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    - Reduced in game store prices, Perhaps $1-2 off gasoline, 30% cut in general store prices, 15% cut in weapon store prices. - Cosmetics for weapons ( gold / silver / platinum ) - VIP / Donator Clothing ( Cool clothing from GTA Online DLC's. ) - Perhaps a feature where players who have subscribed to vip for so many months in a row earn a unique vehicle that isn't available from dealerships, ( cannot be sold / traded ) - Vehicles from this thread could be used, obviously not super's but a random sports car every 3 months in a row of subscription would be a nice reward for players. - VIP / Donator Forum / Discord Subsections - VIP / Donators can have the ability to change their username on forums - VIP / Donators channel in discord to have a sneak peak on upcoming updates - VIP / Donators ability to change the color of their name on forums. - VIP / Donators monthly in-game party, ( NCZ, Set up script to where only VIP / Donators can enter the door, Free unlimited alcohol, Live DJ. )
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    Hey Epic Gamers, Something has been bothering me for a while, the "New Life" system. I've been talking with others and I'm kinda bothered with how this system works. I personally feel like we need to change it, and make it so that when you die - you don't start a new life, instead, you get forced into an "RP Coma" and later released at the hospital, forgetting what happened to your character the past x hour(s). Pretty much keep it how it is, but don't keep it as "New Life". EDIT: This idea seems better. If you get injured and there's no one around to treat you - You get delivered to the hospital by NPC medical personnel and you'd RPly be critically injured. Perhaps to combat an endless cycle of retaliation e.g. gang vs gang, we could make it a rule to set OOC standards for better realism that your previous beef with a person is no more, and that you must engage in new role-play with them. It just doesn't make sense to me that you start a new life but still can return to your work, gang, and/or friends and be the same person. Instead of starting a new life every time you die, I'd much rather see the implementation of a voluntary CK system. Meaning that death cannot be forced on you unless e.g. you agree to force CK upon joining a gang whatnot. Normally, a CK in traditional sense means complete character kill, e.g. hardcore mode on certain games just wipes your character when you die and you need to create a new one, but I don't necessarily feel this is what we should do on here because there's a lot of real hours spent into your character and gaining wealth, and then it doesn't make much sense for all grown-up people to arrive at the airport at a new city with pocket change and not being able to afford anything. This should be the effects of a character kill in my own personal opinion: Your name should become disabled, it should not be possible to use this name in the future. Add it to a list of dead names. Your phone should be deleted, number - contacts, and everything. Your inventory should be wiped. Your houses/properties should be automatically sold and the market value given to you. You should be kicked out of your gang/faction and a cooldown of rejoining that specific gang/faction # should be 2 weeks, to allow you to build up your new character's story. All of your saved aliases should be wiped out, everyone should be a stranger to you again. You should be forced to change your name. This is how a CK should be done: To avoid the issue of players "accidentally" CKing themselves and then creating a hassle for the staff team in terms of reverting it, I would recommend that the player having to /report and ask for a Moderator+ to witness the CK RP and then using a command on the player which the player then have to accept, e.g. - /ck [Receiver] > Window pops up for the player explaining the information of a character kill and its effects. At the bottom of the window, there are two buttons, "Accept" "Decline" After the CK is accepted, the player is sent to the airport entrance and a new window pops up where they have to enter a new name. And at this point, all effects of the CK has been applied. Feel free to post feedback/your own suggestions.
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    No money advantages at all over other players that dont donate, pay to win is a no go from me.
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    If you really want to get unban maybe write ur own appeal next time instead of copying mine? http://prntscr.com/mit7q4 staff should look into it
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    Extended property inactivity An extended time before a property (be it a house, business etc.) is deemed inactive and auctioned off. Shouldn't be too big of a difference. Maybe a week or two. (Bare in mind that my two suggestions are things that I've seen in place on other communities et cetera. that I think could work on Eclipse)
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    Pets for VIPs or maybe even Donators I'm not sure why they were never added back to the server, I know other servers on Rage that have pets for i.e. a monthly fee of donation points, maybe that's an idea. The restriction would make it so that not everyone has a pet, reducing the impact it has on the server as well. (Bare in mind that my two suggestions are things that I've seen in place on other communities et cetera. that I think could work on Eclipse)
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    Be able to take out salary at all hours of the day
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    A free license plate change given every month of active subscription. (does not stack, use it or lose it!)
