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    Sven Gunnar: The End A former Enforcer in Los Zetas, Sven Gunnar would eventually meet his fate to those he was closest to for most of his time in the Los Santos. He would be the first real casualty to this war between Vicelords & Los Zetas. Surrounded by his former gang, he would stand face to face with his father Thraxamillian Reeves likely knowing he would be facing his imminent demise after a string of unfortunate events between the two. Even in his last moments, Sven was as bold as always, refusing to get on his knees to accept his fate. Thrax would eventually grow impatient and put a pistol bullet in his leg, forcing him to the ground. With a final farewell, Thrax would prep his shotgun, and quickly remove Sven from this earth without hesitation. Thraxamillian would cover the body of his deceased son, loading it into a truck and driving it close by to a local trap house in Sandy Shores, burying his remains in the yard of the trailer, witnessed by other members of Los Zetas. There would be a feeling of sorrow for the once former Zeta R.I.P Sven Gunnar
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    The Triads took an opportunity to make some quick cash. Together the men took control of yet another drugs lab and brought along some necessary firepower to defend themselves. One of the men scaled the mountain to get a good lookout point. From this position the man watched over the lab with binoculars and a radio, he was able to inform the men on the ground of any incoming threats.
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    We've started this faction four months ago, and in a relatively short amount of time, compared to the older factions, received the honor of being representatives of the server by being named official. It's no secret that I have been less active recently, and that's because I've been slowly losing interest in illegal roleplay, but felt a duty to maintain it, because I started it, and so did @MarlboroRed, but today we decided to end it because illegal roleplay simply is not fun anymore, to us. There are some shout-outs that I'd like to give to some members that even though joined late, stayed loyal even when they were tested, specifically @Juvante Mathews and @King Polo. Last but not least, to the staff team that gave us the opportunity to be official; And a big shout-out to our latest admin liaisons @ElisabethC, @Archaeah and @Toby Vintage.
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    One day Officer Stevenson decided to go on a quick patrol thinking nothing more than a casual day.... He passed by a store and seen a horrible image of 2 guns being pointed at the cashier. He made a backup call but the robbers noticed him and he needed to react quickly to the shots heading his way... He shot the driver onto the ground. And after that he fell in coma after getting 2 lower spine shots..... Medic helped him inside the ambulance quickly trying to save his life... Both of the bullets in the lower spine went clean thru. At least thats what the medics said. When he got to MD . He was awoken in a wheelchair. Unable to move anything below his waist. He tried to continue working in LSPD. But was not capable of doing what needed to be done. He got medical suspension untill he recovered. After the words Lieutenant told him he fallen into a huge depression . Drinking and not caring at all After few weeks he started feeling pain right where he was shot at. He went to md where a medic tried to see whats wrong with the healed wound. He was not capable from seeing it with his bare eyes. So he ushered Stevenson inside the MD. He helped Mr Stevenson onto the table doing a scan over his GSW's. What the scan he found out fragment of the bullet was still near his spinal nerve system and that was the reason why he was disabled. Mr Stevenson scared for his life with no family. He wanted to speak one last time over his radio to his colleagues With patience he tried to save Mr Stevenson. He attempted to do one of the hardest surgery's in his life. attempting to remove the bullet fragment that was left in there But his failed such a hard task and Mr Stevenson took his last breath on that table. Dying to internal wounds.
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    Post will be archived upon request. Best of luck in your future endeavours, guys.
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    I don't think half baked systems should be implemented like this. At the end you can't have everything you have IRL. IRL you have work schedules, you get planned in. Here, you can't do that. I see why this server want things compared to IRL thins, but IRL we do things that is the best for people and what works. Due that this is still a game and where people still play in their own time, I don't see this working. I didn't see the salary just as pure money. I also saw it as something you get for your RP. It is not the first time things about salary/base income gets implemented without anyone else having an idea. All of a sudden there is a whole new salary system. While of other changes, poles get created. This also doesn't help bringing the criminal rate down. Last night I just went on my crime alt after a good while because there was no point working anymore. I have heared "Iron it out" so much, but when it is about money, what affects the server a lot, I believe it should be more thought out or discussed with the people that will be affected before implemented. But that is just how I see it.
