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My house and imported vehile disappeared

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My character name is: Rodrigez Gaspacho

So after long break I decided to join the server again, but I quickly noticed that I cannot enter my house and my imported vehicle has disappeared. What I mean by that is that my car(Comet) was parked in house garage but I cant open my house door...


Please, help!


Also this is a first time Im reporting an issue on this forum, so apologies if I didnt follow some sort of format 

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@HORNAS1 - This is the wrong location for help.

Your house might have been sold off for inactivity. You can check this with /showhouses in-game.

You can check where your vehicles are with /vehiclestats in-game. If it is in house parking, and you do not have access to the house, /report 2 in-game.


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