down on their throats at least once, and has decided to join the cause in making the criminal world of Los Santos a fair environment. Our main enemies are currently Los Zetas and their allies, and while we realize we've got a lot of work to do to stand a chance against a gang of their stature, we are willing to do whatever it may take. The Saints are constantly searching for active recruits who are willing to put in the work to help us expand and to establish their rank within our family. We are also looking to make and acquire new allies and connections in the city to help ensure not only ours, but the city's business runs as smooth as possible. Our plan is to expand to different parts of the city offering a wide range of services to the people of Los Santos. While we will offer our services and support one of our main focuses is making the people of Los Santos feel more secure while conducting business within the city by providing a safe and secure place to conduct business meetings and transactions where there is no worry of being robbed or hustled by the other party. We also plan to create a movement to show the large gangs of the city that they can't extort or rob everyone they find without repercussions. While we don't require you to have any experience to join us, that doesn't mean we don't expect anything from you. We operate like a family, not a gang, so the first thing we look out for is each other and we ensure that there is no internal tension so our business continues smoothly. With that being said, we have certain standards we will expect from you. We expect you to have a serious want and will to settle in nicely to the city and to be there for your family whenever needed to ensure that we stay strong and continue to grow. If you want to tryout or think you have what it takes to become part of our family look for the colors red and white and contact one of your local Saints to get in touch. If any of the lower ranks have contact with someone that may be interested in joining, they must contact a Bishop+ ranked member of Los Santos Saints. OOC : - Read, understand and follow the server rules and regulations, anyone who causes too much trouble will be removed - Become familiar with the chat actions and commands - Promote good and healthy RP for the gang and the server to make everybody's experience more enjoyable - If you are able to record your game play, it is highly recommended as it will help with any situations that may arise regarding server rules - Be respectful to everybody OOC, OOC insults will not be tolerated - If you are going to be inactive for longer than a week, please notify a higher up. We don't want our gang filled with inactive players IC : - DO NOT rob randoms. The Los Santos Saints only rob people that are our enemies or people that mess with us. - Respect gang members and our allies at all times - No snitching or ratting out to the cops about anything that involves a fellow gang member or ally - Stay true and loyal to the gang, if someone asks who you're affiliated with, don't be afraid to tell them. We want to represent our colors to whoever wants to know - Always carry a radio on your person, this is the best way for us to communicate gang wide if help or assistance is required. Colors/Masks: The Los Santos Saints can be seen rocking red and white colors. At the moment we also keep our masks Christmas themed because ya know, Saint Nick. Ranks: While we have ranks, we do not let these titles get to our heads. We work more like a democracy than a dictatorship, and no decision is made off the want of a singular person. Deacons and above will be able to voice their opinions on whatever matters they want and the leadership will take into account everyone's opinions on the matter. 1. 7 Pillars The 7 Pillars are one of the 7 founding members of The Los Santos Saints. When they are in town, they tend to the bigger picture and leadership of the gang. This rank is not achievable unless decided upon by all other active Pillars, as currently only the founders of Los Santos Saints have been given this rank. If a member of the 7 Pillars dies ((ck)) or leaves town for good, the remaining Pillars will convene to discuss a possible replacement. 2. Saint Saint is the highest achievable rank for anyone in the gang, but to get to this point you have to prove a multitude of things to the 7 Pillars. To receive this rank, you must show that you are loyal, trustworthy, helpful, have leadership tendencies, and can stand the test of time. Any members of the gang that are this rank may assume leadership if none of the 7 Pillars are in town. 3. Bishop Bishop is where the leadership ranks of The Los Santos Saints begins. These members are given permission to recruit new people into the ranks of the Saints. If none of the 7 pillars or Saints are around, people of the Bishop rank may assume temporary leadership to make tough decisions if necessary. 4. Cardinal Cardinal is the highest rank in the Saints that isn't considered a leadership role. However, this rank should still be respected by it's inferiors as the people of this rank have had to invest more than just time into the gang. These members and higher are expected to keep track of new recruits to the gang, to see how they fare out as a possible member of our group. From here on out, these ranks and above are also expected to provide for the gang, and it will provide for them in return. 5. Priest The rank of Priest is earned through showing that you mean more to Los Santos Saints than just another body to take bullets in the line of action. Priest's are expected to collect crucial intel on possible recruits and to contact Bishop ranked members and higher if they believe to of found someone worthy of joining the Saints. 6. Deacon Deacon is considered by most the actual entrance rank of Los Santos Saints. To obtain this rank, recruits must spend at least 1 month ((1 week irl)) within the gang, and then prove themselves through a form of initiation that is decided upon by a Saint ranked member or higher. After a Recruit has proven themselves worthy of becoming a Deacon, they will gain access to more information and gang affairs than they previously had. 7. Recruit Recruit rank is the beginning of a person's tenure with Los Santos Saints. This rank doesn't get much information regarding gang affairs, because as we allow nearly anyone the ability to become a recruit, we don't want our plans and important discussions leaked by an enemy spy. Recruits must work hard and prove themselves to earn the right to become more of a part of our gang's family. - Establish a base of operations to conduct our business negotiations and trade deals - Fight back against the oppression of some of the bigger gangs of Los Santos - Help newcomers to the city learn how things work in town - Claim a part of the city as our turf - Offer protection to shop owners, mechanics, EMS, and the LSPD - Participate in legal and illegal ways of making money to build the gang treasury to establish property - Establish a business off of offering protection against scamming in deals that people may feel unsafe making