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    Date and time (provide timezone): 2019-03-02 10pm Character name: Andrey Vortukov Issue/bug you are reporting: As you can see in video, you can put two bags in one bag which will incese one bag volume to 36. Then 36vol bag put in clear bag and that bag will hold four bags but weights only 32vol. So. You can stack fourbags in bags and consume less space and less vol. Works only with empty ones. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/video/5c79b35621d45d30d2/alio
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    The Los Santos Triads are a criminal based organisation looking to make their mark on Los Santos. After the founding members "The Wong Family" moved from Shandong, China to Los Santos for a fresh start, they couldn't escape their past life of ex Triad members. They have now chosen to form their own Organisation that will stand out across all of Los Santos, aiming for growth and success. The Wong family had been involved with the Triads since their Eldest brother Ding Wong joined their ranks. Ding and his family climbed high within the Shandong Triads earning them the group title of the Shandong Dragons. However, the family left Shandong following the Triads falling apart. Together the family moved to the city of Los Santos for a fresh start. After the migration to Los Santos the Wong’s needed to find their way and make a living. Some members went off into government positions staying away from the criminal life, however the eldest brother Ding had different plans for his family. All the family have been previously involved with Triads. This provides the knowledge & experience of how the Organisation works and what is required to succeed. This provided the Wong’s with an opportunity to make their mark on Los Santos and make a living through criminal activities throughout Los Santos. During their short time in Los Santos the Wong family had made friends with one of the known Mafia Families in the city. The Wong’s ended up working under their organisation, however, the Mafioso life style was not suited to the Wong family's style of operation. Due to this the Wong’s decided to part ways with the Mafia, then moving forward to form the Los Santos Triads. The ideology is of the Los Santos Triads is to take their rightful part in the criminal activity that already occurs throughout Los Santos. The Los Santos Triads set out to be a known and respected criminal organisation who are looking to build up relations with other gangs throughout the city. However, Los Santos Triads do not take disrespect lightly, anyone who disrespects the culture of their organisation will be dealt with appropriately. Currently the Los Santos Triads aim to spread out across all areas of active crime ranging from Narcos, Chopping Vehicles, Robbery, Extortion and Kidnapping. Currently the Los Santos Triads are operating out of the Wong Family house and are attempting to grow their organisation by the day in both numbers and influence. Los Santos Triads aims to form good relations with other gangs and organisations around Los Santos assisting in the robustness of their operation. Recruitment for new members is currently on going as LST aim to create a powerful organisation with the manpower to back up its claims. This will assist gain a solid place in the criminal market, allowing for better relations and agreements to be made with other organisations. As Los Santos Triads is a newly formed operation there are many key goals that they aim to meet in the short term. Obtain a new Organisation Headquarters. Setup business agreements and relations with other gangs and organisations. Generate a steady income to back the development of the Organisation. Expand our organisations reach and its influence. Make our mark on the city of Los Santos. As for long term goals of Los Santos Triads: Invest in legal operations to be used as a veil to cover for our criminal activities. Have an area of control in the City of Los Santos. Gain an Organisation Warehouse. With the completion of these goals the Los Santos Triads will continue striving to improve and set new goals, creating new opportunities for each members of the organisation. All members of the Los Santos Triads will be tattooed, wear Chinese uniforms and Masks. Each different rank will be distinguishable by what they are wearing. Below are the founding members of the Los Santos Triads, the Wong's. The vehicles members of the Los Santos Triads will drive are coloured Black with a Dark Red pearlescent paint through it. Members of the Los Santos Triads are not restricted to the use of specific vehicle models and types so long as they follow the Tradition of the paint on their vehicles. Dragons Head The highest rank. This member assumes all control answering second to none. Dragon The second in command. This member runs the organisation when the Dragons Head is not present. Vanguard The second of the higher echelon ranks. This member handles all the criminal operations and manages the operations of the Mountain Masters. Incense Master One of the two higher echelon ranks. This member handles the recruitment and initiation of new members whilst also handles the promotion ceremonies. Mountain Master This rank is the commanders of the Red Poles and assist in higher up decisions across the entire organisation Red Pole The Red Poles handle the on-ground operations and initial recruitment, reporting to the Vanguard. Each Red Pole will manage groups of soldiers and initiates. Straw Sandal The Straw Sandals are the Triads Liason Officers. They operate on the same level as a Red Pole. Their key focus is to assist in forming and maintaining relations between organisations. White Paper Fan The White Paper Fans handle any administration tasks required in the organisation. These members will operate in our legal fronts. 49ers These are the members who have earned their place in the organisation, forming the infantry of the Los Santos Triads. They carry out the orders of the Red Poles, reporting to them and assisting Initiates. Blue Lantern These are the newest members to join. These members must prove their worth to the organisation to earn their place. IC Rules Follow all the rules set out by Los Santos Triads and its members. Respect the chain of command within the organisation. Any internals problems will be resolved peacefully and reported to your higher up. All members must always wear their uniform and have respective vehicle colours. No information from within the organisation is to be leaked to outside members. All members must pay their cut to the organisation. OOC Rules Follow all ECRP Server rules. Failure to comply will lead to removal from the organisation. Activity is required. Inactive members will be removed unless they notify a higher up. Always maintain a high standard of Roleplay. All members must be at least 18 Years of age. Act like an adult and treat all members with respect. Have a minimum of 5K Experience on at least one character. All staff punishments must be explained to the organisation. Los Santos Triads are always looking for new members to join their ranks to assist in achieving their goals. All though Los Santos Triads is a Chinese based organisation anyone worthy of joining will be accepted no matter their race or past. Anyone looking to join the Los Santos Triads should lookout for Chinese masks or Dark Red/Black Vehicles. You can approach any of these members and they will arrange a sit down to test your worth to the organisation. ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 5K XP ON AT LEAST ONE CHARACTER. Each applicant must pass the initiation test before becoming a member of Los Santos Triads. This post is entirely OOC Information and cannot be referenced IC.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 59 & 71 Date of interaction reported: 28/02/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1551391172 Your characters name: Brian_Walky Other player(s) involved: Pete_Wright @Pistol Pete Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) ● Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. ● Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. ● A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. ● A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. ● You must give demands via text if used as a reason to attack as VOIP isn’t always heard. ● Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. ● Kill on Sight (KoS) is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay. The person who has KoS rights must have evidence prior to committing the kill. ● Killing a player without warning or roleplay is allowed only within 24 hours of: • Your life being threatened not including law enforcement aiming weaponry. • The life of your friend or ally is presently being threatened or if you have witnessed it happen. • A player attempting to steal your assets worth greater than $75,000 not including vehicles. How did the player break the rule(s)? Me and Pete stole a car and were at the chop shop. ID 59 & 71 showed up at the chop shop and started shooting us and at the car without any demands (voice or text) Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/r433y
