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    Hi, I'm an EMT. And I have minor medical experience IRL, as do most of the medics. Sure, you can google things on how to decently treat these things, but you need to keep in mind that this is still a game that we play in our free time. Sure, I'm guilty too of trying to stem the bleeding with a single /me. But honestly, why do you expect quality from us when all we get in return to three lines of /me's is a short response? I'll put my best leg forward to RP with people who put in the effort. If you RP decently, then I'll do quality RP in return. It isn't always possible, tho. You need to make the tradeoff: do you RP with everyone extensively, or do you go through the call list so everyone has a maximum chance of survival? At the end of the day, the second option is usually chosen. People are so quick to cast judgement: either it's "medics don't RP enough", or it's "medics didn't respond to my call and I died". Make up your mind. Be the change you want to see in the world. If the RP frustrates you, do it better yourself. Step your own game up. Learn others how to RP. Nothing is going to change otherwise.
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    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6100_5165 Date of rule breach: 11/6/2018 Time of rule breach: 2:30 PM UTC Your characters name: Malim Pekonov Other players involved: Jack Kelly Specific rule broken: " Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. " How did the player break the rule?: I was working with Jack (My Friend at the same lab) and he was screaming there where cops. I got on my bike and started driving up the hill. I saw a cop when i started driving. He instantly started spraying me down with his SMG without any Shout or any Megaphone calls. Just started firing with the SMG. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/2ufj8
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    LMAO. You keep talking about OOC hate. You can't keep using that as an excuse to try to get out of every report. Remember how I said in MY post that you break rules often and you said "Why are there no reports then?" Well here you are. I'm giving you a chance, post some videos of our interactions today, it shouldn't take too long. Show us a situation where you survived leading up to that point where you had icly reason to shoot him. Show us your point of view in that video, anything. Do ANYTHING other than complain dude. You have every opportunity here to prove us wrong. We haven't been hunting you down, no one's targeting you at all and you've done nothing to us so far. PLEASE show some video evidence where you had these interactions with us, I'm begging at this point.
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    Plastic surgery should allow users to change their gender.
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    One of the new members taking care of the horses. Some bleets have been send out to recruit people for taking care of the horses. Once they are recruited they will have no idea about the real job they are hired for, in the beginning it will be pretended to be an unpaid intership in which they can get the opportunity to get a permanent paid position. Step by step they will be introduced and pursuaded towards the actual job. If people refuse this, they continue to be hired to actually only take care of them as it will attract less attention.
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    The Irish people of Los Santos got their start like most immigrants, trying to make money and live the American dream. The Irish in LS were never as numerous as the Blacks, Mexicans and other minorities, nowhere near the sheer numbers in other places like Liberty City, but for the small group who made the industrial and eastern suburbs their home, the life of crime was always an option for the young Irish growing up in the city. Mostly, that consisted of illegal gambling, cigarettes and alcohol. Small gangs of would-be Irish Gangsters made their small mark on the city but never took off; they were either put down or driven off by bigger, more populous immigrant gangs like the Ballas, Aztecas and Vagos. As such, the Irish always had a presence but never rose above petty crime... until now. _________________________________________ In LS, the gangs run the city. The cops, for the most part, are helpless to stop crime and illegal imports. With that, many a criminal has made his fortune while big groups have risen and fallen like the wind. Many Irish criminals who came to LS didn't join an Irish-specific gang but rather into Motorcycle Clubs; one of these is where the New Irish gangs get their roots from, specifically ZBOR MC. ZMC was a small time Motorcycle club whose power came from their alliances with other MCs, resulting in the first LS MC Confederation which rose and fell in a few short months. Clearly, bigger gangs were not taking kindly to the new rising power of the MCs. When the MCs fled the city, dead or retired, this left a number of Irish immigrants to LS with nothing left to carry on their criminal lifestyles, including David “Gaius” Black, Michael “Mickey” Booth, Don “GP” Sutherland, Nigel “Nige” Rutherford and Randy “Fox” McCreedy. The idea was formed for the now-factionless and penniless men to form the Irish Mafia in Los Santos, disguising their illegal activities with a legitimate-looking business and name: Gael Force Shipping. The business was launched and the formerly leather clad bikers became suit-wearing businessman. _________________________________________ Gael Force immediately used the tactics of ZMC, forging strong alliances, then moving on to securing legal contracts with government factions for revenue and legitimate business. LSC have had a contract with Gael Force to ship and deliver parts to their place of business. Yet another big break came when the bad blood between the Irish Mob and The Cartel came to a head, and the Irish took their territory from them with the help of their allies. Now with access to secure contacts and safe transport, the Irish could begin shipping in drugs from South America and guns from Belfast. Gael Force also made agreements with other factions to keep a monopoly on gambling within the city, so when Gael Force Bookmakers was set up, there was no competition. _________________________________________ With the rapid expansion of The Irish Mob’s business, both illegal and legal, the Mob decided it needed its own street gang to wage a block-to-block turf war for control of drugs and gun sales in LS territory. Muintir na hÉireann, meaning “People of Ireland,” was formed to recruit rapidly from the Irish community of west LS, and for Irish Mafia members to take their hands off the majority of grunt work and petty illegal activity. High-profile criminals from both Belfast and Dublin were imported by the Mob to lead this new street gang. Seamus Mac Cathmhaoil and Jimmy O’Hara, old associates of Gaius, were the first to command the gang, recruiting in mass numbers and training the new up-and-coming generation of Irish two-bit gangsters to become effective drug dealers and foot soldiers for the Irish Mafia. MNH has their territory in the “Irish Hood” of east Los Santos, Industry District and Murrieta; MNH is now the recruiting pool for new members of the elite Irish Mafia, and the starting point for any aspiring Irish Mafioso. _________________________________________ The wars with other gangs in LS took their toll on The Irish Mob and Their Allies the Exiled, Tavi Patronus dissolved the Exiled and retired with his Millions leaving the Irish alone to face off against all their enemies alone, rather than risk his death and that of his Men and Family, Gaius reluctantly disbanded the Crew and they went their separate ways. Months later Los Santos became plagued with a new caliber of low class criminal, mostly eastern euro trash wanting to be gangsters, robbing everyone and disrupting the status quo within the city. With Murder rates climbing, respectable gangs and cartels going underground due to constant harassment Gaius decided it was time to straighten the town back out. Plans were set for The better members of the VK gang and old Irish members to reunite into the new Los Santos Irish mob, basing themselves out of the East of the city and focusing on Gun running, Prostitution, Gambling and racketeering. Alliances were also forged and cemented in order to make the bigger groups of respectable criminals a fighting chance against their enemies, little by little the Irish Mob and their allies pushed out the scum and bandits from the town to now just a trace remains. Today its all about building a base in the place we called home growing up, East Los Santos, Building our power there and growing to build the Empire we desire. _________________________________________ Although being an Irish organisation, MNH will take in non-Irish people for basic muscle and drug distribution; these members can rise far within MNH. However, to be “made” into the Irish Mob as a Family member you MUST have Irish blood; there are no exceptions. To join, just approach a member and ask for some work, as we are very accommodating. The group requirements are currently: Players must have a minimum of 3000 XP to join the faction. (Exceptions made for those with alts with appropriate XP) The player must have a good understanding of server rules, including following admin orders the first time. This ties in with the minimum XP, but players must have a basic understanding of Roleplay. (Correct use of /do and /me, making sure OOC chat is kept OOC using /b, basic knowledge that every experienced player should know) Anyone failing to Roleplay properly or found to be disrespecting admins will be punished, via a demotion for less serious offenses. Disrespecting an admin, or multiple offense of failing proper RP, will result in removal from all aspects of the faction. Make sure the player has been added to the discord and changed their nickname to their IGN _________________________________________ _________________________________________ - Securing of Murrieta Heights and Cypress flats as a place the Irish can operate freely and Irish families can live without fear of Police of other Gangs - Hosting Weekly events In the Vanilla Unicorn and Dockyards - Set up a network of