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    Black Santa Tyrone Shakur lived the best chapters in his life with his brothers in The Wanted went to jail for years and got shot to. his dream was to become one of the most successful gun dealers in the city. and he found the opportunity when the Wanted got there connections with the cartels. he supplied him self and then started to the road to his dream. The Wanted contacted the Russians and met with them to clarify the prices and talk about future plans. Tyrone saw that as an opportunity of a life time to secure a whole gang and to be there main supply of guns ?! it's the dream. After the meeting he met the Russians alone to see if he can supply them NOW with weapons and pistols he secured the purchase of these heavy guns with the same prices discussed in the meeting. he had a lot of competition but the Russians always went to him for weapons. Tyrone was dealing with pistols heavily he secured deals up to 60 pistols in one go. he dealing them cheaper then anyone in the city even cheaper then most of the renowned gangs in the city. Black Santa name was ringing in the city. Undercutting Tyrone tried to sell the heavy weapons but no one was buying them. He investigated and found out a couple of triads and zetas members were undercutting to other gangs. He went to his Ace with the information to Jammar shock from that he arranged a meeting with the leader of the zetas to tell him about it the system they worked for years to let it work is being ruined by greedy people that just want a quick buck. Jay told them that the one who is doing this will get killed over it. Tyrone continued selling his pistols and his fame is getting bigger and bigger. Two months passed after the meeting and Tyrone forgot about it. He had more problems with SD and PD that he didn't even care no more he just wanted to help his brothers no get in jail. and then Tyrone heard that there is a meeting happening in HQ and everybody needs to be here. Tyrone got anxious he remembered that every time everyone was called out to HQ some thing bad happened he arrived to HQ to find his brothers lined up and he joined them. to his surprise he saw the triads and zetas in HQ and now he really know that someone really f***ed up. all wanted members lined up in HQ and then Jamaar asked them who do you think fucked up now. most of them shouted a buster and the others were just silent. to everyone surprise it was Tyrone. Tyrone went silent... he was just in shock he going back in his memories to remember when did he miss up ? and here it comes the SHOCKER he was blamed for undercutting. he explained him self and his proves but no one believed him he was feeling betrayed by his own for not trusting him and for talking with him before but he can't do nothing now he was in a middle of armed guys with no one to help him. he screamed that he was set up that he never did it that he will never throw his own brothers under the bus like that but all he heard was the silent death that is coming to him. then he heard his brother Jamal and Jack saying "if you gonna kill my brother Jamaar you should kill me to" Jammar but the pistol back and ordered them to get taken from here. Tyrone closed his eyes and said "see you in the after life brothers" everything flashed in Tyrone eyes. Then clack Tyrone Shakur aka Black Santa was shot. He is ALIVE Tyrone Shakur was dead to everyone but the thing that they didn't know about that Jamaar didn't hit a vital point in Tyrone's body Tyrone woke up in Trophy truck trunk bandaged up he was in Dirk Trophy truck. Dirk got Tyrone after the incident and saved his life Tyrone was super grateful for Dirk's help he just saved him from death. Tyrone remained hidden until he felt he was in a good condition. Dirk met with Jamal and Jack to tell them the news that Tyrone is still alive and will. Tyrone woke up after 1 month of hiding he felt well and ANGRY. He called the Russians and met with them to finish up some deals and to kill the guy who was spreading the rumors of him undercutting and that was Revelt. he was lying with everything that was brought up he was a loudmouth that needs to be taken care off. after they finished from Revelt he want and met with all the rebels and Russians. to take revenge on the gangs that set him up. and he took it
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    Simple suggestion: Reduce the price of body armor. Body armor is just a gimmick right now that no one uses because it is way too expensive. I suggest the price is lowered to 10k instead of 40k. This way it still has a reasonable value so that not everyone has it constantly using it, but at the same time it is a viable option and not way too expensive to use like it is right now.
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    Player(s) being reported: TNewty Date of interaction reported: 23/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1574520707 Your characters name: Ricky Contender Other player(s) involved: Multiple Officers, Multiple others Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? The officers, and ourselves offered to redo the scene, (As apparantly a friend broke NRP) we were all willing to redo it, as, if he did it was a genuine mistake, TNewty refused, punished my friend and then TP'd me back to ask why I rammed the officers, I explained, and he permabanned me saying I didn't have a valid reason to ram the group of officers. I think this is wrong judgement from a staff member, as Within the rules I had reason, We were engaged, I explained this and he still banned me and even said I did not even hit an officer, but you can see plain as day, It was a group of officers I hit. I do not know what I have done to upset him, but this isn't right... Edit - The whole situation started from trying to rob a member of WCA - Who I have just found out this staff member is a member of, I am not saying that is why he banned me, but it is suspicous from my POV, considering the relation here. Second Edit: I'm going to rephrase what I put and include more evidence. This whole situation started from attempting to rob a member of WCA at the Parking lot, An officer happened to pull up, In which we dispersed, the Officer took chase on Pads, We were driving around, hoping to get pads out, when my game crashed, (This is when I switched my recording on upon relogging) - Pads had gone radio silent, which generally means he's been captured, during a pursuit anyway, so I asked the others if we should wait at DOC for him to arrice there, after all he's being charged with Armed Robbery and felony evasion at the least, We set up there, and it isn't long until he arrives with a single officer, we start pursuit, and a chase entails, there was a bit of knocking on either side and eventually I was taken out, and stalled - The officers continued going again, when I had caught up, my lads had got pads on the back of one of their bikes, and a group of officers were setting up on my friends, as you can see in the video back up had been called and officers were appearing from all over the place - As I approached I clearly asked where they were, and was told outside DOC, I see the group, and as they have their backs to me, I decided to drive through them, 1, to put an officer down, 2, as it would cause confusion and buy us more time to escape, 3, because they were also attempting to arrest members of my group and 4 because they were clearly involved. The officers tried saying that the particular officer I hit, had nothing to do with the situation or pads, and "All" she had done was got out the car, If that is the case, why was she rolling with a shotgun in her hands, in an area where officers were responding to a backup call for an attempted breakout? She was involved just as much as the next officer there responding. Further to this, after I was knocked, the officers clearly state "Suspect down" and started asking where pads was... So it's obvious they were involved then and it was obvious they were involved before I hit them... That was the lead up to the situation - I died in this as no medic arrived in time and I wasn't stabilized, I went back to the hospital, but not before Tnewty arrived as officers were saying we "Probably metagamed" and it was non-rp and