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    The Commanding branch of La Fuente Blanca contacted the Cartel again to get more weapons imported, they also felt it neccessary for the crew to train on driving in convoys and gave further explanation of driving, communication and defensive strategies during transport. After the training, they formed a different convoy to meet up with the cartel. The reason for picking the 6x6's was because the Cartel can pick any location for a meeting and our Dubstas are best equiped to go on any terrain at any time. After the Cartel confirmed that the meeting would be on McKenzy Airfield we decided to swap one Dubsta for a Cognescenti. We went ahead and secured the site and waited patiently for the men to show up. We got some people setup to have a good overview of the situation. Once the Cartel showed up Vince got taken for a ride in the plane, this was done on purpose to jam any radio signals and eavesdropping equipment. Once in the skies above Los Santos they discussed some weapon deals and the delivery of it. Once the deal was set, the Cartel decided to give a little present to celebrate the new business relation between them, it has been placed at the ranch. It's a decommissioned plane that was used by the Cartel for one of their own first transports of weapons to Los Santos.
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    Highest bid so far. Will wait 36 hours for any additional bids before closing.
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    Just imagine it... the amount of money you can hide under your mattress! The amount of money that you can hide from other people because you don't trust faulty Los Santos banks to hold your money! My suggestion is to make cash an inventory item that can be hidden in bags, in homes, in vehicles, and on your person. This will make for some fun RP. Should a city-hall be implemented in the future, this would be a great way to make tax evasion roleplay, avoid paying hefty fines from the Los Santos Police Department for criminal roleplay, and more! Let me know if you agree with this suggestion by commenting below with a +1! Let me know if you absolutely despise this suggestion and feel it will be horrible reply with a -1!
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    Let me just start off and say that this thread is not meant to be an argument, some know why I'm posting it but it is not directed towards any certain person or any certain situation. So I've noticed something quite scary and it's the misconceptions of the powergaming rule on this server. Allow me to blow your mind for a quick minute. /do success? -> is not necessary, ever. And I'm going to explain why. First, lets start with the definition of the powergaming rule as per the server rules. 6.4 Powergaming 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command), however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. 6.4.2 Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of powergaming. For example, roleplay of having super powers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, shooting a weapon while your character is injured. 6.4.3 It is not allowed to input false information or lie in /DO as this roleplay command is used to explain the facts of a roleplay situation. For example, if your character is hiding a pistol and another player makes an attempt to search you, if the outcome of the search is successful, you must use /DO to state the roleplay fact that the pistol had been found. 6.4.4 Forceful server commands, such as, /HANDCUFF or /MUG are exceptions to the powergame rule. Powergaming has many, many, MANY definitions and it is one of the more complex roleplay terms. Powergaming is also the most often roleplay rule broke during situations and often the most misconceived. It's easy to powergame, honestly, and the more you roleplay the more chance that you'll encounter this rule either being broken or being bent. First let's take a look at a situation that is considered powergaming. For all examples, Mark_Winterfield will be me. John_Doe will be the person I'm roleplaying with. * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. THAT is powergaming. There was no allowance of time between the /me and the /solitary. How would you fix that? Adding a /do success? is an option... but it's not necessary. I've always had a issue with this kind of roleplay because it opens the door for a crappy response. See below: * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * Do I succeed? (( Mark_Winterfield )) * No, John runs away (( John Doe )). W..what?? OK. That is very basic. John ran away. Cool. How though? I had him by the arm. Tell me how a man in cuffs managed to run away. Surely it's possible, but how am I suppose to respond to that? How do I combat that without using /do causing even more of a headache. Let me blow your mind real quick. Let's try this whole roleplay situation but without using /do for success questions once. Let's see how it turns out. * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * John_Doe brings his foot up and kicks Mark in the shin, running away. * Mark_Winterfield stumbles backwards, reaching for his taser once he's comprehended the situation. > Mark stuns John_Doe * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm tries to throw him in the cell again. >Mark waits 30 seconds for a reply. