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    VIP house inside the Eclipse Tower. 2 garage. Empty box house so we can funiture the place.
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    - Reduced in game store prices, Perhaps $1-2 off gasoline, 30% cut in general store prices, 15% cut in weapon store prices. - Cosmetics for weapons ( gold / silver / platinum ) - VIP / Donator Clothing ( Cool clothing from GTA Online DLC's. ) - Perhaps a feature where players who have subscribed to vip for so many months in a row earn a unique vehicle that isn't available from dealerships, ( cannot be sold / traded ) - Vehicles from this thread could be used, obviously not super's but a random sports car every 3 months in a row of subscription would be a nice reward for players. - VIP / Donator Forum / Discord Subsections - VIP / Donators can have the ability to change their username on forums - VIP / Donators channel in discord to have a sneak peak on upcoming updates - VIP / Donators ability to change the color of their name on forums. - VIP / Donators monthly in-game party, ( NCZ, Set up script to where only VIP / Donators can enter the door, Free unlimited alcohol, Live DJ. )
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    VIP's and Donators should be able to customize their weapon skins in weapon stores.
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    Hey Epic Gamers, Something has been bothering me for a while, the "New Life" system. I've been talking with others and I'm kinda bothered with how this system works. I personally feel like we need to change it, and make it so that when you die - you don't start a new life, instead, you get forced into an "RP Coma" and later released at the hospital, forgetting what happened to your character the past x hour(s). Pretty much keep it how it is, but don't keep it as "New Life". EDIT: This idea seems better. If you get injured and there's no one around to treat you - You get delivered to the hospital by NPC medical personnel and you'd RPly be critically injured. Perhaps to combat an endless cycle of retaliation e.g. gang vs gang, we could make it a rule to set OOC standards for better realism that your previous beef with a person is no more, and that you must engage in new role-play with them. It just doesn't make sense to me that you start a new life but still can return to your work, gang, and/or friends and be the same person. Instead of starting a new life every time you die, I'd much rather see the implementation of a voluntary CK system. Meaning that death cannot be forced on you unless e.g. you agree to force CK upon joining a gang whatnot. Normally, a CK in traditional sense means complete character kill, e.g. hardcore mode on certain games just wipes your character when you die and you need to create a new one, but I don't necessarily feel this is what we should do on here because there's a lot of real hours spent into your character and gaining wealth, and then it doesn't make much sense for all grown-up people to arrive at the airport at a new city with pocket change and not being able to afford anything. This should be the effects of a character kill in my own personal opinion: Your name should become disabled, it should not be possible to use this name in the future. Add it to a list of dead names. Your phone should be deleted, number - contacts, and everything. Your inventory should be wiped. Your houses/properties should be automatically sold and the market value given to you. You should be kicked out of your gang/faction and a cooldown of rejoining that specific gang/faction # should be 2 weeks, to allow you to build up your new character's story. All of your saved aliases should be wiped out, everyone should be a stranger to you again. You should be forced to change your name. This is how a CK should be done: To avoid the issue of players "accidentally" CKing themselves and then creating a hassle for the staff team in terms of reverting it, I would recommend that the player having to /report and ask for a Moderator+ to witness the CK RP and then using a command on the player which the player then have to accept, e.g. - /ck [Receiver] > Window pops up for the player explaining the information of a character kill and its effects. At the bottom of the window, there are two buttons, "Accept" "Decline" After the CK is accepted, the player is sent to the airport entrance and a new window pops up where they have to enter a new name. And at this point, all effects of the CK has been applied. Feel free to post feedback/your own suggestions.