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    Date and time (provide timezone): 01/MAR/2019 5PM UTC Character name: Robert Reynolds Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot use shortcuts when MDC is hidden (ctrl+b, ctrl+e, Q) Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: N/A Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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    Date and time (provide timezone): 01/MAR/2019 5PM UTC Character name: Robert Reynolds Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot use VOIP when MDC is hidden Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: N/A Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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    Date and time (provide timezone): 01/MAR/2019 5PM UTC Character name: Robert Reynolds Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot use shortcuts when Mini MDC is open (ctrl+b, ctrl+e, Q) Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: N/A Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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    Date and time (provide timezone): 01/MAR/2019 5PM UTC Character name: Robert Reynolds Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot use VOIP when Mini MDC is open Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: N/A Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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    ((Do not MG any information about Elena Pierce given in this thread. And real picture taken from Goggle.)) ((I hope you guys enjoy this song while reading story. Rip Chester.)) PERSONAL INFORMATION FIRST NAME: Elena LAST NAME: Pierce SEX: Female AGE: 24 ETHNICITY: Iranian PLACE OF BIRTH: Rasht,Guilan,Iran. CURRENT RESIDENCE: None HEIGHT: 5'5 WEIGHT 160 lbs HAIR COLOR: Blond EYE COLOR: Amber Relationships; Parents: Claudia Pierce(Mother), Joseph Pierce (Father). Siblings: Cloudy Pierce (Brother). Children: None. Marital status: Single. Miscellaneous Known Languages: English, Persian Favorite Color: Green Favorite Sport: Swimming Handedness: Right EDUCATION: Rasht High School. GPA: 2.33 Bachelors Degree in Criminal Law and Forensics, NY national college of Law. GPA: 3.89 Likes and Dislikes Likes: Hanging out with friends, Energy Drinks, Extreme Sports & Rock. Dislikes: Drama, Racism, Overconfidence, People who are too strict, Liars, Cheaters & Murderers Elena Pierce was born in 1996, raised in Guilan, a city in north Iran. Elena comes from a moderate-wealth background, raised by both of her parents until the age of eighteen, where she met her departure to Ireland, stationed for three years in the Iran military. Elena's parents have always been supportive of her when it comes to making decisions, but never when it came to putting her life on the line. She has always been determined to pursue the Law Enforcement dream, but was encouraged to strive for a degree in Law, by her parents. She has completed the majority of her studies in a Catholic school based in Guilan. The bond between her and her parents began to soften as she was stationed in Ireland, her situation began to go downhill. Her brother, Cloudy, was there for consulting and advice. After three years, she was left with nothing, where the American dream had only hit her. WELCOME TO LOS SANTOS Elena no longer held any connections with her parents, she flew down to Los Santos for bigger career opportunities, and a place to start her new life. Little did she know, things were far more different than her hometown. Upon arrival, she settled in Downtown Los Santos, making preparations to embark on a new American journey. Elena studied Criminal Justice in the University of Los Santos, and was able to achieve excellent grades. She had no issues with the English language, as she held a bilingual atmosphere in her hometown. She was far too ambitious to strive for a career opportunity within the Law Enforcement agencies, where she found herself most fit in the Los Santos Police Department. She had sent in her application, where she went through several courses and completed her academies, where the journey had then began. After several weeks of hard work and determination, Elena managed to pass her Field Patrol Course. The Law Enforcement was Elena's foundation, she was prepared to throw her life on the line, and do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the people, and enforce the law accordingly. She was already familiar with the State's penal code and regulations, and took it very seriously. The Law Enforcement built itself a foundation around Elena, it's all she was left with. She was prepared to take a bullet, and take her own life to save one another. She had only committed a huge sacrifice, and devoted her life to the department. She pursued the Traffic Enforcement Unit, as she took the traffic laws and regulations very seriously. Driving was a daily routine in her life. She believed that enforcing traffic laws on the citizens should be taken very seriously, as vehicular accidents are a common death factor, and her position could potentially save lives out on the road. On the other hand, she was also determined to pursue the SWAT unit to join, she grew up along with a German Shepherd, and adapted very quickly along with her best friend, Marshal Rias. Making significant progress in the future. But one day something happened and her career end up by kicked from Police Department and her friend resign from Los Santos Police Department. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE Elena has not very stable ever since got kicked from Police Department also her brother passed away , and has been dragging herself away from everyone around her. Considering close friend Kent Silver and Marshall Rias was the only people left, she felt rather empty. She was seeking an end to her life, and follow Brother's path. It had only hit her that consuming cyanide pills was a sensible idea. However, Kent found out Elena was on the brink of taking pills and committing suicide. Elena had a mental breakdown, and decided to part away from Kent for a while. She decided she needed a break, which caused a lot of stress and pressure for Kent, as a result. She currently sleeps in an old house located in East Los Santos, having the temporary space she demanded from her friends. after while she decided to left town till next recruitment application get open then she could apply again and prove them wrong. ((More stories will be add by the time))
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    Sorry to bring up this topic again, but I feel the need to address the elephant in the room. The new Faction salary system that has been implemented is a little lack luster when it comes to both being paid and how its all calculated. The whole reason for moving this new system was for improved rp and realism. However, with the benefits this brings it also leaves players feeling unrewarded in the short term between paydays. I've been a mechanic at LSC for around 2 months now so I have a fair understanding of how things work with the salary & labour. The main issue I've noticed people complaining about is the loss of our personal labour. The solution: keep the new salary system implemented and pay the base salary that a member accumulates on a specific week day. Whilst on top of this bring back the labour fees and other personal bonuses to reward employees in the short term between paychecks. The labour going straight into your active salary could be implemented the same way that a postman delivery reward goes into the salary. Just to provide a little influx of cash throughout the week. Again I do appreciate that the system is new. I'm just trying to provide ways in which it can be improved.
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    Hello, I believe we should look into a better system, the new system prevents anyone from making money. It requires owners to pay employees but keep in mind this is a game. They can't spend hours upon hours in game paying people. I like the idea of reducing salary due to camping but we need to figure out a different system.
