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  2. Every ECRP staff member is tracked on activity and performance on a monthly bases. Quiz team falls under Junior Staff. And is also part of it. They can do as many as they like. Yet they need to be active to unless a LOA is posted.
  3. It's quite a generic interior, images of the interior are below.
  4. :facepalm: what are you talking about , I have macro , I'm talking about another point...
  5. or start being efficient and get a macro 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hello? I said using 2 radios each one has its freq, red the suggestion .
  7. No it dosent work in first person , I tried it, it adds a scope on the gun only for good look but can't be used in first person
  8. Dqniel

    ID 94 VDM

    Hello, and thank you for remaining patient. As player Ricky_Woods has not responded with his side of the story and explained the reasoning for his actions which can be seen in the provided evidence above, i have decided to conclude this report based on the evidence provided to me by the reporting party. Player Ricky_Woods will receive a Deathmatch punishment | Offense #1 First and foremost, i would like to start off by addressing the Deathmatch punishment and the reasoning behind it. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that the reporting party and the taxi driver accompanying him are at the mors insurance. They stumble upon an injured player and while this is happening player Ricky_Woods is in the nearby street driving and drifting around. As the reporting party approaches the injured person and loots him of all his items, the taxi driver aims his weapon for a split second before lowering it and turning his back, which resulted in him ultimately being run over and put in an injured state. The issue that arises with this situation is that Ricky_Woods was not in any legitimate danger that would warrant him to utilize his vehicle as a weapon and attack the taxi driver. The taxi driver aimed his weapon for a split second before lowering it and turning his back, and shortly after his back was turned you were already in the process of driving in-towards the direction of him with the purpose of running him over. As the taxi driver aimed his weapon for an extremely short amount of time, and did so in a way that is not purposeful, malicious or threatening he posed no threat towards your life, and therefore your reasoning for attacking the taxi driver will be seen as insufficient and fall under Deathmatch. I feel as if this situation could have been handled very differently, with you avoiding him or simply driving away the moment his gun was lowered and his back turned, as he posed no threat towards you during this entire encounter. Secondly, i would like to give a verbal warning to the reporting party @hashishas. Towards the end of the provided evidence it can be seen that you insult the reported party. Although the language was not harsh, please avoid insulting other players through out of character means, regardless of their previous actions and current frustration. Thank you for remaining patient and making this report! @hashishas Report is accepted and archived. Kind regards, Dqniel.
  9. Today
  10. Heya and welcome to our community. I would say that trucking or other delivery legal jobs are the best paying without much of the risk. If you don't mind about some risk you could also try farming out in the North of the map
  11. Hey, thanks for mentioning and sorry for the late reply. The reason I opened fire was pure to make you guys back-off so I could've escaped. My character's intention was not to hurt any officers at all. And I didn't know weapons did not have a crosshair. Apparently, I just have good aim. The shots were purely intended to make you guys back-off. But my car apparently crashed into something which caused it to become total. This situation wasn't a deathmatching scenario at all. You can clearly see that I was trying to re-enter the vehicle but failed to because the engine was dead. What happened after this situation have all been dealt with IC'ly.
  12. Hello just thought i'd say, im a new roleplayer to gta 5. been playing other rp games but i thought id come check this out. Just wondering what the best is to do when you first join as i only played for a few hours yesterday and want to know stuff like whats the best payed legal job to do when starting out etc.
  13. Yes, you heard it right. The ones who played SAMP will remember in certain servers you had a channel which only newbies could see (or had it togged on, depending the server) and actually ask newbie questions, like, 'how to fish', 'how to park car' and such. In my point of view, this would reduce the income of those questions to /report, keeping it only for admin assistance. Once that player reaches 5k~6k of experience, the channel gets togged off automatically (same goes for existing players, obviously). '/newbie' to speak on it maybe '/tognewbie' to turn it on and off
  14. in reality you can only be on one frequency at a time and how would you know who is speaking from what freq ?
  15. I did was cheching the game like every 3rd day. I think I would have to complain to quiz team
  16. Hey Lewis I haven't said he did fire at us anywhere in my explanation. DM'ing is about killing someone whilst you have no RP reason to do so. The rule is not just about him shooting at me. I was over radio informed that this vehicle has run over an officer and was ordered to shoot it. So we did, a lot of us did. Did he run an Officer over? No, but is there any way my character could've known that? No. My character was told to disable the vehicle and shoot the driver by the other Officers on the scene and so he did. It was literally impossible for my character to first investigate whether or not the driver actually did hit an Officer. We were continuously suppressed with gunfire and practically anyone on the scene who was not leaving and was not a Police Officer was at this point a threat. Again I'd like to bring up the point that innocent people who don't want to get shot would NEVER park between the gunfire like that. It's poor RP to do so in my opinion. You're basically not playing FearRP just because you OOC'ly think "If I get shot here, I can say it's DM so I won't have to value my life." Any healthy human being would run for their lives in a situation like this. Not park in the middle and spectate. The shooting part is blatantly an IC mistake. I think it's poor to immediately throw DM at this. My character did IC'ly have reason to shoot but you're looking at this far too black and white. Whilst I get your vision on "in the video he didn't attack you so you can't kill him" I think the scene of events matters a whole lot more.
  17. For example in this video I was trying to switch to first person, look how bad it is, pretty much destroyed my view on the enemy. In top of everything, the enemy don't have a single chance to fight back with his pistol. We just spray out and adjust the aim to kill him, easy for an AR, but a pistol is missing a lot.
  18. This sounds like wanting to have your cake and eat it too. There are even hotkeys for switching frequencies right now. It would be too good to be able to listen to both but speak only into one.
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