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    Hello and thank you everybody for waiting patiently. After both myself and @MusketDeezNuts watched the video, we've come to the following conclusion; Fraser_Harrison: 6.2.3 | Offense #1 | used a players crash to their advantage. 7.8.2 | Offense #1 | Did not grand the same advantages to a crashed player. Harry_Dumbling: 6.2.3 | Offense #1 | used a players crash to their advantage. 7.8.2 | Offense #1 | Did not grand the same advantages to a crashed player. Jim_Statham: 6.2.3 | Offense #1 | used a players crash to their advantage. 7.8.2 | Offense #1 | Did not grand the same advantages to a crashed player. Lucas_Dumbling 6.2.3 | Offense #1 | used a players crash to their advantage. 7.8.2 | Offense #1 | Did not grand the same advantages to a crashed player. Feel free to create a refund request for the price of the shotguns. Report Accepted & Archived.
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    An idea came to mind but it might be little hard to script. Basically what if every time a gun is aimed at a player or certain criminal commands like /frisk are used there would be a chance of cops receiving an alert of the general location where the crime is being done. The chance could be based off the place(map zone) where the robbery is being perpetrated i.e highway 90 % chance, urban area in desert a 40 %, middle of desert or mountain, 2 % and so on. If you want to rely on scripts then you have to consider all options since Los Santos would never be inhabited by mere 200 people at a time, so make the 3.999800 million people are scripted eyes. And the idea that if there's no AI then there's no-one to witnesses is what makes crimes so damn easy to do.
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    If you don't have enough time to pull your gun you don't have enough time to disarm the robber. If someone tied to disarm me while I was aiming at them I would just /me would see you trying and shoot you or something of the sort. As for your last statement I agree with you 100%. Most people do it just for sake of convenience because most players can't roleplay properly. That's where the quiz and the people getting accepted come into question but that's for a whole other thread but I'm sure you know where I'm going with that. I made this thread because a member of PD who I won't name told me I was powergaming when I didn't use /do Would Mark succeed? after I roleplayed cuffing him (which you don't even need a /do if there hands are up per the powergaming rule) Never will I use /do success. I agree it's convenient due to the player base but it's sloppy and lazy
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    Hello again, After a careful review of the footage with a higher staff member and a discussion with another one we have come to the following conclusion: Mask 3379_7029 // Lucass Sanchez will receive 60 minutes of admin jail for his first offence New Life Rule offence. ( NLR #1 | Normal ). Being killed due to what you thought was a rule break is not a valid reason to break NLR. Mask 3379_7029 // Lucass Sanchez will also receive a permanent ban for his fifth Deathmatching offence. ( DM #5 | Major ). As NLR was in effect your character had absolutely no reason to shoot at Jay or Bitsy and your only reason to shoot them was to get revenge. Kind Regards, - Hazel | Senior Support Report Accepted &' Archived
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    <!> Everything in this thread is meant for out-of-character purposes and should not be taken in-character in any way, shape, nor form. 1957, North Lawndale, Chicago. Several African-American kids form the Vice Lords gang. They were led by the founding member Edward Perry, who chose the name after he looked up the term "vice" in the dictionary, and found the meaning "having a tight hold". As they were released from incarceration, they began widespread recruitment and engaged in conflict with other gangs from various Chicago neighborhoods. By '64, they had grown significantly and law enforcement named them as a primary target because of their various illegal activities, including but not limited to robbery, theft, assaults, battery, intimidation and extortion. Their numbers and popularity grew so much that other sets started springing up all over the United States. All the sets united as the Almighty Vice Lord Nation under the self-proclaimed leadership of Willie Lloyd. 2018, Stab City, San Andreas. Two brothers were out trying to make some quick cash, chopping a vehicle. A loose group of people showed up with guns and asked who they were affiliated with. As no satisfactory answer was provided, they proceeded to rob them and leave them to walk back to the city, without money but with much determination. It was on that long walk back to the city, that they decided to start this next chapter in their life. That's how the Insane Vice Lords sprung out of Los Santos, to become the most notorious Vice Lord set, known for their ruthlessness and violence. The Insane Vice Lords sees an increase in notoriety, which in turn increases the number of recruits which then increases the notoriety, and as such their numbers increase exponentially. Never being one to waste resources, these new soldiers are put to work consolidating early work and increasing their areas of influence. Drug manufacturing laboratories all over Los Santos are regularly used and monitored and before long, you can no longer produce drugs if