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    Edit - This faction could be a division of the new government faction Federal Aviation Administration The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of San Andreas is a national authority with powers to regulate, investigate and enforce all aspects of civil aviation. Major Functions Issuing, suspending, or revoking pilot licences All persons flying in San Andreas must be the holder of an FAA approved pilots licence or be under instruction of a pilot who holds an instructor rating on their pilots licence. A person can obtain a pilots licence by completing flight training (either through a private flying school or directly through the FAA) and then completing a pilots exam and practical flying test with an FAA examiner. If a person passes their pilots exam and practical flying test they will be issued with a pilots licence. Regulate, monitor and manage air space The FAA is the sole regulator of civil aviation within San Andreas and is responsible for managing, regulating and monitoring San Andreas air space. The FAA produces readily accessible publications for pilots including air space charts, weather information and temporary air space restrictions. Provide air traffic control services to San Andreas All air traffic control services (ATC) are provided by FAA air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers undergo specialist training and provide ATC services within controlled air space. ATC services can also be provided to persons outside of controlled air space on pilot request. Respond to and investigate aviation incidents All aviation incidents are responded to and investigated by the FAA. This can range from minor breaches such as air space violations, through to air crash investigations, and up to air defense response. Air defense response is provided by the Surveillance and Response Group (SRG). SRG operatives are military trained pilots and have access to fighter jet aircraft On occasion SRG operatives will conduct aerial patrols in these aircraft to ensure the safety of San Andreas Air Space. Should an emergency situation arise where an aircraft is likely to endanger the lives of people SRG operatives will mobilize and intercept that aircraft. They will attempt by all means to negotiate a safe and peaceful outcome however they have the authority to if necessary disable that aircraft using deadly force. Prosecuting offenders The FAA is responsible for holding offenders to account for any breaches of aviation law. Penalties for offenders may range from formal warnings, fines, licence suspensions, and imprisonment. Divisions Licensing and Regulations Department Responsible for issuing, suspending, and revoking pilot licences Produce publications for pilots relating to civil aviation (including air space maps, restrictions, weather information) Prosecuting offenders violating aviation law Surveillance and Response Group (SRG) Monitor radars and identify unidentified flying objects Respond to air security incidents Air Traffic Control Services Provide Air Traffic Control services to all aircraft in San Andreas (( Out of character )) Lets bring aviation roleplay to Eclipse RP. With aviation must come regulation and enforcement, and that is precisely what the FAA will do. People must apply for and get a pilots licence from the FAA to be able to fly. If people are found flying unlicensed or breaching aviation law the FAA will issue charges. FAA will create all documents relating to aviation rules, air space etc. FAA SRG operatives will have access to fighter jets but strict conditions and roleplay standards will be imposed. Players flying air craft will need to set their radio to the ATC frequency and take instructions from air traffic controllers. Refusing to do so is a serious offence and will likely result in pilots licences being revoked, criminal charges and depending on the circumstances if serious enough may result in a figher jet being scrambled to intercept. Whilst this post does not go into elaborate detail if this idea is approved in concept I will develop this much further to be a full working model. (( Fighter Jets Intercepting Aircraft - How will it look? )) Fighter jet intercepts for aircraft won't be an excuse to shoot down aircraft. It will be a series of procedures and defined escalation process, with the ultimate escalation and last resort being to shoot the plane down. It will be similar to this video here:
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    Account name: Tony_Divish Character name(s): Benny Wilson Admin who issued punishment: @Archaeah Date of punishment: 3/1/2019 Punishment received: Deathmatch #3 | Ramming without making prior demands Your explanation of what happened: me and my friend Johanthan we was chasing a mechanic because he take my friend car with his mechanic truck. johnathan said to him "Pull Over" but he didn't care to johnathan order after that i blocked the road with the contender and he hit me ,he said "i will call the admin for this" . when admin came and he saw the evidence of mechanic guy he banned me and said go to forum and explain what happend so i'm here now Why should your appeal be accepted: because I did not know his window is closed and he could not hear what we said I was not looking to chat and in that situation I could not read the chat.
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    The organisation need a quick influx of capital to invest in some new areas of operation. It was time to hold up general stores. Getaway vehicles for the men were arranged and sat waiting. Whilst inside the shop the men made sure to shoot out the CCTV and hide their identities in case anyone was caught. However, after 15 successful robberies the police are still to even track down the wanted men.