Gambling and hustling at Car shows/Races - Enforcing a Higher Quality of RP within our ranks - Securing the Entire East Los Santos (Industry and Murrieta) for the Irish and their operations - Opening up our own Bar for Social activity and a headquarters - Move from Full illegal to semi Legal business in the far future - Become a Official lore faction based off the Real Irish Mob and GTAIV Irish Mob (Irish American Killers) _________________________________________ Irish Members are expected to follow the "Hint of Green" Policy, which is to wear normal civilian clothing with a a green item (Parka Jacket, Undershirt ect) Made men, like unmade, will have their Normal civilian clothing with a hint of green. But as Made men and respected among their peers they can follow the same "Hint of Green" Policy With Suits Irish Members are expected to stick to realistic expectations when it comes to cars Mob members would drive, 4 Doors sedans, 4x4s, and mainly Benefactor cars. Car colors are to be Black, Grey or Dark Green only to fit with the Theme consistent in GTA Lore. We Expect our faction members to hold themselves to a High standard of RP and strive to GTA Lore standard, through learning about how the Irish mob operates today and how they were perceived in GTA4. We are not a Cop killing faction, we are not a anarchistic faction, we are not a meme faction. We are striving to set a new standard of RP for Mafia/Mob Roleplay and any deviation from this is not what we want as a group. We are a mafia faction and showing restraint and cunning over shooting up areas and people is what we want to bring the standard of RP up to, where harming a man in his wallet is better than a bullet, Blood spilled is money wasted and only to be wasted when there is no choice, then Show No Mercy. _________________________________________
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    La Fuente Blanca La Fuente Blanca, meaning The White Fountain, was formed only a couple years ago by a group of trusted friends who had already made a name for themselves. The group is loyal to each other and is known as ‘The Command’. They are well dressed people and enjoy the wealth and assets they all gathered from personal ventures and can be seen as the wealthiest faction in the whole state with over 200.000.000$ in cash and assets. The most important aspect for La Fuente Blanca is to keep a low profile in everything they do, meaning that they operate from the shadows and will put up the appearance of being a full legal faction, pretending to be a supercar owners group who also like to party and live the lavish life. The base of operations is located outside of Los Santos on the ranch ‘La Fuente Blanca’, this is where it got its name from. These days they reside at the ranch to discuss business, future plans and decide on how to sell contraband to other people in the city. To keep up the innocent face and mislead the people in Los Santos, they often throw parties with cars, booze and drugs and party like it is 1980’s Vice City. Whenever there are no parties, the group enjoys the luxury life on the ranch by riding their horses, sunbathing next to the pool, inviting the most beautiful women over for private gatherings, shooting weapons and driving offroad vehicles on the property all out of the sight of the public eye. To keep out unwanted people from the property La Fuente Blanca has younger members driving around in SUV’s and patrol with dogs around the area of the ranch. Behind this mostly innocent mask the true nature of LFB lies in importing and transporting large quantities of weapons through the state. Covered up as regular truck drivers and driving in different convoy tactics it makes it very hard to spot the difference between what cargoes and in what quantities they are transported. From there on out the guns get their serial numbers removed and get transformed from semi-automatic to fully automatic. It then gets distributed in large quantities to a number of different buyers around the state. They will do this however possible, even if it means extorting people or make them disappear from the face of the earth. Since Import has come to a standstill due to the cartels their warehouses and import routes being shut down by federal police, LFB has been looking into making an underground cache to hide their weapons. They have been trying to establish new contacts south of the border, so import and distribution can continue to their clients. They will be aiming to get a substantial share in the distribution of illegal weaponry in the city. Whoever wants illegal guns, will only think of La Fuente Blanca. (A large amount of money or super is not required to join)