you're on bad terms with the Nation. The soldiers start being groomed by more experienced members, and they start accumulating individual wealth and power, just as the Nation promised. Store clerks all over town are afraid of the dreaded black car armada, as when it strikes, not police nor SWAT can save them. Compliance is the only option, and this compliance lines the soldiers' pockets with cash. Extra-nation relations continue to improve as the leaders leave the petty criminal life behind and join the cities elites. Regular meetings with the older organizations are now the norm, and mutual calls for assistance always get answered, further strengthening those bonds. The Almighty Vice Lord Nation recognizes the Insane Vice Lord's achievements in their pursuit of wealth, influence and growth and promotes it's leaders to overseer ranks. No longer can the IVLs leadership be considered petty criminals. The Nation will continue to aggressively seek recruits and swear them by their laws, making them into ruthlessly efficient soldiers. Strength in numbers, and organisation through rigid laws that may never be broken with impunity, will guarantee that the Nation has the power to assert its influence wherever it needs to. AVLN can now reasonably be considered a medium tier organisation in the city, with it's new recruits being low tier and aspiring to be mid tier and it's leadership aspiring to be high tier, forming a perfect pyramid of power, wealth and ability. Tthe nation wishes to consolidate already established relations and thereby provide increased protection for everyone under their banner. It also wishes to drastically increase their presence at drug manufacturing labs, making it truly impossible for unfriendly entities to get any drug-related income in Los Santos. Looking past these soon-achieved plans, the Nation will take control of a weapon warehouse in the city, and start mass sale of high powered firearms to other, smaller organisations. This will further increase it's wealth and power. Last but not least, the IVLs are seeking out street-smart soldiers to rise up to the occasion, and fill leadership and complementary spots within the organisation, increasing distance between main leadership and the street, and increasing the status and wealth of said soldiers. Make contact with prominent groups around Los Santos ✔ Establish friendly relations with said groups ✔ Establish alliance with one or more groups that share our values ✔ Attain a small group of members to enforce our values ✔ Set in place the beginnings of a detached leadership model ✔ Attend and enhance social gatherings around town ✔ Establish a strong presence around drug manufacturing locations ✔ Be there in the time of need for one or more allies ✔ Increase wealth of the majority of the founding members ✔ Regularly manufacture drugs as an organised group ✔ Obtain an arsenal of large weaponry for eventualities ✔ Purchase premium properties in high end spots ✔ Obtain a warehouse and begin large scale weapon sale ✔ ▶ Establish a strong presence in the West side of town ▶ Join an exclusive management group to further increase influence ▶ Further strengthen inter-organisation bonds via miscellaneous means ▶ Continue filling positions to complete the detached leadership model Ⅰ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will have and show respect for the Nation Laws and it's people, no exceptions. Ⅱ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will uphold each and every order given at any time. Ⅲ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will be given a position within the Nation, and this position is to be upheld with your love and life. Ⅳ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will keep a code of silence and keep all Nation conversations within the Nation circle. Ⅴ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will pay a weekly due. The money is put aside for members. If you can't afford to pay your due, contact a brother. Ⅵ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will carry a firearm and a radio on their person at all times. Ⅶ. Everyone will be on the lookout for anyone wishing to become a member of this organization. They must be brought before a shot caller or higher. Ⅷ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation can and will be persecuted for not following the laws. The faction aims to be the home for any serious player that wishes to roleplay starting out from the bottom and possibly working their way up to the top of a large, criminal organisation. We expect all our members to roleplay to the best of their ability at all times. Rule-breakers are given violations and will be removed from the faction for repeated offenses. We are very much a hybrid organisation, offering roleplay opportunities ranging from street thug roleplay all the way up to low-key, high-class criminal roleplay. What you see and experience is highly dependent on your tax bracket, respect and age in the organisation. Currently known for being one of the most restrained and approachable organisations, we prefer to resolve conflicts via alternative means, as that easily creates high amounts of fun, and exciting roleplay.
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    The addition of a usable fishing pole added to general stores, and the ability to fish in various areas of the map versus just pier. Could also add depth to the fishing system, by having various fish in different areas worth different values, etc.