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    Prologue I - “The Poison Ivy”: Meet Ivy Vilachi. A mute, as well as the former owner of “The Poison Ivy”, a popular bar located in Downtown Los Santos. Her vision led her to have the most popular bar in San Andreas, it could actually at one time be considered a tourist hotspot for locals. Her bar would attract many Los Santos pedestrians, one of those being Ryan Bando. Bando had taken Ivy under his wing with the assistance of his organization, skyrocketing her potential. Bando was a long time friend of Ivy Vilachi, she had performed several jobs for him in the past. Her success was in thanks to him. She was mute but her actions spoke louder than any of the words coming from others. For a few months, Ivy was on top. Her bar had led to the formation of the Vilachi Crime Family, which would rule the scene for years to come. Her destructive force would rival several local gangs such as the Black Hand Triads, Los Santos Vagos, Brixton, Aztecas, and a few more. Her presence would lead to the formation of other organizations like her own. She was a role model for many young and inspirational leaders. Including her own brother, Ivan Vilachi. In late 2015, Ivy Viliachi disappeared. Several news outlets covered her story. Her disappearance sparked the revolution of many oppressed gangs in the area. The Black Hand Triads would rise to the top of the scene and the Poison Ivy would return to the hands of her brother, Ivan Vilachi, whom would run it for a few more years under the organization “Vilachi & Co.” This ultimately failed, the Vilachi family had burnt into the ground. Ivy Vilachi - 2015 “The Poison Ivy” - Downtown Los Santos 2015 Prologue II - “Los Zetas”: September, 2018, Ryan Bando had helped founded the american branch of a mexican criminal syndicate that go by the name “Los Zetas”. Bando was never on the same page as them, he was attracted to violence which was often an easy way out for him. During his involvement he would be famous for always causing shit with alliances. Over time, Ryan started to realize that he found himself in a syndicate that did not share his beliefs. To him, the main goal was to remove the alliance from exsistence. It didn't go that way though, they had joined the alliance with the intent on staying. In the eyes of Bando, the entirety of what their organization was formed and reformed upon wasn't true to it's nature. His reluctance to join The Council would be noted by other leaders. During the state of Zetas, it would’ve been easy to pull a fast one and backstab the council but was always turned down. You see, in Bando’s eyes it was kill or be killed... He disliked holding hands with other gangs or alliances, it was practically by force to get along with them. In his eyes, a gang had to remain dominant and show others they were either with you or against you... This was not a vision that others saw. Soon after that, it all went downhill to him. He eventually quit because he couldn't hold in his agressiveness. However, Bando knew about Shayan Klep, whom shared the same ideals in terms of one thing: Taking down The Council. Shayan would end up abandoning the plan to destroy the alliance, leaving Ryan alone in the mission. Overnight, packed his belongings and abruptly left Los Santos, ending his trip to San Andreas temporarily. Ryan Bando - 2018 Prologue III - “The Wanted”: Running the streets of Los Santos is 19 year old Tyler Sharpe. A young and depressed prodigy kicked out by his parents a few months prior. His story has just begun. During his string of petty store robberies and car theft, he comes across none other than Natalie Nightwood. His journey would lead him into a gang of street racers named “The Wanted”. After running a few jobs for them, he had saved up enough money to put a down payment on a house that he is still currently paying for in the rural parts of Los Santos. During his short run with his gang, he developed a sense of loyalty to them. Tyler would then witness his fellow gang members arrested by the police department, or killed by the “Los Santos Irish Mob”. Unable to fight back, he grew a certain hatred for gangs in the alliance simply for their involvement in the murdering of his fellow brothers and gang members. Natalie would eventually join, along with a few of her fellow gang members, “The Almighty Vice Lords”. Tyler, however, was not invited to join and he accepted this as a betrayal of the friends he had finally made, causing him to push his own drugs and weapons. Tyler Sharpe - 2018 Prologue IV - “The Meetup”: In the months of December and January, Ryan Bando was away from the Los Santos gang scene. His journey would lead him to “The Continental Hotel” located in downtown Manhattan. He was searching for Ivy Vilachi, whom was a retired mobster and hitwoman. Here is where they would discuss the terms of Ivy’s disappearance from Los Santos. Here is where Ryan Bando explains his current situation to Ivy. The destruction of the Los Zetas by his former friend and boss Jay Gamble. His goal was to take over the reign of the Vilachi Crime Family. Returning to Los Santos, Ryan Bando would favor the conditions that were set by Ivy and the Vilachi Crime Family and incorporate them with his own version: The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate. In early March, Ryan Bando would return to Los Santos and meet the young prodigy Tyler Sharpe. These two would share the same vision and goal of taking down the alliance. Ryan Bando would see a chance to shape this young man into a useful and powerful ally and together they would be a huge force. The Continental - 2018 Chapter 1 - The Birth Ryan Bando had made a name for himself in the Los Santos gang scene. His infamy would be either well respected or destructive based on who you talk to. His former friend and leader Jay Gamble despises Ryan. His disposition in the eyes of Gamble is laughable. Ryan, on the other hand, never lost sight of the original goal. This would be the leading factor in forming the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate. Bando saw huge potential upon meeting 19 year old Tyler Sharpe. The purity in his personality was hard to come by and was detrimental to the vision the Bando was setting forward. These two would find out that their journeys had led them to share the same goal. Ryan would take Tyler under his wing, and show him how to maneuver around the city. Tyler would learn a lot from Bando, although Tyler is nowhere near ready to be at the top, he is willing to learn and will progress alongside Bando and this organization that these two would create together. Since Ryan Bando’s return to Los Santos, he has since been robbed of all of his assets. He has no house, no weapons, no money; only a simple trophy truck left to him. The gang’s current finances are a huge obstacle in achieving a thriving business. Their first goal?: to re-open The Poison Ivy under a different name. But in order to do that, they need to find a way to obtain the finances that would enable them to push a front. The Poison Ivy was a huge tourist attraction a few years ago, in order to recreate that they would need first and foremost: a loan. Afterwards, they would need to gain a suitable location, blueprint for an attractive interior, and a decent staff to launch their business. All legally, of course, as the bar is to act as a profit for many of their illegal activities. They can’t risk their location being seized or their members being arrested: as of this moment they are in a very delicate situation. Chapter 2 - The Business On March 1st 2019, Tyler Sharpe and Ryan Bando would take a huge stride in starting their official business. They leased an old coffee shop location once known as java.update, and would turn it into what is now known as: “The Royal Oak”. The name stems from Aykroyd, which is a name derived from the Old English language, where the word ‘ac’ means oak and ‘rod’ means clearing. This is where they plan to start their legal proceedings. In order to begin recruiting for their illegal activities, the must first recruit for their legal ones. This bar is an important step in securing their illegal activities. Here they will attract attention of locals and