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    I do not support cheaper weapons (we have a gun problem, prices were increased for a reason) neither free housing, that's too much - wealth should be gained through playing, not paying - which is why credit vehicles can't be transferred. Sure, add a "Donator Building" but make players pay for the properties/houses like any other player. Let's not push it P2W. Edit: We are removing the advertisement system (Bleet), let's replace that with a new advertisement system instead. Create advertising boards around town where VIP / Donators can create advertisements that stays for x time, players would need to walk up to the boards and type a command to browse through them. Perhaps let Donators create 2, and VIP 1. If players want their advertisement broadcasted to the entire server they should go through weasel news. Edit 2: The perks of VIP / Donator is already good, and with the Eclipse economy, I do not support discounts of things that are already as cheap as hell. $500 to park your car for an unlimited time at the parking lot? That's like what, 1 bus route? You even get discounted tickets & jail time which IMO is stupid, but I've grown used to it and I accept it. Edit 3: Custom Phone Numbers, 1-time change with VIP. Could even become its own shop item as well. Gives no advantage over anyone else, and is more of a convenience thing. TL;DR - No pay 2 win features are supported by me, no more discounted prices (especially guns) and no free wealth (e.g. properties). Wealth should be gained through playing, not paying. Replace the bleet system with advertising boards/billboards, add a few around Los Santos/Sandy Shores and let VIPs & Donators walk up to these boards and create stationary advertisements that stay for x time. Players would need to walk up to these boards to read the advertisements. If players want to have their advertisements broadcasted to the entire server & on discord, they have Weazel News. Perhaps let Donators have 2 advertisements active and VIPs 1. Add the ability to set a custom phone number (1-time use) when you first become VIP or Donator. This could also become its own shop item.
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    No money advantages at all over other players that dont donate, pay to win is a no go from me.
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    If you really want to get unban maybe write ur own appeal next time instead of copying mine? http://prntscr.com/mit7q4 staff should look into it
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    I can tell you that the reason isn't necessarily the number of medics that are on, or off duty. It is more about the calls they receive. 90% of the calls MD receives are usually duplicate calls. Unlike calls that the injured person made themselves which close themselves if he is brought to MD/dies. Duplicate calls remain active until a medic actually closes them. This not only wastes a large amount of time for medics by driving to each call's location. But also adds to the frustration and boredom of being a medic. Now, to the injured people themselves. most players on this server, usually enjoy earning more. And not roleplaying more, this comes into the form of ridiculous bad RP in most of the medical roleplay that is made every day. An example can be easily given, this being the "broken leg". As you, and I'm assuming many other players know. The typical roleplayer in ECRP will most of the time avoid giving detailed /do's and /me's. And would rather give one-line answers to any roleplay medics attempt to do with him. This is another factor which adds to the frustration medics experience most of the time. While you or anyone may think this cuts down the duration of time it takes for each medic to finish a simple roleplay scenario like this. It does not, as usually. The people that do so, take their time with their roleplay. As slow as it may be. This, alongside the previous factors I've mentioned. Really take the fun away from being a medic. Don't you think? In short, players would rather stand afk at a drug lab to buy that AK of theirs, then roleplay. On a roleplay server. To your suggestion (increasing their salary). I don't believe it is necessary. From my experience, most medics joined MD in the first place for the roleplay. Not the pay, in the first place. This is a Role-play server. Not a "Money-making server". None the less, you'd be surprised to know. Medics make a nice amount of cash, they receive an extra 200$ for each player they bring to MD. So, let me sum this up: MD's problem is not within it internally. But mostly due to the players that play on ECRP. From constant stalling to no knowledge in /do's and etc. Increasing MD's faction treasury so it may increase it's employee's budgets, will not help. They already receive more than most factions. If you really believe MD won't come for you when you're injured, why do you risk yourself constantly and end up injured? If you think MD is doing a bad job, maybe try to join it yourself. Try and change things up, see how it is from their perspective. I'm sure you'd enjoy the duty of responding to 8 calls, attempting to respond to each one as fast as you can. Kind Regards, HaminLord.