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. That is quality roleplay. Quick and easy, to the point. But very descriptive. It described every action without using a single /do. /do should be used to describe an action or an object. Or for clarification on a subject. Not to ask questions about succeeding or not. Sure it works, but it's sloppy and lazy. Let me clarify one thing: I will never send a /do asking if I succeed. Ever. When I send a /me, that is me trying to do that. If you have a problem with the way that I have done /me, you tell me in /do. Let's say that John Doe tried to kick me again after he was tased. This is how I would handle it. Check below: * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * John_Doe brings his foot up and kicks Mark in the shin, running away. * Mark_Winterfield stumbles backwards, reaching for his taser once he's comprehended the situation. > Mark stuns John_Doe * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm tries to throw him in the cell again. * John_Doe kicks Mark again. * How would John have enough strength after being tased to kick Mark again? (( Mark_Winterfield )) * John_Doe would comply. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. And that is how you should do it. Only one /do was needed, for clarification. There was no confusion, no misconceptions. Everything was described perfectly. Think of roleplay like writing a book, your characters will attempt actions that are combated by other characters. Everything needs to be described. There is no technical problem of using a /do to ask if you would succeed, however in my opinion it is very sloppy. I would like to see less people do this and more people start actually roleplaying every action. As long as you give ample time for someone to respond with a /me, skipping the /do would I succeed is not powergaming. But that's just a theory... A FIL-
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    Hello again! I've been with this idea for a while. It's basically that since november 8 the development section on the forum isn't updated. I never really got to knoiw why this section isn't updated anymore. Now I know there is a #development in the Discord, but those lack some details in my opinion. For example, the more recent ones: "Fixed mechanic service prices": I would love to see what exactly has been done with this. What is the logic behind those prices? Is there a formula? Also, "fixed". After it was "fixed" /mechoffer 1 broke again (that was "fixed" before that). "Added some features to SADOC": What are those features exactly? Don't get me wrong, I love (the most) updates that have been released, but looking to other development teams you get exact patch notes. Me atleast, would love to know the details as they are kinda... just keywords now.
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    Hello again, After a careful review of the footage with a higher staff member and a discussion with another one we have come to the following conclusion: Mask 3379_7029 // Lucass Sanchez will receive 60 minutes of admin jail for his first offence New Life Rule offence. ( NLR #1 | Normal ). Being killed due to what you thought was a rule break is not a valid reason to break NLR. Mask 3379_7029 // Lucass Sanchez will also receive a permanent ban for his fifth Deathmatching offence. ( DM #5 | Major ). As NLR was in effect your character had absolutely no reason to shoot at Jay or Bitsy and your only reason to shoot them was to get revenge. Kind Regards, - Hazel | Senior Support Report Accepted &' Archived
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    Hello everyone. I know this is not a real life simulator. But alot of people like to RP there characters lifes. We RP sleeping. We RP going to work. We RP going to the store. Why not add the RP for the need of water or food. You would have to eat and drink at least every ingame day. The effects of not doing so would not kill you. But instead reduces your stamina. Run speed and health bar wont go up above 60% I know some people might not like this. But I think it could be fun RP and even make it so for the future to open food places where you can: "I'll have two Number 9's, a Number 9 Large, a Number 6 with extra dip, A number 7, Two Number 45s, one with Cheese, and a Large Soda."
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    I hope never. But god damned if it did I better get a raise being a trucker not being able to use mirrors to park in the oceanic fuel station.
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    I think the only rule that should be added, is that if you robbed someone or something, you're not allowed to return to that area for some time. I see people getting robbed or shot and once the robbers leave, the victim will likely call 911 for help. At times I see robbers returning to that area only to kill the victim "because he called the cops" or even returning to the area once the police are there, to engage in a firefight or a chase. Common sense would say that robbers want to run away from the area ASAP, not return to it, ever. Had a bad RP experience once, where I was robbed while on duty, PD showed up and secured the scene, the robber came back and rammed his vehicle into everything, then started to KOS everyone there. It makes 0 sense and absolutely trashes the RP experience for everyone. But I do think that a lot can also be done IC. Harsher jail times for people that keep breaking the law, mandatory community service of sort(?), confiscating their vehicles if the vehicle was used multiple times as a getaway vehicle. Vehicles could later be sold at auction and would cut down on people using super fast cars all the time, to a point where they'd have to get some junkers to not lose their favorite ones. Maybe the last one is harsh, but it has risk and reward to it. It's also nobody else's fault but your own if you push it that far. I don't want to see robbing completely disappear or be cut down dramatically, even though that's not my activity at all. But I guess the only way you can have more fun with it is to prompt the robber to respond with /do's. You can always report people in the end.