create a great spot for friends to hang out and drink a few beers. This club will offer a coffee shop atmosphere for those underage, and will also offer a bar for those who are able to drink. During special occasions, they will host comedy shows and during downtime you can play some classic arcade games. The bar as of this moment is still under construction, as Ryan Bando and Tyler Sharpe purchase contracting after building their blueprints. Stay tuned for the official opening announcement and the “Help Wanted” posters! This is where “The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate” begins. “The Royal Oak” - Rockford Hills 2019 Directors Boss | Underboss Syndicate Members Made Man | Soldier | Associate | Initiate Employees | Bartender -- Security OOC Information The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate is based off several other organization’s roots. Pulling in real life roots from La Cosa Nostra (LCN) including ranking structure, themes, and goals. We pride ourselves on pulling in stories from several other crime families and organizations that have existed in the GTA universe. We have been heavily influenced by The Vilachi Crime Family, and pulling in RP standards and CK policies from families like The Vincetti Clan, which have all existed in the GTA universe. We exist and compete as an American crime family, however the goal is not to be very organized from the start. After all, we have an ex-american gangster and a young man who thinks he’s a gangster trying to take down an alliance of professionals. This will affect how we operate ICly, however overtime we will start to develop more and eventually become more and more professional as time goes on. Our front is our business, however this is not listed ICly. Our business should be treated as a business by all parties until they are informed otherwise. This includes new recruits. You may not be informed on the illegal operations when you first join, which is okay. Please see “How to join” to view the recruitment process. Please take note that the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate focuses on being heavy roleplay and that includes proper character development. Which means if your character is embarrassed, punished, or otherwise removed from the faction and it is for IC reasons you should not take it OOCly and of course this should not discourage you to continue trying. Any issues we have with you IC, will remain always IC. Anyone who cannot distinguish between IC and OOC should not attempt to join, and any OOC misconduct will result in punishments OOCly. Please do not metagame any information on our thread. Nobody is aware of our goal to take down the council until we announce it ICly. Most importantly, have fun! - No hard feelings towards anyone OOCly in any of the other organizations mentioned. Recruitment Process The most obvious way to join is to become employed at our business “The Royal Oak” which is located in Rockford Hills, next to Taco. We would have you fill out an application ICly. From this point on, you are in the business. Over the period of a few weeks, your character will start to notice some strange things around the business and most importantly with your superiors. It may or may not feel like “just another pub job”. It is your character’s choice to either bring up these findings or to keep quiet. Again, we focus more on character development and respect those who wish to drop out of the business for sake of their character rather than joining simply to make a name for themselves. However, those who wish to proceed should bring up their findings. And, if done properly, you will be initiated and given access to our radio frequency. We have no minimum requirements - you just must be willing to roleplay, and well at that. Again, this is a roleplay server. We are all here to have fun. "Faction Kill" Policy As mentioned in the recruitment process, your character will start to notice some odd things around the business. If you are apart of the gang as far as the F4 menu is concerned, and as soon as your character brings up their finding(s) ICly, you will then be asked to consent OOCly to a ‘Faction Kill’. We will keep record of this. Here are the terms that must be met in order to be FK’d. Your character poses an IC threat to our morals, business, or operation. Your character has released IC information to those who are otherwise not authorized to obtain it. (i.e a rat) Your character has threatened/killed/damaged a superior or another member of the family and/or it’s property All Character Kill’s must be approved by the respective slotholder and the player will be notified after the roleplay has commenced. It is the job of the person who is performing the Faction Kill to gather the necessary evidence in order to do so in the event an administrator asks for such. Once you have given your consent for character kill, you may not revoke it unless you leave the organization and receive approval from the respective slotholder. However, on the contrary, you must agree that if you spill any information to anyone ICly then you will automatically re-consent and consequently will be FKed. What is our definition of a Faction Kill? You may keep your name. You forget your affiliation with The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate and all related businesses. You lose any evidence you may have obtained. Your character’s memory is erased - never to be accessed by again. You consequently will be kicked from the faction. Aykroyd Main Goals The goals of the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate will not be achieved overnight and are far fetched.. Goals will be achieved over time. Our goals will be what makes the faction a standing foundation but also moving and working for a purpose rather than having everything. Establish the bar interior through means of money. Gather a group of those who wish to work to the same goal; establishing faction roleplay. Establish events such as comedy clubs, performances, and rap battles regularly. Establish the Royal Oak to be the #1 hotspot for roleplay. To be something different, our entire faction is centered around heavy roleplay and heavy development. Long after the establishment, we wish to see how our impact on the server be catastrophic to how the rest of Eclipse operates and moves forward.
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    Hello, Thank you for making this report. Reece_Curry will receive a non-roleplay punishment for their NCZ breach. The minor items stolen is not enough reason to issue punishment for NCZ, but please be mindful of your location in the future. The situation was way too close to the NCZ to avoid an NCZ breach, which is why NCZ was broken. Report Accepted/Archived -Flucifial
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    to make the money we used to make we need to spend 20 to 40 hours here a week working.. no one really has that kind of time.. its a little much.. i understand the realism part but this is a game and its starting to get less fun.. theres already been over 100 players that have left the server over the last month.. more are gonna continue to drop if this pay system isnt brought back to some what normal..
  26. 1 point
    Hello, and thank you for remaining patient. As player Dave_Reynolds has not responded with his side of the story, and explained the reasoning for his actions, myself and @Dqniel have decided to conclude this report based on the evidence provided to us by the reporting party. Player Dave_Reynolds will receive a punishment for Fear Roleplay I (Normal). In the provided evidence from the reporting party, it can be seen that you are getting off your bike, equipping your weapon and starting to fire all while under direct gunpoint by another player at close range. These conscious actions are not in accordance with our Fear Roleplay rules. Please remember for future reference to show adequate and realistic fear for the life of your character in a vulnerable and life threatening position similar to this one, and following every demand given to you as one instinctively would do in real life. Thank you for making this report! @John Robert. Kind Regards XposeD & @Dqniel Report accepted and archived.
