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    (( Discord )) The Beans gang specializes in making drugs. 'Beans' are a secret word for drugs, shh! Bob Beans This man is a professional BMX-er, sometimes referred to as a BMX God. Billy Beans He lost his mind transitioning to Los Santos. He is currently serving a lifetime in prison. Kelly Beans She left the business to pursue her love for cotton candy. She is still a respected member of the Beans family though. In the 19th century when the long depression in USA started, the Beans family needed to escape somewhere so they can live properly and consolidate somewhere at least. They managed to leave to Russia, which at that point seemed stable and pretty welcoming for them. As people were leaving Europe and Russia to look for better life in USA, Beans family had to do the opposite. They moved to a small village near Moscow called Dubki and started their beans business. It was hard in the beginning but they managed starting up the business. In the 20th century, the Beans family that was already settled down in the Soviet Union experienced a recession. The Beans family who immigrated there a few decades ago had to change their lifestyle. They used to have the biggest farm of beans and were known because of that all over the Soviet Union. But after a while the business of only growing beans and selling them didn‘t make much profit as they had to give a bigger part of their income to the ruling authority. The Beans family managed to find out something way more profitable though. They started growing not only normal beans but the more profitable and valuable kind – Beans with a big B (weed). While selling the casual beans, their younger family members were sent to the streets to sell special kinds of Beans and it all went very well apparently. Business was going really well as the legit beans selling was an ideal cover that allowed the Beans family to sell weed really easily as they had the storage & farming facilities for growing the new product. It was going just great for few years, when in 1986 the soviet police found out about their shady business. The Beans family got information that the soviet police will come after them, so they had to pack their things and leave if they didn‘t want to get caught and sent to Siberia. They were shook that they managed to figure them out, but stayed strong and were ready for everything. And the day has come. In 1986, July 26th, three black chebureks with tinted windows rolled in. They thought this is it, but apparently it belonged to the local mafia. They came to have a talk with the Beans family. Apparently Beans were one of the main suppliers to that mafia and they got information about their supplier being in danger. So they told about the places they have abroad and suggested them moving to USA becoming their partners and continuing their successful Beans business there. Because of the last name no one suspected that these people might be sent by someone else. It was the best suggestion they could get at this point, so the younger generation of Beans left the soviet country and moved to the USA. They started their business from a few seeds they managed to bring with themselves. They stayed in Virginia to stabilize their business. Aleksandr Beans and Nina Beans had three babies – Kelly , Bob and Billy. They knew when they grew up, their kids will continue the family traditions, so they sent them to the west coast to spread Beans business there. Bob and Kelly managed to get a degree and sell beans in the background to their friends, but Billy got caught once and got a lifetime sentence in prison. As far as we know, Billy still manages to get some Beans in prison and successfully trade them in prison. Bob and Kelly managed to establish themselves in Los Santos after getting their degree. They seem to be not very close, but secretly they still manage to contact and to do their family business together. They are spreading and involving more and more people into selling their original Beans. Bob Beans is currently looking for members to join his business. The plan is to make the biggest Bean empire the world has ever seen. ((This thread is under construction and subject to change!))
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    This post is dedicated to selling / attempting to sell Beans ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( he didn't want to buy any ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got some customers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    The addition of a usable fishing pole added to general stores, and the ability to fish in various areas of the map versus just pier. Could also add depth to the fishing system, by having various fish in different areas worth different values, etc.
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    Hello Again, DCC Management would love to have a command that would show the location of all current On-Duty Vehicles since they have a GPS Built in anyways. That way we can locate our drivers and make sure they are working and not sleeping on the job. (Taxis IRL have Trackers on them and dispatch can see them on a map). This would make management's lives a lot easier instead of having to drive around town looking for 1 driver who is MIA. The Command could be like /fvloc or something like that or /fvehgps Thanks for taking the time to read this, Regards, Varro Dalison HR Representative
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    Player(s) being reported: MarcoD Date of rule breach:11/01/2019 Time of rule breach:03:10AM 08:00+ GMT Your characters name: Shawn Barnes Specific rule broken:(6.6 Non-roleplay) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: so it started out with our leader Jamal going to jail and getting 150 Months we decided to break him out of jail via helicopter as i was a marine pilot for 6 years (my character BIO) , so we had 2 ideas to call a medic and request for a helicopter or to call a police officer and request a helicopter for his freedom the medic was the first to respond so we went with that option, now i drove out the the top end of the map in chance they would send a helicopter out for help as they would IRL if you were far out and away from a city. once we got the helicopter and flew it into jail to free Jamal he was released by an admin and once we left we found out Andrew was in jail still so went back to get him, here is where MarcoD comes into this. so he starts by saying that what we did was NON-Role play and said "so you found a helicopter on the side of the road and stole it and flew it to save someone how is that Role play?" i then informed him that we planed the robbery of a medic for his helicopter and i was a pilot (my bio) and he says "yeah and i'm a pilot too... that was easy" we keep talking and once i told him is the point of playing a Role play game to Role play who you want to be and i said that i was role playing that i'm a pilot and again his response was " and I'm a God" i do not think MarcoD should be in control of an admin position since he does not understand the simpleness of Role playing a character and thinks the concept is stupid, he said lets think about the realism of you flying into a prison and taking him off we ALL explained that IRL it has happen many of times and then after more talking said "if you show me a video of someone getting out of prison with a helicopter in LA then ill reconsider" i then said to him in america we have the 4th amendment and a police officer told me that "we don't have the 4th amendment here in Los Santos" So why does the video have to be in LA? if we are not Role playing LA, america. i have 5 videos below of the following helicopter prison escapes in the following country's Canada, France,grease and Australia one of the videos the same man was broken out of 2 different prisons so they would of know his history and was still able to escape with him now he also said "you need to find another way to break him out instead of this" "there are always other ways to get inside the prison and start a RP situation and create something more realistic" and i told him "i think the only way we would come out alive is if we used a helicopter if we tried to break into a prison IRL we would not leave it alive" i think this is the most realistic way to break him out of jail there has never been a " walk in and take" of a prison yet i spent 1 minute looking for the videos and found 5 all around the world i'm sure if i spend more time looking i could find a lot more i have attached the whole video below un-edited. i do not believe MarcoD should be in the position he is in i even asked for a second Admins opinion and he ignored me i believe he was abusing his powers as an admin and did not think about how realistic this is and was being power hungry even to the point when he was saying " and i'm a God" was not he was not reasonable at any point and did not understand the idea of a characters BIO or the fact on how REALISTIC this was. EDIT --- after some more research here is a list of helicopter escapes done there is over 40 on the list INCLUDING america the list also says it is incomplete so there is more then 40 times this has happens and been posted here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_helicopter_prison_escapes if you would like the full video of us Role playing and taking the medics keys ask and ill upload it. its another 25 minute odd video so let me know
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    -1 Just sounds like a KOS zone with less RP.