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    So, I'm not usually one to start one of these threads on the forums. However, after role-playing as a relatively shady grandma but in secret; I've encountered some real horrendous role-play. Now, I'm not perfect and even after over a year and a half on the server; I still want to push my role-play further. However, you can't even role-play with some individuals because they cannot follow simple things... Such as, allowing you time to respond to RP, kill you even when you comply and actually provide no role-play whatsoever. It makes me feel bad for the staff and people when all they experience is this. On my Police Officer character I don't get this as much as I usually just get the poor RP that gets dealt with quickly, but as a civilian getting robbed isn't the problem, the problem is getting robbed all the time and POORLY. I wish people got out of the mentality of cops and robbers. It isn't that, it shouldn't be that, it never should have been that. We have an influx of new players, who get banned (see latest report that I've posted of a situation with real crappy role-play) and then staff get moaned at because there aren't enough players. It's probably because people can't role-play and everyone's goal is to be rich. That isn't role-play. Go play GTA Online if you want that. (Sorry, rant over)
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    Account name: Zoloft Character name(s): Ashley Burton Admin who issued punishment: NBDYLTU Date of punishment: 04/01/2019 Punishment received: Perm Ban Reason given for punishment: Advertising Your explanation of what happened: I was talking about another community in a discord that no longer associates themselves with ECRP as stated below in the screenshot Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was talking about another community in a discord that no longer associates themselves with ECRP that's like me talking to a mate that plays battlefield about cod and then getting banned from battlefield, it was a non ECRP platform that has nothing to do with ECRP. The rule states "3.1.1 It is prohibited to advertise other GTA V multiplayer communities in ECLIPSE servers. This includes discussion or talk of other communities. An attempt to break this rule will result in a permanent ban.", due to this community discord no longer associating themselves with ECRP this isn't a "Eclipse server". So I didn't break any rule. I know the rules of Eclipse Roleplay and I have put many long nights in to write new lore or stay up to do a rp imports with the admins, I wouldn’t throw all of this away just to say 1 thing about another community, your rules do state that I cannot talk about different communities in “ECLIPSE servers”, however Tommy did denounce that his discord was no longer affiliated or linked with ECRP (see first attached photo again). I do deeply apologise however if you do believe this breaks your terms and rules. Post any evidence or further details:
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    Player(s) being reported: IDs 128 & 135 Date of rule breach: 07/JAN/2019 Time of rule breach: 19:30 PM GMT (Roughly) Your characters name: Jake Lawson Other players involved: Jonathan Mercer Specific rule broken: 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 6.6.2 Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Theft of a vehicle by hijacking the driver without any roleplay, when there are no circumstances to justify it, such as your character being in immediate danger of getting killed or arrested; • An attempt to provoke a police chase, without a realistic reason, also known as “cop baiting” (a realistic reason would be to divert police units away from an area, where your allies plan to commit a serious crime or are in the progress of one); • Hurting an injured player, because they ask to be killed, also known as “mercy killing” (usually done to respawn their character quicker, it’s unrealistic, because in reality people do not respawn). • Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair). How did the player break the rule?: IDs 128 & 135 both followed and rammed the taxi's car because he nearly hit another vehicle. However, the other vehicle did not pursue; he just let it slide as accidents happen. These two drivers decide to ram us until I mention in /b that it's fail RP then they backed off when we got near the bank. ID 135 is using what looks like a super car to ram? And ID 128 a sports car? No previous RP or situations with them. Unsure why they decided to do this. They also seemed to co-ordinate this little fail-rp assault very well without the use of a radio seen? Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c34f2165185ac0c37/oh-hi-i-like-to-hit-you-non-rply-
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    Hey guys I'll keep it brief and to the point; A hotkey to open our phone fast instead of pressing F2, and then hover to the phone to open it. And this hotkey should also put the phone down again.
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    I like to roll dice in certain scenarios, to make things even. For instance if someone is robbing me, I might /Me attempts to snatch the gun away, /do do I succeed? And then roll dice, if I’m higher I take the gun, lower number I fail. Something I picked up from a scenario I had and loved the idea! It can work for many RP scenarios.
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    Ohhh you are buying, my apologies!
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    My man can you read I already bought both of the vehicles so I'll cancel my listing ((archive it please))
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    Hello, Arthur Goldman from DOC here, I was not involved in the scenario in this video but not long after this happened he was transported by us and taken to BB prison where he constantly running from officers when there were a mix of 10 or so of us. We all had a mix of tasers and weapons. He was tazed 5+ times and kept running at the next crime scene then at BB. Called me a "fucking retard" as well. Miles townsend and various other officers were there as well.
