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    Flint Capone comes back to Los Santos after the war with Vice Lords has ended and decided to address some things while the fire is still hot and have fun while doing so. The production on this track isn't the best but he decided to practice a bit by composing something he found relevant. He found speaking his mind was more important than worrying about obtaining high level production in such a short amount of time.
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    Always nice to see you guys around, great RP. Keep it up!
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    As the Triads expand by the day more men are needed to provide leadership to the new recruits. Two men had proven to be a necessity to the organisation. They were rewarded with the respect that they deserve by receiving a promotion. Meet the first of the new Red Poles: Brian Walky Meet the second of the new Red Poles: Pete Wright
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    Account name: PoloE Character name(s): King Oni Admin who issued punishment: Boxxy Date of punishment: 03/06/2019 Punishment received: Perma Reason given for punishment: Non RP #3,Fearrp #4 Your explanation of what happened: CJ came up to my shouted to me "get off the bike" or some like that close range and I sped off. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Didn't realize that fear rp was changed that much from the old rules. So I wasn't aware that I was in violation of fear rp. As a person with expertise on the server I honestly didn't think I was in breach of the rules at the time. Looking back at the new rules I realize I was. I believe these logs should be removed as the new rules were newly implemented. Just before then you were able to drive off on your bike no matter what. Not many realized the minor change to the fear rp rule. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/15287-id-130-13-fear-rp/
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    I believe we should have some sort of script support to Legal and maybe illegal factions for an inventory point where we could handle contraband ect, it would be nice if we could label what we put for certain different roleplay such as at the Department of Corrections we collect a lot of contraband so it would be nice to have a contraband inventory section and also we provide the food to the inmates ourselves so it would be nice to have access to that through the kitchen, so on and so forth. I'm using DOC as an example because it's the faction i'm in but other factions could benefit from it. This makes it look more professional than just having bags lying around!
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    Due to certain circumstances involving several different aspects of the server, it is no longer motivating to play. My issues aren't special, so I'll spare you. This video was put together as a montage of all my great times on EC:RP. Thank you to all of you that made my experience special. In the short few months I have been active on EC:RP, you guys have shown me a great time. Special thanks to everyone I have ERP'd with. Goodbye's are never forever on game servers... I'll be back. I just doubt I'll ever have the motivation to lead a faction/gang again. See you soon.
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    Hey and thank you for appealing, We released the new rulebook on Friday I believe it was and made them go effect on Monday. This gave you the entire weekend to read over the rules and familiarise with them. Saying that you didn't know that this was changed is flawed, as you had plenty of time since the new rulebook went into effect to learn them. As such, I believe that fear rp is broken and that the punishment should stay in place. You were expected to know the new rules. Pending senior administrator or above. EDIT: I also mistyped the punishment when I issued it, he has 2 prior non RP offences and 3 prior fear RP offences. I should have put in offence #6, instead of #3. I'm sure he has more offences that now fall under non-RP, but seeing as I no longer have access to the logs I can't verify this for you.
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    Hey! I've spoken to Nobody and you were caught in a series of bans that was issued yesterday, but your ban wasn't meant to happen. I apologize for any inconvenience caused during this period. You've been unbanned and invited back to the discord, and given your old roles back. Welcome back Grape. - Osborn.
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    Account name:UBUB / Grape#1000 Character name(s):Grape#1000 Admin who issued punishment:NBDY (as far as i'm aware) Date of punishment:06/MAR/2019 Punishment received: Discord Ban Reason given for punishment:I'm not sure exactly, however per Ballin's words I believe it was due to fuelling drama Your explanation of what happened:I had no intention of fuelling any drama. I believe the ban is due to the post I made in #fashion stating how thankful I was for everything MD has done for me in the past, this may have been taken the wrong way but I had no negative intentions, it was merely to say thanks Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didn't have any bad intentions when creating the post and if you interpreted it in a different way, i'm sorry. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
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    Following Dings latest trip back to Shandong China some promising agreements were made. A month down the line the first delivery arrived in the city of Los Santos. The Triads received news that their delivery was on its way and headed down to the collection point. Once at the collection area the men helped unload the crates from the jet and cracked them open to inspect the contents. Upon opening the crates the men were relieved. The arms dealer Pong Xing from Shandong had kept up his end of the deal. Now that the men had their hands on the weapons, it was time to check them out and ensure that they are the real deal. After some inspection of the guns and a little fun, the men loaded the crates up into their vehicles and prepared to leave. Before leaving the area, the Triads kept up their end of the deal. They loaded up the crates up with games consoles and video games that will be exported back to Shandong China as payment for the weapons. Once all of the crates were loaded into the vehicles the men headed out. On their way out the Triads made sure that no one would know they had ever been here. The security guard is now on their payroll and will receive a generous sum of cash each time they require access to the delivery location.
