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  2. MusketDeezNuts

    ID 83 & 27 ( 7.2 Death Matching )

    Hello. Enough time has been given and I shall finish this report. Player: Beegus_Tyronus Shall be perma banned for his third offense of a major VDM Report accepted and archived.
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  4. MusketDeezNuts

    Admin abuse Flucifial

    Pending @Flucifial and this report shall be handled by @BallinByNature or @Toony as it involves a staff member.
  5. MarlboroRed

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

  6. Met_Zoli

    Admin abuse Flucifial

    when i was in the car and waiting for my friends to reconnect it was okay and they were allowed to shoot me 🙂 but when he comes and take the car to leave there would be a problem 🙂
  7. Account name: NikoTheOG Character name(s): Nikolay Morozov Admin who issued punishment: Polarblunk Date of punishment:22/Aug/2018 Punishment received:22/Aug/2018 Reason given for punishment: Vehicle Deathmatch Why should your appeal be accepted?: Hello, im currently perm banned, and i have been perm banned for awhile. I would like to ask for an unban as i really want to play Eclipse once again, and follow the server rules strictly.
  8. Andor


    Bought it to store all my imported lifestock from mister Chang
  9. Psychas


    Warehouse have been sold!
  10. Darnell

    Change back to stranger ID

    I like the new system because you can no longer metagame mask IDs. -1
  11. MusketDeezNuts

    looking to start a new government faction

  12. MusketDeezNuts

    Change back to stranger ID

    I believe the report format is being changed soon. This system might not be the best for players. But for research purpose its better for admins.
  13. nateX

    Change back to stranger ID

    Please enlighten people that film in this quality
  14. Player(s) being reported: 124, 144 as seen in the video on the timestamp of 1547676372 on the server Date of rule breach: 16/JAN/2019 Time of rule breach: 22:00 UTC Your characters name: Claude Floyd Other players involved: David Garcia, 27, 76, 88, 157, 89 Specific rule broken: 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone; • If they report you to the police for a committed heavy crime, however, if someone reports you for a light crime, such as illegal parking, then the reason is insufficient; • If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help; How did the player break the rule?: There was a massive SWAT operation going on, and as I am part of the Police Department, more specifically the Investigation Bureau I decided to help. The situation was about a gang kidnapping one of our officers and the footage you see is after we apprehended 4 gang memebers from said gang. As there is always a risk of someone attacking us, we always keep our guards up and do not let us get distracted by other civilians. Now I see this Red Hakuchou Drag with two occupants drive up to the scene and start complaining, I recognize the voice of one of the men as Samo Monroe (OOCly, I do not know him ICly) @samo and proceed to get into a small conversation with him. I do not RP a really kind officer, and I have even had multiple players tell me OOCly that I am an ''asshole cop'', which is exactly what I'm looking after. So to show these players my character, I proceed to be extremely rude towards them verbally but do not engage in any physical contact or even aim my firearm at them, I simply tell them to leave in a very rude manner. I turn around, and I focus on a player being above the other part of the department currently arresting another batch of people across the road, when I notice Samo and his friend firing shots at me from the bike and driving off. Now Samo claims himself as a ''hardcore roleplayer'' but proceeds to do things like this. Evidence of rule breach: Here is the exact moment they shot me, still visible ID
  15. AmooRid3r

    ID 84, ID 126, ID 15, ID 96. 7.2 Deathmatch

    Hello everyone In "0:06" we gave them the "warning" then in "0:09" one of them starts to shoot then in "0:10" we started to shoot and i should mention this that we didn't want to shoot you, you came in middle of gunfight
  16. Dingus0

    Ramin Hart - Ban Appeals

    Pending Senior Admin+ Please be patient while this appeal is reviewed.
  17. Dingus0

    Johnny Rodriguez FailrRP / FearRP

    This report will now be concluded I thank you for admitting to your mistakes and I understand in the heat of the moment mistakes can be made. However the rules still must be upheld and I hope you can learn from your mistakes in the future. Player Johnny_Rodriquez @John_fly will be punished for Non-RP Offense #2 for breaching Fear-RP and a warning for Powergaming for lying in a /do -Dingus Report Locked and Archived
  18. Dingus0

    ID 155, ID 164 (Deathmatch 7.2.1, Metagaming)

    Hello @scrubmuffin209, and thank you for the report Player 155(Jamal_Bebr) and Player 164 (Louie_Mcgee) have both been notified In game of the reports against them and have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. As for the Metagaming there is not enough proof that I see that could lead to a punishment. -Dingus
  19. GamingAlF