failrp - Nothing to do with "VDM" and this was due to pads getting out the back of the cruiser. I was shortly TP'd back and Tnewty asked me why, I rammed the group of officers, and said they had nothing to do with the situation, which isn't true, I told him why, and explained we were initiated, He said he didn't agree with what I had done, As per the rules, I havent actually done anything wrong from my end, so I was disputing this, especially as clear as day, before I died these same officers were asking what happened to pads... My friends on their bikes were right in-front of these officers, who had Machine guns and Shotguns, Looks very much like they were responding to a prison breakout attempt to me. I asked as Tnewty said he didn't agree with what I did, That it goes to the forums, as here, I can provide my evidence, and explain exactly why I did, what I did, and that in similar situations, where I have rammed people ONCE - It has been okay, So I felt like nothing was wrong here, He stated I had no valid reason to attack the female officer, In which in RP and my eyes, I had every reason, Tnewty asked if my life was in danger by this officer, as if that is the only reason I'm allowed to ram an officer, who was trying to arrest my friend, which server rules say I can, I then went on to say that We was engaged with the officers at the time, ID 44 at this point quoted the rule "If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally or damage your property" , so I quoted this back again, and Tnewty said that none of this had happened. At this point, as to me it was clear as day what happened, I hadn't broke any rules and Tnewty just told me that none of it had happened, I stated "this was corrupt shit lol" - Semi-joking and trying to make light of the situation, as how could I be told that none of it just happened as I literally watched the whole thing unfold? I then asked if it was an officer I had hit, and Tnewty replied "Nope" - He then concluded the situation and told me to appeal and perma banned me for VDM Offense #2. How can someone say that what I just watched unfold, never actually happened, What I have recorded, Never happened, and then permaban me, He didn't ask for my POV to see what I was saying was true, He didn't really give me any chance to defend myself and in my eyes he had already set his mind on banning me before I arrived, I mean why else would someone say that what happened never actually happened? When it unfolded right in front of my own eyes, the whole thing? I'd also like to add the report was not even on me in the first place ID 44 called an admin for "Hard non-rp", fearRP and "Probably metagaming too" - It just feels to me very much like if people do not "Win" situations they call admins straight away, to punish people, ID 78 apparantly uploaded the video, so I would like to see from his perspective how I wasn't involved in the situation, and that this situation never really happened at all... I'd also like to add that Pads RP'd getting out of the police car, Player 78 (An officer I believe) Even stated this in OOC chat to the other officers in the area, after I was shot again confirming these officers were involved, and at 16:15 into my video Player 23 (An officer) had asked me OOC why my guys were shooting him, which player 78 (An Officer) even stated we were allowed as they were transporting a 10-15... Again - Even Officers were saying we had reason within rules, but yet Pads RP'd his way out and was admin jailed, I ran an officer over and was perma banned.... Officers were sticking up for us, We had done no wrong but ID 44 was adamant we had broken rules, because we had technically done what we set out to do in RP.... I've had time to calm down a little over this now, Hence the second edit, So that it better explains the situation and reasons, and also the reasons why what I think Tnewty did was wrong Evidence of rule breach: Admin Chat: Situation:
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    I am glad that there are many of you that agree the price needs to be lowered. However I still think 25-20k is too expensive. Being shot once or getting tapped with a car and losing something that is worth 20k is just frustrating and makes no sense. I really don’t feel like even at 10k it is a must have or anything along those lines, but atleast it’s something fun to buy and use without being incredibly frustrating.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 130/Carl_Thiston, ID 40/Elina_Gilbert Date of interaction reported: 11/22/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1574446306 Your characters name: Jae Fang Other player(s) involved: N/A Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Cop Baiting - Provoking a reaction from emergency services without a realistic reason. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for crimes or submerging any vehicle in water. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. In a situation where a player gets away from an incident where they're being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. Players should not instigate roleplay situations if they do not have time to play it through. Players who ignore answering roleplay commands directed at them, e.g. /do. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. 10. Powergaming (PG) Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions. Roleplay of unrealistic actions like super strength is another form of powergaming. All statements in /DO must be factually true in the roleplay as it sets grounds for roleplay. Roleplay is required before forceful server commands which may be used without consent from the other party if they are unresponsive and not typing for 30 seconds or more. A player cannot use the faction management script to destroy a faction as it is OOC. Government funded faction members must not abuse the salary system and must go off-duty when they are not performing their faction duties. If you perform an action which will influence potential RP in the future, you must have OOC evidence of performing said RP. OOC evidence should consist of a recording or screenshot and it needs to be timestamped (/time). RP would only be valid for 48 hours or until your character dies and NLR is triggered. The time limit does not apply to rule 7. How did the player break the rule(s)? I'll start by giving some context to the video. Me and two other people stole a medic helicopter (the driver RPly knows how to fly) and had been flying around for a while. Two police buzzards found us, and began chase. As we began to run out of fuel, I decided to jump and deploy my parachute. Upon landing, I started shooting the two Sheriffs attempting to arrest me. After killing one, the other landed the helicopter and called in backup, and proceeded to gun me down. According to /analysewounds, I had 3x gunshot wounds to the spine, and 1x to the neck. I RP'd one bullet having an exit wounds and the other 3 bullets still residing within my body. Realistically, this would warrant a pretty unresponsive person. I never RP as a dying person until I am told I've been granted Death RP. However, in this case, I was not planning on asking for Death RP nor expecting it. The video starts with ID 130, Carl_Thiston, grabbing his BLS kit from his car and placing it on the ground next to me. He does "/me begins to start the treatment process" (0:05), and tells me in /b that he "plans on doing /CPR from that statement" (0:30). I informed him that he's not allowed to do that, and he responded with "I can cpr you and then do that, since you don't have death RP" (1:06). Now from this statement alone, there's a lot of issues being raised: 1) I never asked for Death RP, nor did I expect it. 2) Just because I don't have Death RP, doesn't mean I can't die. If you don't treat my wounds, I'll still have a chance at dying (scriptly and realistically). 