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    FunFunFuneral is a family run business that has been operating since 2015 by the Martinez brothers. This business was started as death is an inevitable part in the equation of human existence, so the need to prepare for it cannot be overlooked and people are dying to get buried by us. The Martinez brothers moved to Los Santos in late 2014 from Columbia hoping to find larger and greater opportunities. Pacho was the first to move and his brothers did not take long to follow. FunFunFuneral provides interment and funeral services for the dead and their families; these services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral. The services and amenities that will be made available to our clients; Providing funeral director services Providing embalming services Operating funeral homes combined with crematories Providing mortician services Providing visitation or viewing services Providing funeral services Providing graveside committal services Direct cremation services Selling funeral merchandise (e.g. caskets, flowers and obituary notices) Transporting the deceased Meeting the Brothers Examples of our Work Getting to know some Locals
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    Driving the new van in the city when suddenly got a text message from some good old friends... Looks like some good old friend from Latino Crime Lords will visit Gregor... I'm curious what they will bring this time? That moment when you have goose bumps because you see some good old friends... After some hugs and handshakes, we helped them to bring the "gifts"... I'm curios what it's about? A new mass import arrived from Latino Crime Lords... After all the effort, carrying those crates, makes us thirsty. So the Los Santos beer is the best option in town! 🍻 After the best beer that Gregor ever drink, they decided to go to the hotel rooms... We finally arrived at the hotel room... But everybody is curious what will be in those bags... After arriving safe at the hotel, we went to one of our warehouses to check the bags... The first mass import that Los Calaveras received... After a successful deal, we decided to get out of the town and meet some friends... The story is far from the end...big things coming up in Los Santos!
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    I left the community around a month ago (I'm this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bRQaVYHKc0) and recently decided I'd give my reason for leaving as well as my two cents on how to fix it. I left simply because the RP standards within this community are too low (for me). (This thread is about acknowledging the community as a whole is very light RP and that based on quantity of server suggestions related to the "issue" there is a large demand for heavier RP) Now I feel like an explanation and examples at this point almost aren't necessary because this is so widely known. Deep meaningful RP is incredibly rare and not widespread within this community because the current environment does not allow for it. The current whitelist system lets anybody into the server that has a basic understanding of the rules. It does not do a good job of filtering out people who aren't capable of RP, that don’t want to RP, or in otherwords it does not filter out the "gta online" mentality. As long as you can read a brief rulebook, and answer a simple questionnaire, you are able to play the server. I sincerely believe all of the common complaints including, the "hands up this is a rob", "gta online mentality", "PD sucks", etc, all stem from this one root cause. As a result, a large percentage of the community has no interest or intentions of actual RP. Instead they focus on the game aspect, the GTA online aspect if you will. The vast majority of players are here to obtain virtual $$, to rob as many people on sight, and in general, to "win". The symptoms of this are commonly complained about: "hands up this is a rob", "gta online mentality", "LSPD suks at RP", "robbing simulator", "there isn't enough to do as a citizen", etc etc etc. Robbery scenarios are so common and bland because everybody is playing for the game aspect, to get in shootouts, to flex their epeen and show off how much money they’ve gotten, to win, not to actually RP. There isn't anything to do as a citizen because there is nobody to RP with. Instead of spending time thinking of how they can win whatever RP scenario they are in, or how they can maximize their income, they should instead be focused on developing their character. How would my character act in this scenario? What type of relation/interaction would my character seek with this person that I've just met. How can I create an interesting interaction between all of these dynamics? Do these questions go through the majority of our community members heads while in an altercation with the PD? The answer is no. The effects of the low RP standards can be seen in all factions on the server, including PD. I've spent some time in PD, reaching POII before quitting. I must say Osborn does a very good job with this faction given the conditions. With that being said, this faction still suffers the effects of low RP standards caused by a bad whitelist system. Like everyone else, members of the PD are playing to WIN, not to experience quality RP. When interacting with a police officer you will notice that very rarely are they actually there to RP. Very rarely do they get tangled up in RP stories with other citizens or their character development. Most of the time they react in a way that quickly wins them the scenario, throws you in the back of the cruiser, silent ride back to prison. This is in opposition of responding in a way that results in the best RP scenario, don’t rush the situation, let it flow organically and try to enjoy the interaction. Example: Hostage situation, 2 hostages are being