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    Extended property inactivity An extended time before a property (be it a house, business etc.) is deemed inactive and auctioned off. Shouldn't be too big of a difference. Maybe a week or two. (Bare in mind that my two suggestions are things that I've seen in place on other communities et cetera. that I think could work on Eclipse)
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    Pets for VIPs or maybe even Donators I'm not sure why they were never added back to the server, I know other servers on Rage that have pets for i.e. a monthly fee of donation points, maybe that's an idea. The restriction would make it so that not everyone has a pet, reducing the impact it has on the server as well. (Bare in mind that my two suggestions are things that I've seen in place on other communities et cetera. that I think could work on Eclipse)
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    Be able to take out salary at all hours of the day
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    Donators should be able to switch through walking styles freely.
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    Security Mapping around Club Los Santos Due to several attempts of rival parties to catch Almight Vice Lord Nation off the guard, time for some perimeter scouting and control. Quick lunch break! Back to work now! The mapping is done, but a small accident while getting down the ladder. Luckily Medics are always here to help!
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    Hello, everyone! We are planning to remove bleet perks from VIPs/Donators due to lack of server-scripted activity and income sources in Weazel faction. This removal would also get us closer to the self-sufficient factions economy. We are looking for suggestions about what could be added to VIP/Donator perks. We want perks to not provide great advantage over regular players. That is why we are asking for your input! Please keep your suggestions one per comment. If you agree with suggestion, give that comment an upvote! Thank you!
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    Account name: Pablo_Escoban Character name(s): Luke Mcgregor Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 09.02.2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Real World Trading Your explanation of what happened: So the thing is, i got this stuff for free and none of that is payed with real life money. The two people who gave it to me are close friends of mine and decided to quit and since i was still gonna play on the server, they gave me their stuff. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i was falsely banned firstly without any proof and secondly they are friends they would never charge me for in real life money. Post any evidence or further details:
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    A free license plate change given every month of active subscription. (does not stack, use it or lose it!)
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    Custom phone numbers - I'm not very well versed in the current perks for being a VIP / Donator so if this is already a feature please disregard this comment.
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    I like the idea of: Donator only clothes Donator only weapon skins Gun store discounts Discounted/Free parking at the parking lots Being able to join two factions at once (Mechanic & Clowns for example.)
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    -1 For removing bleets for donators, you pay 100Euros and it should give something big, and i even donated just to get /dnn, it's okay to remove for vips, so it would lower invalid /vnn's But +1, for the idea adding "Donators should be able to be in more than one job/faction if they desire to do so. -Fluficial " and "VIP house inside the Eclipse Tower. 2 garage. Empty box house so we can funiture the place.-Musket Deez nuts" I do like these ideas. Vip also shouldn't be able to have reduced time in jail and lower gas usage.
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    First in town Overseas business partners offered a new product and obviously Almighty Vice Lord Nation was the first in town to acquire it.
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    The current furniture location for me it is not the best, as the furniture store has alot of furniture inside and the building it's self is really small, so I suggest changing location. Current Furniture store and it's location : Suggested furniture store building and it's location : For me this building is big and it looks like proper store. Furniture store shouldn't look like grocery store, It has to be big! Let me know your thoughts below!!!
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    Hello yes I have big brain idea The boys should implement a weapons market, similar to drug drop-offs where players can sell all types of available weapons in the game, from combat pistols to Ak's. I, along with many other players have bags and bags of pistols with less than 30 ammo, completely useless to most criminal content. The type of weapon along with price can change like drug drop-offs do, you could drop the weapons in the same way you do drugs. Obviously the sell price would be lower than what they sell for in stores, however I feel criminal content is somewhat lacking at the moment and this could spice things up. Please respond with constructive feedback as to why you think this would, or would not work. /me dabs Thanks 🙂
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    Give donators the ability to change their name with in-game currency, not only credits after their first time. Give donators and VIPs reduced prices in the plastic surgery (from 35k to 20 or 15k).