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    Running from the police They trying to steal our beans
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    Pending @Marco Davis and as this involves staff. Pending @BallinByNature I also want to say calling a medic to lure in a helicopter falls under cop bating. As they are linked by radio and panic button. Pending this on HA as well.
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    Thats fine i"ll take 1 room them
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    Hello there, Stefanie here! You always wanted to live in Vinewood Hills or in Mirror Park, but never had the money? Now it's your time, to live in welfare and not in your car or on the street alone anymore! You pay at the beginning of the month for your rent and can use the house (with possible other residents). No weapons or drugs allowed. Storing your goods inside the house is going to be on your own risk, it's advisable, to use your personal vehicle for storage. Visits once in a while by me, to make sure, that everything is going alright. You can close the contract every month (it will be closed, if there is going to be no pay as well). You can also rent parking slots or a whole house, the monthly pay will be increased according to your choosing although. Call or Text me (#3931895) or write me down below, if you are interested! Following options: Mirror Park Address: West Mirror Drive 23 Monthly pay: $5,000 ((for 7 days a week)) Maximum amount of residents: 3 (1 parking slot for each resident) Additional Info: Close to DCC, LSPD, LSEMS, General Stores, Fuel Station, Clothing Store and other opportunities. Status: FULLY RENTED! (3 out of 3 slots) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vinewood Hills Address: Kimble Hill Dr. 9 Monthly pay: $7,500 ((for 7 days a week)) Maximum amount of residents: 4 (1 parking slot for each resident) Additional Info: Close to LS Bank, Tequilala, General Store, Los Santos Customs Downtown, Courier Job, Clothing Store and other opportunities. Status: SLOTS OPEN! (3 out of 4 slots) I am looking forward to you! 💖 Your lovely paramedic, Stefanie Huth
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    Beans power!
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    You indeed checked the bot yourself I noticed. I did the same and also contacted the dealership owner. He indeed confirmed the bot price is correct: Probably some weird issue similar to the Stirling GT at the Motorsport bot (bot says it's 330K xD). As I still have no indication I will take offers starting from 560K at this moment.
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    Hello and thank you for reporting! I'm going to have ask both sides to remain patient and refrain from posting before a decision is made. Thank you!
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    These guys look dangerous
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    Hope to run in ya ICly hopefully not with a car ...
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    The next epic gang in the making 2019?
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    This will be the most epic gang
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    Wtfffffffffff epic gang
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    Setting up business with Grove Street Fam. From now on they will supply us with the most pristine beans. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    +1 but I would rather see other places being used as well, such as the actual Casino for gambling (down the line with a custom interior perhaps), it's getting pretty crowded inside Tequilala already.
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    Yea this would be a wonderfull idea totally no issues with first person and makes everything more fun, because fun is what first person is. Restricting player options is wonderful, lets do it.
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    Here's the issue with letting CKing be a choice at all times, it destroys RP. I'll give you two scenarios, these scenarios will begin by showing how it is currently VS how I think it should be with the forced CK. Currently ➸ Besus_Shrist takes a large loan from a loan shark, Besus refuses to pay it back. Loan shark finds and kills Besus, Besus Respawns and acts like nothing happened. ➸ Uarack_Cobama has a shoot out with the police where he kills 12 cops. Urack gets 120 Months jail time (2 Hours OOCly) and then proceeds to be a free man. What it should be. ➸ Besus_Shrist takes a large loan from a loan shark, Besus refuses to pay it back. Loan shark finds Besus and excutes him, Besus gets CKed and faces the consequences for not paying the loan shark back the money he owed. ➸ Uarack_Cobama has a shoot out with the police where he kills 12 cops. Urack gets life time in prison or the Electric chair, he will never be a free man. This is once again just my opinion, but I do see it as a huge issue that actions never have any consequences on Eclipse, doesn't matter if you crashed your car you can just keep driving it without RPing a squat, oh you started trouble with a gang? Well you just get killed and then wait 5 minutes to respawn and avoid anyform of proper consequence. People who example pick to RP criminals need to be able to face the consequence of a forced CK due to their actions, it puts them on edge, something which makes the roleplay more true to real life. Criminals live on the edge. You don't need to share my views, but I do believe that forcing people to take consequences will make people weary of their decisions.