covered by 5 heavily armed individuals on a crane. There are explosives near each hostage ready to be detonated should the police try anything funny. A plan has been carefully thought out and executed, there are vehicles parked blocks away and the criminals have parachutes ready for a quick escape. Contact is being made with police through a note left at the PD that contains a number to somebody able to communicate to the hostage takers. Result: SWAT shows up and slowly snipes all the criminals, both hostages die. Sound familiar? That's because this happens all the time. I have this exact scenario recorded. Being in PD on my alt, I messaged the SWAT leader inquiring about this. He responded by telling me to message him in the future next time I want to commit a crime like this so that they know it is me and they will engage in actual RP. Now this isn't the PD's fault and I don't blame them at all for having this mentality because the crim RP is also VERY low. I've spent most of my time on my crim, leading multiple factions including the now dead "L'Ultima Famiglia". PD is forced to react this way because there are too many shit shallow RP attempts at "money grabs" that would run rampant if they didn't. PD doesn’t attempt to actually RP with the citizens because they know there is a very low likelihood of actually getting decent quality back. The majority of the time they will just get some troll crim pissed off because he got arrested accusing of rulebreaks, etc. This is the same thing with all factions, LSPD, EMS, etc etc. I've tried leading a faction, starting it from nothing and growing it to a decent size with 40+ active members. I was not able to achieve the RP standards I wanted within this faction because quality RPers on the server are far too rare. The majority of the server, and thus the pool of people I had to recruit from were people only interested in running drug labs, robbing people, or in other words the "gta online" aspects. They were not content doing a well thought out RP scenario if it did not result in them getting a large payout. It was also hard to develop them because we had very high turnover with many people leaving to join the zerg crim groups (Zetas, etc). Think to yourself why do people join zerg crim groups, is it for the quality RP that they provide? The whitelist system and rule enforcement is not sufficient resulting in low RP standards throughout the community. This isn't any particular person or factions fault, this is a community problem. What I’ve described above is a cycle of non-rp, an environment where RP cannot exist. EMS doesn’t RP with its patients because they know their patients won’t RP back, etc. Now moving on to how to fix the problem. The issue will not be resolved by revising the rules to fear RP. Drastic changes need to be made to the way the community is managed and RP is enforced. The server has a flow in (people joining) and a flow out (people leaving or getting banned). We need to restrict the “flow in” first and enforce a little bit stricter on the back end too. There should be no such thing as a 5th time non-rp offense. If people demonstrate they are not here for RP, they should be removed from the community. If your whitelist system isn’t strong enough there will be far too much work for the admins to do in terms of enforcement. You might find that they spend endless hours reviewing the same type of reports over and over. Sound familiar? The solution is a stronger whitelist system, over time the baddies will filter out through, and the ratio of RPers to gta onliners will improve. I will address what is likely on the community leaders mind: I know being a light RP server draws a broader audience and possibly even generates more revenue for the server by having more people online and thus more donations for VIP, etc. It keeps the server at the top of the list so that we have a good flow in of people, though a high inflow isn’t as important when you are retaining more. Regardless, I bring a second solution. Keep the current light RP server as is. Add a second server reserved for serious RP. Once you play on the light RP server and demonstrate good RP, character backstory, and development, you get whitelisted for the second server. Following this suggestion and you get to keep the large player count as well as keep your core "serious RP" community around by catering to both. Now is a perfect time to do it after the twitch influx of people. Breaking 60-70 people off the main server for a second server won’t move it down the list. The second server will serve as the golden standard for RP. It will push people on server 1 to demonstrate better RP, if for nothing more than to try and get whitelisted for server 2. This post is constructive criticism with a suggestion solution. I am not blindly whining or blaming people. I hope that if you reply to this thread you will also keep it constructive. I give my opinion in hopes that others will agree and perhaps we can make some positive changes and improve as an RP community. I've spent a decent amount of time on the server and have had some good times. There certainly are some great RPers within this community, despite being the vast minority. I'd love for ECRP to be able to also offer a quality RP experience and personally believe these changes are necessary to ensure the longevity of the community. Also if you've made it this far I'd like to apologize for the horrible run-on sentences and unorganized thoughts contained in this thread.
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    Honor is everything in the Triads. We recently found out that a member was trying to sneak out behind our backs. When we arrived at the HQ an attempt was made to talk about it civilly, Kyle wouldn't tell us a word. It was a totally different story when he had a gun pressed against his head. He admitted to dishonoring the Triads. He then decided to show his arrogance towards the organisation. Blatant disrespect us as a whole. This man was not fit to be with us any longer and he got what was coming for him. After taking care if the business we loaded what was remaining of him into this own trunk and headed out. Just abandoning the car with the body left in the trunk wasn't enough. We made sure to deal with it fully and leave no traces of Kyle behind. The men lined up and said their goodbyes, most of the men didn't even bother to show respect to the traitor. The detectives will have some good fun trying to solve this case. Goodbye Kyle Florence.