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    The current furniture location for me it is not the best, as the furniture store has alot of furniture inside and the building it's self is really small, so I suggest changing location. Current Furniture store and it's location : Suggested furniture store building and it's location : For me this building is big and it looks like proper store. Furniture store shouldn't look like grocery store, It has to be big! Let me know your thoughts below!!!
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    Hello yes I have big brain idea The boys should implement a weapons market, similar to drug drop-offs where players can sell all types of available weapons in the game, from combat pistols to Ak's. I, along with many other players have bags and bags of pistols with less than 30 ammo, completely useless to most criminal content. The type of weapon along with price can change like drug drop-offs do, you could drop the weapons in the same way you do drugs. Obviously the sell price would be lower than what they sell for in stores, however I feel criminal content is somewhat lacking at the moment and this could spice things up. Please respond with constructive feedback as to why you think this would, or would not work. /me dabs Thanks 🙂
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    One of the things ive noticed while playing on ECRP is the amount of cars that are supported by Rage MP that are not added into the server. Why not make it when someone achieves the Donator rank that they are able to import 1 vehicle that is not for sale to the public, they would still need to pay in game cash for these vehilces and supers would be excluded from this obviously. Also for VIP members have a separate list of cars they can import from a VIP dealership that would take Credits to import. This would diversify the cars a little bit more in my opinion and make more cars available that could be used in RP as well as every day use. I feel that if we made the general stores and gun stores be discounted for VIP that would be a HUGE advantage they would have over normal players. I also like the idea of Donator only clothes or weapon skins. Free parking in the parking lot would be a wonderful thing but still 500$ for lifetime parking is really cheap as it is. Thank you for letting us have an opinion on this and keep up the great work!!
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    Free and more slots or Lower taxes
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    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Making deals with the Blip Lord
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    Finally! CHINESE CRIMINALS! I'm hyped! Black Hand Triads nostalgia from SA:MP days. HAH!
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    One of the big things that always interested me was, why isn’t there a spot where we can go to drag race? The airport isn’t being used what so ever at the moment, and planes are very unlikely to be released into the server. Why not make it a place to drag race? Good way for people to gamble against eachother, bet cars, money, earn bragging rights over a friend, and speed legally!
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    Player(s) being reported: Hugo Romano (14) Date of interaction reported: 2/9/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549684596 Your characters name: Nicholas Harm Other player(s) involved: Jay Bacon , Cythia Shelby, Kyle Dorety, Alex Keller Specific rule(s) broken: "7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban." How did the player break the rule(s)? Hugo shot at me as I got out of the vehicle even when I stated I had an Uzi on me, I was complying and had not shot at anyone in the RP scenario and then afterwards says "on your knees". Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/s/M4tY1lwxHkJv I have more evidence to prove I did not shoot if it's needed.
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    My game isn't working right now, so in the meantime, I decided to thoroughly browse the Forums. I enjoy checking the Forums from time to time, mostly looking at what other people are thinking about whats going on or even checking the Reports threads to get a better understanding on what is report-able and what isn't. After lots of reading, I'm finding I share similar concerns to many of you and I want to talk about it. This will be broken into many sections, so I will try to keep it as together as I can. Feel free to contribute to any of it as I'll gladly talk about all of it... I apologize ahead of time for the long thread, I have a bad habit of typing a lot and adding detail.... I'm still new to the server. I've spent quite a bit of time playing in the last few days, but my XP is still less than 10,000. Throughout my time in the server, I've done just about everything; delivery jobs, trucking, fishing and even the occasional drug operation. I like experiencing everything. My characters main goal is to be a tycoon and have lots of money. Now I know you're probably thinking "so does everyone else", but humor me. Anytime I play a game with the option to make money or quest... I always choose "make money". Backstory: When World of Warcraft was still new and you could only get to level 60, I used to play.. and instead of questing and doing that sort of thing, I became drawn to the Auction House as soon as I knew of its existence. All I wanted to do was make money, so I did and I did it well. So in my gaming history, there is a pattern of this behavior. Hell, I'll even do the same thing on phone games. Having LOTS of money to me has always made things easier (especially in gaming haha!). Anyway, I want to have a bunch of money in game, own businesses, etc. It's not about having nice cars, houses, etc. (I love my $8,000 Werrener, I'm less conspicuous).. it's about having the most and being known by everyone. So all of my experiences thus far are going to stem from making money. First of all, I think its wild that the Gangs run this town. I actually resent all gangs at this point for what they do to me in-game constantly. More police needed or