  27. 1 point
    Hi Johnny, I’m ID 95 and I’d like to explain my POV and the reason why we shot you down because I was the one to start shooting and the ones just followed up. I shouted everybody get on the knees and all of us started aiming guns at you as a follow up to the demands. I asked you to get on the knees multiple times, you completely neglected/refused my demands and continued walking away, on top of it entered the vehicle. Looking at your POV, my VOIP might have been lower than the others VOIP or the other external voices you were hearing but I was more then sure that youre hearing me because there were other people demanding the same and you neveer tried to tell me that in /b. Im not trying to turn this into a counter report but can you explain why you showed no sort of fear when you had multiple heavy guns aimed at you demanding you to get on the knees? What made you think that its reasonable to ignore my demands walk away and get in your car? I understand that you might not be into criminal rp but its a basic concept which you should try to follow. If you need any further explanations or details address them here.
  28. 1 point
    My maxed feltzer for your Jester+35k?
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    +1 If the reason for moving towards the new payment system is for realism of paying employees then jobs that take commission IRL such as mechanics and cab drivers should still be able to receive their personal labour straight into their salary. The hourly salary could be tracked and paid manually, as this counter has just been implemented. But taking away peoples personal labour is really demotivating from an employees POV. In my opinion using a mix of both the old system with new salary payment would be the best option. As people still get to manage an employees salary whilst the employee themselves get personal payments into their salary. At the end of the day this is still a game and not a real life ecosystem as much as certain people would like it to be. Making a system that prevents Gov employees from getting their paychecks on demand is only going to harm the community. The current method entices you to make use of a pay monthly system (1 week irl) which people aren't going to want to put a weeks worth of work into the get and have to wait for a reward. This only results in a poor effort for reward system and I personally see no benefits of this new system over the old one. One final point I'd like to add to my opinion. It's strange that gov employees have to wait for their paycheck to be handed to them, however you can go be a postman and get your salary straight away. Just shows that the system hinders gov employees. All this will result in more people playing criminal for on demand cash, turning the server into cops and robbers.
  31. 1 point
    Hi, ID 62 here, earlier in the day my friends were involved in a RP scenario, being robbed , while I was not directly robbed (I was in my vehicle and started driving off before I was told to exit the car and had a gun pointed at me), I was shot at by ID 22 known to me as Colby. After that interaction, police came stabilized me and took me to MD. After this my friend and I drove around looking for them, for revenge. I had seen 2 zetas in the clothing store, so we drove by, I had seen one who looked similar to the person who had shot me. He seemed to have changed his shirt and pants, but I could tell it was Colby by his Hair, considering I’ve never seen anyone else in the city with that style and purple hair color combo, also with the same necklace, very distinct mask, glasses, and watch that the person who had shot me down had. So out of anger I sprung out of the car and started blasting at him knowingly that my friend involved in this shooting with me also had a video and KOS on the suspects with me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp-X5m4ddPE&feature=youtu.be(Video of him shooting at me) Picture of what Colby looked like to the right.
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    A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way! Looking forward to hearing great things! Many of my fellow brothers will be awarded for their amazing service!
  35. 1 point
    You might actually see a rise in players if this was implemented, though I imagine most people would want to immediately fly the jet (just like how everyone wants to fly a helicopter, stolen or otherwise). If jets are an option, they should be issued to people who have proven they are responsible pilots over a period of time spent within the faction, If anyone is able to fly them right from the get go, it will cause so much trouble. One of the rules the MD/PD have implemented right now is: in order to join, you need to have at least 4000 experience, which is a couple days worth of time spent on the server and learning how things work. But jets are a huge responsibility because they have access to that machine gun and lock-on rockets. Not only would you need to prove you're a responsible pilot, but I feel like you should also prove you're someone who understands the rules of the server really well and can back it up by the amount of experience you have. Only question is: what would be a fair amount to go by? 25k? 50k? 100k? I'm just concerned that people will jump at the idea of using a jet and it will turn into GTA Online all over again. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having something like this implemented. One of the big disappointments I had when I joined the server was the lack of options for being a pilot. I was really hoping I could have a job as a commercial airline pilot who would fly people to and from their destinations similar to how the bus system works, but it wasn't an option. I can understand why it's not in place, but I'm sure it would help drive up traffic if there was a system for it. This whole thing just needs to be handled carefully. The original post is well thought out, but a fancy post doesn't hold a candle to the amount of commitment that would be required to maintain a faction like this in the actual server and the amount of work that would need to be done. End of the day, I'll give this a +1 I just hope the jet concern will be handled very, very carefully.
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    The Triads bumped into some members of Vice whilst driving about on the streets of Los Santos. They decided it would be best to from some good relations with this organisation and reached out to them with an offer. Together the two groups teamed up and went out on patrol looking to take care of some unfinished business. We found exactly what we were looking for. Unluckily for one of their members his car stalled whilst driving into our patrol. This gained some unwanted attention as well as the Police Department began to chase us and ended up opening fire on our men.
  37. 1 point
    @Exodical, thank you for making this Punishment Appeal. I do want to start out by highlighting the new NCZ rule which states... Selling illegal weapons is a crime and stealing them off of someone's body is also a crime. The punishments that were issued were correct and they will not be voided. However I do believe that returning that weapon would make this the fairest outcome if all parties came come away better understanding the NCZ rules and not lose a valuable item. Can the owner of the weapon please make OOC arrangements to return this weapon?
  38. 1 point
    @Gibbsey, thank you for making this Punishment Appeal. Can you confirm that what Dingus0 has told is the truth?