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    Let me just start off and say that this thread is not meant to be an argument, some know why I'm posting it but it is not directed towards any certain person or any certain situation. So I've noticed something quite scary and it's the misconceptions of the powergaming rule on this server. Allow me to blow your mind for a quick minute. /do success? -> is not necessary, ever. And I'm going to explain why. First, lets start with the definition of the powergaming rule as per the server rules. 6.4 Powergaming 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command), however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. 6.4.2 Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of powergaming. For example, roleplay of having super powers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, shooting a weapon while your character is injured. 6.4.3 It is not allowed to input false information or lie in /DO as this roleplay command is used to explain the facts of a roleplay situation. For example, if your character is hiding a pistol and another player makes an attempt to search you, if the outcome of the search is successful, you must use /DO to state the roleplay fact that the pistol had been found. 6.4.4 Forceful server commands, such as, /HANDCUFF or /MUG are exceptions to the powergame rule. Powergaming has many, many, MANY definitions and it is one of the more complex roleplay terms. Powergaming is also the most often roleplay rule broke during situations and often the most misconceived. It's easy to powergame, honestly, and the more you roleplay the more chance that you'll encounter this rule either being broken or being bent. First let's take a look at a situation that is considered powergaming. For all examples, Mark_Winterfield will be me. John_Doe will be the person I'm roleplaying with. * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. THAT is powergaming. There was no allowance of time between the /me and the /solitary. How would you fix that? Adding a /do success? is an option... but it's not necessary. I've always had a issue with this kind of roleplay because it opens the door for a crappy response. See below: * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * Do I succeed? (( Mark_Winterfield )) * No, John runs away (( John Doe )). W..what?? OK. That is very basic. John ran away. Cool. How though? I had him by the arm. Tell me how a man in cuffs managed to run away. Surely it's possible, but how am I suppose to respond to that? How do I combat that without using /do causing even more of a headache. Let me blow your mind real quick. Let's try this whole roleplay situation but without using /do for success questions once. Let's see how it turns out. * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * John_Doe brings his foot up and kicks Mark in the shin, running away. * Mark_Winterfield stumbles backwards, reaching for his taser once he's comprehended the situation. > Mark stuns John_Doe * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm tries to throw him in the cell again. >Mark waits 30 seconds for a reply. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. That is quality roleplay. Quick and easy, to the point. But very descriptive. It described every action without using a single /do. /do should be used to describe an action or an object. Or for clarification on a subject. Not to ask questions about succeeding or not. Sure it works, but it's sloppy and lazy. Let me clarify one thing: I will never send a /do asking if I succeed. Ever. When I send a /me, that is me trying to do that. If you have a problem with the way that I have done /me, you tell me in /do. Let's say that John Doe tried to kick me again after he was tased. This is how I would handle it. Check below: * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * John_Doe brings his foot up and kicks Mark in the shin, running away. * Mark_Winterfield stumbles backwards, reaching for his taser once he's comprehended the situation. > Mark stuns John_Doe * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm tries to throw him in the cell again. * John_Doe kicks Mark again. * How would John have enough strength after being tased to kick Mark again? (( Mark_Winterfield )) * John_Doe would comply. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. And that is how you should do it. Only one /do was needed, for clarification. There was no confusion, no misconceptions. Everything was described perfectly. Think of roleplay like writing a book, your characters will attempt actions that are combated by other characters. Everything needs to be described. There is no technical problem of using a /do to ask if you would succeed, however in my opinion it is very sloppy. I would like to see less people do this and more people start actually roleplaying every action. As long as you give ample time for someone to respond with a /me, skipping the /do would I succeed is not powergaming. But that's just a theory... A FIL-
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    1. Downtown Cab Company phone number should be 555-5555 as that is the phone number it is in base GTA V and the number located at DCC and on the taxi's. 2. Please make a phone number for Weazel News and Mechanic (Preferably individual numbers for Bayview and LSC so citizens have the option of calling the shop they want.) 3. /vnn & /dnn should be an app in the phone that either VIP's and/or donators will have access to, not a command. 4. Global text advertisements such as /nrt (Weazel), /vnn, and /dnn should now only be sent to each players cell phone as it isn't very good RP for players just to see bleets in their chatbox, makes more sense for them to pop up in their phone. 5. A hotkey to open up the phone instantly instead of having to press F2 and click ontop of the phone.