3) Correct roleplay/treatment must be used before using forceful commands such as /cpr, /stabilize, and /heal, as noted in the following report and stated in the rulebook: Following that statement, ID 28 says in /b "Death RP denied" (1:22). Again, I still haven't asked for DeathRP nor was I expecting it. I could sense some sort of OOC tension against me. It felt as if they wanted to rush the roleplay so they could get me in a stabilized position and "throw the book at me". ID 130, Carl_Thiston, then proceeds to "grab saline solution and clean my wounds and pack the wounds as quickly as he can" (2:05). He hasn't specified which wounds he's cleaning, as there's one exit wound, and four entrance wounds. One of which is not in the same place as the others. Similarly, he hasn't mentioned what he's packing my wounds with. Is it with the saline solution he just grabbed? That doesn't make much sense from a medical standpoint and sounds like it would only hurt my critical condition. To only prove my point further, he then does "/do would be dousing his whole body in the solution" (2:33). Where did he get all this saline solution to douse my whole body? Why is he dousing my whole body in the solution? Seems pretty unrealistic. Nonetheless, I allow him to do it and continue to RP. After this, he's clearly attempting to rush the RP to do /cpr, so the medic can save me and they can put me into prison (3:30). ID 130 even states himself "I don't have time [to RP your wounds] because you won't let me CPR then do medical RP" (4:09). Again, medical RP is meant to be done prior to the CPR command, as I've already mentioned before, and tried explaining to him. It's not that I wouldn't let him, it's that the server rules specifically state that. I attempted to continue the RP, but ID 130 clearly didn't want to RP properly. Stating he "placed the gauze pads on the wounds on my body" (4:41). At this point, I was struck by the level of RP that PD was giving me. OOC tension had built up on their side, I had no OOC problems with them besides their choice of RP. While trying to decide what to even RP at this point back to him, they were stating in OOC that they wanted to "CPR me to treat the wounds more in depth.". At this point, if he had done the medical treatment properly I could have been /cpr'd and been ready for the medic. He claims I'm trying to stall, but I've been actively and preemptively typing my /me's and /do's correctly. The medic, ID 40 (Elina_Gilbert), appears, and ID 130/Carl_Thiston is no longer involved in the situation (5:17). The medic comes up to me before attempting any RP and does /stabilize (5:24). About 7-8 seconds later (5:32), she uses her hotkey binds to inspect my injuries. I relay through /do what the injuries are, based off /analysewounds and what I've previously RP'd before. ID 40/Elina_Gilbert uses her radio whilst stabilizing me (she's paying attention to her game), but fails to do any additional RP to treat my wounds, nor attempt to treat my wounds ( (( TYPING... )) doesn't appear over her head until after the stabilizing is done). At approximately 6:21 into the video, she begins RPly treating my wounds. More than a minute after the initial /stabilize command. After me asking in /b how the medic stabilizes me without checking my wounds, I decided it wasn't worth the bickering in /b and remained in character for the remainder of the RP. I put in a /report 4 but nobody responded, so I just continued on and RP'd the situation. In the report linked above, an officer was punished for doing /cpr before doing any sort of RP. Similar to my situation, the medic did /stabilize and waited almost 10 seconds to offer any sort of RP, let alone more than a minute to RP any sort of treatment. The reason for this report is not because I lost in this situation; It's because I felt that SD/PD/EMS were all involved in this stolen helicopter for almost two hours and began to get OOCly annoyed. By rushing the RP, they could /cpr me to prevent me from dying, and just put me into prison. It seems they didn't want to RP my wounds at all, which is what should be done and especially by a faction such as PD/EMS who's standard for RP is much higher. Regardless of telling me DeathRP was denied, which I didn't ask for in the first place, I still had the chance to bleed out while they were RPly treating my injuries. Just because DeathRP wasn't granted doesn't allow others to power game medical RP and forceful commands. Had ID 130/Carl_Thiston decided to RPly treat my wounds correctly in the first place, I would've been /cpr'd and prepared for a medic to /stabilize me, and I would've been completely fine with that. Instead, they power gamed my injuries and the medic refused to do any RP relating to them before she stabilized me. If clarification is needed anywhere, I'll be more than happy to do so. I know my writing / logical flow isn't always the best. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/q7ixt
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 51 Date of interaction reported: 23/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 157448037 - 03:45 GMT (Roughly) Your characters name: Ricky COntender Other player(s) involved: ID 51 Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. How did the player break the rule(s)? I'm driving down the highway and ID 51 drives up alongside trying to talk to me, I believe this is NRP as it isn't realistic for someone to talk to another person at high speed on a highway like this. Further to this, he then got in front of me and brake checked me, This I believe again is NRP and FRP, NRP as it isn't realistic for a bike to brake check an armoured money van at high speed, considering the stopping distance req'd for an armoured vehicle, and I also believe this breaks FRP as it clearly shows no fear for his characters life in this situation, I mean what did he think would happen? I stopped and was going to call an ambulance for him, However as soon as I got out, He was on the radio asking for backup on the highway urgently... He shown no signs of visible pain, and didn't seem to care he had just been ran over by a 3 ton truck... Due to him calling for backup, I left the scene. I PM'd him saying I was going to report for NRP as it wasn't realistic, He told me to come back as I'm not allowed to loot victims of VDM... It was not my fault I ran him over, so I did not VDM him, and nor did I loot him, He replied saying I ran him over and blew him up, I did not have much choice in this situation, and I did stop, Had he not been calling for backup, I would have called him an ambulance, and feel it is unfair for him to try and turn it onto me, when it is obvious what he did. Evidence of rule breach:
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    It's incredibly easy to acquire a lightweight vest in the states; those who are making this argument should do a bit of research on how readily available they actually are.
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    +1 to this, In my honest opinion for the amount of protection the armour we can import provides I'd say 20-25k would be the sweet spot. Only high value criminals or those who have the cash to splash would be wearing it. It's not going to turn into every man on the block in a vest. At 25k import it will normally cost any person at least 10% or more added on top to purchase this, taking it close to 30k worth of value, similar to the rough value of an AK as of recent. If you ask me 30k for an AK that can kill 10+ people with the ammo provided in the price is much scarier than a 25k vest that protects a few shots. Personally I don't see the argument with whole "criminals shouldn't have vests". People seem to forget that two of the 3 official gangs are a mafia and a cartel. Who irl would have easy access to acquiring vests, and would pose less of a challenge to find/buy than an AK.
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    Credit to @MrUntouchable215, he was the one who started the idea. Anyone who has used the laptop knows that when ordering, the time for the shipment to come in is displayed in real-world time, not in-game time. For example, if I were to order 20 pistols and it took 60 minutes IRL for them to come in, the laptop would read 60 minutes instead of 4 hours, which is the IC time equivalent to this. Our proposition is that the time reading on the laptop is in IC so there is no issue with mixing IC and OOC time as at this point, it seems unnecessary for the time to be in OOC hours. It would be much easier for the orderers to say "It's coming in 4 hours" without having to convert it or there being any confusion on the radio whether this is IC or OOC time.