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    A man we have had previous relations with has made more of name for himself and seeks to join the Triads. After a period of questioning and asking the man's true values in life and what he stands for, the Red Pole Willy Black decides he's a perfect candidate for testing his skills to see if he would a valuable member to the Los Santos Triads. Hands are shaken, laughs are had whilst Alberto Wong watches on. We will see if Bruce Yeu will prove his worth. We look to outfit the Los Santos Triad's with the best men possible in the state. Maybe YOU will prove worthy.... "A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle." - Ding Wong
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    In protest of the new speed camera system that was installed in Los Santos, Ding thought he would give the cameras a run for their money. After accumulating over 200 speeding tickets he was on top of the PD most wanted list. After a long and drawn out chase by S.W.A.T Ding couldn't escape the all-seeing eye of the PD Chopper, ultimately he failed to evade the authorities. After being escorted to the Prison, Ding was taken inside and processed. He didn't make it easy for the guards and therefore gained some additional time on the inside.
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    Strawberry House coming up soon! DJ VIC
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    After the Triads recent operations they managed to rack up a decent amount of cash. With this cash the Triads invested in their first Legal Front: A Chinese Takeaway Business. After receiving the keys to the shop the members got to work and began the preparations. They hired a postal delivery man for the day who helped transport their furniture and goods to the shop. Now that the truck had arrived, it was time to call down the backup for the heavy lifting. The members worked tirelessly throughout the day but the shop was soon ready to open. Look out for The Wong Place opening on a street near you and pop in for the best Chinese cuisine available in the city.
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    "Who doesn't like Chinese food" were the words that went over Bayview. Hard workers deserve the real quality Chinese food, so we decided to share our culture.
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    I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement these into ECRP, but I came across these during some downtime and wanted to suggest the possibility of adding them into the server. I feel any light customization features add a reasonable quality of life. https://rage.mp/forums/topic/2330-ragemp-new-hairstyles/
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    So as there has been lots of new players coming to server but not enough houses for everyone, I suggest we add some apartment buildings. For example this one. As this is apartment building, there should be more than one house. Just by counting windows, it has over 6 apartments. So let's do it like in GTA Online. Since I didn't find a picture, I drew one: Sorry I'm not good at drawing. This would solve the housing problem, or part of it, as there's plenty of apartments. Yes.
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    With the recent changes to the gun licensing the Triads managed to get a connection to buy them some loaded guns. However, the guns could be tracked. The serials on the guns needed to be removed first. Once the guns were cleaned they were loaded back up into the bag and hidden back in the compartment. The Triads already have enough heat on their backs and can't risk their supplier being caught.
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    One of the Triad members had been working extremely hard throughout the last few weeks. Nick was directly rewarded for his efforts. We took it out of tradition and promoted him. Hard work pays off. Nick's new responsibilities were explained to him and he happily accepted the position. The Triads are a family. We stick together and no one should turn their backs on each other.
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    The Triads decided it was time to change a few things up with their Tradition. The group wanted to make a more relaxed environment throughout the organisation. To help with this they decided it would be a good idea to make the uniform more laid back for some of the ranks. To match the new uniform the Triads decided it would be a good idea to match certain masks to ranks. This is to assist in distinguishing each of the ranks throughout the Triads.
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    The triads plan to have another open day at The Wong Place after the success of the first one. In preparation, Po had his personal butler, Chives (Mark Scott), take him to DCC to talk to his boss about an arrangement Po used his silver tongue during the negotiations and the owner of DCC, Chuck Maggiano, couldn't say no. He pinned Po's message up for all DCC employees to see. After successfully negotiating a deal, Po had Chives drive him back home in his personal limo.
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    I have been on this server for over 2 years. I just came back in the last couple of months but I quit for a while and continue to think about quitting this server about weekly. I have many friends who have quit this server and don't want to play on this server for the reasons I am about to state. If you try to do anything. Literally ANYTHING, a Zeta some other try hard "gangster" would /will abuse FearRp to the point its Powergaming, it is so constant with the lets see who I can fuck over repeated, repeated, repeated, and repeated, can't call the cops cause ill die KOS is super bullshit, I can't RP at all because this person just wants to hold a fucking gun and feel some sort of power. You buy a fishing pole, you go to a spot. 2 minutes in, get robbed. lose fishing pole, repeat. What a great time. I mean wonderful experience right? It feels like Gary's Mod, I sometimes hold the RP standard of this server to the point of GMod it just depends the time of day and the day.