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    One of the things ive noticed while playing on ECRP is the amount of cars that are supported by Rage MP that are not added into the server. Why not make it when someone achieves the Donator rank that they are able to import 1 vehicle that is not for sale to the public, they would still need to pay in game cash for these vehilces and supers would be excluded from this obviously. Also for VIP members have a separate list of cars they can import from a VIP dealership that would take Credits to import. This would diversify the cars a little bit more in my opinion and make more cars available that could be used in RP as well as every day use. I feel that if we made the general stores and gun stores be discounted for VIP that would be a HUGE advantage they would have over normal players. I also like the idea of Donator only clothes or weapon skins. Free parking in the parking lot would be a wonderful thing but still 500$ for lifetime parking is really cheap as it is. Thank you for letting us have an opinion on this and keep up the great work!!
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    Donators should be able to be in more than one job/faction if they desire to do so.
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    Free and more slots or Lower taxes
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    Hello, and thank you for making this report! @CallumMontie After extensively reviewing the footage provided with the help of multiple members of the staff team, as well as taking the points stated in this player report into consideration, we have come to a final conclusion. First and foremost, in the footage provided above it can be seen that you are logging into the surrounding area of other players, however this does not necessarily mean that their intent was to rob players who are newly logged in. There is no way of proving that they are purposefully waiting for people to log in, in order to gain an advantage when robbing them. The moment you took your car out of the scripted garage, your roleplay involvement begins and therefore not making it Non-Roleplay. Secondly, it can also be seen that you completely disregarded their roleplaying demands, by running to your car, entering it, starting the engine and then driving off all under gunpoint by 3 other players. These conscious actions that you made are not in compliance with our Fear Roleplay rules. Please remember for future reference, to show adequate and realistic fear for your life in a vulnerable and life threatening position similar to this one, and following every demand given to you as one instinctively would do in real life. Additionally, by ignoring their roleplay commands entirely and driving away, this gives them the right to fire their weapons at you, thus ruling out the violation of Deathmatch. Player Bruce_Wong will receive a punishment for Fear Roleplay | Offense #1 (Normal). Kind Regards, Dqniel Senior Support
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    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Making deals with the Blip Lord
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    Finally! CHINESE CRIMINALS! I'm hyped! Black Hand Triads nostalgia from SA:MP days. HAH!
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    I never post on other players faction posts but I have to say this one seems very promising , the way you all roleplay , secure areas before doing something/security on the main boss and rolling up with like +15 people is very fun to watch on videos.Keep it up and I hope to see you guys in roleplay!
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    ((See The Last Riders archived post for origins)) The Last Riders are no more. The people, brotherhood, and family that was created in TLR is still good and well, however. All of this exists now under The Last Family, or as we say it L'ultima Famiglia. The group of brothers found themselves performing mostly business, rather than riding their motorcycles. After striking money with their vehicle business, and other labor unions, the close family decided to shift their focus to business and spreading their roots in the city. Several of the Riders had previously immigrated to the U.S. from Italy and were previously involved with the Italian Mafia. Discussions of reorganizing began, their mentality continued to shift, their business success continued. One of the members suggested connecting with his ties back in Italy. It was at this moment that The Last Riders transformed into what is now known as L'ultima Famiglia. L'ultima Famiglia has since transformed into an organized-crime network with operations focused in Los Santos, with reach across the United States. The organization is traditionally run with a strict hierarchy headed by the boss, who rules unquestioned. Second-in-command is the underboss and below him are the capos who each rule a crew of soldiers. At the bottom of command are the associates, people who work for or do business for the family and who are not full-fledged members. Becoming a member is a lifetime commitment and each mafiosi is expected to follow the organizations all-important code, Omerta. You must come across a soldier or capo, if you show interest in becoming a part of the family, a sit down must be arranged with the soldier or Capo to present what business or service you can bring to the Family. A percentage of the family's take will be agreed upon and business will continue as usual. If you do not have a