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    What would be reasonable is this drops to 30k-35k. I would not go lower than 30 due to how the current wealth levels of most criminals. Kevlar is something of a privilege and isn't just something to be considered lightly. I would be wholey opposed to the fact that Kevlar should be the same quality as government kevlar. (1/2 armour). I think it should stay as it is, 1/4. I think kevlar should be more of a sign of wealth as a criminal and protection for those only who can afford it. The minority not the majority. This would quickly turn into Afghanistan if all criminals had AK's and kevlar vests matching government factions's kevlar.
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    Date and time (provide timezone): Ever since dead bodies have been a thing. Character name: Xoza Shadow Issue/bug you are reporting: The Analyse wounds command not working has really put a hamper on some potential RP and being able to identifiy what happened to a person. Very buggy and rarely works properly. /analysewounds false to get a body, or even /analysewounds 0? could be an option to look at a dead body. However /analysewounds ### doesn't work at all. /analysewounds helps contribute and reinforce medical injuries during situations. Expected behavior: "/analysewounds ##" would identify wounds on an ID, "/analysewounds false" (or blank?) would identify wounds on a dead body. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Surround yourself with multiple individuals at different ranges, one injured individual and one dead body, then "/analysewounds false". Vehicle license plate number*:
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    Introduction: So, many of us already know about working as a shore angler by picking up a rod from a local shop and heading on over to the shoreline and casting it in the ocean in hopes to make some money from a few hours of fishing. It’s a fairly simple job since you just sort of cast in and wait until a fish bites, reel it in, then repeat, excluding having to move a few times here and there and taking the ride over to the fish drop off. Fishing isn’t amazing money, but during my character, Doug Havers’ first couple of weeks on the server, this is what I used to make myself money being that it was almost an AFK kind of job and knowing I would most likely not be bothered due to the plethora of spots I could pick. So, grindy, but doable and somewhat relaxing. We’re seeing less and less civilians taking neutral standing jobs, meaning non-gang and non-government jobs. It seems if you want to be successful in the city, you do one of those two, but taking a neutral job, it’s slow and boring. No one wants to deliver money to ATMs all day. No one wants to deliver packages all day. No one wants to dump garbage. All of these need adjustments. I don’t have an answer for all of them, but I do have some ideas for fishing, at least. Context: The beach is empty. It’s so awkward to roll up on patrol as a lifeguard and see towels, umbrellas, radios, and campfires everywhere, but no people. So it begs to question: how can we make people want to go to the beach more? It has to be something worth their time. Below is a suggestion as an effort to make fishing not only a fun job, but something worth working. If this suggestion gets approved, this won’t only do the previous stated, but it will open up a lot of great RP opportunities, give the Lifeguard Division a reason to patrol, as well as the possibility of a coast guard branch, if it’s something PD would be interested in doing. Alongside that, it will open up boat and Seashark rentals and boat storage. If there’s any clarification needed for any of the sections needed in this segment, please reply below and I will make an edit. Any other questions, post a reply and I’ll do my best to give you an answer. If you support this idea, please reply and let it be known. Idea: I would like to restrict shore angling to the Vespucci Beach area. Being, right now, that you can shore angle wherever there’s water; it really allows people to fish, spread out, with little chance of having any RP interactions. Doing this would confine people into a specific area for fishing, much like hunting. It would also be a little more realistic to the idea of fishing as a job if we require all fishers to obtain a license in order to fish at the beach. This would obviously be a short application process, requiring basic information from the applicant as well as their intention in fishing; what kind of fish they’re looking to catch (ICly). The license could be distributed by the lifeguard division after review and could have the same mechanic applied as it does with receiving a firearms license after approval over at PD. With the above idea applied, I would like to provide “hot zones” in the ocean for higher chance at catching fish. Another player suggested three zones, where, the farther out you go: the higher the chance in receiving fish. To piggyback off of that: In order to get to these fishing “hot zones”, you would obviously need a boat. This begs to question whether or not a boat should be provided by a job location that could be placed on the pier and pickup below the pier OR a boat would need to be obtained by the worker(s). A mix of the two could possible work. If you have a boat, you can just use it to go out there, but if you rent a boat, it charges you a flat price (rough idea). To provide some values to these “hot zones”: Zone 1 would have a 10% increase in catch rate, Zone 2 would have a 20% increase, and Zone 3 would be a 30% increase. Basically, the farther out you are, the more dangerous. Obviously, these numbers are for example. This idea the biggest thing I’m presenting being that it may not be doable within RAGE multiplayer. I’m unaware of the work that would go into that, but a lot these things I’m suggesting are reuse of mechanics that are already available on the server. If a boat rental is introduced, this could also be an opportunity for Seasharks being able to be rented out for a flat price. On top of that, this could open up boat storage, which seems to be missing, but I may be incorrect. This could work just like the garage in center city. You pull your boat up to a "hotspot", /dock, then the boat gets stored for $500. One thing that should be adjusted is breath length. It takes an insignificant amount of time for someone to die of oxygen loss. The meter that is implemented is inaccurate to actual ability of breath holding and sort of robs people of their lives being that you have little to no time to surface when going under water. With any of my previous stated ideas implemented, this will definitely need to be increased. Conclusion: So, this would open up to a more active shoreline. On the government side of things, MD would then have a reason to have a more active lifeguard force and PD would be able to start a coast guard division on their own terms. On the crime side, this could influence ocean piracy. Criminals could use boats to rob unequipped fishers. Generally, people could have something new to do and have a reason to even own a boat besides driving it around the coastline. This could also influence individual charter businesses that would charge citizens a flat rate to take them out on their boat. There’s a lot of possibilities out of all of this. The main questions: Is it doable? Would it work? How long would it take? Would people even want this? This isn’t something where I’m the only one who wants it, I hope. If this sounds like something you’d like to have a part of Eclipse, please reply below and let it be known.