(Good RPers are in here, I have met few and can't wait to meet more!). Literally every fucking person wants to RP some gun flashing thug, how original, I never thought of RPing that.... I RP and I love to RP both my accounts are unique and different. Sadly, the money grind is real in this server because the Legal jobs are trash, unless you are in Legal Faction, then the criminal world is just even more fucked with a monopoly. Gangs fight, When the 3 biggest Gang Factions unite it just seems boring and unrealistic. Crips vs Bloods, Dead Rabbits vs 5 points gang, Hells Angels vs the world, Mafia merged but that is an Italian thing, and even then a lot of back stabbing happen. It looks The Saints want to take on The Zetas Challenge. They are the new Zetas vs Narcos, (yes, I have been around that long, even though I am new on the Forums) Ever since they have been targeted by Zetas and Irish, you can actually roam the city and do things because someone is taking the heat finally. I look forward to this RP action of actual Rivalry gangs, and seeing what will happen. Alliances of these gangs ruin the RP experience of people actually trying, just even more out numbered because the gangs can only fuck with civilians and not the other gangs cause they are allianced so constant fuckery happens to the small people just looking to RP and not even trying to "take over". Then the Faction leaders of the gangs are Flip flopping on their statements of the standard of their own faction's RP. When people in their factions are complete fucking assholes representing your faction colors, you are a leader of the faction, you are responsible for your people and people view you just the same as the shit head who just Powergamed the fuck out of someone who just got to the city. THAT IS ON YOU. At the drug labs/chopshops anytime I have been there never any RP (I guess fearrp is RP but its not very deep RP and like I said super abused.). Any scenario where the person loses or has a chance to lose, it turns into a gun fight, and a report(coughcoughzetascoughcough). Most of to almost all of the RP "gangsters" in this server has a Fortnite victory royale mindset, and sometimes the GMod style of RP, You're at a chop shop, 1 minute left, 2 dudes come from no where, pull guns out count to 5 and shoot you before you could type because you were "stalling", with the thieves/gangs, and I am always in the wrong, never a chance to RP and cut deals. Most of the Admins and Moderators are in these gang factions, they turn away and ignore the fact that their own faction is hurting the people who don't want to conform to some gang/or abide to a gang that fucks over people constantly, they just want be a weird Trucker, or that chatty Cabby. The quality of RP goes away because there is never a check to keep people in line, and to be respectful to the RP and we get stuck in this limbo circle of just shitty RP, constant FearRP to the point of powergaming, and robberies turned into a gunshoot out.I love playing on my main a finally established account that is neutral and a mechanic, but it took a lot of time before I even got the chance to get hired. Now its great and a good experience and I meet the true RPers and have great interactions. Not everyone gets this experience. Anytime I get robbed with class, like real fucking RP I keep going. I understand, people like power, a lot of Roleplaying can be done as a person of power, You gotta remember. It is a fucking game. There are thousands of ways to have fun and not just be cops and robbers. It is sad, that I even have to join a faction to experience good Roleplaying, it is sad that every interaction has to always end up with tons of /ooc and no /ic, the hunger of winning over RP has/will ruin experiences for me that could/be amazing and fun. So many things could be better. All these things are a vicious circle, as people see it as the constant flow of the server, then it will never end. And I don't want to turn into that powergamer robber, because that is all that surrounds me. I don't know. but this is my 2 cents. Cheers.
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    CK or character kill is a really big deal for well developed characters and the consequences to it are the highest possible rp-ly. Sadly there's people who are not that much into RP therefore they dont put real effort into their character development. I've personally had a case with a community member who CK-ed to avoid the IC consequences of his own actions. I'm gonna name him X, his character had snitched on mine to FIB and it lead to my character's house to get raided. It took me a couple IRL weeks to find it out IC-ly, and when I did i talked with the boss of a gang that he had recently joined, demanding 600k from him. Player X then simply declared CK cause he knew that he would be forced to pay the money or he would never be able to join one of the big gangs again. By doing this, player X saved himself 600k, and he can simply approach a gang and they have no reason IC-ly to not accept him. This situation really made me think that we're leaving room for people who don't care about their char dev to abuse. This situation aside, does it really make sense rp-ly for a fresh character in town to magically have 3 houses 5 cars and 1m in the bank account? I personally think it doesn't therefore I suggest the admins to clear all assets that people own upon their CK. Feel free to show your support or disagreement on this suggestion.
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    Eagerly looking to celebrate their promotions to 49'ers, Nick and Zach made their way to their favorite fishing spot. They were able to breathe easy knowing they have made their masters proud. The Wong Ancestors are smiling down on them. With the promotion, came a much needed pay-raise. Nick had been saving on his own, so with his determination and hard work, along with the spoils of the fishing party, he was finally able to treat himself. Of course, he kept in mind the respect and honor to the Wongs that he must always maintain, so he painted his vehicles the proper color that has been the symbol for generations.
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    Following the previous incident of the man acting on his own and being punished. He never learned. The Triads decided to take the matter into their own hands, they went to a private area. No one knew what was about to happen apart from a select few. The men dug out a hole and flung the shovels to the side. Curl was then pushed into the hole. His mask was removed and he was given a chance to look the men in the eyes one last time. Respect is everything in Chinese culture, disrespect it and you will be taken care of. Fair to say he will be causing no more issues for the Triads. R.I.P Curl Foreman
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    It was time to reward some of the OG members from the Triads. They had been in the organisation for a long time and it was time for a promotion. The two members met a few of the higher-ups at the dedicated ceremony site. The responsibilities of the new role were explained to the men and the ceremony began. Po Wong the Incense Master made his preparations ahead of time and begun to light the incense sticks. The oath was performed by both individuals and they were officially promoted into the 49ers.
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    Another couple of people reached out to the Triads and showed their interest in the organisation. The two were members of the Marcello Family looking for a change in their careers. After the two old friends met up with the Triads they were given more details on how the organisation operates. Being old friends of the Triads the members had already proven their worth to the organisation and were taken to get their kit. Now that the two new members had been introduced to the others, it was time to get to work.