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    Player(s) being reported: IDs 128 & 135 Date of rule breach: 07/JAN/2019 Time of rule breach: 19:30 PM GMT (Roughly) Your characters name: Jake Lawson Other players involved: Jonathan Mercer Specific rule broken: 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 6.6.2 Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Theft of a vehicle by hijacking the driver without any roleplay, when there are no circumstances to justify it, such as your character being in immediate danger of getting killed or arrested; • An attempt to provoke a police chase, without a realistic reason, also known as “cop baiting” (a realistic reason would be to divert police units away from an area, where your allies plan to commit a serious crime or are in the progress of one); • Hurting an injured player, because they ask to be killed, also known as “mercy killing” (usually done to respawn their character quicker, it’s unrealistic, because in reality people do not respawn). • Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair). How did the player break the rule?: IDs 128 & 135 both followed and rammed the taxi's car because he nearly hit another vehicle. However, the other vehicle did not pursue; he just let it slide as accidents happen. These two drivers decide to ram us until I mention in /b that it's fail RP then they backed off when we got near the bank. ID 135 is using what looks like a super car to ram? And ID 128 a sports car? No previous RP or situations with them. Unsure why they decided to do this. They also seemed to co-ordinate this little fail-rp assault very well without the use of a radio seen? Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c34f2165185ac0c37/oh-hi-i-like-to-hit-you-non-rply-
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    I have experienced that when I am driving my cars down the road. People expect me to have a radio or cell phone or magical device in my car or a can with a string that can do 2 way communication with people I do not know. People drive up to me in a transport and say pull over. As far as I am aware that is not RP. How am I gonna hear you in a transport or car going 60 kph. in IRL 60 kph you can barly hear the people inside a car with a window open let alone a biker with a full face helmet on. according to post from a administrator MusketDeezNuts: If your in a moving vehicle. Going on a normal speed. You may ignore those demands. As shouting out of a car like that would fall under the NonRP rule. If you check some archived punishment appeals you should get a better picture of it. I think there should be a proper rule in the rule book about this issue. and reporting players and some players not understanding what can be done in a game but not in real life. should be followed. also maybe you see the server saying "Hello (player_name) then the rule" maybe having somehting like "Reminder, Talking Car to car at moving speed is not allowed. unless you have a radio."
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    I'm selling this lovely 2 garage house next to grove street. Contact me with offers on: #3294578
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    Meetin up with tha Wicked Vice Lords Meetin up with Rancho Vice Lords
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    Her: Come over I'm bored Arthur: I can't I'm patrolling the prison in my Prius Her: My parents aren't home Arthur:
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    +1 There is jack shit to do as a crim except make drugs, take drugs, kill drugs, kill gangs, run from carbine cops, die from carbine cops, and get arrested by carbine cops. WTB more civilian content.
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    People forget that because we have no AI there would be no-one witnessing. They forget that part of the RP.
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    I like the smuggling thing, but not the Bounty Hunter job. Server is already filled with people looking for an excuse to KOS or DM, we don't need to give them another excuse. If you want to be a Bounty Hunter, check on the forums for companies hiring or make your own. The server is already focused a lot towards criminal content, so if the choice is between Criminal or Civilian focused development, then I'd definitely say that we should focus more on Civilian content. And criminals won't stop robbing civilians just because we add more content, I'm pretty sure that robbers rob because it's fun driving around and fucking with people, not because it's that profitable.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 23 Date of rule breach: 1/9/2019 Time of rule breach: The same time when Report is posted Your characters name: Chris Bluestone Specific rule broken: 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 6.4 Powergaming How did the player break the rule?: The player came down to the ''Del Pierro Park'' at this place where you can fish something and started to Rob me with out Logic IC reason . Like I have a question who is robbing fishermens ? The guys pointing a gun on me and say Handsup . I did what he say and lifted my both hand than put a gun down and step closer to me and started to search my character inventory with some small /me and /do cmd than he turned around with his back toward me and I try to use this situation to do something . I had a IC chance to take out gun and open fire on him because he didn't use /me or /do cmd to say than he is still pointing a gun on me while he is going to frisk me . I asked him /do how you would ? i was going to ask how he is going to frisk me like '' With one hand and the other one holding a gun toward me '' or '' with both hands and not pointing a gun toward me '' but he just step back and Opened fire witch one i think is fail-RP/Non-RP !!! Than he made a Powergaming by steping near me and seaching out my inventory with out any RP or something els he take out my gun and fish Not even asking me what he would be able to find When I try to explain him what he did wrong in OOC he just finished me and runned away !!!! Evidence of rule breach:
