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  2. Hello, thank you for appealing. The punishment will remain, we do not take offenses such as these lightly - you are a relatively new player to the community and when you violate rules such as these during your first week on the server, we have no other choice but to force you to re-take the quiz and hopefully do better. I wish you the best of luck with the quiz, - Osborn.
  3. Sorry, will edit this. something went wrong
  4. Hello & thank you for appealing. You ran two players over which I gave you the benefit of the doubt for, but you then kept running away from the admin sit so I had to freeze you. After I received footage of what happened, you were found stabbing an injured player in front of the bank. I personally find this punishment valid & will stick to it.
  5. +1 Great idea for those living and working out of the area. Don't necessarily need to come back and forth from the city just to park the vehicle.
  6. Hello & thank you for appealing. I've gone ahead and voided your punishment. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Appeal accepted
  7. 1. Type of work [Avatar / Signature / Logo / Rankings]: Signature 2. Wallpaper work [required]: https://imgur.com/aMYpUAV / https://imgur.com/SKGzmWE / 3. Work text: Harry Payne / RedHot 4. Which pack u prefer ? : Premium Pack 5. The size of the work [Optional]: 1584 x 396 6. Example of work [Optional]: 7. Want specific colors, objects ? : Red
  8. Hello @Aieos! Thank you for making the player report. ID 28/Bo_Bishop @TheFeistyCanuck has 24 hours to respond with his side of the story. The player will be notified in-game. SantinoDeferro
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  10. Bakmeel

    ID 162 Fear RP

    Hello and thank you for your patience. After reviewing the footage countless times and considering the statements of both sides I have come to the following conclusion. The players(ID162) life was in direct danger when the reporting party came up close to him with a weapon drawn. ID 162 failed to show fear for his life and decided to draw a gun himself and started firing. player Thraxamillian_Reeves will recieve a NonRP #3 punishment for FearRP
  11. Hello @WaTCHUrBaCK! Thank you for making this appeal! I will start by informing you about the rules that are written down in "Punishment Appeal Requirement [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]" which you didn't follow. You contacted with me twice over Discord messages, which means you did not follow the following rule: "You are NOT to PM or directly contact any staff member regarding your punishment appeal unless they specifically say you should. Doing so may result in a closing of your request or further punishment." I did punish the player ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes for Deathmatch | Offence #2 | Randomly shooting at the car without giving any demands: Player ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior made a report of "People randomly started shooting at me". After accepting the report, ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior did send me 2 clips of the incident and gave a good overview of what happened. After looking through both of the clips I contacted with ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes and asked his side of the story. ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes did not have any proof to confirm his side of the story. Clips from ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior: https://streamable.com/deipc; https://streamable.com/fhkju; The answers that ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes gave to me after asking what happened (I will mark down my part with green color): Hey Joseph → /o hey Could I speak with you? → /o why not Did you open fire on someone without RP reason? → /o no; /o I just aim on him and said to get out of car theres no shooting Do you have a recording on that? → /o no right now but I have 25bullets on my .50 But I have his recording. You didn't say anything, you pulled out a gun and he drove off, since then you opened fire on him → /o its only desync i see some mans shoot in bank but in they camera theres no shoot. /o i just try to get the comet and chop it. /o thats desync i have a lot of ex in servers so. /o im not rulebreacher /o i just try to get his car and say that *get out of car* its desync i have friends they was on. Overall, ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes said that was desync, he never opened fire but he gave demands to the driver. Making the decision: Player ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes did not provide any proof on his side of the story, therefore I had the only ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes words against the ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior video recording. Looking through the video evidence, I did not hear any demands besides guy on the bike said "Hey man" (On 0:34 in the first video). Player ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior noticed that ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes reached for something and decided to pull off, still demands were not said. (On 0:07 in the second video) Player ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes opened fire at ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior vehicle and shot 7 shots in total (On 0:13 in the second video). I would like to quote a few server rules that I used to make my decision: Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Attack - An aggressive and violent act against a person or place As player ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes opened fire at ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior, he did launch an attack on the person or his property. Attacking does not mean you need to be successful and kill or hit your target. ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes did launch an attack but in this case, he was unsuccessful and missed every shot. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. In this case ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes did not demand anything. Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. In this case, there was no engagement in roleplay because of ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes didn't interact or had any valid reason to launch an attack on ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior. In conclusion, I was in TeamSpeak with senior administrator Serthon and I asked his opinion. He agreed this should be ruled out as DM. After sending those videos to ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes, he started saying that he was not shooting (because his friend ran him over with the bike) and eventually he said that he shot into the sky. Anyways, looking through the video again: The line that is marked in the box is not his bullet traveling line, it is the line of light that comes from the roof. This picture shows that he was on the ground but as you know if you are really on the ground then you can't open fire. In this case ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes was not on the ground on his screen because he was able to shoot at ID 5/ Eddie_Junnior. In this picture, you will see that ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes gun is pointed towards the vehicle and we can see that flames coming out from the muzzle. I would suggest that punishment will stay in place and player ID 68/ Joseph_Hernandes punishment (unban) will not be removed before (1) one month passes from the date the punishment was issued. During that time make yourself familiar with our server rules. This appeal is pending review from a Senior Administrator or above until further notice.
  12. Because you can go to HE and check it out but the price is if I'm not wrong 87k
  13. Hello and thank you for your patience. As the other party did not reply to give any evidence of what happened I will just go conclude this report. In the rules it is stated that fearRP is not in effect when you have a weapon drawn and are facing the other person. However, the person was standing behind you at this time. This means that the FearRP rule has been broken. player Abel_Valantino will recieve a NonRP #5 punishment for his actions.
  14. so what you are saying is roleplay only starts when you want it to when driving to go meet friends there is no roleplay to that if you dont want to rp you smashing into someone but the other person does and all you do is drive away like you wasnt hurt or VALUE of life that doesnt matter because you dont want it to ?
  15. i feel that my English slang got you confused bombing around as in speeding around driving careless not blowing up as in a bomb sorry that was on me
  16. don't even bother writing the price for anyone that might be interested lol
  17. It is, for now at least
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