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    How a newcomer's first 3 days in Triads did looks like:
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    I am not sure if I am the only one who feels this way but it kills the fun of the game to have police be so weighted by the rules. They do not have to value lives like cops, they don't have to protect like cops, honestly they are just a government funded gang. I agree there needs to be restrictions empowering the police because they need to get a second player catch-up, but also recently the cop tactics are to go to an armed robbery and run up with no lights or sirens on despite running red lights, and smash into the door of the store locking it in place which is already infuriating because it is unrealistic and feels helpless. Then we have the problem of hostages, right now the cashiers are not considered a life... criminals talk to them, they are allowed to be used to identify us, but the police can barge into 4 armed gunmen with no value for the life. I imagine some restrictions need to happen, them used to make demands can be overwhelming and a nuisance but maybe they should have to wait until the gunmen leave the store to charge with weapons and cars? It has just become too much rule play and trying to win, I see so often police telling us ((its allowed)) without ever even considering, is this fun? No car chases? No speaking or engagement with the police or hostages... the whole situation just needs a second look in my opinion. A couple of my suggestions are: Make the police value life, but make consequences for using a hostage higher... possibly by making them form a perimeter instead of just running in. Make blocking doors explicitly against the rule, we all know that windows and back doors don't work in this game so it is cheese to have it otherwise. Make police have to make two or three explicit warnings before firing, right now they see a person run when they don't have a gun on them and they pull out guns and start shooting like IA wouldn't murder them for that... Lastly and this is not a rule restructure it is on us the players, lets remember the game isn't about amassing wealth and winning, it is about having fun and funny and interesting role play experiences, lets stop trying to do the minimum and make the role play better together 🙂
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    It's time y'all stop thinking that there should be an equal balance between PD and criminals. I get it that it's a game and everyone thinks of it in balancing terms. But you guys need to understand that doing this will just get us one step farther away from Civilian Roleplay and get us a step closer into Cops vs. Robbers. This is roleplay, not some deathmatch. I fully understand criminals and their struggles, but a Police Department is supposed to be OP. San Andreas is roleplayed to be a state in the United States after all. If shit was happening like this in a state like we have right now with criminals, we would have National Guard and military intervention. Instead of this nerf please give us more civilian RP developers and get us closer to a normal life roleplay server. Cops vs Robbers is getting out of control.
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    This has been brought up in a lot of different threads, but I think it's time we bring it it's own thread to talk about. The current maximum prison sentence is too short, and it's having a negative impact on the state of the server. If there are no serious consequences for committing serious crimes, then they will be committed at exaggerated rates. This results in people robbing people in the middle of the street, or even people robbing cops for a bag, because they get a chase and even if they're caught? Release is a Netflix show away. The very exaggerated amount of crime also means that the LSPD is not free to deal with non-emergency stuff like the Impound Lot. @Kai There is also another problem with having the max prison sentence being so relatively low, in that, someone that commits any felony and then evades, would receive max. time anyway, so he has no further incentive to not commit more crimes in his evasion (such as shoot cops), which results in people shooting a lot more than they should, when realistically, no one would be shooting cops over 3 reckless operation charges. It was stated multiple times that max. prison time will be increased when DOC settles in as a faction. In my opinion, that has happened. DOC, especially now with the new leadership, is stable, recruiting, and maintaining presence in almost all timezones. What's the actual suggestion? Increase the maximum prison time to eight hours. (480 minutes) but no crime sentencing should be changed. That means that no one should be getting the max time, unless they really do commit that many crimes. For reference: Attempted Murder is 150 minutes, Felony Evasion is 75 minutes. Therefore, someone that shot someone else, then evaded in a car, would receive a sentence of 225 minutes. (105 minutes over our current max) Armed Robbery is 105 minutes, Felony Evasion is 75 minutes. Therefore, someone that robbed someone with the use of a gun, then evaded in a car, would receive a sentence of 180 minutes. (60 minutes over our current max) There will be an increase of about an hour for most reasonable criminals, however those that commit a lot more crimes before getting arrested will get a longer sentence, as it should be. Under the old system, someone that killed 10 cops would get the same sentence as someone that robbed a store and evaded, because of the relatively low max. sentence.
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    I won't mention the old SAMP server name but as a lot of us here, including staff are from there - you'll already know what I'm talking about. The benefits to VIP right now are dog poop. This wouldn't bother me much if the price matched, but 10 EUR a month for VIP? Thats more than many AAA subscription based games. I would like for the rewards to be looked at again, and possibly even a tier system. I would love an expensive option, one that is permanent with good benefits. Whilst I pay for VIP, not a single one of my friends think its worth it - and I agree.. I buy it to support the server but if things aren't changed I certainly won't renew when my 12 months are up. Tiers could be in Bronze, Silver and Gold - with a Platinum (or whatever name) as a permanent but expensive option. Rewards could be: Increased salary, Discounted mors cost, vehicle upgrades/repairs, cheaper access to weapons/armour. Increased rewards from drugs or fishing - and so on. I acknowledge that some things are made awkward by the fact that in some cases you're effectively purchasing from player owned businesses but something needs to be done.