business proposal to be presented you may request permission from a Capo to help with any activities that the Capo may call you to participate in. Boss: Sitting at the head of the table is the Boss. The boss will have the final say in all major decisions and all the Mafia income ultimately comes to him. He will then distribute accordingly. It is a requirement that the Boss gets his take on any and all money activities that are performed. The Boss is the only one with the authority to resolve any disputes in and out of the Family. Underboss: Just below the Boss is the Underboss. The Underboss is the second in command. Some underbosses resolve disputes without involving the boss himself. The underboss is the only one able to communicate to the Boss about any issues or business opportunities. The underboss will also fill the role of the Boss if he is away or imprisoned. The Consigliere: The Consigliere acts as an Advisor for the Boss. His job is to aid in the decision making process and play an unbiased role during disputes. Although he is considered a Family member, his role does not involve him directly with any crimes. The Consigliere essentially serves as the Boss’ personal assistant and advisor. The Capo’s: The Capo’s role is to obtain information from their Soldiers to pass up the ranks to the boss for a final decision. The capos each control a territory and have their own group of soldiers that serve under them. Soldiers: A Soldier's job is to handle the dirty work. Any crime or activity that needs handling will be taken care of by the soldiers and possibly there associates. A Soldier will only report to the their Capo for anything regarding the involvement or possible involvement of the Family. Associates: An associate is someone who isn't fully affiliated with the mafia. Each associate handles there own business and pays back to the mafia. They also aid in any crime and event within the Mafia. The associate is not considered a made man. All the above jobs are made men. The associate will have the opportunity to become a made man once the Capo presents it to the Boss and/or Underboss. Associated can typically be hitmen, employees, or even corrupt government officials. Anyone speaking to an individual of power higher than themselves will show the utmost respect to that individual. They are to be treated as a man with power. Only Capos, soldiers and Associates are to be active on a radio. No Underboss, or Boss is to be communicating on a radio. All contact with these individuals is to be made via mobile phone or in person. If anyone with a rank less than Capo has an issue or business proposal that information must be relayed directly to their Capo. It is then the Capos duty to then present it to the Underboss or Boss. If there is a dispute or issues with another organization in the city a sit down must be conducted at the earliest available time. This sit down will only be accompanied by The Boss, The Underboss, The Capos, and the Consigliere (as an advisor). Each Capo will be in charge of their own form of organized crime. This could be the manufacturing and distribution of drugs, Vehicle theft, and Robbery. These criminal responsibilities can change weekly so that not everyone is performing the same acts continuously. Obviously, the construction of illegal drugs is more productive with manpower, so if more personnel is requested the profits must reflect the increase. It is a goal of the organization to hold illegal gambling events. We will collect our take for the event at the front door as a commission and provide the security and protection services for the event attendees. 1. Respect the Boss! (will be dressed the White or Purple Suit) 2. Respect your Under bosses, Consigliere, and Caporegime's (Capo). 3. Soldiers and Capo's are "Made Men" treat them as such! 4. All Capo's will recruit 3 Soldiers to ride together in their car when conducting “business”. 5. All family members will have a black/purple 4 door sedan or SUV (this allows for soldiers to ride with) 6. All Soldiers will recruit Associates to ride with them while Capos are out of city when conducting “business”. 7. Associates/Members that prove their allegiance to the family will earn a promotion. (You start at the bottom) 8. All Soldiers and Associates will guard entrance to the Mafia Family Mansion while not actively riding with Capo's, Bosses, Etc. 9. All members of the family, Soldier and below will wear the gray suit, gray fedora, black tie, and black glasses. 10. Consigliere and Under Boss will wear the white or black Suit, white or black fedora, and purple tie (to signify their power). 11. Capo's will wear the gray or black sharp suit, gray or black fedora, purple tie (to signify their power) 12. If the Boss is gone. The Under Boss orders are final. 13. If the Boss and Under Boss are gone, the Capo's will have a sit down and decide who will assume power until they are back, the Consigliere will continue to play the role of advisor. 14. The Don/Boss will rarely ever use radio, if you need to talk to him you use your phone. Speaking with Capo's Waiting for company Chatting with Vice before discussing business Meeting starts The start and end of an important meetup