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    Player(s) being reported: YuSoHelpful Date of interaction reported: 15/10/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Ray Broker Other player(s) involved: JayGamble How did the player break the rule(s)? I want to report YuSoHelpful for not looking very closely in to the evidences, because I think he shouldn't jail or ban people if something is connected with his gang ''Zetas'' like for example I had a problem with one of the Zetas member and all turned against me that I was only one punished and the best part I liked that when all this happened there was nearly like 1 min passed and the YuSoHelpful had already explained the situation and he did even had an evidence and everything, like that should be handled in forums with making an report but no he did everything in game. And the best part is when I did make an report of ban appeal or report I didn't even had a chance to answer on something, because those appeals where instantly denied. What I can see that as he is in the Zetas gang he is helping his crew, and making other people punished but his own are always clear and without any punishment. Also I have heard a lot of complaints that the really good Role Player people have been banned or else punished because of Zetas guys lied to the admins which are among with they''re gang and they of course believes to the crew members not some random people who are innocent but sadly I can't prove it but that's what I have heard. So yeah as I told before the admins who are in the gang which had some problems with each other should not decide what to the with the reports or appeals or something like that involved. Now it looks like any report against members of ''Zetas'' are handled by a admin who is actually in ''Zetas'' crew and all of those reports got denied, like really why that is even happening. I really hope that some of the very experienced member takes this report, I really hope, because this needs to be stopped. Evidence of rule breach: here I will post all my reports and appeals against them got denied
  17. 2 points
    Overlooking the goons and teaching them how to chop opposition vehicles
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  19. 2 points
    This is just a weird irrelevant point I don’t see how this is useful to the suggestion at hand. Most “gangs” themselves may be collectively millionaires, but the individuals inside them are not. We still pay for our own stuff. 40k is alot of money for people to splash out ontop of the chance of losing a heavy weapon which was 20k+ alone. The point to it is the same as PD no? Protect us from gsw’s, knives etc. Reducing it for how much it is to 15k is literally nothing especially when one punch and it is already gone when its 1/4 of what PD gets for free. That’s the point of the thread, to either get it reduced in price OR more armour for the price, either way it will still not be used as much as you think cause spending 20k for some armour that can be lost when you take any sort of damage is still too much to be spending for most crims.
  20. 2 points
    I feel like 30k for half a bar (same as a normal police officer) would be perfect Also please let us take off the armor
  21. 2 points
    I would also like to link this report here: As it is very much valid, except I had a full clear understanding of the situation - And as the report states, the only reson why the guy got punished, was because he didn't know the situation in it's entirety, whereas I did
  22. 2 points
    I don't think it was Desync - I saw your video too, It was evident you were trying to slow my vehicle down, as you wanted to talk / rob or whatever... I'm not a douche though, You know it's kinda impossible IRL to hear someone driving down the highway, with a motorbike helmet on, and through armoured glass? Hence why I was ignoring you. And it's not exactly likely a truck like mine is going to be able to stop dead when someone decides to try this... Anyhow, Just acknowledge this, as RP can only get better if we want it to get better - For what it's worth, I didn't loot your body either, I thought about it, but it's a grey area, so I thought to be on the safe side to leave you be... If the staff member dealing with this can drop the report if @Swurvey promises he won't do this again, thanks
  23. 2 points
    Awesome end of the betrayal story ark. One question, did Revelt agree to a PK or did you guys just kill him for the RP? Because if you make the story about executing him and next thing you know hes walking around alive and well doesn't make much sense.
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    Clarification The return of The Wanted founders had raised a conversation. Whether they were out of the city for an extended period of time or locked up for heinous crimes, upon arrival they were met with a feeling of paranoia. Seeing them return to straight conflict rather than experiencing the prime Wanted era had broken Jamaar's heart. Many months ago following the vice war an agreement between the founders of The Wanted and Los Zetas was made to establish neutrality and respect. With that being said, a meeting was called between council and The Wanted to discuss the reasons behind the conflict. With the founders present, the catalyst of this declaration was spoken on before requesting what would conclude the conflict. As expected, the council had put them into a position that couldn't be resolved without essentially killing off the organization that had been on the rise since early January. The Wanted's leadership and founders spoke it over briefly before respectfully declining their request and returning to their convoy of hungry members anticipating further action.
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    Right, it's no lie that at as of now prison RP is perhaps the most boring shit there is to do on the server, with all due respect, other than attempting a breakout or just AFKing there's not much to do. Sure, mining is an option, but is it really worth to constantly run back and forth from the mining area, ore drop-off point, and finally the stamp store inside the prison block for at least 15 minutes just to lower your sentence by a few minutes at max? There's of course always the argument of "People can RP whatever way they want, but they must be willing to start it and try something different", something that we all know is extremely hard to do as there is, at the end of the day, not much enjoyment from typing /me's for a total of 2+ hours. There's a few issues currently with prison as a whole in my opinion, and as someone who's been in it multiple times on my criminal character and have been on the other side as a DOC guard and PD officer for round 9-10 months I think there's alot of room for improvement and potential. Let me start with the obvious, stamps seem to be completely useless, as in there is no reward in trying to grind for more and more stamps as two things can happen, either you crash and fall through the interior which usually ends with you dying and losing all of the stamps you've had on your person, or you trade them in for a minute reduction towards your prison time. I personally believe that if stamps are made to be more important, as in them reducing prison times by more than just a few seconds per 100 stamps, as currently they seem to be a waste of everyone's time. Another change which is related to the stamps, is the ability for DOC members (Or any LEOs if there are no DOC members on-duty) to give inmates a certain amount of stamps IC'ly, they could be rewarded for a plethora of reasons, if there are fears of one being OOC'ly corrupt and just giving his friends as much stamps as he can, time cooldowns or OOC script limitations on some ranks can be applied to ensure all players are treated fairly based on their IC actions alone. This will also have the ability to pathe the way to more RP interactions between inmates and LEOs, allowing DOC to for example, conduct a fitness class if there are multiple people on-duty and in prison, with them rewarding the co-operative inmates with additional stamps and etcetera. If that is not possible, a simple time reduction can also be given out for good behavior and etcetera as suggested in the past. Another idea which I've thought of, is to have a /dropbody area in DOC as well, with the script not allowing people who are serving prison time to leave the vicinity of Bolingbroke and the only medical assistance they receive is in the form of RP, not in the form of script assistance just as /stabilize and whatnot. This can easily be solved with a /dropbody location within DOC's medbay which RPly is fully capable of assisting injured inmates and whatnot, of course that MD is always able to also join the RP to make it more realistic and etcetera. Furthermore, there's the poker table, which personally, I've never seen get used. If I'm not mistaken, you require a minimum of 1500 stamps to join in to play and requires you to pay a minimum of 500 stamps every hand, using the same prices as the poker table in Tequila, and has almost no point as said above, stamps are literally useless and serve no purpose with how inefficient they are script-wise for players, barely able to reduce their prison time by an amount which really matters. I personally believe it can be changed to be free of charge, with the currency needed being one based on time, e.g you receive 500 "Prison chips" every 25 minutes or so, then, you could play without receiving any rewards from winning a hand, just allowing you to help time pass by and not get bored fully. Finally, there's a suggestion which I've brought up in the past, the suggestion being for a script that'll allow something such as an Intake & Release (The term given to the storage room and the entire procedure that one's belongings go through once he is brought into arrest and custody, with their eventual return to their owner upon his release), albeit nothing has happened with it, I thought it's worth mentioning here as it definitely relates to this subject heavily. You can find it here if you wish to further read on it. If you've any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to share them below, thanks in advance for any support.