something? This is also my first RP server I've ever played in... my RP skills might not be perfect, but I'm a smart person, adaptive and I feel like I keep in character very well. I'm learning. Anyway, I'm getting a little tired of the following action: Me: *Minding my own business, growing pot* Gang Member: *rolls up in vehicle* "Hey" Me: "Hey, whats up?" Gang Member: "What gang are you in?" Me: "None" Gang Member: "Ok... Hands up then!" *Proceeds to rob me and leave* I'd like to say I'm not in a gang and I'll never been in one. Its not my style. My character is not a follower, he is a leader. Anyway, this is a SUPER common interaction. Or I'll be at drug labs making drugs (where you screen is blurred and you can't see much) and someone will run up behind me, mic spamming for me to put my hands up, rushing me (borderline Powergaming?), etc. or they will shoot - which sometimes they have. It gets old real quick and only because its the same, cookie-cutter interaction all the time. The RP interaction itself is dismal too. Its literally a smash and grab job.. which I understand, its a robbery, not a dinner date... there doesn't need to be conversation. What I don't like is all of this "/do succeed" crap.. Why even bother with that because if I say "no" or do anything other than comply, I'm shot or /occ'd for "Fear RP"... Its just a little annoying. Just point the gun at me, frisk me, take what you find and go. I'd be fine with that... I personally love the KoS rule and I still patiently await my time to act on it! Now, I guess I could try to drag the RP scenario out, but most of the time, 2-3 guys are jumping me and there is literally NOTHING you could do in the situation, even in real life. However, I would like to see something done for a 1v1 robbery. This might stop all of my mic spamming, thick accented friends who like to roll up on motorcycles, yell at me (inaudible), take my stuff and leave. So what am I doing about it? Well, as I said, I'm adaptive and if we are gonna play the game, we are going to play the game! I'm out doing risky stuff, but I like switching it up. So what do I do? I stash my drugs. I don't carry a gun or I'll hide it.. I hide my car (or steal someone else's so if I'm searched for keys, I don't have them because they are obviously in the car).. That way when I'm robbed, the robber gets nothing. It actually makes for entertaining RP scenarios on my end as I watch these clowns try to act like hard-asses to only come up empty handed. My little way of "sticking it to the man". So I guess to counter argue all the robbing, why not just outsmart other players? Hopefully I'm not giving away any secrets here and setting myself up (finding out about this stuff here is OCC?)... but anyway, I'm a solo person IC, I'm a smart person IC.. so it is in my characters nature to stash, hide and act this way. Hopefully me doing this is considered "good RP". As I read reports and the forums, I'm finding that I've been victim to A LOT of rule breakers. Despite me doing criminal things, I actually have yet to rob another player. The worst I do is take a random car or bike. Maybe I should report more? I remember reading in the rules that you aren't supposed to play demolition derby with your expensive cars, yet I'll have 1-3 cars smashing into me (Nice cars) to get me to stop just so people can rob me. Is this something to report for? I've been shot and killed after complying with all demands... which I've reported twice for, only ever talked with a mod about 1 instance and the rule breaker was only issued a verbal warning (he told me to leave, so I started to run away as I was told.. he then starts shooting me because I "ran away"). People not giving me much time to respond to commands is also common. So what can I do? Just report everything or maybe make mention to the players about poor RP? I like playing the game quite a bit, but the fun gets taken out of it when people aren't playing fairly. I need to get some sort of way to record the interactions for evidence. I'd have some real entertaining stuff by now. Among my money making adventures, I enjoy the poker tables a lot. I'm no pro, but I do play here and there and honestly, this has been the easiest way for me to make a bunch of money. I will say, the poker aspect seems very fair - I don't see "crazy hands" pop up all the time like online platforms. What I think needs to be re-evaluated are the payouts. I've seen a few instances where a 6th card has been used to determine the winner of a hand... and we are playing a 5 card game. For example: The 5 community cards ended up being a full house. Everyone active in the hand should have split the pot evenly. However, one person won the whole thing because they had an Ace. Their other card is irrelevant.. actually, both cards are irrelevant because neither had anything to do to better what was already on the table. Again, should have been a split pot, yet this players "6th card" decided he should win. Small gripe, but I'm 100% about fairness. I would have felt bad if someone tried to bluff this hand (trying to trick someone into thinking they had a better full house) to win it all, as it would just split anyway, but end up losing a lot of money due to this 6th card. Where are all the cops!? No one gets in trouble for anything I feel like. Hell, I've seen a cop ran down and openly shot at on the highway. Traffic laws? What traffic laws? I've actually strongly considered joining the police department (best way to stick it to the gangs).. and maybe there my questions will be answered? Just seems like the Wild West out there with all of the gangs and violence. I also wish there was more to do. Hell, bring golf out? Make the casino a real thing? Something. There has to be some content for the players like me who don't want to be in a gang. I feel like that is why gang activity is so prevalent. It's like.. be in a gang, or else! TL;DR Do I need to report players more for rule violations? Where are the police? 1v1 robberies should NOT always be 100% successful (Fear RP amendment?) Need more things to do besides work or do crime. Poker fix. Thanks for the read. Thanks for the listen. Was nice killing off some time.