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    Jewish-American organized crime emerged within the American Jewish community during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been referred to variously in media and popular culture as the Jewish Mob, Jewish Mafia, Kosher Mafia, Kosher Nostra. In the early 1920s, stimulated by the economic opportunities of the roaring twenties, and later prohibition, Jewish organized crime figures such as Arnold Rothstein were controlling a wide range of criminal enterprises, including bootlegging, loansharking, gambling, and bookmaking. According to crime writer Leo Katcher, Rothstein "transformed organized crime from a thuggish activity by hoodlums into a big business, run like a corporation, with himself at the top. Arnold "Mr. Big" Rothstein (1882 - 1928) in 1927, 1 year before he was killed. The largely Jewish-American and Italian-American gang known as Murder, Inc. and Jewish mobsters such as Meyer Lansky, Mickey Cohen, Harold "Hooky" Rothman, Dutch Schultz, and Bugsy Siegel developed close ties with and gained significant influence within the Italian-American Mafia, eventually forming a loosely organized, mostly Jewish and Italian criminal syndicate known in the press as the "National Crime Syndicate." Siegel's family memorial plaque in the Bialystoker Synagogue. Picture of Elijah Levine (on the right) and the Italian-American, Russian and Israel Mafia bosses. In Hadera, Israel, in 1985, a teenager named Elijah Levine, enters a store in the night of 6th May with his friend, Yossi Maman. Armed with a .38 caliber revolver and a Colt Detective, the fully masked duo robs the store. The cashier lifts his hands up. Yossi throws a brown backpack onto the desk and aims at him. "Put all the money inside, and you'll go home alive tonight.", said Yossi with a calm voice. What the duo didn't know, the silent alarm has started when they entered. The cashier puts the money in the bag. Elijahlooks outside and notices the Israeli Police showing up with lights and sirens. He started panicking. "Yossi , THEY ARE HERE!", screams Elijah. Yossi grabs the cashier by his collar and uses him as shield. Elijah grabs the backpack and slides it on his back. The criminals walk outside having the cashier in a one hand head-lock and the gun aiming at his temple. They couldn't go anywhere. The cashier hits Yossi with his elbow and crouches. The officer, noticing that Yossi was about to kill the cashier, shoots two times, grounding him. Elijahd drops the gun near his best friend's corpse. In that night, a story began. In 2003, Elijah was released from the Tzalmon Prison. He was waited by Ronen, a reliable friend he met in 1983, in a bar. They remained friends. Elijah was took in Israel, where he started his organization. In the first 3 years they didn't have luck. Levine decided to move with his crew in Los Santos. They established in a Downtown and started their own drug traffic. In the end of 2004, the organization earned about 2 million United States Dollars. Elijah named his organization Levine Organized Crime, since he started an alliance with a street gang. Elijah's crew were supplying the gang with drugs, guns and protected them. Drug and weaponry traffic wasn't all their illegal activity. Elijah introduced prostitution and human trafficking in their business. The illegal immigrants were doing money laudering and loan sharking for him. Levine's budget was getting higher and higher everyday. Labelled by FBI as the biggest israeli criminal organization back then, they started investigations.. Elijah had his own bar, actually a drop bar. A drop bar is actually a place where you can drink, but it's also a place where criminals pay their taxes. The cashier gets the money from a criminal, in a bag, he puts them in the safe and in the end of the day, week, month, Elijah takes his money. One day, Elijah sent another guy to get the money, but he was half lucky, half unlucky. The Federal Bureau of Investigations, also knowed as FBI, raided the bar with M4's and SMG's. They arrested everybody and took all the money. They also found 2 kilograms of cocaine and UZI inside. Well, that didn't made Elijah stop. The lose of his money made him a little bit paranoid. He started sending his under-bosses to make his illegal activity. In 28th June, 2014, a black male was found dead on the ground. He was a former member of the organization. Why did he die? He snitched one of Elijah's under-bosses and got him locked up for 50 years, for killing a LEO, drug traffic and others. Elijah took his Berreta and called one of the guy's friend. They met at a bar, discussed business and drank. When they got, his friend got back inside "I forgot something.". Elijah got outside his car and shot the male 6 times, killing him in less than 10 seconds. They drove back to his house. When PD arrived, everybody acted like they don't know anything. The dead man's friend pulled his weapon and said when he got inside "If anyone says something, I'll kill you.". Well, someone snitched, but nobody saw Elijah or his car. Nowdays Elijah Levine and Gil Peretz running a crime group in Los Santos and they are willing to have the power top influent the illegal world of Los Santos. The organization activities are the protection business, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking and money trafficking, the illegal gambling business is also in their list. The organazation focusing on earning respect, money and to have the power to influent on the illegal world of Los Santos. Jewish Mafia became one of the biggest israeli criminal organizations of all the time, having an amount of 20 million USD, lots of drugs, weapons, hookers, etc.