  39. 1 point
    Done, Sir. Edited : Hello, i have re-read the main rules of the server.
  40. 1 point
    You can start by removing your admin logs from your signature
  41. 1 point
    I would love to see vehicle financing and repo teams. Could be done completely 3rd party via a Loan Company or have the Loan Company underwrite for the dealership. It would take some special scripting and/or government assistance to make it possible.
  42. 1 point
    First of all, this video is not a full video of that situation... i was chasing this car and i warned them aswell. after blocking them and when i stopped them Oliver got out and started to shoot then this girl started to move while her hands were up. i didn't shoot her till she went to loot Oliver for his pistol, which was Fear RP. and he can someone Check other's Pockets while their hands are up its Non-RP aswell !? Thanks for your time. (Benny Wilson)
  43. 1 point
    Hello and thank you for making this report. Benny_Wilson/ ID 7 | Will have 24 hours to respond Why did you open fire on the woman who had her hands up the entire time, then beat her to death with a baseball bat? Pending response. Regards, Archaeah
  44. 1 point
    Sorry mate -1 to your suggestion. Same reasons above.
  45. 1 point
    -1 While I love mods, I'm very much against modded or real world vehicles. We should stick with their GTA cannon/lore equivalent. Yes, I agree they should get the vehicles in that have come out from DLC, but haven't been imported yet.
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    +1 i mentioned this suggestion to my friend and now he's considering joining the server.
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    Do you feel you have been punished incorrectly or have learned from your punishments and want to return to the server? This is the section that is required to be used in order for punishments to be reviewed. The moderator or administrator whom issued the punishment will reply (if possible) with their reasoning for the punishments and the details they remember around the punishments. Following that, one of that administrators superior ranked admin team members will review the report and issue their approval for the punishment to be removed, shortened, or modified or they will deny the request and state that it was handled appropriately and the punishment will remain. You can find a list of staff on the Eclipse Roleplay Staff Roster. You can find your punishments on your game panel HERE using your in-game login information. Keep in mind this section is NOT to be used for debating how the rules should be and is NOT to be used for bashing admins, the admin team, or Eclipse Server. Appeals of this nature will be locked without consideration. Only post here if you can discuss appropriately why you didn't break the rule that you were punished for breaking or that you understand why you were punished, and have learned from the situation and wish to have a punishment lifted. Appeals that involve HACKING, CYBER ATTACKS, BUG ABUSE, or any other severe reasons may be denied without consideration unless the post is compelling. Do not expect to be able to appeal for violations of this type. You are NOT to PM or directly contact any staff member regarding your punishment appeal unless they specifically say you should. Doing so may result in a closing of your request or further punishment. You are NOT to post in this section of the forums unless the topic involves you. Stating you would like your friend unbanned, or that he is a good person, or that they didn't deserve punishment in your opinion, will earn a warning for spamming. Only post if you are directly involved in the appeal or have valid evidence that should be considered by staff in reviewing. In-game punishments Use the format below. Discord Bans Include your Discord account name next to your in-game account name PD/MD Teamspeak Bans Appeal through LSPD Internal Affairs or Medical Review Board. (Whomever issued the ban) Forum report punishments Use the format below, include a link to the forum report in the details. Forum Warnings Include a link to the post you were warned for in the details. Forum Bans Wait for the time to expire, currently not able to appeal permanent bans. Failure to follow the format may result in your appeal being closed. Required topic title: Account - First Last (Punishment Appeal) Examples: BallinByNature - Ramon Carter (Deathmatch Appeal) BallinByNature - Ramon Carter (Ban Appeal) BallinByNature - Ramon Carter (Discord Appeal) Required appeal format: Account name: Character name(s): Admin who issued punishment: Date of punishment: Punishment received: Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened: Why should your appeal be accepted?: Post any evidence or further details: Examples: Account name: BallinByNature Character name(s): Ramon Carter Admin who issued punishment: Harmdone Date of punishment: 01/01/2018 Punishment received: 24 Hour ban Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching Your explanation of what happened: I learned through a friend that Dante Wiggins was a mean person, the first time I saw someone named Dante I killed him on the spot because I thought he was the mean person. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I fully realize now that being told someone is bad or mean isn't a proper reason to kill and I also didn't even confirm it was the same Dante cause I did not really know him. I understand now that I did not have a valid reason to kill him and I have re-read the rules since then to get a better grasp of when I am allowed to kill someone. Please consider my appeal because i've learned from the punishment and I wish to continue playing on the server. Post any evidence or further details: Account name: BallinByNature Character name(s): Ramon Carter Admin who issued punishment: Harmdone Date of punishment: 01/01/2018 Punishment received: 24 Hour ban Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching Your explanation of what happened: I learned through a friend that Dante Wiggins had stolen my car from them and that he told him he would kill him if he didn't let him steal it. We found Dante about 20 minutes later and I put a gun to his head since he was still standing next to my car and I asked him to give me all of his money so I can take my car and go. He spit in my face, so I pulled the trigger and killed him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't think it was deathmatching because I had threatened to kill him and made demands, and he blatantly ignored me and assaulted me. Given the fact he threatened to kill my friend, stole my car, and spit in my face, I have a valid reason to kill him in my opinion. Post any evidence or further details: *Screen shot of your friend telling you about the theft* *Video of you approaching Dante, holding him at gunpoint, being spit on, and killing him.* After you post: Do not PM any staff member in regards to your appeal. Wait patiently, some appeals may be answered quickly and others require investigation and review that can take time. The mod or admin will explain their reasoning, and then it will be reviewed by a senior member of the staff team. Once a decision has been made here, the decision is final and you cannot appeal again for the same issue. Once a conclusion has been made, the thread will be locked and archived.
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