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    Citybee's/Faggio's go to 100kph instead of 70kph.
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    Hey there, I've been part of the MD since September at this point and I've seen lows and highs in the faction. The issue isn't the pay, the issue is the overall RP people do with the medic. As stated above, broken legs and low effort roleplay is 95% of the calls. People don't like dying, and they'll come up with the blandest stuff to get back on the street as normal. We get a steady income of applications, but a lot of people get demotivated during their training or leave for a more "fun" experience shortly after finishing their training. More pay won't do anything, if anything I feel the pay for medics is more than sufficient enough as is. -1
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    +1 but I have no problem for remove /vnn feature instead of some cool perks like VIP clothes and weapons skin
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    Hello. I apologize for the extremely late response, have not found the time to answer to this until today. The above is the current Vehicle Deathmatch rules. Players are allowed to run someone over once, but they can reattempt that at a different time, different place. Report denied
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    On the topic of potential VIP advertisement boards, what if we could edit billboards to put our own advertisement on it? Not sure if that'd be possible but it could be a cool perk for VIP. Just replacing bleets with some other global ad is a bad idea in my mind though as then it would lead to the same problem that's being dealt with now, where people just use the VIP ads and Weazel has nothing to do
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    Ability to change a characters gender once, name change included maybe.
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    Also there are a lot of New Player tag players that are in Clown gang, and they're not solo, they're riding with your 20 ppl squads so Also they're breaking rules hard and i got vids of it but w/e not gonna waste my time reporting new players
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    Now this is why I do not like any of the suggestions Donator only clothes People will still trade them to each other, leading to a CS:GO type of system. Not necessary and useless. Donator only weapon skins Again, this will create a CS:GO type of system, trading skins with each other and selling them to regular players. Gun store discounts Guns prices were just increased with the purpose to decrease the number of players with weapons and the number of pistols that people carry, they are now more valuable. Implementing this would do the opposite of the purpose of the update with increasing the gun prices. Discounted/Free parking at the parking lots As Osborn said above, paying as little as $500 for parking a car for an unlimited amount of time is cheap. If anything, it should slightly be increased. Being able to join two factions at once (Mechanic & Clowns for example.) People are already abusing the fact of multiple characters, making their characters join let's say LSC and then transferring every penny from your character with a job to your criminal, making it much easier to buy guns for criminals, as money is not a problem because you can just go onto your LSC character and be online for a couple of hours to earn money.
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    Certainly, I am the one who shot to attempt to disable his vehicle when he ignores my request for him to exit the vehicle. Those who are "AFK" made it very clear there was a dominator at chop over radio, with someone we did not mind robbing inside. For whatever reason I am putting on a helmet in Geralts video, but you can see me aiming clearly here. He makes no attempt to respond, fear for his life, and just backs up full speed, zero compliance, which I believe puts me in the right to attempt to disable his vehicle. KOS isn't even the right rule doesn't even make sense here, as I never shot him on sight, you can see my request very clearly in his video.
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    More business properties for purchase
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    I still find it very weird how your cousin, who you say is a "kid and stupid", manages to write up such an extensive PM to a staff member, but doesn't manage to reply to the most basic of question in game. I stand with my recommendation. I don't think your English is good enough, so I'd like to see you pass the quiz again, in the event that you should be unbanned. I'll leave it up to a senior administrator or above from now on. Please don't bump your threads.