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    Im a new player to this server, been playing for last 4 days and I WANT to have a good role-play although sometimes I might be overwhelmed with the personalities and the skills of more experienced players, but I dont mind that, that is my learning curve. What I do find an issue is the none-sense from other players, even those that are with a lot of xp on the board, which means they have spent a lot of time on the server and should know what they do. On the very first day the most common thing I heard, while doing farmers job, was that farmers do get robbed very often. And that raises questions in me. First of all, what kind of a gangster or any sort of criminal would chose a farmer to be his target? Second of all, if you compare your roleplay to real life situation, then what do you expect to steal from a farmer on a field? Sandwich? Coffee jug? Hoe? The same goes to robberies at the pier of those that fish. Like really? You gonna point a gun and steal some fish? It all goes down to meta-gaming as the fact that these people know that farmers might have some valuables like weapons and stuff on them is purely OOC based. Then again, even if it would not be OOC based, just some sense or common knowledge, then how about Fear RP? Shouldn't you be scared, knowing that the farmers have guns, they could open fire at you? For a new player who is doing stuff there and here it is really frustrating to live in a paranoia that some wannabe gang-banger might come around and take all you have on you. Like no fear from the facts that place like pier by idea is really crowded place (talking about irl), robberies at places where a lot of cameras might be located, not getting scared when someone approaches a store while you robbing it or stuff like that. I don't know what could be a good option, but it definitely has to change. Quality over quantity should be the way of thinking, because that is the only way you can make sure that there is good roleplay. Like adding no "rob on sight" rule, same as there is "kill on sight" rule without any good reason, would serve well and change this for better.
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    +1 more jobs means that robbing will die down for a bit...
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    +1 I like this. More to do than robbing new players!
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    Hello. Player had enough time to respond to this report. Cause of this I shall issue the Vehicle Deathmatch Offense on his account. I am 90% sure this was not desyncing. Regards -Musket
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    Very well, Failing that the reported player (Frankie_Topomi) has not responded to the report to give his side to the story, I have decided to punish them for Deathmatching (Minor) | Offence #1 with a 48hr Ban. There is insufficient evidence available for Metagaming. This report will now be locked to future comments. Thank you for the report.
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    Hello again! I've been with this idea for a while. It's basically that since november 8 the development section on the forum isn't updated. I never really got to knoiw why this section isn't updated anymore. Now I know there is a #development in the Discord, but those lack some details in my opinion. For example, the more recent ones: "Fixed mechanic service prices": I would love to see what exactly has been done with this. What is the logic behind those prices? Is there a formula? Also, "fixed". After it was "fixed" /mechoffer 1 broke again (that was "fixed" before that). "Added some features to SADOC": What are those features exactly? Don't get me wrong, I love (the most) updates that have been released, but looking to other development teams you get exact patch notes. Me atleast, would love to know the details as they are kinda... just keywords now.
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    Oh yes, if this gets added I'll buy briefcase.
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    Hello everyone. I know this is not a real life simulator. But alot of people like to RP there characters lifes. We RP sleeping. We RP going to work. We RP going to the store. Why not add the RP for the need of water or food. You would have to eat and drink at least every ingame day. The effects of not doing so would not kill you. But instead reduces your stamina. Run speed and health bar wont go up above 60% I know some people might not like this. But I think it could be fun RP and even make it so for the future to open food places where you can: "I'll have two Number 9's, a Number 9 Large, a Number 6 with extra dip, A number 7, Two Number 45s, one with Cheese, and a Large Soda."
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    yes i will,since my character died he dont remember
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    +1. Too many of these events going on. Too many people need to stay on GTA online.
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    Also this "this is hrob" mentality makes the game look like GTA Online in a way, as people only focus on getting more money, more weapons rather than just roleplay. They see the main goal of the server as getting money, which is also an issue.
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    This would definitely make the taco truck a go to.
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    To my knowledge possession marijuana is not itself explicitly illegal, it is considered a controlled substance, not an illegal drug. The reason most people get arrested when they're in possession of marijuana is because they also have a gun on them or in their car, and it is illegal to be in possession of a controlled substance while armed, just as it is illegal to drive under the influence. Another reason is that they have too much marijuana on them, as 20g is enough to charge you with intent to sell and 50g is enough to charge you with intent to traffic.
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