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    I think we should bring back Weapon scroll wheel as it is much more convenient imo + sometimes my guns are being pulled out randomly, which with the old Weapon scroll wheel there were no problems so I didn't see any need for change.
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    Sometimes I need to type on my laptop or type to a friend and I have to stop the car to do it. It would be nice if cruise control was added so you could keep driving as your typing.
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    It's a well working GTA mechanic in the stock game. Don't see what this is supposed to improve, if anything it is a limiting factor when people want to use their guns. also renders scopes useless. Ctrl + # fucks with the weapon bind too. Heavy pistol and .50 icons are switched around also. +1 would like to see this reverted
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    +1 I play in 4k and I cant see my weapons at all the icons are super super small
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    + 1 , Its wasn't a perfect UI and I know you can bind weapons to keys but really that only useful for cops.
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