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    Character to be refunded: Darnell Stacks Date and time of incident: 03.11.2018 DD/MM/YYYY 13:00 GMT+ Requested refund (what and how much): x9 Marijuana Plant, x2 Meth, x4 LSD, 1x Pistol .50 cal 48 ammo Description of incident resulting in loss: Got KOSd/NonRPd on by two people when leaving drug spot. Evidence of loss: https://i.imgur.com/yjP9M0W.png (first few frames of the video from the report), you can also see the pistol ammo in the top right corner Comments: It was ruled as KOS/NonRP by @MusketDeezNuts in the following report: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/12190-mask-2471_7588-74-kill-on-sight/?tab=comments#comment-56781
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    Just so everyone knows I do NOT want anyone punished in any sort of way for this. Also this is basically a rant about some recent RP I've had. Now with that aside the RP that is done by police tends to be rushed and minimized. Because they want to arrest the criminal quickly before they can be broken out. I get it but for example when I got arrested I had been shot in the spine 3x. Which would likely kill you but I was not trying to RP death or anything. All I wanted was for the police to treat my injuries like I had actually been sprayed by a smg from meters away to the spine. The RP I got was "applies gauze to wounds", "Did it stop the bleeding". Which I responded with "yes but there would still be a fracture in the spine from the bullets". Which then I received "Picks up man and gently puts him in police car". Like realistically if you pick up a guy who has a fractured back he would die or be paralyses you would need to use a stretcher or bare minimum a brace just something so my character not being essentially killed. Afterwards we arrived at MD I brought it up again in an area where I had no chance of escape or break out. There I got "MD does great work", and "Spine has a big hitbox". Like I get it the cops want to arrest the criminal and the criminal doesn't want to be arrested but can we at least do more RP then warping them in gauze and not caring what wounds the person really has. Now onto prison, prison right now is terrible I went there expecting to have afk simulator already. But then I realized you cant go into the yard anymore, only the cell block now. The already boring experience just got so much worse the cell block is bland with nothing to do or RP with. On top of that I talked the cop into letting me have a radio so I wouldn't have to sit in the cell alone doing nothing for 90 min. Only to find out that like you phone you can no longer use a radio while in prison even if they give it to you. The only good RP I had at that time was me bribing the cop and I was having a blast doing it. But it was essentially worthless and just made me afk the whole situation rather then having RP with other prisoners that might come in or talking with people. If you did half of what was said in the post that is below prison could also be an enjoyable RP experience to. I am sorry for this long rant I just want getting arrested and prison to be a RP experience where you can have some fun and not just be punished OOCly for being a criminal.
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    Hello, I am the medic who responded to the scene. I want to point out: I was recording the entire time, up until my game crashed when I arrived at the MD in Los Santos. Unfortunately, I was driving away from the scene at the time of the gang driving up, so I didn't see the mercy kill. What I heard, however, was everyone's voices during the situation. Due to an in-character problem, we were sitting there waiting for assistance for a little over 30 minutes (real time), so the patients were sitting there watching their characters twitching constantly and being unable to do much else. The robbers had their phones taken from them and their inventory confiscated, so they couldn't talk to their friends on the radio or send texts. They quite literally had nothing to do but sit there and watch their characters twitch. Frankly I don't blame them for being annoyed, but if they did end up requesting a mercy kill because of the time we spent waiting around, that I do have a problem with. I even told them, as I was leaving the scene, that I would come back for them. During my recording, they stated in OOC they wanted their time spent waiting around to count as jail time because of the situation. And over voice, it was clear from their tones they just wanted the situation to be over with. Frankly, I think we all did. Unfortunately, this isn't really proof of a mercy kill, it just implies it pretty heavily. Having their characters killed enforces the New Life Rule, thus making them forget about everything that led up to the point of their death. Therefore, the whole RP with them attempting to rob Helene and James was voided and so there was no risk of them spending time in jail on top of the time we spent standing around waiting for help. Due to the ... tone that we all shared due to the reason we were all standing around, I prefer not to share the entire video publicly. What I am prepared to do, however, is provide the following. Note the time on the phone at the bottom right corner.
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    @2cannnn1 can you please upload the full footage?