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    Proud to be a part of this family. Amen
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    Only your desktop picture
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    I feel like there could be either a script or a combination script where you could add a note to a bag so you can label it. It would make it a lot easier to organize house stahses if the bags say "smg's" or "ammo" instead of trying to remember which bag has exactly what stuff in it.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID30, ID88, ID79 Date of interaction reported: 6-3-2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: https://gyazo.com/a30b7410fdb9a8aecba5d8fa9f886698 Your characters name: Johnny Rodriguez Other player(s) involved: Nobody exept the people that are being reported. Specific rule(s) broken: " 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. " How did the player break the rule(s)? First i got the notification that my car was being stolen, it was in bayview and all the gates where closed as you can see in the video, so i went there with the expection of them NonRPing my vehicle out of the lot, like it has happend many times, so i began recording when i was driving to bayview and i saw them destroying the fence with the sandking while another player went in the office to fix the fence and they try it again until the fence is like a ramp so they can ramp the vehicle over the wall, thats considerd nonRP/PoorRP since this can not happen at all in real life, in real life the fence would bend/break. Evidence of rule breach: Input evidence linked or embedded here.
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    I love the new update and I think the radios shouldn’t be bought for people who are in the government factions like mechanics - PD - MD due to them needing to relay information and radio codes ect.
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    As the player had enough time given to respond, and was notified to his account, I will give them a Deathmatching punishment. Report accepted.
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    Hello @Femo, thank you for appealing. I've corrected your Non-RP offenses in your admin logs since your second offense was voided by Ballin. You are now on your third offense instead of fourth. - Osborn.
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    Account name:Spookie / Spook#8565 Character name(s): Spook#8565 Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment:22/MAR/2019 Punishment received:Discord ban Reason given for punishment:I don't really know why I got banned to be honest. Your explanation of what happened: After I resigned, I went out for about an hour and 20 minutes. When I got back, I noticed that I was banned from discord. I've always stayed friendly towards everyone and I resigned as peacefully as possible. The ECRP discord is where I spend most of my time just reading or chatting with the other members. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel like I didn't do anything wrong and I would at least want an explanation why I got banned from discord. I am sorry if I did something wrong and I think I deserve to be let back in. Thank you. Post any evidence or further details:
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    Good RP good people will miss you both 💌 wait I commented without watching the video fuck you doing with my daughter
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    Sometimes you have to take time and shoot the shit with your allies, have a few drink catch a few fish. but when that rod starts to pull you need to let go..
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    Spacebound#7079 (my discord) Jason#4855 (his discord) the doc is signing out
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    Dingus has been removed from Moderator. NateX has been removed from Moderator. Boxxy has been removed from Moderator. Denni has resigned from Support. isHazel has been removed from Senior Support. Spook has been removed from Support. Shiroq has resigned from Support. Micr0ni has resigned from Support.
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    Proud to be a part of this organization , honored to be in the leadership.
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    Honored and proud to be a part of this revolutionary organization!
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    We are coming! 💀
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    Whilst hanging around at the bank the head of the Marcello's approached the Triads and asked for some assistance. We were to help watch over and smooth out a potentially rough meeting between two MC's. The bank was a little bit open to hearing so we decided it was best to take this to a more private location. Whilst the meeting was going on the Triads and Marcello's watched over the men awaiting to split up any fighting. Men from each organisation was positioned to ensure that no eavesdropping occurred from the local street.
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    One of the Triads ended up requiring some urgent medical attention. The men waited outside the hospital hoping for some good news before setting of on their way to take control of the chop shop. The men split up into groups. One group to go out and retrieve cars and the other to operate the shop when the cars are delivered to them. Whilst operating the chop shop, one of the men began creating a spreadsheet on his phone to keep track of the each vehicles worth, this will be handy in the future.
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    A member from the Triads managed to get a hold of a notorious car and took it for a joy ride. After having his fun with the car the man called it in and it was time for business. Two of the Triads who are highly trained in the arts of Tai Chi went to work on the car. Surprisingly the two men would make great panel beaters. Once the make shift mechanics were done working on the car, we notified the owner that it was ready for collection from the local Chinese dealership.
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    The Triads meet up with their good friends and strong allies The Marcello Family ahead of being introduced to the new MC in town After a quick but decisive meeting everyone headed down to the meeting point. Together the Triads, Marcello's and SCUM MC all got to formally introduce some of their members to each other. Another strong alliance was made on this day.
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    The organisation need a quick influx of capital to invest in some new areas of operation. It was time to hold up general stores. Getaway vehicles for the men were arranged and sat waiting. Whilst inside the shop the men made sure to shoot out the CCTV and hide their identities in case anyone was caught. However, after 15 successful robberies the police are still to even track down the wanted men.
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    Sven Gunnar: The End A former Enforcer in Los Zetas, Sven Gunnar would eventually meet his fate to those he was closest to for most of his time in the Los Santos. He would be the first real casualty to this war between Vicelords & Los Zetas. Surrounded by his former gang, he would stand face to face with his father Thraxamillian Reeves likely knowing he would be facing his imminent demise after a string of unfortunate events between the two. Even in his last moments, Sven was as bold as always, refusing to get on his knees to accept his fate. Thrax would eventually grow impatient and put a pistol bullet in his leg, forcing him to the ground. With a final farewell, Thrax would prep his shotgun, and quickly remove Sven from this earth without hesitation. Thraxamillian would cover the body of his deceased son, loading it into a truck and driving it close by to a local trap house in Sandy Shores, burying his remains in the yard of the trailer, witnessed by other members of Los Zetas. There would be a feeling of sorrow for the once former Zeta R.I.P Sven Gunnar
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    In the 00:02 of the video when the truck was getting away Johnathan told him to pull over but right now when i saw the video i see that he didnt hear + and also we didnt know that his windows are up until 00:27 in the video .
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    the pic is cropped because Im unable to find the original and all the folders on my desktop look ugly
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