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    Date and time (provide timezone): 2019-11-22 08:00 (UTC) Character name: Vito McClown Issue/bug you are reporting: they ctrl + x command which should pop-up a cursor and a menu for options to select the most wanted one for bobby pinning does not show up when the command is executed. After clicking the command it only zooms in and zooms out, and nothing else happens. I have tried this many times for the past month and it does not work for me for some reason. F2 cursor does work as shown in the video below, but it does not let me use bobby pin command because it is not what it is intended for therefore either I dont know what causes the issue or I am bugged for some reason. I have tried relogging many times, I have asked staff if there is another way to use the bobby pin command and there is no other way. Expected behavior: cursor should pop-up after ctrl + x command is executed. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
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    This has been fixed, health no longer gets reset on relog
  29. 1 point
    It can also happen when you're using the bank menus, both at the booths but also at the ATM, as well as just entering and leaving your car.
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    Hello! Thanks for making this report. After careful deliberation, and reviewing the evidence, we have decided on the following outcome: Player ID 16 - Natasha_Vasiliev - will receive NonRP#1 for logging out during an active RP scenario and not returning within 15 minutes. Player ID 125 - Anthony_Zografos - will receive NonRP#3 for logging out during an active RP scenario and not returning within 15 minutes. Sincerely @alexalex303 & XposeD Locked & Archived.
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    Hello all. After careful deliberation, we have decided on the following outcome: No players will be punished as a result of this report. The evidence from the reporting side is very lacking, in that it does not show the original engagement up to the point where the reporter crashes, nor does it show the reporter login and the time before the video starts. The fact that the reporter crashed after being injured in a major shootout further complicates the issue. It could be argued that had he not crashed, the party that initially injured him would've executed him on the spot. Since he returned a relatively long amount of time after the shootout had ended and/or moved, he had a huge advantage, and if he was allowed to survive, he could've easily used IC information. Under these circumstances, we do not find it unreasonable for an ally of the person that initially injured him, and part of the same gang that fought in the shootout to execute the witness that just returned from a crash. Sincerely, @alexalex303 & XposeD Locked & Archived
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    If /heal and /cpr are forceful commands, why wouldn't /stabilize be? It's one of the most restrictive commands on the server. It most certainly is a forceful command. You saying it's not just shows ignorance toward this whole situation and part of the reason behind my report. At around the 5 minute mark, I was trying to figure out what to type. I'm sure you've done that before; type something up and delete it since you don't like it. I just decided to not say anything once you executed the stabilize command, and I continued with the RP from there. I'm not stalling nor am I roleplaying injuries to kill myself. I never roleplay anything that can't be fixed until I know if I get Death RP or not, which I clearly did not have. I let you heal me and stabilize me once the correct roleplay was done, did I not? Also, /stabilize is most definitely a forceful command. Similar to /heal, /cpr, /carrybody, etc. Again, not sure why we're arguing whether I have Death RP or not. I never asked for Death RP, nor was I expecting it. I don't instantly ask for DeathRP; I at least attempt some sort of high quality roleplay before I do so. I wasn't granted Death RP. I knew this the whole time I was injured. I was not granted DeathRP. I knew this, and that's not the point I'm making. To your point, /cpr also has an /ame that comes along with it. "Extends the lifetime of <player> by using CPR". You still have to RP treating the wounds and do some sort of roleplay before executing the command though. What makes /stabilize any different? The medic originally flying the helicopter left it turned on. If you turn off the helicopter it's scriptly impossible to turn it on unless you're a medic. My problem barely lies with any of what you've just mentioned above. My problem arises when people get OOCly upset for something I'm doing ICly. -We stole a medic helicopter. -We had a police buzzard with SWAT/SED mysteriously locate us multiple times, as the medic was using /showvehicles even though we removed the GPS and the internal tracker from the helicopter. -We had DOC on lockdown with SWAT posted up since we were in the stolen helicopter. Not saying they did, but it sounds like they metagamed our forum post we made a couple of weeks ago regarding a similar situation. -We were told through the radio that "Lethal force will be used if you don't land", and then proceeded to get shot at by Combat MG's 7,000 feet in the air. I'm not reporting any of these. If I really wanted to, I could have made 3 separate reports regarding this situation. You can see the OOC tension building up from the beginning. They were not very fond that we stole the helicopter, clearly. Perhaps you can understand where I'm coming from. At this point, PD/SWAT, SD/SED, EMS, and DOC were all involved in us stealing the helicopter. We flew in the air for almost two hours. Of course they're going to be OOCly upset. When I get injured, the level of RP I get is "/do would be dousing the man in saline solution" and you /stabilizing me before doing any sort of treatment roleplay. It's quite shocking to me that that's allowed. My point about this was that you didn't even try to RP treating my wounds while I was being /stabilized. All you did was inspect me for injuries, and then poof -- I'm stabilized. It's not realistic nor fun for me, as I don't get a chance to roleplay anything back to you.