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    Player(s) being reported: 105 Date of interaction reported: 2/8/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549662793 Your characters name: Hoxton Curry Other player(s) involved: Tom and Lucas Daniels, Henk Frederiksen, Jason Nightwood, Garcia, Philipe Sanchez, and the rest Specific rule(s) broken: 6.2.3 If a player’s game crashes while in an active roleplay scenario, both parties should attempt to make contact and try to resume the scenario. A player crash must never be used to put them in a disadvantage. 6.3.1 Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord. 7.1.1 Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger when the attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. 7.1.2 Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; • When the engine of your vehicle is stalled and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; • When the attacker lowers their weapon to write a roleplay response, your life remains in direct danger; How did the player break the rule(s)? We were in a RP situation where we were robbing a group of people , and this person that was not here when we started the robbery logged in mid into it, Me and henk aimed our guns but this person never heard of FearRP, i told henk to go deal with her while the rest of us make sure the hostages dont do anything stupid, and he failed. She did not inform us in OOC and then FearRP'd , I also believe she was Metagaming with someone else in this group because she instantly started running and jumping around when she logged in. This cost me an AK , 10k$ in charges and 2 hours of my life because this person called the police and @Roberto_Sanchez injured me and brought more backup and the rest is obvious, All of this happened because someone refuses to follow the simplest and most basic rules and this is one of the main reason why I just get pissed off at ECRP and do something else. http://prntscr.com/milgg4 http://prntscr.com/milili Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/wvmur
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    One of the big things that always interested me was, why isn’t there a spot where we can go to drag race? The airport isn’t being used what so ever at the moment, and planes are very unlikely to be released into the server. Why not make it a place to drag race? Good way for people to gamble against eachother, bet cars, money, earn bragging rights over a friend, and speed legally!
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    +1 but I have no problem for remove /vnn feature instead of some cool perks like VIP clothes and weapons skin
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    Also there are a lot of New Player tag players that are in Clown gang, and they're not solo, they're riding with your 20 ppl squads so Also they're breaking rules hard and i got vids of it but w/e not gonna waste my time reporting new players
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    Doesn't matter, donators/VIP's can go to the weapon store for skins on their illegal weapons too. Just because it's not a good idea for you, doesn't mean it's not a cool perk for other players. That's like saying it's not a good idea to have reduced jail sentences because you'll never be arrested, but it's still a perk.
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    Hello, and thank you for making this report! @MikeTyson_ Nino_Bryant (ID 29) will have 24 hours to respond with his side of the story, and explain as to why he used a vehicle more than once to knock @MikeTyson_ to the ground. The reported party does not have a forum account, and will be notified of this report ingame. Kind regards, Dqniel Senior Support
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    I was sad that I wasn't able to participate on this but glad that the Family is moving up!
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    Yes, that is the idea. If they want to kill their character, they now have an option for that - CK.
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    As the Los Santos Triads are fresh in town they're out on the look to make some strong connections. A meeting with a member of the Marcello Family was arranged to discuss some business opportunities. After a successful meeting between the Los Santos Triads and the Marcello Family they both arrive back at Los Santos Customs.
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    The higher ups of the Los Santos Triads making their presence known down at the Bayview hosted car meet. The Wong family out doing some Organisation Headquarters research for their new Family Business. After scouting out for a new Headquarters the Los Santos Triads decided it was time to get down and dirty. The rapid increase of gun import prices lead to them resorting to Robbery. Before anything a plan was required. After the plan of action was set in place, they moved in and executed the mission fast, clean and vanished. Leaving no evidence behind.
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    Punishment will be voided. There is plenty of reason to believe he is under arrest. SWAT was present, barricades were up, it essentially looks like cops believed there was an imminent attack already. This was not a routine cuff the drunk guy on the sidewalk for a couple officers safety as its being made out to be by saying people get put in cuffs all the time, while this is a true statement it is not the only factor in this situation. Police are trained to deal with dangerous situations like this, people should not be being banned for this, they were within their rights to attempt an attack to get their friend out of police custody. Thanks for the appeal.
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    looks dangerous
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