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    Hello, and thank you for making this report! @MikeTyson_ Nino_Bryant (ID 29) will have 24 hours to respond with his side of the story, and explain as to why he used a vehicle more than once to knock @MikeTyson_ to the ground. The reported party does not have a forum account, and will be notified of this report ingame. Kind regards, Dqniel Senior Support
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    The first draft of the suggestion has been written up, it's currently with the commissioners to edit and post at their discretion. The first part may be heavily tweaked to allow for a worthwhile job, but will certainly look into it. The second point will be added but the agreed rank it falls under maybe changed, to justify the level of responsibility given.
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    I was sad that I wasn't able to participate on this but glad that the Family is moving up!
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    Ordered a drone shot, could not be more happy about how it came out 🙂 Recommended!
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    Also - Make the dead names list able to be viewed at the cemetery so people can RP visiting a characters grave. Perhaps even make it so that a memorial note can be added to a dead name.
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    Glad we figured things out in the pms man good talking with ya!
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    Yes, that is the idea. If they want to kill their character, they now have an option for that - CK.
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    Shadow Capitol Estate, Finance, Funeral, Loans, Trusts, Will & Testament Services Take command of your financial affairs today. Shadow Capitol offers asset, estate, finance, funeral, loan, and trust services to any of our clients. We are here for you to make your dreams come true while you're with us and to carry out your wishes after you've gone. Meet with our team today to plan your estate and finances, past, present and future. As a government licensed and legal entity (soon) we promise to be fair, impartial and unbiased. We are confidential and informative and care about our clients and their privacy. Let us help you today with ... Asset Liquidation. City, Department & Legal Documents. Financial Planning, Debt & Liabilities. Funeral Planning, Will & Testament Services. Holdings, Transfers & Trusts. Loans dba Maze Bank West. Home / Vehicle Loans. Investments Personal & Private Loans. Tenant-Landlord/Rental Loans. Property Dereliction & Abandonment. Rental Management. Safety Deposit Boxes (soon) Don’t let your finances get you down and turned around. Come in today, plan for tomorrow. Plan Today, For Tomorrow. Call, Text or Inquire Now. 2057127
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    The higher ups of the Los Santos Triads making their presence known down at the Bayview hosted car meet. The Wong family out doing some Organisation Headquarters research for their new Family Business. After scouting out for a new Headquarters the Los Santos Triads decided it was time to get down and dirty. The rapid increase of gun import prices lead to them resorting to Robbery. Before anything a plan was required. After the plan of action was set in place, they moved in and executed the mission fast, clean and vanished. Leaving no evidence behind.
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    I sold it to him for $300,000 a week ago so if he's charging significantly more than that you're being ripped off. There's a lot of people going around recently and buying up houses then selling them a day later for $100,000 more than they spent and it's inflating the housing prices.
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    Account name: joshybosh Character name: Stanley bonnet Admin who issued punishment: I Forgot there name they were a moderator Date of punishment: 09/02/2019 Punishment recived: 3 day ban Reason given for punishment: Afk using macros to farm money My explenation of what happend: Hi I am not saying what i did was right but here is my reason im appealing my ban. I went to the poker table and saw 5 people there but I had to run downstairs get some food quick I would have only been 10 minutes and I wanted them to stay and play so I said I would be back in 10 minutes in ooc chat. When I went down I caught up in a conversation I couldn't just walk away from (real life comes first sometimes) and came back around 25 minutes later to see I was banned for 3 days. I would have logged out but its so buggy logging in and the game takes a while to load I thought it would be better for me to leave my keyboard how it is in the picture. Obviously, if I knew I was going to get banned (or caught up in convo with my parents) This would be the last thing I would do (macroing for money). If I wanted to farm money I would spend 6 hours solid in the post van (check my account I have don't this a few times because I'm a sad human) and not tried this way. It was just an honest mistake and I understand rules are rules but this is my reason for the appeal, farming money was not at all my intention here I just wanted a good game of poker and wanted people to stay at the table. I'm sorry for any trouble I caused and hope to hear from you guys soon. cheers josh post any further evidence or further details: This is the picture showing why i was walking.
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    A full scripted neighbourhood only for VIP's houses. Obviously free houses. 3-4G's. Like those cool ones in Mirror Park.
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    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend ❤️
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    Discounted heavy weapons, Discounted Tax, Discounted price when purchasing vehicles/houses from HE,LE and the REAL ESTATE MARKET
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