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    Hello, Helene Dubois here. I'll address what I am being reported for, which is the "lack of fear RP". I don't believe I broke any fear roleplay because I had nothing to fear when the pair of men initially came up to me. They did not have weapons out--they pulled up and asked if they could ask me a few questions, and I drove away and ignored them. There's nothing intimidating about what they did, nor was there anything for me to fear. I have no obligation to pull over and speak to the reporter and the reporter did nothing to make me fear them except for driving up beside me in a vehicle which, honestly, isn't particularly scary. I don't see what's meant to be threatening or intimidating about that. So, as I said, I don't understand how fear roleplay has been broken here. If he had a gun out the window and was pointing it at me then that would be a different story, however that did not happen. I would also like to request an extended version of this video which demonstrates the reporter's own lack of roleplay (e.g. him using his phone after I RPly confiscated it) among other things that my friend has also pointed out. In addition, I would like them to address the mercy killing which happened. To expand on that, a medic eventually arrived on scene and after waiting around for a long duration of time we decided it best to leave. Myself, James Dubois, and the medic all left for the hospital, and we had no choice but to leave the reporter and his companion. Then, members of La Familia came over and shot them to mercy kill them, which the reporter admitted via PM. I would also like to see footage of this mercy kill, as the reporter claims that he was not mercy killed and that he "antagonized them" to make them kill him so he could avoid charges. Screenshots of our PMs are attached. The reporter initially admitted that La Familia members mercy killed him, but then changed his tune and alleged that he was "egging them on" after I pointed out that mercy killing is against the rules. In addition, I would also like to counter-report them for lack of fear RP as well, for if they were actually getting robbed by the La Familia members who mercy killed them they should not be "taunting them" into killing them or "calling them bitches". If anymore information is needed from my side please let me know, thanks for your reply, @Andy!
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    Can we make it so people can flag their vehicles as stolen by going to the PD, using /policedesk, selecting their vehicle and marking it as stolen? That way when cops check a car on the MDC it will flag that it's stolen.
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    We had one fight previously, which we murdered you at a drug lab. Show me some videos of all of the interactions you had with us today, I doubt you have them. If someone speeds off before you tell them to stop, you don't have an RP reason to shoot them. You expect him to sit there with you and let you hold him up when he can just...not? No guns were aimed prior and you decided to shoot when he's all the way down the block without even saying stop. Let's see a video from your point of view of that exact situation.
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    After a quick hunt for a GP1 I have found out that it might be a tad out of my price range for now. So in the meantime I am hoping to purchase a Turismo Classic. I spoke to someone recently and they said it would be around the million mark for a sale and this is something I can more easily afford. If anyone knows someone who owns one and is willing to sell please pass on my contact information: #3299093
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    I don't get it why you have even made a report. You are asking for better role play? Just letting you know the facts that can be clearly seen 1. you are at drug lab, you are a cop, you are driving police car, and you saw a gang and you are entering without backup, what do you think would happen in real life if cops showed up when there would be gangsters making drugs and had a heavy guns with them? they would give you flowers and hugs? 2. you were just driving around and calling for backup and if backup would have came there would be only two scenarios a) they would be dead b) they would be arrested So I am really interested now, what would be your suggestion for this situation so you could call a good role play? what they should have done? warned you until you waited for backup and then arrested them or shot them down? Would you consider that a good roleplay?
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    @NobodyLTU is replacing the old voice system with the one RAGE implemented, if the new system functions properly, most of the existing problems we experience with the old system will disappear. I will forward the chopshop complaint too, but as long as the owner of the car pays more to get their vehicle back from Mors Insurance, then there should not be any problems to increase the pay. I could make a topic explaining what my current work involves, it includes warehouses, shipments, keypad locks and container construction. It will take me some time to implement everything properly, that's why I don't talk about it publicly, until I have something solid to show I don't want to raise peoples' expectations. I've also added a cooldown timer for bleets, because there used to be a rule on how frequent a player could message those, now there is no need for staff members to enforce it.
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    Hostage situation training Briefing @ Vinewood Bowl Picking out the different teams for the hostage situation Spectators throughout the situation The hostage takers Final briefing
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    Some pictures from the party we hosted earlier today.
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    these guys saved me one time. They were nice and goo at roleplay. Plus they are very respected in the city! cant wait to roleplay more with you
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    Guy got shot 5 times with shotgun being 2 meters away from officer to his face and he still cant roleplay his death. I saw that in my own eyes. How is that normal. This guy pointed some serious questions.
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