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    Sure Ill go to 8 mil, cash Andor "Old Money" Rootman
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    I feel like the server administratives are the ones to blame for the current state of our server. Things such as: - Not enough server administrative online to punish rule breakers ( Most time I or my friend have reported, we wait for at least 10+ minutes, which in most cases, means that the situation/problem that we were reporting about, is now way too late for an admin to deal with, resulting in the admin telling us to go to forum ) - Light punishments ( Both IC and OOC. Without a valid government ((Which we are really not receiving enough information about, except for " its coming " )) IC laws can't be increased. and the OOC punishments are not harsh enough, if you ask me. People should be afraid to break rules, not just take it lightly ) - Weak Entry Quiz ( The entry Quiz, as it is, is not working at all, if it did, we wouldn't have so many people who are unaware of the rules / can't rp for shizzle ) - Not enough content ( As it is, criminal scripting is currently being focused on rather than civilian scripting. Things such as warehouses, the ability to rob a store, /frisk command available to everyone, easy acces to weapon licenses and guns ) are all factors that allows robbers to behave as they do, on the server. That being said, we as players should also try to act as much as possible, by filming more and making more player complaints against rule breakers. I understand admins cant solely get all of the rule breakers, but I do think that if the above mentioned problems were looked into, the overall number of rule breakers would be reduced.
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    Agreed. However, if a Government faction was established, i don't think it would be too much work to add an Aviation branch. However, creating an entire faction solely for planes, is uh.. Not stupid, but inefficient to be honest.. Lets just worry about actually getting the planes onto the server, before making any kinds of Aviation factions and so on.
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    Great for all government vehicles to show on the map when you're on duty. (big map only, so you don't see the icon on the edge of the minimap all the time? or maybe? Something smaller?) Taxi - Taxi's on duty see where each other are so they can spread out better to cover areas. When a request comes in, they see where the request is coming from. Customers should also be able to see where there taxi is when the driver accepts. Police - All active cruisers on the map, Orange if they've called for backup, Red + Dot if an officer called an emergency. Police can also see where the closest Ambulance is. Ambulance - Similar to Taxi's and Police, Requester can see Ambulance when responded and how far they are. Medics can see the call location before they respond. Medics can see where other ambulances are as well as the closest police cruiser. Orange when responding to a call, red if emergency request. Mechanics - Should be able to see their own mechanical vehicle locations.
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    Hello again, After going over the report with a higher staff member than myself I have come to the following conclusion: Player 131 // Edward Cortex will receive his first punishment for Non-RP ( Non-RP | Offence #1 | Major ) for deliberately using a sports car to ram another vehicle. Under 6.6.2 Non-Roleplay it states as an example that an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, should not be used to ram other vehicles. Please note that super cars are only an example, sports cars also fall into the same category of being expensive cars. Player 131 // Edward Cortex will also receive a 48 hour ban for Vehicle Deathmatching ( VDM | Offence #1 | Normal ) for hitting Harry's vehicle more than once. As per 7.3.4 you are only allowed to hit another player once and you are only given one attempt to do so. Kind Regards, - Hazel | Senior Support Report Accepted &' Archived
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    Cause it involves a staff member. This report shall be Pending Head Admin @BallinByNature or Head Admin @Toony
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    Maxed Dominator at High End for $185,000 OBO
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    Hey. I can answer that for you. Your logs are linked to your account. Not character. We check all your characters logs and put them together. So it would count.
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    The leader of La Fuente Blanca was contacted by a stranger for a business meeting at a chosen location. The group quickly gathered their most trusted members and split up into two teams. The A team which consisted of the commanding, which would do the talking. And the B team that would be the backup if things went south. The A team arrived at the meetup point where there was a car waiting for them. Two men were sitting inside and they took them to the spot where the deal would be made. The drive was not very long and the B team followed efficiently with some distance between them and the A team. The A team arrived at the location while the B team hid somewhere with a good view. They were told to wait for a few moments and after a while, a helicopter landed at the location and more guys got out. Vince gets called over to the helicopter where he gets info about who they are and future deals. They were part of the Mexican cartel. With them, they had a bag with weapons which Vince received as a sample of what they have to offer. Kevin and Eriksen had to wait with some of the cartel guards until the deal was done. The air was filled with tension and a chilly silence. The cartel members were heavily armed with machine guns and SMGs. Luckily, the deal went smoothly and the LFB group went back to the ranch to check out the bag and discuss the operation. They all agreed on doing some training to make the next deal go even smoother.
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    This would definitely make the taco truck a go to.
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    just embracing our heritage
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    Not really a fan of the different types of bag suggestion but do like the sound of being able to open a bag without dropping it
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