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  2. @Com783 25,000 units of fuel = $25,000 delivery fee. Like I said earlier, we're open to negotiation, but $25k to make 175k is still a great return for the shopkeeper.
  3. Your order earlier was not good. 2 x 25,000 of fuel for 1k each. Just isn't enough money for us truckers to slave over. We all have families and want to earn an honest wage.
  4. I am the owner of ShoreParadise and Paradise68. I am running probably the cheapest store in the state. You would have to check it out by yourself.
  5. @Com783 We want $1 per unit for fuel and goods, or $2k-3k per automobile. We're willing to negotiate to something that is fair for everyone, though.
  6. Flucifial


    Thank you for your patience during the review period of this report. Due to lack of response within the given time frame, I will now conclude this report. Alex_Pilot will receive a warning for their first offense of Non-Roleplay (NLR Breach) due to the actions they've displayed within this report. This report is now marked concluded/resolved and will be locked and archived. Kind Regards, Flucifial
  7. I'm not aware of your current prices? Give us a rough price list and we will say.
  8. Thank you for your patience during the review period of this report. Harvey_Walton will receive a warning for their first offense of Non-Roleplay (Breach of NCZ) due to stealing a vehicle and it's possessions in the Bank NCZ. You may not commit ANY crime in a NCZ, including Grand Theft Auto. This report is now marked as Concluded/Resolved and will be locked and archived. Kind Regards, Flucifial
  9. @Keilza Am I paying alright? - Stefanie H.
  10. Hello my apologies i always thought you just couldn't boppy pin cars in NCZ's as i have had my car stolen and lost plenty of possessions within NCZ so I thought it would be fine to just hop in and drive off. Im sorry. Also, I didn't disconnect knowing there would be a problem I disconnected after I parked my car as I had to go and sort some stuff IRL.
  11. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Carll_Johnson Character to Transfer To: Eddie_Junior Requested Transfer: Asset Blista2 GD9PVA2F Asset Bf400 23L9RONX Reason for Transfer: The reason for the transfer is that Carll johnson and Eddie junior are very close cousins carl johnson decided to move into the city to find a new job which he will use to provide for his family abroad but as days go on carll tried applying for jobs but he got denied every time due to his bad English so carll turned into one of the bad guys in town he normally goes around stealing, killing, kidnaping other people and worked with many gang members but on june 30th carll got arrested and got put in jail for 4 years he came out but there was nothing left for him no house and barely any money for him to start a new life,So he decided to bring his closest cousin from Mexico into the city because from a young age Eddie always wanted to be in US hes also very fluent in English but as a nice cousin call is he decided to give Eddie whats left behind which was his 2 vehicles a car and a biike.Call is hoping to give these vehicles to Eddie so he can start a new life much easier and get to places and apply for jobs in much further away using these vehicles. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Eddie would pick the cars from Carll
  12. Hey @Nut Juice Go to your hard drive ( C or D), open up RAGEMP folder. Open up client resources and delete this folder *David*
  13. Today
  14. Here we all are, The Truckers Union! Let's continue to boycott all the lowballers!
  15. $1 per unit for fuel and small goods, and $3k per car, or NO DELIVERY.
  16. Flucifial

    ID 61 [NON-RP]

    Hello, thank you for this report. Evidence pretty clearly shows a stunt jump, Jacky_Kamulete will receive a 20 minute administration jail for their second offense of NRP. Next time follow player report format please, I don't care if the UNIX code is visible in the video there is a reason we ask you to write it in the report itself. Kind Regards, Flucifial
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