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    While fishing on a peninsula in Paleto, Li Kwang got careless and turned his phone on. Unfortunately, LSPD was on him before he could reel in his line. Kwang was arrested for over 140 speeding tickets, including a couple reckless. While in prison, he picked a fight with another inmate. It's safe to say he was underwhelmed with his matchup. After getting out of prison, Kwang decided to get out into the community and immerse himself. He made many connections and met a couple civilians who were looking to join the Triads.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 74 Date of interaction reported: 28/02/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 155131400 Your characters name: David Nickelback Other player(s) involved: Name(s) Here Specific rule(s) broken: 10. Metagaming (MG) ● Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. ● Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. How did the player break the rule(s)? Well its not the first time and everybody knows that the official gang - the Los Zetas is using discord to metagame things and bringing IC to easier explainable things to discord and converting IC info into OOC that's kinda painfull to hear and whole VOD beggining from min2 shows that they are metagaming, this guy tries to talk and radio but the others doesnt hestitate and talking on the discord, im pretty sure I hear Bitsys voice aswell, there was conversation OOC in ynlis stream(tbag) someone already reported her and the crew with another obvious metagaming, not sure how this report could be voided but ill pull this old vidwo aswell to show you what zetas done long time ago and still are doing it, im pleasing to review this report and to take some actions on zetas site to avoid such a metagaming. Regards. Evidence of rule breach: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/387780854 theres clips from the vod with active MT : And theres the biggest gang leader and the staff member Jay Gamble 🙂 :
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    Player(s) being reported: 132, 62, 102, 245, 28, 39, 164, 31, 94, 97, 223, 127, 93, 32, 159, 212, 135, 128, 44, 160, 125, 23, 209, 154, 245 Date of interaction reported: 13/042019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Rycka White Other player(s) involved: Jamal Debose, Paul_Debose, Anthony_Parker, Frank Wu Specific rule(s) broken: Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Cop Baiting - Provoking a reaction from emergency services without a realistic reason. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for crimes or submerging any vehicle in water. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When the engine of your vehicle is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. How did the player break the rule(s)? Official faction that does not show any kind of role play in robbery has broken Non Roleplay, Fear Roleplay, by not showing any fear to 7 heavy guns surrounded a huge irish groupe also did not wanted to show any sort off role play with us. Lots of demands has been given by us but they still decided to break fear roleplay and start running none of them had guns out in their hands. Some of the people went on the roof and started shooting at us. Evidence of rule breach:
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    WWW.LSPD.SAGOV.US Los Santos Police Department Press Release Friday, April 12th, 2019 "TO PROTECT AND SERVE" * - START: 13th of April, 2019 END: 14th of April, 2019 Through the Anonymous Gun Buyback Program, the City of Los Santos offers money to anyone who surrenders a gun. This program is part of an ongoing effort to encourage individuals who own illegal or unlicensed guns to turn them in anonymously. You do not have to identify yourself and you will not be asked any questions. The Los Santos Police Department will offer the following: • $3,000 per handgun with at least 25 bullets. • $5,000 per heavy weapon. We believe that the above will help law-abiding citizens keep order on the streets, and help all citizens achieve the common aim of making San Andreas a safer place! We cannot stress it enough that this is an anonymous program, and you will not be asked for your ID. You will be awarded via cash payment on the day to assure your anonymity. In order to participate in the program, head down to the Los Santos Police Department's Mission Row Precinct and speak with an officer present. We ask that you do not brandish any firearms on the way to the precinct and that you keep them concealed in a bag or on your person. Make sure that you make contact with an officer and informing them of your program participation interest prior to withdrawing any firearms. Together, we will make the State of San Andreas safe again. - For Information, Contact: Sergeant II Cynthia Shelby, Interim Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Firearms and Licensing Division (213)476-6156 — [email protected] Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)516-1554 — [email protected] Commander Lewis Langley, Professional Standards Bureau Coordinator Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)418-9838— [email protected]
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    Little Fluci all grown up deciding girls are more important than Eclipse, brings a tear to my eye from the days of weazel to day. What have you grown
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    A lot of people would agree that there are far too many robberies happening in the game, which is unfortunately true. They provide very little, non-quality RP and are mostly one sided. It's okay to get robbed once in a while, however it happens way too often with little to no consequences for the robber and it can be frustrating for the victim, even on a OOC level. Because of the low quality RP that robberies give, the unrealistic number of them and because it's actually setting a bad image for the server, I would suggest that the following, pretty simple rule should be added. You're not allowed to hold up/rob a player during the day (7-21) in a public, populated place (parks, paved roads, highways, close to roads so your actions would obviously be visible,...). You're still allowed to rob players that are near the drug lab, in the mountains/forest, or any other place where people wouldn't normally go or be able to see you. This rule doesn't apply to vehicle picklocking or store robberies. My reasoning for this is that we already RP that we live in a city that's "alive", for example NCZ's. It's fairly unrealistic that 4 cars go up to 1 person, 10 people step out and rob the guy for a radio or nothing else, especially during the day, when the city would be "alive". The game is based in the US, a place where daytime crime is (depends where you live) at a minimum in public places, however it increases during the night. People that simply want to rob others can still do so, in the mentioned areas above and anywhere else (like now) during the night. This would mean that nights would actually be more dangerous to go out and roam about. I personally feel this would improve the quality of RP. People that want to RP something fun like an event won't have to rely on getting personal security with big guns or asking PD. There could potentially be more "civilian" RP during the day. Not everyone would agree, but I think some change has to be done to solve this issue.