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    Thank you again for making this report @Kavity. I would first like to thank everyone who responded with their side of the story and for explaining their actions which can be seen in the provided evidence. After extensively reviewing the provided evidence and taking into account the responses, i have come to a conclusion. Player Bass_Gordon will be receiving a warning for a break of the Powergaming rules. Player Tony_Cortese will be receiving a warning for a break of the Powergaming rules. Player Danny_Kurtis will be receiving a verbal warning for not adhering to the report guidelines. Firstly, i am going to address the reasoning behind the two warnings for Powergaming and what lead myself to this conclusion. In the provided evidence, it can be seen that the reporting party drove up to both of the individuals who were both holding create while on a motorcycle. Holding a create requires both hands, which means that you are unable to attempt any other action without putting the crate down. You are able to RP placing the create on a passenger seat of a vehicle, but in the case of a motorcycle that would not be the case. There would not be enough room on the back of a motorcycle to place the crate and there would be no way to tie it down. Keep in mind for the future, to always RP placing a create on the passenger seat using /mes. If you are ever unsure of a rule, try to avoid it altogether until you can get confirmation. I would like to say that this is not a punishment, just a warning. It will also act as a reminder about the Powergaming rule and to show other staff members, if confronted in the future with a similar situation, that you have been spoken too before. Secondly, i am going to address the reasoning behind the verbal warning for not adhering to the report guidelines and what lead myself to this conclusion. In the provided evidence, it can be seen that the reporting part made contact with both of the players informing them that it is against the rules. After looking through the logs, it can be seen that the reporting party then informed that there would be a report made. The correct way to handle situations like these would be to try and inform the players of the rules pertaining to the situation and the correct way to go about them rather than pushing for a player report. Keep in mind that reporting a player should not be taken lightly and it should only be used as a last resort. Let this serve as a reminder for future reference should you ever be faced with a situation like this again. This report is partially accepted and archived. Kind regards, Emulsify.
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    I deleted the full video, the ones I uploaded are enough evidence, just warn them for now I guess.
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    I think the /me's and /do's are enough, the timers are for actions that are usually not RP'd such as unlocking a vehicle, a house or looting someone -1
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    08.11 "Old Habits Die Hard." Luca went about his normal routine, when he bumped into an old associate at the Bank. Ricardo Mancini, a one-time member of Three C was in town, visiting his sick grandma. She foolishly lend him her vehicle and he managed to rack up an unhealthy amount of speed violations in a short period of time. He questioned Luca about how he could approach resolving this, but Luca was unable to help his old friend from continuing old habits. Ricardo offered to help Luca with the disposal of a clapped out old Journey. Together, they set off in Ricardo's Grandmother's vehicle and the Journey to find the chop-shop. Along the way, Ricardo's erratic driving got the better of him and his Blista collided with two black vehicles on the highway. Luca could do nothing for Ricardo in this case and carried on. He headed to all the usual haunts for where the black market mechanics were operating and happened upon the log cabins up on Chilliad. There, Luca encountered the Rooks for the first time, as they had full control of the area. Luca and "The Black Bird" Brandon Fitz discussed the former's arrival in the city, some light business talk and exchanged pleasantries and names and the like. Luca made his excuses and left the area, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire of the perpetual violence between warring factions in the county. Luca checked some other spots around Blaine County and happened upon the right one. Alone at first, Luca was joined by The Wanted at the chop shop. Business wasn't really on the menu for discussion at this time, the vehicles that had been brought there were scrapped with no issue. Luca hung around and made some idle conversation with some of the members, even asking for a lift back to town. Awkwardly then, out of nowhere, a Wanted member drove Ricardo's Blista to the chop area with no Ricardo insight. Luca pondered the fate of his old friend for a moment, but in times like these, he remembered that it's all about the present and the future. 09.11 "The Old Ball and Chain." Saturday night means one thing in Los Santos, Mirror Park Tavern holding some kind of party. Luca decided he'd attend, to try and build on last week's calamities. He'd had a good week so he treated himself to a new suit, partly to make an impression and partly to try and avoid comparisons with the Soviet Connection, that seemed to continue to irritate him. However, he had neglected to read any of the promotional material. The Tavern was holding a Wild West themed evening and Luca stood out like a well-dressed thumb. Luca paid the admission fee, in full this week and entered, looking to continue to announce The Syndicate's presence in the city. The event however was a little bit of a washout. The Tavern was modestly populated, the music often took a little poetic license with the theme and most heartbreaking of all, the stripper from last week that had caught Luca's eye was not working that night. Luca took his two customary bottles of whiskey and left the Tavern, a little disappointed. Not before greeting Mr. and Mrs. Zeta themselves, Jay and Kelly Gamble (not pictured). At this point, Luca recieved a phone call from both Johnny Thick and "Sanjay". They were back in town and looking to pick up where they'd left off. They all made their way to the parking lot and hoped into John's Baller. The plan was simple, head around to some stores and relieve them of the contents of their registers. The first couple stores went off without a hitch, with even a couple civilians remarking that The Syndicate had gotten there first. There was an opportunity to perhaps help them with their baggage but robbing a convenience store seems to be somewhat time sensitive. They made their way up to Grapeseed, a quiet little farming community and burst into the store. Luca made the decision to have both of his guys assist him in the robbery but it proved to be a mistake. A nosy neighbour had seen the Baller that had visited that area a few times, heard the commotion and informed the Sheriffs Department. Deputy Deys and a trainee arrived on scene and we fled back to the vehicle, but it was too late. Never one for stopping to think, Johnny pulled his weapon on the officer but was promptly dispatched. John and Luca surrendered themselves. The policy for The Syndicate isn't to engage Law Enforcement in combat unless absolutely necessary. The stakes weren't that great, the losses weren't irrecoverable so surrender seemed like the smartest play. The Sheriffs once again for the most part, proved to be rude and disrespectful. It was understandable that tensions may of been a little high as shots were fired but the eager beaver Trainee used foul language and yelling to try and maintain control of the situation. A senior member of the department also offered some choice insults, which were met with a rebuttal by Luca, never one to be outdone. The arresting officer however approached the situation with calmness, class and respect. His partner, an uptight blonde, would not indulge Luca in idle conversation as they made their way to Paleto Bay. Both Durry and Luca found themselves in Paleto, Luca with still his full inventory, perhaps due to the green and overzealous nature of the rookie deputy. Luca got his old cell back and took out a small bottle of whiskey from the Tavern out of his pocket. While John tried to find his spiritual centre, Luca drank the bottle defiantly in the face of the officer that had injured their associate. Johnny Thick would go down for weapons charges, attempted murder of a Government Employee and finally, Armed Robbery. Luca and John got Accessory to Armed Robbery. Following their release, Luca and Sanjay were straight back out onto the street. With holes in their pockets from their brush with the law, money was on their minds. They attempted to score a weapon from the Los Zetas but balked at both the asking price and the hardware on offer. On their way back to the city, to speak with their contact, they encountered a recently injured man, who by his own admission had been relieved of his personal effects. They asked him if he had called a medic, which he had. They asked if the medic was on the way, which it was. They wished him well, but spotting the opportunity, took the man's vehicle, a black Panto and fled the area. All in all, they managed through good fortune to find three unlocked vehicles around Blaine County and took care of them, splitting the profits. Luca and John headed back to the city, wishing to call it a day. Time for one last brush with the law. John was stopped by the same senior Sheriff as earlier and his underling, for speeding. A ticket was issued and the men were sent on their way. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FACTION DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS KEY: THE HIGHER THE NUMBER, THE BETTER THE RELATIONS. RED IS BAD, GREEN IS GOOD. This is respective of our IC encounters so far. THE WANTED [7] - Almost all positive interactions. SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT [3]- Rude and disrespectful. THE ROOKS [5] - Mixed interactions, good and bad. LOS ZETAS [5] - Some very good interactions, some very bad. WEST COAST ASSASSINS [4]- A lack of trust there, but some civility. THE RUSSIANS [4]- No interactions with them so far, but the mistaken identities is getting very annoying. THE TRIADS [6]- Almost all positive interactions, respectful but elusive. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT [5] - Not really any interactions with them, aside from some light questioning. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    Wouldn't mind this being added to the eclipse discord, helps people inform others when a genuine crash occurs. We've been using it in our Gangs discord for about 5 months, and have had 0 complaints about it.