    Admin abuse Flucifial

    Player(s) being reported: Flucifial Date of rule breach:2019 1 17 Time of rule breach:2 h before this post Your characters name: Arshia_jaksun Other players involved: Johnthan_allen and another one dont know the name Specific rule broken:MG 6.3 6.3.3 relying IC infromation Through OOC methods.... How did the player break the rule?:you can see it all. Evidence of rule breach: all of it under this. Ok so how the story started i stole a insurgent behind PD building which was out of NCZ and it was under a bridge and went around to have fun with it as we were going around with it an really really nice admin called Fluciffal which i think he is under-aged he came to spectate us as we were in the car long story short we were driving up to rout 68 and me and my friend timed out so he finds the situation good to spawn his fellow players next to my friend ,a chopper and a insurgent next to each other as they shot at our car the admin had given the place of where were to the cops so they can shoot us and as this is called MG (metagaming) we can not mix IC with OOC and in a way to advantage others as he gave advantage to the other PD officers to come and kill us and as i connected to the server he have abused the situation to kill my friend in the insurgent and i should say that for the record that my friend was waiting for us till we connect again but he got shot from out of nowhere then he planned to get in high-ground to see what is going on when got to high-ground saw a chopper and insurgent then they Headshoted him with Snipe ... then when he asked Flucifial that why would they start shooting when his friends got timed out ? he says you had to stay there ... and if he had to stayed were my friend and i got timeout he would have got shot and he was waiting there for us then he got injured and asked admin to rewind the rp but he refused and continued the rp with those two cops in there. then i got into the server then as i entered the insurgent when i got in the insurgent and i was going away he frozen me and told me that i have done VDM. Which you can see the footage down below. As its in the footage i handle the car to the left and try to get out and the guy moves itself and gets hit by the side of the insurgent. i don't think that this would be decision made on logic i think its made on rage by a young teenager which caused to 168 h which means one week banned from the server because of my second offence is this fair and logical ? This lovely admin have banned two of my friends for no reason too First,He told him that he did DM but he didn't DM anyone ... then my friend got 168h ban for that ban which was his first offence tho !! Second, my other friend At LSC he was chasing someone with his Sandking when he was exiting The LSC Flucifial got inside LSC with his car and went into my friend's sandking and after he did that he got out of the car without saying anything to him or asking him ,he turned on admin mode then warned and kicked my friend out of the server because of NON-RP.It seems that he has some problem understanding the rules he didn't say anything about pausing the rp he just did what he liked to do. I know that other may have same situations with this friendly admin and i'm asking you guys to show the records or any evidence of this young boy here to make him stop. Date : 2019 1 17 Time: 2 h before this post. Kind Regard,Arshia. P.S: some screenshots of what he said to me and what i told him to. He also told my friend that i should have watched my words lol. 😄
  20. Dingus0

    ID 42, ID 11 (6.6.2 Non-Roleplay)

    Unfortunately due to the lack of evidence of the bus ramming there is not much I can do in that regard, if any evidence is provided feel free to post it into a new player report Players Johnny_Falcon and Roberto_Calvi will both receive their 1st Non-RP offense for ramming a work vehicle with sports cars. I understand that people can make mistakes in the heat of the moment and I thank you for your honesty. -Report Locked and Archived
  21. GhostDisaster

    Emily Britson, Forever Superstar

    Lol the queen of ngg emily hahahh i was dmed you most of the time you my little bloody enemy Rip ngrp 😢 😞 it was the most rp server i loved in gta samp
  22. Travis Blackwood

    ID 42, ID 11 (6.6.2 Non-Roleplay)

    Also using a work vehicle to hit cars racing and impeding them isn't very rp like either. just saying.
  23. GhostDisaster

    David_Ghost (punshiment appeal)

    Sorry for not responding early as iam not always active on forum.iam sure i reported to get him revived Anyway there's no point of my appeal staying opened since iam already unbanned.it can be closed
  24. Character to be refunded:Mark Williams Date and time of incident:10-1-2019 Requested refund (what and how much): I lost that time, 20 Crack i think, i dont remember exact amount, but it was between 15-20. And a .50 pistol. Description of incident resulting in loss: So me and this random person which gave me a ride, Got DM and VDM, Both of us died because of the people failing to rp. Evidence of loss: Gonna post the whole report. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/13930-players-202138-and-24-dm-and-attempted-vdm/?tab=comments#comment-69069 Comments:
  25. Travis Blackwood

    ID 42, ID 11 (6.6.2 Non-Roleplay)

    I was at the street race event. We were all enjoying ourselves having a good time. Then Bo Maddox who had been harassing us all night comes with a bus hitting the cars racing and impeding them. When i heard that they were going after the bus i went to help. I realize that at the time it may have sounded like a good idea but in fact was rule breaking and should be more careful of my surroundings as i should with my car. I apologize to the implicated parties for what i did. But would like to state that trying to stop super cars that are mid race doesn't scream role play to me either. I unfortunately don't have that recorded as i don't record everything. I am sorry for my actions and will be more attentive to the rules in the future.
  26. Darnell

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

  27. Yesterday
  28. Johnny Falcon

    ID 42, ID 11 (6.6.2 Non-Roleplay)

    Hello, I would first like to say that, Yes, I did break the rule. I have no video evidence of anything as I do not record my game play. Honestly, I don't have a good story to tell or anything. I know what I did was wrong and I am sorry for that. In the heat of the moment it seemed like a good idea due to the bus harassing us for several minutes prior to where the video starts. I do not personally believe that he has no affiliation with the driver, as you can hear in the video everyone is giggling at the situation, which leads me to believe this is exactly what they wanted. Again, I apologize for breaking the rule and will be more careful of what I do moving forward.
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