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    Wrong. Los Zetas, Clowns and Irish have fought major wars with other gangs, rival gangs. Narcos, Vice Lords, Gates, Chambers, etc. There were plenty, you're just not involved enough to see it pan out. There's videos on youtube on it as well. The post above you mentioned forcing big gangs to only ally with smaller ones? How do you know one of our allies weren't small at some point? Are we supposed to drop alliance because they grew? Los Zetas was small yet we got accepted into the council, we just so happened to grow. These "new" gangs wouldn't have an issue with any of us but for some reason, every new gang wants the throne. Instead of making your own shit and going through the trials like everyone else, they always want to start shit with the bigger gangs and end up getting stomped out. If you don't come correct, you don't deserve to exist in the criminal underworld. The whole point of the council was to shape Los Santos into OUR ideal vision, not yours. We've went full scale war with PD for it, full scale war with other big gangs like Narcos, Monroes, Vice lords, and so many others. If we're openly speaking, the ones upset about the big alliance we have always say the same thing. "Gangs are pussies" or "Shouldn't have big alliances" in my mind that says two more things. "I'm upset because it isn't us" and "I want to be able to DM everyone without massive consequences" All of these people want the big gangs to fight each other instead of grooming themselves into becoming an ideal faction. Make no mistake, Yes, cops also get a foul treatment from gangs but these recent days, they've been sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. I watched them raid a drug rehab spot and search everyone looking for heavies. You can't do drugs icly and it's not allowed to get off them either apparently. "If they are truly untouchable then they wouldn't have trouble fending off threats from other rival gangs" let's talk about it.
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    Retracted due to unforeseen circumstances.
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    Hey, as a player who has been a criminal from day one on the server I would like to introduce the thought off payphones. I myself am normally a wanted criminal so using my phone isn't the safest thing to do. I think the ability to use payphones around the map to call people would be a great addition. It could also increase work for detectives attempting to find wanted criminals using payphones. Nothing else here to really add so yea let me know your thoughts.
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    So, everyone here knows that right now the server is a robbing simulator. Unless you're a new player, you've most likely been robbed multiple times. It seems everyone is playing a character that tries to be like Pablo Escobar and acts the tough guy. Most of the complaints I see is the fact robbing people is too easy. If a gun is pulled out on you, there's literally nothing you can do back really. Can't use the radio for backup, can't try and run away, can't try and fight to death because the FearRP rules say so. Personally, my IC wouldn't just sit there being robbed for everything they have just because they have a gun pulled on them. It would be a fight to death, and seeing as the New Life Rule is explained in the rules, you lose all memory of what happened before your death anyway. The rules are way too protective of the people doing the robbing, rather than the person getting robbed. Why can't we pull a gun back out on them and fight to the death? This would decrease the chance of being robbed significantly as people can't just go around robbing people know full well they will just comply with all demands because they have to. Like I said, one of the biggest issues right now of the server is it's a robbing simulator which decreases the overall RP of the server, which is saddening as it's great in general. I just wish we had a way of protecting ourselves or at least let us fight to the death so people don't just go around robbing as it's one of the easiest ways to make money right now because it's so easy as a concept. It's generally: /do pats man down.../do success? /frisk - robbed and cya. It gets stale very quickly and I know many who are getting tired of it. Please give us some way to protect ourselves other than allowing them to rob us because they have a gun on us and our characters safety is paramount. There's people IRL who have too much pride that they'd fight to death when getting robbed so why cant our characters? Thanks.
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    The Triads headed down to Grove Street to introduce themselves to the locals. They met a few men, some of whom lived there, one was a man trying to sell beans. The Triads respect the grind and decided not to touch the bean man. After a short chat, they relieved the other men of their weapons and went on their way.
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    After riding with our 6x6 beauty, we had a little accident..
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    Guided Tours of Los Santos by Downtown Cab Co. DCC is now offering guided tours of Los Santos and tickets are FREE during the grand opening of this new service. Where? Tours will begin and end at the Bank Los Santos and will cover the hot spots of the city. Perfect for tourists and new citizens. When? Tours will be running periodically through out the day and will begin when enough passengers have arrived. First Come, First Serve Be on the look out for advertisements from Weazel News about this exciting offer or simply stop by the Bank Los Santos and look for the DCC bus! Do you want your business featured on one of our guided tours? Stop by DCC and ask to speak to management about this advertising opportunity.
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