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    Archived due to inactivity of over a month. Contact Faction Management if you wish to unarchive this thread.
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    Kage Enfer Marcus Jenkins. This man came into Los Santos without knowing what to expect. Him, and his sister, Beth Fye arrived at close to the same time. Marcus did not know about his sister's presence in LS. In fact, he was feeling rather lost and alone for the first few weeks, wondering if moving into this city was a mistake. That's when it happened. Marcus was approached by a mysterious man who referred to himself as The Prophet. This man had 10 men by his side, and requested that Marcus joined his cause. The Blood Brotherhood. Marcus did not hesitate to get rid of the loneliness, and feelings of despair with a new cause and family. In fact, he jumped at the opportunity. The Blood Brotherhood was a cult, secret and organized. They vowed to do no harm to those who did not deserve harm upon them, and to stand by one another no matter what. To this day Marcus stands by that vow. A few weeks into his recruitment, Marcus was invited to meet a new prospect. Beth Fye. To his surprise, it was his sister! They quickly rebuilt their bond that was lost due to their long history, and were inseparable. Beth and Marcus quickly climbed the ranks of The Blood Brotherhood with their immense dedication. Marcus' feelings of regret were gone, and he could not have been happier about being in this city with his own blood. However, this did not last much longer. Beth had received word that their brother, Elijah, was on his way to LS after hearing of the two. Marcus, filled with rage decided to leave the city, as he has held a horrible grudge over his brother over something he had done in the past that Marcus refused to let go. After months, Marcus finally decided to return to Los Santos, whether his brother was there or not. But to his surprise, a lot had changed. The Blood Brotherhood's flame of hope in the city was close to being extinguished. Beth had left them, legally changing her name to Kiara. Marcus was baffled by how things had turned out while he was away, and unfortunately it was too late for him to return to his old ties. He felt, once again, lost, lonely, and abandoned. Kiara had decided to join Los Zetas, Los Santos' most notorious, and heavily armed street gang. They were mighty and vicious, and treated any threat with no mercy. Kiara did not wish to sever ties with him. In fact she desired nothing more than to be just his sister, she offered him a place with her in Los Zetas, telling him that he would be able to join in the ranks if he dedicated himself. However, that is not what Marcus desired. He had heard word of a peculiar group in Los Santos. A street racing crew, that went by the name of The Wanted. To his surprise, Kiara had spent some time within their ranks, even if not for long. She decided to respect his wishes. The look in Marcus' eyes when speaking of what he has heard of The Wanted was like nothing she had ever seen before, he was truly excited, and mesmerised by these rumours and stories. Seeing that this is what would make her brother truly happy, Kiara made a few phone calls, and was finally able to get Marcus into contact with a reputable Wanted member. Clutch. Kiara trusted clutch with her life, and she had no doubt that he felt the same. Under her recommendation, and some testing, Clutch did not hesitate to welcome Marcus to the family, and oh what a family it was. Moved by this opportunity to start over, Marcus decided that a new name would be appropriate. To erase his past ties and memories, starting anew with a new family. Marcus Jenkins was now Kage! Kage was welcomed with open arms into The Wanted, as a Buster. He felt something he had not felt in a long time. That warm, cozy feeling of being surrounded by people who truly cared about him. People who would go through hell to help him, and he felt the same towards every single one of them. Kage and his sister were far from what they were when they came into the city. Kage was met by racing, encouragement, improvement, and a family. This was the beginning of his adventures in Los Santos. Unexpectedly, Kiara decided that the Jenkins name was no longer a fit for her life in Los Santos, while Kage still clinged to it as he was taught to. Kiara Jenkins became Kiara Western. She was adopted by a man within Los Zetas that meant a great deal to her. Her relationship with Kage slowly faded, but never disappeared. Kiara soon after, suffered great losses, which resulted in her, like Kage, requiring a new beginning. The woman who was once Beth Fye, was now Abigail Blackwood. Respected within Los Santos by many, and feared by even more. Kage decided that after a few months, the Jenkins name did not mean what it used to. He was saddened by this undeniable fact. Again, he required a new name to engrave his legacy onto. This is how Abigail Blackwood and Kage Enfer came to be. And to this day, a very long time later, Kage was still within The Wanted, in his prime, surrounded by his loved ones.
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    The wars between the council, Seaweed and Los Calaveras had been wrapped up. As predicted from the neutral parties, the council had reigned superior leaving those on the opposing side lost and ridden with shell shock. One of those lost individuals who had parted from Seaweed for various reasons was a man named Nico Sainz, a kid who appeared to have infinite potential in the beginning. He was vouched for, tested thoroughly and brought into the family with open arms after proving himself. While he had very similar interests and got along with the crew, little did he know that The Wanted had soon learned about something that would change their perception of him indefinitely. The Wanted had met with Seaweed OG's and a couple of council members who all came forward with information regarding something Nico couldn't hide forever... his past. While The Wanted had been told by Nico that he left on good terms that was far from reality. He had backstabbed those he called his brothers and worked as an informant for self gain. The Wanted were left furious, looking back at the good times with Seaweed before their downfall that Nico had most definitely contributed to. He had to go. Nico had been growing on Jamaar, making the deed far more difficult than any other brutal act he had to go through with to protect his people. The time had come and everyone was in position. Jamaar lined everyone up, pointing his SMG to Nico's back and ordering him onto his knees before ripping the mask off of his face...
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